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LED Headlight - Ring Cyba-Lite
by Ring
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It uses the CR2016 button batteries. It needs two which it is supplied with. They also last quite a while. I've had my headlight for about 2 months and use it every other day for around 30 minutes - and I'm still on the original batteries!
19 Dec 2013 by Mr Brant
I couldn't remember so I checked with my daughter, and yes it is adjustable. My grandson was a small 3 year old when I bought it for him, and it suits him perfectly.
22 Mar 2014 by Meradin
As the torch's mechanism is just like a bottle top - unscrewing it gives access to the batteries and turns the light on and off - a little bit of vaseline around the screw thread would guarantee it to be water resistant, if you're worried. There is no other mechanism - no switch, no battery cover - through which water could get ingress. I've used mine in the rain without vaseline to seal it and had no problem whatsoever. It's so cheap it if did get damaged with water you wouldn't have lost much money. Can't recommend the torch highly enough.
4 days ago by NTD
No tools needed, just unscrew the front
18 days ago by Mike D.
23 Sep 2014 by Mike D.
From memory - no, I don't think it would.
17 May 2014 by T2tall
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