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3.9 out of 5 stars267
3.9 out of 5 stars
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In Resident Evil Afterlife we continue the revenge of Alice against the evil bio-weapon manufacturer The Umbrella Corporation. A company whose accident has turned most all of the worlds population into zombies. As Alice notes in the prologue - the T-Virus took hold and killed the world - only it didn't stay dead. The films short 97 minutes see Alice travel to Tokyo, Alaska and Los Angeles - and despite the lack of budget the apocalypse looks pretty good.

Shot with the James Cameron Fusion Camera system we find that they have been used to good effect. Thankfully they producers avoided the temptation to poke you in the eye (mostly.) A lot of the time you don't notice anything special the film just has more depth. In the action though they have clearly taken care and in 3d they look especially good. In the tried and tested way of summer blockbusters there is little in the way of plot; beyond trying to destroy what remains of Umbrella; so the film relies on the action to carry the plot forward. Its lightweight and but sometimes that is all you need for entertainment; though Zombieland is still my favorite of the genre.

The Blu Ray comes with a fair selection of bonus features with the directors commentary being particularly interesting and there are the usual making of's and outtakes features. There is also a very early trailer for the next CGI Film Resident Evil: Damnation. Its the Best 3d blu-ray I have seen; and second only to avatar in terms of its presentation.
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on 25 July 2011
Alice travels to a beach where she believes survivors are, when she gets there she finds Claire Redfield who has lost her memory, but nobody else. They later fly past an abandoned prison surrounded by zombies, they amazingly manage to land the plane on the roof and join a group of survivors that coincidently contains Claire's brother, Chris. They have to find a way to get from the prison to a ship called Arcadia, where more survivors are supposed to be.

The plot for this film is very thin, and seems to lose touch even further from the games on which they're based. The acting is decent from most, but Shawn Roberts seems horribly miscast as Wesker, I think he thought he was playing Agent Smith from The Matrix. Whilst I mention The Matrix, this film has far too many Matrix style fight scenes. Wesker is able to dodge bullets in slow motion, yet he gets hit by a flying knife which moves much slower. I just found it a little strange.

The film has so many slow motion scenes, Michael Bay would be proud, it's that bad that the slow motion probably adds at least ten minutes to the run time. The opening fifteen minutes is a massively over the top action sequence, it's a million miles away from the gritty realism the first film went for. Just after the ludicrous first fifteen minutes, Alice is given an injection that makes her a regular human again. I was really glad they did this, but they seem to forget about it and within no time she's superhuman again. Many of the zombies have evolved, much in the way the vampires did in Blade 2 and they look very similar. There's a creature in this that would be right at home in a Silent Hill game, but it looked cool and I didn't mind it. My main disappointment was that this film loses all of the horror element of the games and earlier movies, this is just a full blown action film with some zombies thrown in.

Wentworth Miller plays Chris Redfield who first appears as a prisoner, he even says "I know a way out of here". I'm not sure if this was a purposeful nod to his Prison Break character Michael Schofield or not, but it got a chuckle from me. Paul W.S. Anderson is more than capable of making a really good horror film, he directed the outstanding Event Horizon. I was hoping he'd direct this film much closer to the first film, as he returned as director having stepped down for the previous two.

As a horror film, Resident Evil: Afterlife is absolutely terrible. As a brainless, summer blockbuster action film it's actually pretty good. I think it's a shame that the action has all but taken over from the horror, and I really hope that the fifth film gets back to the horror, but from the way this film ends it doesn't seem possible. The picture and sound quality on the Blu-ray is superb, and is definitely worth getting instead of the DVD. There's plenty of extras on the disc, including a commentary, featurettes, deleted scenes, outtakes and more. It had a $60,000,000 budget, so the effects are ambitious and work well most of the time, but I'd rather have a solid script over big action scenes anyday.

Resident Evil: Afterlife is not a terrible film, but it is the worst of the series so far if you're more into horror like I am. It's probably the best so far if you're after action. Milla Jovovich is made to look quite attractive again in this, they somehow managed to make her look very ordinary in Extinction. The quality of the Blu-ray which boasts excellent picture and sound means this product is worth three stars. Well worth adding to the Blu-ray collection.
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After a brief visit to Tokyo, with her sister-clones, to dispatch the remnants of the Umbrella Corp and deal with that naughty fellow Wesker, Alice is now searching Alaska for Claire and the refugees. She finds Claire, but there's no trace of the others, nor of the fabled, plague free Arcadia. Her peregrinations take her to Los Angeles where she ties up with some more castaways and she disovers that she didn't do a very good job with Wesker and his evil corporation...

And so to the fourth in the series. Resident Evil 3 was showing the strain of an unimaginitive producer and screenwriter and this installment is, I'm afraid, no better. Whereas Extinction was Mad Max 2 with zombies, I suspect that Anderson turned to The Matrix for his inspiration for the large part of Afterlife. So we have Alice in Trinity's skin-tight leather catsuit, Wesker in Neo's Gestapo trenchcoat and shades, lots of bullet-time and falling off high buildings firing pistols and so-on. In fact it's so obvious it's almost embarassing. Once again we are treated to some Grand Canyonesque plot holes: just how far can you fly a Yak 52 on one tank of gas? and how many years did those poor people survive on top of the LA prison complex? By the timeline of the series, they must have been there nearly ten years.

Well, I'm not marking the film on internal consistency alone and I honestly do believe that you probably can land a small plane on top of a building if you get the wind direction right (but to take off again? come on!). However, the film just keeps on compounding the crimes: there's the racial, gender and occupational stereotyping of the LA survivors, the astonishingly long odds of Claire meeting her brother Chris in the jail, the ridiculous, clunky, B-movie dialogue and the arrival of a Nemesis type creature who is incredibly difficult to kill right up until the moment he looks like he's going to win. I'm sorry, but any one or two of the many crimes against humanity I could deal with as a necessary evil to keep the film trundling along, but put them all together and you get a sort of unintentional comedy.

I think that RE1] and RE2 are great and I gave RE3 a three star rating because I felt some loyalty to the brand, but this one barely deserves a two star rating. I shudder to think what the fifth installment will be like. I don't hold out a lot of hope.
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on 25 September 2013
If you run any movie series long enough, you will run it into the ground. I am a big fan of the first and third films. As a sequel, this movie gets points for picking up where the last one left off, no "Halloween 3" here. Milla (Alice) and her newly discovered clones are going to go to Japan and go underground to kill and bunch of uninfected humans still conducting experiments. This would have been a great movie in itself, showing her getting across the Pacific, battling the dead with her superhuman powers. They could have made the third movie all over again, except in Japan with new humans. Alas this is not the movie they did, but instead it all happened in the first few minutes.

The movie starts off with a brief narrative, then uses a few quick flashbacks to catch up any new viewers, or us old guys who forget a lot. The movie seems to have digressed into a "B" horror movie as Milla loses her superhuman powers, which was the reason why we watched these things in the first place. Now her lack of powers doesn't prevent her from fighting 13 million dead people in LA. Of course we just don't have dead people anymore. Some have become dead mole people and one guy was a huge orc/troll/Jason creature with super dead-human strength. What was that supposed to be?

The new cast of characters are boring. The special effects were great. The script was very bad for a sequel.
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on 13 September 2011
Excellent if you like zombie movies! The story is not very orignal... but who cares! The effects and cinematography are amazing, and some of the more natural scenes are just beautifully real in 3D. Great for showing off your 3D telly,but be prepared for hack'n'slash on a big scale. Similar in places to "the Matrix", and perhaps a little cheesy to some, but I love it! Aren't many movies I'd watch 3 times in 2 weeks(With different friends), but I did with this one.
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on 27 September 2013
I love this movie especially in 3D. That's what makes this movie so special. The reason why i bought through Amazon UK is that in Canada they only give the ENGLISH AUDIO Dolby Digital and give the french audio DTS MA. This for me was unacceptable. 80% of the population in Canada speak English.So when i checked out Amazon UK and found that there version has the English DTS MA audio track and was region free for me that was a done deal. Thank you.
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on 27 April 2012
If you a massive fan of these movies like me then you wont be disappointed! This is a fantastic sequel and a great 4th movie in the series. The story is really good and carries on very well from the last three, the cast is great a few characters from past movie come back and Milla Jovovich of course is back as the wonderful Alice!! The effects are awesome this looks like the best budget yet for a resident evil movie!! There is allot of cool visual stuff going on and slow motion scenes and cool villains and the dogs are back!! Overall its a fun visual cool over the top shoot-em up horror action blast that is 100% pure entertainment for the money!! The 3D is pretty well done too with bullets flying out all over the screen!!
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on 7 January 2011
Thought it would be worth leaving a review to say I've just tested this 3D disc on my PS3 connected to standard 2D HDTV and it works perfectly fine, including all features. Picture and sound are lovely too :)
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TOP 100 REVIEWERon 9 June 2012
Alice is back and she's bringing her "friends" with her.

The film starts out where the previous movie ended as Alice (Milla Jovovich) and her "friends" head for Japan and the underground Umbrella facility where Chairman, and former STARS (Special Tactics and Rescue Service/Squad) commanding officer, Albert Wesker (Shawn Roberts) is currently based. Wesker, however, has his own plans for Alice.

As the story develops we see the return of Claire Redfield (Ali Lauter) and a non-speaking K-Mart (Spencer Locke) from REvil Extinction.

New to the series is the long awaited appearance of Chris Redfield (Wentworth Miller) brother of Claire and a member of the STARS team which was lead by Wesker. I mention this to provide information to those who only know the films. A previous relationship is hinted at by the film but not explained.

I put this in the Blu-ray player as soon as it arrived and waited eagerly for the film to start.

I will admit that on first viewing I was unsure, all that slow motion (filmed, as Mr Anderson and his team repeatedly told us, at 200 frames a minute) and arty action scenes. Did it look good? Yes, it is incredible, especially in 3-D. Style, however, is no substitute for content.

So what's the content like? On second viewing, it was a lot better. Once I'd got over the slow motion I realised that the story is reasonably good. I like the twist with Wesker and Alice on the plane/helicopter in the Japanese Umbrella start. Bringing some vulnerability back to the character of Alice was, for me, a good move.

If I was let down by anything it was Wesker. Wesker is an important character in Resident Evil, his motives and actions are key at times. Mr Roberts, regardless of his research, seemed to miss the smooth, self assured part of Wesker's character that made him so trustworthy in the first place.

I had been worried about Wentworth Miller's Chris Redfield and it was better than I had expected, but he seemed incapable of letting himself go and immersing himself into the character. He mentions the fact that he was worried about any closeness to the Prison Break series, and maybe that was the problem.

I have seen some of Mr Roberts' smaller roles and I, personally, wonder if he might have been better cast as Chris Redfield and Mr Wentworth as Albert Wesker - especially as Wesker is supposed to be about 15 years older than Chris Redfield, not younger than him). It is possible that it might have been better if a role reversal had taken place and Shawn Roberts was Chris and Wentworth Miller was Wesker.

There are continuity problems with the film, such as Wesker being infected by the T-Virus - when and how are not explained and for someone who has only seen the movies it is odd. The question "when did he (Wesker) get infected by the T-Virus" was repeated a lot by the few people who hadn't played the games.

Yes it does "borrow" from the games, and I have no problem with that, but a little more background to Chris and Wesker would have helped, maybe instead of all the slow motion the option could have been used to give Chris Redfield a change to give the non-gamers a quick background to himself and Wesker.

I'm probably being too petty about it but sat with a few non-gamers made me realise just how much vital information is missing from this film.

Blu-ray extras are:

- Undead Vision (picture in picture) - doesn't just appear in the bottom of the screen every now and again, but it there almost continuously. with comments, story board comparisons, filming of the filming, and more. One of the best uses of PiP that I have seen (admittedly I have only limited experience of Pip at the moment, but of all my films it is one of the best).

- Commentary with Paul WS Anderson, Jeremy Bolt, and Robert Kulzer

- Deleted and extended scenes

- Outtakes - more face pulling than bloopers

- Featurettes

~ back under umbrella: directing afterlife
~ band of survivors: casting afterlife
~ undead dimension: RE 3D
~ fighting back: action of afterlife
~ vision of the apocalypse: designing afterlife
~ new blood: undead of afterlife
~ pwning the undead gamers of afterlife
~ trailers
~sneak peak at REvil Damnation - the upcoming CGI movie with Leon Kennedy

Subtitles: English, Danish, Finnish, Hindi, Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Spanish, and Swedish.

Audio options: English, Italian, Spanish.

The main feature also comes with Audio Description.

Special features are in English with English and Spanish subtitles

At the end of the film (within the titles) is the link to the next REvil live action film, so don't press the eject button as the titles start or you'll miss the surprise.

It is at the end of the film that I have my major problem, *** SPOILER *** when the helicopter is flying away and Alice, Clare and Chris are running to the upper deck, as if to try to follow it, it seemed that the "I didn't want you to miss that" was a cop out. There was this build up for a chase and it went nowhere. *** END OF SPOILER ***

I've always been a fan of the films and a couple of years ago I bought Resident Evil 4 in the Christmas sales and I loved it. It is officially my favourite gaming genre, so much so that I have become a ravenous fan and have searched out as much information and back-stories as I could by playing the games and reading the books; and, though I appreciate that there is only so much you can put in a film and that Mr Anderson has put several "nods" to the games into the films, people who do not know the background of Chris and Wesker and Claire and Wesker may find the comment about Chris and Claire Redfield always causing him problems a little odd.

The fact that Chris and Claire are main characters in the fight against Umbrella in the games has been by-passed for an "in" comment from Wesker. Hopefully their role in the bringing down of Umbrella will be explained in the next film - preferably without the Matrix-style slow-motion.

Overall, it was a movie with good action scenes and short linking sections, and was enjoyable action fluff.
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on 8 June 2012
Resident Evil 1 was a good on-take on how the virus gets out and not all the films can be like the games which is where I though Resident Evil Apocalypse kinda went wrong with mixing a very good on-going hunting boss (Nemesis) with the Raccoon City incident but then again they played the games and I thought it wasn't all that bad if they mixed two games in together, Resident Evil Extinction was good to say that everywhere was hopeless but survivors keep hope up and Alice breaks into the Umbrella Corporation Facility to face the only best boss or original Tyrant, that's the Resident Evil films from 1-3 in short.

Resident Evil Afterlive I actually loved more than Resident Evil Extinction, though the game was weak it bases itself more on a game finally than originality though it has that in it too, it's based on Resident Evil 5 bringing Albert Wesker into it and trying to get rid of the executive Umbrella director except that he takes in Alice's powers and makes her human or so he thought. Alice travels to Arcadia where she receives a radio link after going down with Wesker, somehow surviving the plane crash which the plane is Wesker's plane from Resident Evil 5. Alice finds Claire Redfield but only to know she has memory loss and the takes off the human control device that Jill had on in Resident Evil 5 for Wesker's experiments. Alice finds herself with a few people who are trapped in a jail facility where the only problem is where Chris Redfield is taken hostage, mistaking him to be a killer but only Chis knows the way out. Zombies that have the Las Plagus virus get inside and they have to get over to a ship called Arcadia where I thought, hell yeah Resident Evil Revelations which I was wrong, luckily Axe Man or near to Pyramid Head chases after them. And what an ending to face Wesker T-Virus (super human) way, head on and do a couple of fight scenes that were more like cut scenes in Resident Evil 5.

Good Side:
1: Follows a lot of details you would recognise from Resident Evil 5
2: An original story that makes it look like it could be a live actor's ride
3: More use of Claire Redfield
4: Wesker is used more in this than two or three short scenes in Resident Evil: Afterlife, Wesker rules!
5: Axe Man as I call him makes a good comparison with Silent Hill
6: Good storyline

Bad Side
1: Chris Redfield is more demanding and the director could have casted him with at least darker hair or a S.T.A.R.S. uniform on
2: Too much slow motion paced Matrix alike action
3: Too many clones I prefer Alice as just one main amazing survivor which eventually happens so it ruined the intro a fair bit
4: Got rid of Wesker in a bad way, I always like Wesker returning
5: Could have mixed Resident Evil 5 with Resident Evil Revelations and that one fighting scene with Chris and Wesker from Code Veronica X

In total a good film that is a hell lot better than Resident Evil: Afterlife, though Resident Evil 5 repeats itself and tried to copy Resident Evil 4 (game wise) good use of Resident Evil 5 comparison, Wesker always gets killed so please bring him back because like the Terminator Wesker is always back and hopefully he'll return in Resident Evil 6 or 7, a lava pit can't stop him but film wise I still prefer Resident Evil 1.

8/10 would be my rating for Afterlife, I hope this review was helpful :)
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