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on 13 July 2009
I have been dutifully buying the genuine cartridges for my printer at around £20 for the black and £35 for the colour. I use about 5 black and 2 or 3 colour every year. I print a lot of documents and as a writer, chapters of books etc. as well as photographs.
I decided to give this a try and was amazed how simple it is. The kit comes with full explanation for most popular brands of cartridge - explaning exactly where the fill hole is for each tank. It comes with two bottles about 75ml black and four colours also about 75ml each.
There is a 1litre bottle of black available also.
I was able to fill my HP350 in about 30 seconds with about 8ml of ink (10ml would completely fill it), left it to stand overnight as suggested by the instructions and then printed as normal.
The alert message may come up saying the cartridge is LOW on ink - but don't worry about that. If you have a printer that resets the chip to 'empty' so that you can't refill it - the manufacturers of this kit will sell you a 'zapper' which will reset that chip to 'full' - worth buying.

If you also buy the INK SAVER 2.0 software, you can save wasting unnecessary ink during printing. It is also available on this website.
I recommend this kit as good value for money.
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on 12 November 2009
The package does not actually contain a CD as is shown on the image but the instructions ate pretty easy to follow. I have only used the black refill so far.

Its easy to use. I have a hp printer all you need to do is peal back the sticker on the cartridge, inject the ink, let it stand overnight (in case of leakages) and your done.

I couldn't see any difference in print quality with this ink.

overall a good product easy to use and very economical.
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on 21 May 2011
When it comes to replacing printer cartridges it can work out expensive with many costing nearly twenty, or even thirty pounds! When my own canon mp250 colour cartridge ran empty i decided to give jr's universal ink refill kit a go. It includes instructions for many makes of printers which are quite idiot proof! There are a few things i would recommend like wearing latex gloves or similar, also do this on a flat surface like the kitchen table as you will need to be near the cold tap as the syringe will need flushing out after doing every colour, use cotton buds and tissue paper to dry the syringe out, do this on an old tea towel though there shouldn't be any mess if you take your time, have tissuses handy just in case. Make sure the needle of the syringe penetrates the centre of the sponge to get the ink into the cartridge. If this is your first time just do a bit of ink at a time and slowly, leave the cartridges on an old saucer over night in case they leak but they shoudn't. Many printers may require a reset as the newly filled cartridge may not be recognised, for example just google mp250 reset and there should be a solution. I have read that a cartridge can be refilled six, nine maybe more times before it gives out! This kit comes recommended as it pays for itself after the first refill, all in all a good buy that could save you £100 or more on each cartridge!
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on 3 November 2011
I bought one of these kits from Aldi last year and found the ink so good that I now buy via Amazon when I need any more for my 2 printers. Very good quality ink which doesn't clog up the inkheads on Cannon printers. The instructions in the pack are very, very good and show where to inject ink into most models of printer cartridges. The kits also last well and I have achieved at least 6 fills a pack. I use a lot of ink so these have saved me a fortune. This supplier also delivered very quickly. Very pleased with purchase.
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on 1 March 2011
been using jr refill for a long time, had no problem with them at all.

refilled the ink cartridge about 5 times so far and it still works...don't know how long it will work for but ill keep refilling until if fails.

with my ink ( colour ) costs £23> x5 that's £115 saved, not bad when you think about it,

that's just the colour not that black one..but you get the idea...saves money.
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on 28 October 2010
I will never buy filled ink cartidges again. This is easy to use, if you follow the instructions carefully, with very little mess. The inks are a little less vibrant than the originals but that is not critical for me. If high quality photo printing is important to you you probably won't want this product but for everyday home and ofice use this is first class and it saves me a fortune.
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on 19 August 2011
I have a HP C4180. It's basically the most bog standard all-in-one you could get from HP at the time of purchase and it's getting a bit old now. I hardly ever used to print from home except when there was no alternative, because it seemed so expensive. To buy a colour and black cartridge together it costs about £21 (that's not even new ones). I've just refilled both from empty and it took about a fifth of the ink from the pack. So that's £1.30, there abouts, to refill using this pack versus £21 to buy pre-filled cartridges. Even if for some reason the printer now goes through the ink far quicker, it's still likely to be a really big saving.
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on 26 April 2011
An excellent kit which is very easy to use and comes with a very helpful manual and also has excellent support on the manufacturer website. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who wants to save money on ink cartridges.
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on 15 April 2011
Not wishing to boost the profits of my printer manufacturer by paying the ridiculously inflated prices for replacement cartridges, and being even less inclined to pay almost as much for refilled cartridges where I am expected to re-use some-one elses print heads, I decided to try the Just Refill kit so that I could just pay for the new ink. I researched the technique for using the refill kit and it seemed easy enough to carry out the procedure. However, my first attempt (with a Canon PG 510) only accepted about 1ml of ink before it started to pool around the refill hole. Up to this point everything had gone smoothly, but unperturbed I decided to try the cartridge anyway. I succeeded in printing on and a half pages before the black cartridge ran out. I checked the cartridge again, but still the ink pooled on the refill hole.

Not wishing to be defeated by this problem I had a third attempt and found that the ink was actually pooling on the foam pad inside the cartridge because I had not pushed the syringe far enough into the cartridge. Once I did this I managed to get another 7ml of ink into the cartridge and it now printed perfectly well.

The kit itself contains all the items necessary to refill cartridges (even including little rubber plugs to fit in the filling holes). There is no instruction CD in the kit (as shown in the picture) but instructions can be downloaded from the JR website.

I have also found that it pays not to over-fill the cartridge since this can cause a vacuum to build up in the cartridge which will stop ink from flowing correctly. Easily fixed by removing and replacing the plug in the filler hole.

The Just Refill website suggests that cartridges can be refilled up to 6 times after which it is possible that the built in print heads may start to fail or the sponge inside the cartridge will lose its absorbancy, but even so this would result in a considerable cost saving.
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on 17 November 2011
I have used this to refill my cartridges for a long time and saved myself a fortune.
Even the most modern 'chipped' cartridges are refillable and i would never buy a new cartridge
whilst the option to buy this product remains.
If you have any trouble with refilling there are answers to all refilling problems online although
really there isn't a lot to it. I would recommend wearing rubber/latex gloves through the whole process
as touching any circuitry on a cartridge with bare hands can cause the cartridge to malfunction.
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