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4.1 out of 5 stars68
4.1 out of 5 stars
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on 20 September 2010
REC was one of those films that proves yet again recent American horror is in a pretty poor state and was of course remade about ten minutes after the original was released. Doubtless REC 2 will be remade by this time next week.

Anyway, the first question fans of REC will be asking is is the sequel as good? With a big smile on my face, I'm happy to say yes. Beginning almost immediately after the first film ended, part two starts with a SWAT team and a doctor entering the apartment building to find out what happened to the camera crew, firemen and people who lived in the building. It's not long before they discover they're knee deep in the brown stuff and things are going to get worse.

I did wonder if the handheld camera issue would be a problem. After all, there was a reason for it in the original film. However, rest assured it's justified in the sequel and becomes almost as much of a character as the SWAT members and the infected. We see through their eyes and there are several moments in which it seems the infected are coming for the viewer, such is the effect of the camerawork. I was also pleased by some very nice touches - spotting the people from the first film who are now infected, the splashes of blood in the same places as before, and the use of an exit/entrance briefly mentioned in REC.

While some of the mystery from REC concerning the cause of the outbreak has been cleared up, there are still plenty of questions left and still plenty for us to enjoy in what is one of the best horror sequels I have ever seen.
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on 15 August 2015
This 2009 sequel carries on immediately after the events of REC 1 as the final scene actually forms the first scene of this movie. We then see Dr. Owen (Jonathan Mellor), an official from the Ministry of Health, enter the apartment building under the protection of a 3 man SWAT team equipped with video cameras. The film follows much the same pattern as its predecessor as the team set about their mission. But exactly what is the mission, it’s a question the Swat team are soon asking and is Owen’ all he seems?
The single disc opens to four feature trailers before going to main menu offering play, scene selection, set up [5.1, 2.0 and English subtitles on/off] and bonus features [what you’ve never seen, extended and deleted scenes]. Play takes you to the very final scene of Rec 1. This time around there is another sub story as we follow a small group of individuals who manage to gain access to the building. As we watch their story unfold, it links in with what you have just witnessed from the point of view of the SWAT team.
This filming and approach is more planned and you actually get more of a sense of panic in this one from the start, but the reactions of the SWAT team are –lets say, unprofessional at best. The other irritation is the use of muted sound to illustrate confusion and such like, in this its overplayed and often inappropriate [lose a *]. That said I did enjoy this just as much as number one and for entertainment and jumpy moments, this has to be a ***** but it’s just a smidge below the original.
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on 14 May 2012
I loved Rec and was looking forward to watching the second part. As a recent convert to the zombie movie genre, Rec had me on the edge of me seat all the way through, and although I was little disappointed with the ending it didn't ruin it for me.

So, decided to see the whole thing through to the end and watch Rec 2. I won't go in to the plot as there are plenty of other reviewers who have.

For me, this lacked the tension and jump moments that the first one had managed to do so well. I don't know whether that's because you knew the layout of the building this time and what was potentially waiting in each apartment, or whether it's just that the script and action wasn't quite as good this time round. I have no problem with the hand-held camera thing, it can work really well and that's been proven in a few films now, including Rec, but on this occasion I just got a bit bored of it. There were a couple of times when the camera was put on the floor so all you could see were feet running around. Both times it just annoyed me, it felt lazy.

My partner hated the whole religious aspect of the film, but I found that quite refreshing for a Zombie film, it wasn't just another unexplained virus turning people mad. Quite a nice twist I thought.

Where as I would sit and watch Rec again, I have to say that this DVD will be going to the charity shop now after one watch. It just didn't grip me and I didn't care about the characters, where as in the first one you got to know and like the group of people trapped inside the building, in this one I couldn't have cared less who survived and who didn't, I just wanted it to end.

It was watchable, but not really enjoyable or memorable. I gave it 3 stars for - It's Ok. That's it. No more, no less. It passed some time on a rainy Sunday night.
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on 27 October 2010
****** This review contains some slight spoilers ****** I am huge fan of the original horror film "REC," which of course inspired the American remake "Quarantine." So of course, once I heard that they were making the sequel I was up for it completely. The first film is definitely one of my favorite horror films of all time (yes it was that good!) I really liked Angela Vidal (the main character) as she had a fun personality and didn't seem like a typical heroin from a horror film, it was great Spanish horror flick that had a few great scare scenes and a creepy but awesome ending and I've watched the flick several times. While I'm not sure I could have the same experience with REC 2, the movie is still a great horror film, this film also improves on alot of things from the previous one. It has more action, gore, comedy and yeah I would probably say that it was a better film.

REC 2 starts almost immediately after the events that took place in the first film, and follows members of the S.W.A.T. team going to the apartment complex from the first film. Equipped with video cameras, they go in to find any remaining characters, and find the antidote to the virus that is spreading. We also follow a group of teenagers who end up finding their way in too. We see both vantage points, including the horror that both teams face.The way this film is shot is breathtaking. In the first film, we had only one perspective from a TV camera. In this film, the S.W.A.T. team uses cameras that can link to mini cameras so that when one of the characters is on his own we can see what's going on. Some may feel this doesn't keep the realism, but I feel it does. Law-enforcement men take cameras with them all the time, and if you were a kid going into the apartment to see what's going on, naturally you would have a camera. In terms of a technical achievement, REC 2 definitely brings it up a level.

In the last film, what this virus may be is merely hinted at. In here, the directors move more into the mythology they created and expand it. We learn, without giving too much away, that the virus is much more than what we thought it was, something that leads back to the Vatican and religion in general. Rec 2 impresses because of a bold willingness to rewrite its own rules. In doing so, it sweeps the rug from under you feet, leaving you in the dark in regards to what can and will happen. With Rec 3 already announced, only time will tell if Jaume Balagueró and Paco Plaza can continue to re-invent their world so successfully. Either way, it won't be long until we take a trip back into hell, which is, truly, an appealing prospect. It was a truly awesome sequel, even my wife enjoyed this and shes usually squeamish when it comes to these type of films. I highly recommend this to horror fans, enjoy!.
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on 8 November 2010
Well I didn't have high hopes for this sequel if I'm honest (I loved the first, one of my favourite horrors ever), so I decided to make the best of it by watching it late at night in blu-ray with the headphones on full volume. I was very pleasantly surprised, and would argue that it is better than the first in almost every sense, and along with Paranormal Activity 2 it's up there as potentially the best horror sequel of all time

** spoiler **

The infamous ''green scene'' ending to the first movie is reprised, and it is much more terrifying than it's predecessor.

To sum things up, I think I might have to watch an episode of Frasier before I go to bed
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on 14 March 2015
The first Rec was quite simply put the most draining hour and 20 minutes i have ever seen and i was very excited to hear that a follow up was going to be made taking place straight after the first film ending.
Its another draining experience but its not quite up there with the stunning first but its still a corker and quite possibly the best horror sequel ever with the exception of 28 Weeks Later.
As i said the story begins just after the conclusion of the first with a small SWAT team and a medical officer entering the doomed apartment block to get a blood sample from the mutated girl seen in the first film but whilst trying to get it they have to try and fight off the crazy infected zombie like possessed who now overrun the building.While this is going on we see three teenagers mucking about on a roof and are escorted away and then they get to the building through the sewers but unlucky for them they are sealed off by the police and find out they are trapped after trying to escape the building and going back the way they came so have no choice but stay in the apartment,after they get chased by the nasties they meet up with the other group and we see a relentless last part of the film with one of the teens getting possessed,people getting locked in rooms,religious conversations,meeting up with the original films Angela and then a similar ending to the first when the remaining people try and hide from the mutated girl before a very creepy ending with has to be seen to be believed.
I was a tad bit disappointed with this sequel because i found the possessions and religious aspect of the film a bit too much and a bit daft,i know it was in the first film but it was only really a small part of it with most the first film more like a zombie film but even though the sequel does have the infected running after people some parts were a bit stupid and these moments slow down the story a bit compared to the first film which was insane without much of a pause.
The acting is very good like the first even if the teenagers are a bit grating at times and their antics do tone down the horror a bit and that annoys me to be honest considering this is not a story to have jokey moments in it as its meant to be a nightmare not a college road trip but at least the rest of the cast give their all and act like they are truly being chased by crazies,it was also nice to see Manuela Velasco back from the first film as even though she is a bit hysterical she is a top actress.
The action scenes are still excellent especially the chase scenes on the stairs and in the rooms and the scene with nutters trying to get in the bathroom is nerve wracking.The ending is possibly the only part of the film better than the original with a chilling last 10 minutes with once again the few left have to hide from the mutated girl with the night vision once again coming into play.
As a horror film it does everything right with jumpy scenes and the infected almost tripping over each other to get to the survivors like zombies do and in the best zombie films all they can see is their target and nothing else,i also love how this and the first film has such a sense of dread that they can't hardly move without alerting the possessed and certainly not a place you'd want to be.
As i said i found it a bit disappointing compared to the superb first and found the teenagers a tad grating along with too much religious stuff,i also found the very last scene a bit silly and seems to turn into Alien for a minute.
But all in all a storming follow up to a masterpiece,just don't watch Rec 3 as its highly disappointing.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 17 March 2014
Ignoring the – rather pointless – Hollywood remake, Quarantine, REC was a cult classic in the horror genre. However, naturally – being a Spanish movie – it was cursed with subtitles, therefore it never reached a mainstream audience. However, that didn’t stop it spawning a sequel, which takes place immediately after the events in the first film.

If you haven’t seen REC then stop reading and watch it now. It is the better of the two movies, but, as far as sequels go, REC2 is actually pretty good. Here, a team of armed police officers enter a quarantined building to see what happened to the original occupants. And here’s a clue… zombies.

Of course naturally things don’t go too well for our boys in blue and, if you can ignore the fact that armed, well-trained men get easily overpowered and forced onto the back foot by unarmed (albeit zombified) civilians, then you can enjoy this one, too. There’s more gunplay as the budget is bigger than the original, so they can afford to add a few shoot-outs into the mix. However, if you’ve seen the original, you’ll have already seen the best scares. REC2 certainly isn’t as intense as its predecessor, but it’s still a decent enough follow-on.

Plus you probably won’t care about the central team as much as they’re all just ‘men in armour’ and it’s hard to make out who’s who. There are some other characters added a little way into the film, but that feels like an interruption as you’ve done your best to follow (and care about) the initial team before this new lot are thrown into the frying pan.

It’s not as good as REC, but in a world of terrible cash-in sequels, it certainly stands out as one of the better ones (which is more than I can say for ‘REC3’).
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on 21 January 2014
Rec 1 and 2 have to be some of my all time favourite horror movies.

It's a non-stop terror thrill ride. Very few scary films make me feel the way these films do.

REC 2 was by no means a disappointment, which is rare, as far as sequels go.

I was hugging a cushion almost all the way through. These Spanish film makers truly know how to make a superb horror movie.

If you have REC 1 don't hesitate in buying this. Not all sequels are bad, as this one clearly proves it.

REC 1 & 2 are basically just one big movie, the second film follows on straight after the first one and still manages to uphold it's terror right the way through without disappointment.

If I had to choose which one is my favourite, I don't think I could. They're both as good as each other.

I also recommend purchasing them on Blu-ray. It's well worth it, the picture and sound quality is unreal!

As for 'REC: Genesis', I have never seen it and don't plan to. I have heard nothing but bad reviews from it, and as far as I know, it's not by the same director. So, I recommend everyone to steer clear of the third film, 'Genesis', and just stick with the original REC 1 & 2.

5 stars. *****
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 31 October 2012
The reviews suggest that the third Rec film, [Rec] Genesis, is totally different to the first one - in a bad way, being quite derivative (I haven't seen it myself yet, though). So I wasn't sure what to expect from Rec2.

Well it turned out to be excellent! Starting 15 minutes after the end of the first film, it follows a SWAT team on their helmet cams as they storm the quarantined apartment building. They're led by a biologist who needs samples of the virus to create a vaccine but it quickly becomes clear that he knows a lot more than he's letting on. So we have the same tension & scary atmosphere of the first film, only this time more of the mystery is revealed without telling us too much & there's a couple of wicked twists.

While it was just as atmospheric as the first film, it was slightly less scary as this time I knew what to expect. But by developing the story in the way that they did, the filmmakers still kept me on the edge of my seat. And not everything is revealed - there's plenty of room for more sequels.

I'm not sure what I'm going to make of Rec3 but rest assured, if you liked the first film, you'll love the second!
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on 15 December 2010
Zombies are the new Vampires, but with less teenage angst and more chomping on savoury brains. One of the key Zombie films of recent years was cult Spanish hit `Rec', which combined the rabid nature of '28 Days Later' with the found footage of `Blair Witch'. `Rec 2' is a direct continuation of this film and hints further that the film has the hall marks of a zombie film, but is it? An enigmatic academic and 4 special ops policemen enter the, now supposedly empty, tenement building that featured the first film's outbreak. Who is this mysterious scientist obsessed with discovering what is in the attic of the building?

`Rec 2' is an example of the rare occurrence when more of the same is a good thing. The same sets, the same style, similar scares, but they all still work brilliantly. Even after two films you are still a little unsure of the truth and never really see the infected people. Bathed in darkness directors Jaume Balaguero and Paco Plaza use flashes of fear and the audiences' imagination to distil terror. The opening act is a brilliant mix of action and horror as the capable police officers slowly uncover the truth, only to discover they wish they never did. It is the slightly limp second act which prevents the film from being as strong as the first. A group of youngsters are introduced as a parallel storyline that just proves to be boring.

With a lot of the film being shot via handheld cameras, the HD should not work, but it does. The BluRay highlights the scary sound effects and gives the grainy imagery a depth. Balaguero and Plaza are the people who should be given the most praise for the film, and the series. They have stuck to telling a simple story well and leaving the audience wanting more.
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