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Customer Reviews

4.1 out of 5 stars25
4.1 out of 5 stars
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on 18 December 2012
Firstly, I'd say the cover illustration does this book no favours, looking like an advertisement for steamy sex and limited plot. In fact, the book has a great plot, is extremely interesting, with lots of unusual ideas, gripping action, and a fascinating world of elite and untermensch.

The first problem is that the author plunges straight into battle, with no real explanation of the cause, the protagonists, or anything else, so the reader has to scrabble along working things out as he/she reads, detracting somewhat from the writing itself.

The second disappointment is the unreal emotional reactions of the electronics whizzkid, Lana. At times, she's cool, calm, and collected, then at others she reacts in ways which are totally irrational and extremely immature. Having had her life saved by some expert shooting, she debates internally what kind of protector would put the person he was protecting at risk, by shooting so near to them, yet shortly afterwards, she's yearning for him as 'her only friend'. She's full of self-pity and a sense of betrayal, even when one of the men concerned is risking everything to keep her safe, and the other has already done everything in his power to protect her. She would be much more admirable if she could emulate Mrs Watson, who, despite her age and infirmities, has made every effort to defend herself from attack, and has, even now, to basically teach Lana everything she will need to know to get by on her own - and force Lana to show a little backbone.

All the other characters in this story are rounded, strong in their own way, whether for good or bad, but sadly, Lana is a real whinger, who is forced to see the real tragedies being coped with by others around her, but, even while paying lip-service to them, continues to be a self-absorbed pain.

If the author could only have made Lana a more considerate and competent character, the book would have merited 5 stars; its heroine lets it down badly.
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on 19 February 2013
the real dissapointment in this book is the emotions in it as it dosnt seem real, also the front cover dosent give it much justivication,

Lana is a dissapointment all she did was wine and wine, i feel sorry for the other characters around her
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2.5* or may be 3*

The Plot:
The plot was GREAT - not unique but definitely engrossing and one of the best in the SciFi/ futuristic genre. Based in the year 2135 AD, the wealth gap between the rich and the poor has expanded to the extent that there is no middle class. Only laborers and the elite 1%.

The Story:
Unfortunately this is where the book suffers. There are far too many gaps in the story. There is a lack of detail, description and history, which combined with the characters that didn't make much sense - it left a lot to be desired. I think so much could have been done to elevate this into a brilliant story.

Length of Story:
I think the story suffers (perhaps predominantly) due to it's length - because this type of plot is generally an Epic - not a short story. I have read a few works that deal with a few aspects of a revolution or an apocalypse - but the protagonist in those stories have a small part to play and it's just a glimpse of their life in that period.

Background of Story:
As mentioned above - there is a serious lack of detail to this story where gaps appear because it's not been well thought out. The story starts during an attack (a civil war had erupted prior to this) and the world was in chaos. Most of the Army is in Europe - but it doesn't help that there is a Regular Army and an Elite Army (the Elite 1% have their own army made up with their own people). The political and economical issues are not fleshed out. We understand there is a 1% - but I'm assuming this 1% are the corporate entities that did this - but where do they live and in what condition compared to the 1% - what is the democratic situation - we notice there are politicians - but whom do they represent (yes I know the 1%) but in which and what way etc.

Gaps to the story:
1. if this is the future where Scientist have discovered medicine to treat radiation, than surely there ought to be efficient and quick means of transport that will allow armies to relocate quicker than the pace it takes here.

2. There appears to be very little difference between the Regular Army and the Elite Army. Both seem to posses similar literacy levels - if the divide between rich a poor was so great - this ought to be reflected in speech, manners and so forth.
In fact - there is a member of the Elite Army (Elise) who appears to be far more "common" in speech and deportment than the Regular Army (I appreciate she's in the army but it's an Elite army - one can expect a little class).

3. The fighting style doesn't make sense. There are weapons which resemble drones but why are the Elite army not using these to control the rebels?
And the rebels appear to have (in their possession) fancy weapons considering their poor man status. Even with their sympathsiers within the Elite - it just seemed too contrived.

4. Mr Tim appears to have far too much power. The 1% would be better monitored I'd imagine but the protagonist Lana and Mr Tim appear to control everything or have access to everything. What happened to the CIA or any other monitoring govt agency?

5. Brady (the hero) doesn't seem to be that concerned about the secret Lana (the protagonist) is hiding - despite his position as a commander of a large rebel branch. By this year I would imagine there would be extremely creative means of coercing this information from a hostage.

6. If the 99% have become so poor as to become labourers - I am assuming taxes aren't raised to provide an education and hence this ought to be distinguishable (in speech, knowledge etc), however, the difference between the 1% and 99% isn't very visible.

There are many other gaps - but those are a few examples.

The Characters:
Lana - the heroine - is a bit of a wet blanket - the damsel in distress cliche. She's extremely intelligent but has been sheltered. Very sweet and delicate. There are things that i admired about her - such as her intelligence. However, I think it would have been better if in the story she was more robot like - serving the 1% blindly until she becomes aware of the truth from her sheltered bubble.

Brady - the hero - is very much the hero type. A bit too cliched (tall, dark and handsome Knight/ Warrior saves damsel in distress). He's also meant to be part of the 99% however, surely the gap between him and Lana would be far more distinguishable in their speech, education and knowledge? Considering the remaining 99% have gone so far down to labourer status - it doesn't really make sense that he's just as articulate as her.

Mr Tim - is a sleazy politician who is a 99% sympathiser despite being part of the 1%. He doesn't make much sense and the revelations about him are seriously stupid. Just too contrived and predictable.

Dan & Elise - Dan is a solider of the Poor Man's Front (and part pf the regular army) while Elise is part of the 1% Elite. However, Dan appears far more gentlemanly and one would assume part of the 1% than Elise. However, Elise is a bada$$ and it would have been nicer if the author spent more on their story as they were a lot more interesting than our moody hero and our sap of a heroine.

The Romance:
The was a bit cringe worthy. I think it would have been better if Lana wasn't so bowled over by the hero, chasing him around. And the whole bargaining thing was vomit inducing sappy and silly. It was immature and embarrassing to read.

There were in fact a few cringe worthy silly moments such as Lana's grandparents story. Grandfather was part of the Elite who gives it all up for his labourer wife (because they have so much in common) and they die holding hands and still in love. I kid you not.

Anyway - not an overall terrible read but I would read it again.
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on 1 September 2014
Lizzy Ford takes you straight into the action with the start of this story as Lana is whisked away to a compound as the world descends once more into chaos. Her boss is taken to another location but he tells her about someone who will be contacting her who will help and she can trust.

You move forward and Lana is secluded from the outside world by working at the compound but enjoys her daily talks with "Guardian". She is finding out information about what might or might not be happening and investigates further. At the same time you travel with Brady aka "Guardian" as he travels the world outside and deals with the dangers and circumstances that Lana only knows about through him.

This story is full of action and well paced. There are trials and tribulations but all seem necessary and are not just padding out the book. The characters develop nicely and both Lana and Brady have realisations to meet. Lana in particular has to grow up in this book as she was so protected that her reactions show just how far she can swing from one emotion to the next. The plot is complex so this is not something to be read quickly but to be enjoyed and digested at leisure.
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on 24 July 2013
It was a god read. I just did not really liked the ending much. It was kind of "let me finish this book somehow now". Overall good read.
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on 22 August 2014
l have had mixed luck with free books. however, this one was a pleasurable read. The only real niggle was I found it a bit hard going to start but once in it flowed much more smoothly. With an interesting relationship, set in the future it had all the boxes ticked. There is a but I felt it rushed at break neck speed, could have been expanded. It was a free read, take a chance what have you got to lose?

Will certainly look again at this author.
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on 4 August 2014
You see, normally, I finish a book before writing the review but I just could not bring myself to read it. With a plot that is predictable and really strange, (personality disorder strange) I just couldn't read it! Very sorry for the bad review, as this is far past my writing capabilities and I mean no disrespect to the author. Thanks x
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on 12 August 2013
Well thought out dystopian story with the added bonus of an unlikely romance. I really enjoyed this book and will definitely be looking at other books the author has written.
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on 5 April 2015
When first started this book I was not impressed.But the further I got into the story the more I realised what a good book this is.Would definetly recommend.

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on 22 August 2013
I like all lizzy fords books,this one is just as well written an has a brilliant storyline,it's reasonably priced and I would recommend to friends
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