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3.1 out of 5 stars112
3.1 out of 5 stars
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on 16 July 2012
I purchased this keyboard alongside the Razer Deathadder Re-Spawn 3500DPI Gaming Mouse and Razer Goliathus Omega Control Mouse Mat Fragged. After reading a balanced number of good/poor reviews I decided to take the risk and buy this keyboard as I loved the look and the idea of a touchscreen panel. I'm very glad I did and am very much impressed with the keyboard's functionality, but mostly with the appearance.

The Lycosa is a very attrative keyboard, the most aesthetically pleasing of all Razer's keyboards in my opinion. It has a gloss finish for the plastic housing and a non-slip matte finish for the keys. (Unless you buy the special edition gloss finish Lycosa which I did actually buy for someone as a gift). The keyboard is very comfortable to type with. A perfect tool for a cross between gaming and writing lengthy essays (lol). The keyboard is fairly large in size as it includes a wrist rest. This can however be taken off by removing a couple of screws on the underside and unclipping it, which is what I did as my desk already has a wrist rest. The keys are illuminated with blue light, which has three modes: Completely Iluminated, WASD illumination for gaming, and Off (no light at all) controlled by a touch button on the touch screen panel. Now... the touch panel was the feature I was most sceptical about due to the number of bad reviews I read about it constantly skipping songs etc. However I have had this keyboard for almost a month now and have had no such problems, in fact it has worked perfectly every time. A bad batch perhaps? I don't know.

The technical gaming performance of this keyboard is very good. The keys are fairly slim (descibed as slim keycap structure) meaning that it takes less force to actuate the key upon the rubber mesh found underneath providing a 1ms response time. The keys are also noticeabley softer than the normal keyboard when typing. A very neat feature is the ability to disable the windows key on demand, by simply pressing down on the Razer logo on the touch screen and tapping the windows key. This prevents that annoying screen switch when the windows menu pops up after accidentally pressing the windows key in game. Brilliant! The keyboard also has earphone-out/microphone-in jacks and a USB port, but do not be fooled by this, you do not get an extra of each, they are merely extensions from the back of your computer; and also note there are no extra macro buttons on this keyboard, only the touch panel is extra.

Overall a brilliant gaming keyboard which is comfortable to use, extremely attractive and performs like the best. If you're more of a hardcore gamer who favours customisation and response time over comfort and looks then perhaps a mechanical keyboard is preferable such as Razer Black Widow Ultimate Gaming Keyboard which provides numerous customisable keys and a reassuring click when a key is actuated. Too expensive? The Razer Arctosa Gaming Keyboard - Silver is similar to the Lycosa for less but is an entry level gaming keyboard with no illumination. But for a lovely looking keyboard, that is comfortable to type with for work, but performs extremely well when you need it for gaming you can't go far wrong with the Lycosa.
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on 21 March 2011
This keyboard will break your heart. Yes it looks good, yes it feels good but after some time ul find that keys stop working randomly and the only way to solve it is to unplug and replug which if you are in an online game can be really really annoying. This is not an isolated incident, I had 4 of these keyboards and they are all part of the new MT10 batch that is supposed to of corrected the issue. Basicly I bought this even though id read tons of bad reviews thinking "oh it cant be that bad" well it is. I even tried the mod involving removing the screw inside that pushes the touchpad contacts back into the socket. This made no difference what so ever. So here I am looking at this keyboard for the last time. I've printed out my final amazon returns label and i'm going to pack it up and send it away. Seriously its so dishearting. This keyboard just looks and feels so cool but its just so buggy its unusable. Do yourself a favour, don't take a chance, don't buy this keyboard, don't be dissapointed. Just forget you even saw it and don't listen to anyone who says that it is fine. Sure maybe a few people out in the world got randomly ok samples that still work but id say at least 7/10 people are getting dud units. Razer customer support is really poor too, I emailed them about this issue and they simply kept suggesting the keyboard is fine and that its my computer at fault. Well I tried this keyboard on 5 other computers and they all had same issue. Sigh

Anyhoo now im left with what to replace it with? Surely not another razer after all this, hell im even thinking of selling my razer deathadder mouse in case that starts acting up like ive read people on google have been experiencing after 5 months of use. Finding a replacement keyboard is so painful as nothing looks as good as this buggy piece of crap. Logitech G110?? hmm maybe but it looks poo, roccat valo.... hmm no ive read they also have they own pandora's box of fun problems like the lycosa, seitek cyborg? nope coz they dont come with a blue led setting... sigh

Ah well this review has turned into a rant but you get the idea. Just dont buy it, just avoid razer and don't let the looks suck you in and overwhelm reliability logic.

Razer products

60% Packaging
30% LED's
10% Product
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on 13 September 2009
I'm using this keyboard now,.. and it's humid at the moment in my room, it's quite warm and humid outside,. JUST to the point that the touch sensitive pad that controls the onboard lights, is making them flicker madly on n off, it's VERY annoying. It happens very rarely so I can just about put up with it, and just as I type this it stops flickering - how convenient. Typical. This major headache aside, I really, really like the keyboard; its low profile is a joy to use, short-travel keys, thin profile and sensible layout make it one of the best keyboards that I have ever had. After a year of use, the keys are showing signs of wear n tear; primarily a few keys have lost their 'letter', to a splodge rather than the original crisp shape. The E has almost vanished so now it's just an undefined blue light showing through; this has happened to a few keys so I may request some replacements when they become too ineligible. The keyboard is well constructed from tough plastic; no creaking, no warping, and it's sturdy too.
I bought the American layout, so the " and # and the @ keys aren't in the places you expect them to be - also, it doesn't have a backslash key, it has forward slash,(/) but no backslash, so this isn't a good keyboard for web developers or coders, though it's fine for gamers like myself; when on the rare occasions the touch sensitive light on / light off pad isn't being adversely affected by humidity. I figured that a cold spoon upturned over the little pad helps significantly reduce the problem when it occurs, failing that, opening a window or turning on a fan of some sort helps too.
Overall a lovely keyboard let down a bit by an overly sensitive-to-humidity touch sensitive light-on / light-off touch pad.
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on 21 September 2011
Right, well as its a review, i will review it very fast

build quality feels average - the same as most keyboards, but there is a nice smooth finish on the keyboard. its black, which is nice, and it lights up blue very nicely too. this means it matches with my computer and mouse very well. it definitely looks the part, but other than that its the same as any other keyboard really. it has a gimicky light button where you can turn off the lights (and therefore not see which key is which even in daylight) or have only the WASD keys lit up (which serves no real benefit at all).

review over, now lets get to the part where the keys randomly stop working and 'the only way to fix this is by unplugging and plugging in again.'


once you have done this, you shouldn't experience this glitch anymore. i have owned this keyboard for coming up 2 years now, i experienced the glitch for 8 months (and it wouldnt happen every few hours, it was horrendous) but for the 16 months post-driver installation it hasnt happened once.

there you go, problem solved. i'm not saying that it will 100% work for everyone, but it was definitely the fix for me, and i see no reason why it won't fix yours too.
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on 1 May 2009
First of all i want to mention is the quality, the keys are very smooth to the touch and the gloss black surface around the keys makes the keyboard look very sleek. At first glance my friend's impression was WOW!

The touch sensitive section responds to the lightest of touches, great for switching songs or pausing DVDs while in game. Some people think the brightness of the keyboard could be better, but i think that would make them too bright and distracting when gaming.

The razer software is very user friendly and it's so easy to create your own macros gorillas could do it.

The only down sides to the keyboard are, the gloss black shows up fingerprints, only one height setting, when you disable the windows key there is no way to tell if its disabled other than to try it. (They should make the backlight go out on the key)

Hope you've found this helpful. Triston
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on 10 January 2012
I bought this to replace an excellent keyboard that had served me well for several years. I wanted a very good backlit one and as i have been absolutely impressed by the Razer mouse i purchased, i thought it was definitely going to be a good buy, despite its high price. Well i gave it six months of really trying to like it, but i have totally given up.

I havent experienced faults like others, quite the contrary, its been reliable and didnt have any malfunctions at all. My gripe is really about the quality and response (feel) of they keys, in particular there is too much Left to Right movement on the keys which creates undesirable results. The issue is most apparent when pressing any keys with your little finger on your left hand. These tend to be CTRL, Shift and Caps lock. Due to the angle of impact when pressing these keys with your little pinky, plus the horizontal wobble on the keys, often those three keys will get kinda stuck and not press properly. This is particularly annoying in games, but equally annoying when browsing the web and typing in search fields. Its not a malfunction, just a poor design issue.

The build quality of the keyboard does not reflect the price i paid for it and if you are a gamer, i would avoid this like the plague.

I replaced it with the Corsair Vengeance K90, it also was expensive, but the build quality, the backlighting and the feel you get from the keys is awesome and worlds apart from this shoddy razer keyboard. The K90 has CherryMX switches which provides unsurpassed reliability, has the antighosting and has macro buttons too. Each of the keys has its own individual LED lighting, it makes for a very crystal clear view of your keyboard in the dark. The other excellent feature of the K90 is that it has no cover, this means crumbs and other bits of stuff have no gaps to disappear down.. any crumbs or other dust and stuff can simply be blown or wiped off the base plate.

If you are really considering buying a Razer keyboard, dont, instead buy the Corsair Vengeance K90 and you will certainly come back to this page and thank me for it.
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on 31 January 2010
It's a nice keyboard, the headset jack has come in really handy, since the headset jack on the front of me computer has stopped working, allowing me to switch between speakers and headset. I wish it would switch to speakers automatically when I unplug my headset, but I don't think that's a problem with the keyboard, just the setup of my computer. It's also nice having an extra usb hub up at the front of the computer thanks to the keyboard.
I love the touch sensitive media keys, but if I'm being completely honest, they may be a little too sensitive, as you can often press 2 at a time by accident very easily.
It looks lovely and the back-light is pretty sweet, and really helps when playing games in the dark as you can see every key. There is also a setting which highlights only the WASD keys and is a really nice touch. Again, being completely honest some of the keys are slightly dim, but it's not bad. The limitations of the power supply of the usb have something to do with it I'd imagine, but could be wrong.
The macro keys could be useful, I suppose, but I never use them. The only function I wanted in macro was the ability to put the computer into sleep mode at the touch of a button, but I can't. And the anti-ghosting is something you never notice till it's gone, but I've had no issues with it either way. And for those of you who don't know, anti-ghosting basically allows you to use alot of keys at once. Some keyboards limit you to 3 keys (it depends on the keyboard) and you hear a beep noise when you try to press more. This can be really annoying in computer games.

Looking back at what I've said, makes me feel like I should give this a 3star rating, but seeing as most the minor problems I've had aren't the cause of the keyboard, and that I haven't really used all it's features (macro keys could be brilliant for all I know) I'm going to give it the fourth star.
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on 26 April 2010
I bought one of these in April 2010, confident that the reported key lockup problems would have been sorted by now. They haven't. Mine regularly behaves as if the 'a' or 'd' keys have been jammed down, and if it's not doing that it won't respond to them at all. Very irritating. If Razer tech support respond like they did to my Razer Mamba issues (that is, not at all) then I expect a long uphill battle to get the problem sorted.

[UPDATE: they completely ignored me, so the keyboard went in the junk drawer for a year or so. I fished it out as a spare yesterday for a linux system, and the familiar old problems surfaced almost immediately. So it's now in the bin. Useful lesson learned about Razer. ]
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on 30 November 2010
The keyboard itself feels lovely; the 2 usb ports and headset/mic jack are great for gamers; however the touch-pad is a real let down, its not very sensitive at all.
After a few days of use windows media player began repeatedly opening and forcing itself to the front of the screen - after a few googles this is a known problem with this keyboard which was meant to have been fixed in later models, however, having only bought my keyboard a few weeks ago, im guessing there was no recall;
So bear in mind you risk buying a faulty keyboard which will be rather difficult to have replaced with a non-faulty keyboard unless buying direct from razer.
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on 22 September 2010
I think the quickest way for me to pass on my experiance is via the unanswered email to Razor featured below. The Naga nouse I purchased at the same time worked very well after getting used to it.

3rd Sept 2010

I purchased a Lycosa keyboard and Naga mouse last week on recommendation from a friend that plays World of Warcraft. The mouse is fantastic though I am having issues with the keyboard from the first day.

The Product code is RZ03-00180600
Serial Number: MT101801xxxxxxx
Driver version: 2.05
Firmware: 2.02
No macro bound.

OS: Windows 7 64 bit
Main game played: World of Warcraft.

The issue I am seeing is when in game random keys stop working e.g Space Bar or WASD. Also keys appear to become stuck (though physically free) and result in the character running or turning constantly.

I can confirm that this is not only in game by dropping out of game and opening "notepad.exe" and try to type the letter that has stopped working. The key does not type in notepad either.

The frequency is once every couple of hours it seems and normally when I am in a team game making heavy use of the keyboard functions. I replaced the keyboard when my "World of Warcraft keyboard" control key became sticky but find my self in a even worse situation with this issue.

Workaround is to unplug and plug back in one of the USB leads and Windows redetects and the keyboard returns to normal operation.

Feedback from guild members is that one other person has experienced the same issue but only once on the same model keyboard (recent purchase)using the same OS and playing the same game. They lost the spacebar function. Workaround was the same as above and they are monitoring the situation. They do have marcros bound to keys.

I purchased this through Amazon last week and would appreciate any advise or help you could provided.

Update: No response as of the 22nd Sept and completing a returns slip to Amazon currently.
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