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4.1 out of 5 stars
4.1 out of 5 stars
Colour Name: Black|Style Name: 7.1 Headset|Change
Price:£61.00 - £240.99
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on 10 September 2013
Before I start the review, I would just like to inform you that I have been through five different headsets within the past couple of months, each of which I have had to send back due to comfort or sound issues. Today however, I can safely say that I have found a headset that I can actually keep!

The Razer Kraken Pro is a very nice headset for the money and to me is the sort of headset that's not too cheap that it's rubbish, but not to expensive either. It is a mid range gaming headset, and perfect for anyone who wishes to game on PC in particular or casually listen to music on the go. I made the purchase of this headset mainly for one reason... comfort, comfort, comfort. I previously owned the Turtle Beach PX5's which were about £40 more expensive than these, and whilst they had very good sound quality, they were very uncomfortable and gave me headaches and jaw ache. This headset, according to Razer's website, is one of the most comfortable in the world, and I can see why they've made this statement. Whilst I have not tried every headset in the world, I can safely say these are extremely comfortable, with thick (but soft) cushioning and really nice flexibility for the headset to fit any head shape. Aside from the headset just being able to extend and retract to different headband sizes, it also has individual ear cup rotation, which works perfectly in my opinion. The headband itself is also very nice, offering breathable material with a soft but sturdy design. The headband reminds me of a pocket sprung mattress with two hard layers on the top and bottom and with a springed mechanism in the centre which allows it to retract up and down.

Anyhow, so with comfort at a 10/10, lets get into sound quality. The Razer Kraken Pro is an analog headset, so you won't be expecting outstandingly crisp audio when you first try them out. As I said before, I previously owned Turtle Beach PX5's, and these were virtual 7.1 surround sound, so I can make a pretty good comparison between the two. When I first played audio through this new headset it did sound a little bit muffled and tinned in comparison to what I was used to with my 7.1 headset. However, after a bit of tweaking and a few hours of use I was completely used to the new audio from the headset, and it sounds completely fine to me now. I would recommend anyone who buys this headset to download 'Razer Surround' from Razer's website, which is a free piece of software which allows you to simulate 7.1 surround sound with your analog or stereo headset, and it works pretty nicely too. The Kraken Pro is also pretty noise isolating, but I wouldn't say as much as people made it out to be in other reviews and videos on YouTube. I can still very much hear my surroundings when I have this headset on and I would say they're about 60% noise cancelling. This is due to the over ear design of the ear cups which are almost like having your hands over your ears. The microphone which comes attached to this headset is also a lot better than I was expecting. The way in which it coils in and out of the headset is very cool and makes the headset more adequate for when you take them out and about to listen to music and you don't want the mic showing. One thing to note is that I did have to adjust some microphone volume settings in Windows 8 as the mic at default was a bit quiet, so I set the mic boost to +20 and now it sounds fine. The mic also does not have a foam tip, so if you place it directly in front of your mouth you will get popping sounds when pronouncing P's and T's for example. However, the simplest and easiest way is to just place the mic head slightly to the side of your mouth, and then the popping goes away. The mic records in a nice quality and is clear enough for any in-game chat or skype for example. Obviously it's not the clearest mic in the world, but then not many headsets come with professional grade microphones :)

Overall the headset has been money well spent, and with it being a Razer product, you're pretty much always guaranteed good quality. Despite all the positives however, I would like to list a few minor issues which make me give this a 4/5 and not 5/5.

- There is no way to control the volume of your mic or audio on the headset itself, you must change the volume within the operating system you're using.
- They do get a little bit hot on your ears after a while, but not too bad. They work as very good ear muffs in the winter!
- The packaging is a nightmare to open, so if there is a possibility you might want to return them, make sure to open the packaging very carefully.
- Only 40mm speakers. I would have liked to see 50mm for any headset above £60, but 40mm still works well.
- The wire is a bit too long for my liking as many people don't have their PC or music device 3m+ away.
- Similarly to the first con I listed, there is no mic mute button on the headset, so you have to manually disable the mic within your OS.

Comfort: 10/10
Audio Quality: 7/10
Mic Quality: 7.5/10
Design/Style: 9/10 (Razer products always look nice)
Value for money: 7.5/10
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on 30 May 2015
Great headset.

I've seen this asked quite a bit so WHAT IS ANALOG?? Analog is where you can plug your headset into a standard headphones port such as your phone or laptop. - This is the circular port holes in which earphones and such go into.

- Sound quality is good. I'm kind of used to it now but when I first got them I was like WOW THIS IS SO GOOD! Comparing them to my other headphones (which were £30) they're sooo much better on so many levels.
- Microphone is good. It picks up quite a lot though; keystrokes, mouse clicks, people talking in the backgound and most notably my neighbours dog barking.
- Comfortable ear cups and headband. My ears cup perfectly into the inside of the ear cups and the headband rests comfortably on the top of my head or hovers above it, either is comfortable.
- Great for gaming with the Razer soundsurround software. With soundsurround enabled I can hear which direction gunfire, explosives and footsteps are coming from.
- Blocks outside noise. Often when people are talking from within my room I can't really hear them which I think is great for doing what you need to do with your headphones on.

- After a few hours it can be a little uncomfortable so what I do is I usually take it off for a few minutes or if I desperately need them I just adjust the height, either work.
- Basic cable lead. I've had many devices with basic cables and they are so easy to ruin. They should've made it braided cable.
- You can hear your real life movements when for example you move your head to the side (assuming your head is on a cushion). I've adjusted to this now and don't mind it so much but it was a real pain when I first got it. This happens with many headphones btw.

~ I can't think of anything else to write here, there's not
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on 21 May 2014
I chose this headset because I have heard good things about Razer products.

The Headset was delivered quickly and nicely packaged. It comes with a long cable anyway not to mention the extension cable included. It is always better to have a longer cable instead of a shorter one.

The Headset is very comfortable and you can wear it for a long period of time without it feeling uncomfortable on your ears.

Last of all the Headset is built very well and the sound quality is very good and clear.

This is a highly recommended Headset if you are looking for one. I am very happy with this Headset and I give it an easy 5 stars.
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on 23 October 2013
i play fps and mmo games a lot and recently decided to buy new headset. i took e two days to choose my headset. this headset is simply amazing. great mic and sound quality. if you play fps games like i do you will instantly locate enemies once they make little sound without even seeing them. i also play guild wars 2 with my friends and they say my mic quality is great. this headset is even really good for listening music. i have a £90 Sony headphones for music but razer kraken 7.1 sounds much better in quality.

in my opinion this is best headset you can get for this price range.
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on 4 October 2013
Firstly I have to say, for the money this is the best on the market by far. I have owned about 4 different headsets in the price range and none have matched to the quality of this.
The sound quality on the headset is phenomenal,a deep booming bass and crisp clear mids and highs. And the microphone is just something else. I have seen comparison videos on youtube of this headset and a blue yeti and the creator has not said which is which and a lot of people thought this headset was the yeti.
This headset is also the most comfortable i have ever worn, and this includes my friends Astro A50 headset and beats etc. The only fault I can give this headset is it makes your ears very hot, but to be honest, what headset does not do that?

Overall an amazing job by Razer, again superbly made just like my keyboard, mouse and mouse mat. I cannot fault any of the products, GG :)

Edit: I probably made a better review here on YouTube, it has a preview of the mic + an unboxing :)

Edit 2: Since writing this review nearly 2 years ago, these headphones have finally snuffed the bucket.
I had the headphone cable tangled round my leg and I did not realise, I stood up, put the headphones down, and walked off from my desk. The headphone cable caught round my leg snapped the USB clean in half. Dead.
I tried repairing these using a soldering iron and buying a new USB male connector, but it did not work again.
Great headphones, but I think I was exaggerating in my original review.
I did not lie, these are great for gaming and VOIP software such as skype and google hangouts, but certain genres of music like Metal and Hard dance music, where sound changes rapidly, with lots of "noise" these are not that accurate.
If you are buying headphones for music, I would go for a brand like Sennheiser who are built around sound, rather than Razer who are not specific to audio.
However I do not take back what I said about the microphone. That is still outstanding and one of the best I have heard from a "Gaming Headset"

So to reiterate:
These are a great GAMING HEADSET
BUT if you are not a "gamer" who does not need the microphone, go for different headphones, which are designed for what you intend to use them for.
4/5 I do not regret my purchase.
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on 24 August 2013
So, I chose to upgrade a few parts of my PC, then thought, why not just go the whole hog?!?! One of my choices was a headset and I eventually settled for this. All I can say is what a good choice!

Sound quality is excellent, it's not bassy enough to make your ears hurt but at the same time allows you to hear everything crystal clear. Paired with Razer Surround (free software from their website) it allows these or any headphones in effect to become 7.1 surround. The microphone is also great too from what people tell me, haven't had any issues with it so far.

Comfort wise I can literally wear these all day. The ear cups are big enough to fit anyone's ears and I never take them off feeling as if my ears have been rubber banded to my head.

You can either use these with an audio jack, or use a splitter (which is provided) which will then split the audio and microphone in two, easily allowing you to connect it to your PC.

Best of all, you get a Razer sticker! Jokes aside though, great headset, well worth the money and you won't regret buying them one bit.
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on 23 February 2014
Before I start I just want to point out I'm a YouTuber, so microphone quality is FAR more important to me than audio quality (that I hear, anyway).

What can I say about the Kraken 7.1? Well, it's fantastic. Audio quality through it is just brilliant, and the 7.1 (whilst virtual) is pretty well simulated. I can genuinely hear footsteps and pinpoint locations in games like Counter Strike. I'm not much of a competitive gamer so that doesn't really matter to me but that is there.

Microphone quality is great, although enabling ambient noise reduction causes a weird effect whenever you talk/stop talking, as if it's having to tune into your voice. Not a problem though, as the microphone is omni-directional - it only picks up what it's pointing at. If worn correctly that should be your mouth. When retracted into the left speaker (which is a REALLY nice feature) it WILL pick up what's being played through the headset, but I assume you're not using it when it's tucked away so that's fine.
There's a mute button ON the microphone (which is an odd choice of location) that's a little hard to find if you don't locate it before putting it on. It doesn't take much force to press it - you'll know when muted as the green light on the end of the mic turns off when muted.

The headset itself is well made, sturdy and VERY comfortable. This is an upgrade for me from an ORB GP1 which is essentially a skull-crusher. That older headset gave me migraines and general ear pain with prolonged use (which isn't helpful as a gamer) - these have no problems at all. The top of the headset is very comfortable, the entire thing is big enough to fit most (if not all) and the padding on the ear cups (they're called that, right?) is soft and big enough for your ears to not fold up (see previous headset) and also do a good job of blocking out sound from the outside (though not all - which is a good thing).

The software you'll need to set it up with more than Windows built in sound management is named "Razer Synapse" - pretty easy to find, download and set up. It'll take you through a 7.1 audio position tweaking setup phase which is quite useful as 7.1 is felt differently by everyone. Synapse offers a bunch of different options including something I found INCREDIBLY useful - it can clear up and de-noise incoming communication audio, so your friends on Skype and things like that. This is very useful for eliminating static or noise in your friend's microphone without having to mention it to them.
The software also comes with an EQ with several presets. I was surprised to find a "metal" option, as not many audio players have a preset for that (I know iTunes doesn't) - I've tested a few and they sounded quite nice. Also music sounds fantastic through this headset. Especially things like thrash metal and glitch hop (my personal favourite genres) but I'm thinking acoustic stuff and perhaps some classical tracks would sound fantastic through it.

I completely recommend this headset. Completely. I was a bit on the fence about buying a Razer product as they sometimes get a reputation as being expensive without being worth it but they've proven that's a myth. This is worth every single penny.

Delivery via Amazon was also extremely fast. Cannot fault this purchase AT ALL.
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on 9 May 2014
Got them to play Star Citizen. But while waiting have been testing them on skype. The test video from razor blows your mind. The skype is so crystal clear and the mike picks up the voice not all the surrounding noise. At the other end of the skype call they say it is crystal clear also.

One thing i would have to say I have noticed is that the lead/wire from the earphone rubs on my shoulder and is picked up as sound in the earphones (not the mike) but you can move it up and away so there is no real problem.

I would have to give them 5 stars as I can find no problems with them.
They plug into the USB socket and you have to make sure they are set to the default communication equipment which turns off the speakers on the computer when you plug them in. (When you unplug them of course the speakers turn back on).

Would reccommend them. The 7.1 sound is terrific.
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on 14 March 2014
I have many Razer items in the past. This head phone will be used for gaming and movie watching. I chose this because it does not have any metal expose (very easy for me to get static charge) otherwise I could have gone for the top end head phone instead.
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on 11 May 2016
To begin with, the design of this headset is very attractive and it also feels good too. Another factor is the shear amount of colour choices. There are many to choose from but after a few minutes of scanning I settled for the green edition.

I would rate the comfort of this headset quite high, as I can wear it for over 4 hours without feeling any pain or discomfort. It fits around my ears very nicely and with the adjustable head band it will fit the size of anyone's head.

The sound quality is also very impressive. The bass is outstanding and they are generally brilliant to listen to music with. In addition to this, gaming with these on is very immersive and incredibly accurate, especially if you choose to upgrade to 7.1 Surround.

Another great feature is the retractable microphone. I recorded myself talking and played it back (with audacity) and it was very good. However, it can tend to pick up background noise and sometimes even pick up everything that's going on inside your headset if you have your volume too loud. Something else I wasn't entirely satisfied with was how far the microphone went inside the actual headset. Once it was fully retracted it still had a small length sticking out.

Apart from some small issues with the microphone, I would definitely recommend buying this headset. It is ideal for just about everything including gaming, voice recording, watching videos and listening to music. It is great value for money and with the wide range of colours it would fit in with anyone's colour theme.
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