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4.6 out of 5 stars154
4.6 out of 5 stars
Price:£89.99+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime
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on 27 March 2015
The only problem I noticed is the Enter key is not the same as it is in the pictures, overall amazing keyboard

1.Beautiful clacky sound you can't stop clicking.

2.Very bright LED's

3.Has keyboard light control with FN key + F11 and F12

4.Uses a optional gaming mode to disable Windows key, Alt + F4 etc

review image review image
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on 5 December 2015
Typing this on my new keyboard, I had heard some bad things about Razer. But I decided to give this a try (Coming from Corsair K70) and I am very pleased.

I love the feel of the switches, the sound is amazing, the lights, the looks, everything. This is a must! Seriously just buy it and thank me later!
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on 28 December 2015
After having my old Qpad Blue Switch keyboard met an untimely death by hot chocolate I went through a couple of other mechanical keyboards unhappy I realised there was a cheaper version of my Blackwidow Chroma keyboard which I use at home and instantly snapped this up.

It performs exactly the same as the more expensive Chroma version with the same Razer Green clicky switches (basically cherry blues), it works flawlessly and I can't tell much difference between these and the Cherry Blue switches. Now blue switches are not to everyones taste but I use this keyboard at work where I do a lot of typing (I'm a software engineer, more specifically I design/build the infrastructure for online shops and business critical web applications) and the blues are more suited to typing and I would say that the Razer Green Clickly switches are a good balance between browns and blues.

The keyboard is exactly the same as it's more expensive Chroma version the only difference being you can't change the LED colours (including individual keys) on this version where you can on the Chroma. If anyones looking to buy the Chroma but doesn't care about it only having green LEDs I suggest considering this one first.

The keyboard itself upholds the great build quality reputation that Razer has earned and I don't think anyone could fault the build quality itself, The only gripe I do have with this keyboard is the material the enclosure is made out of, it picks up finger prints way too easily, I can literally go wash my hands and touch the keyboard and theres fingerprint marks on it. For a keyboard where your touching it constantly it's kind of annoying but not something I can't live with (My old Qpad had the same issue).

I also had an issue with the software after having to reformat my computer but after contacting the Razer support team we were able to fix it after several emails back and forth between the support representative, their software development team and myself, I wasn't expecting that! For such a big company I was expecting the usual "have you tried turning it on/off, reinstalling, etc." and not actually having the development team look into log files of my computer.

Overall a great keyboard, with a good support team, I can't fault it.
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on 27 August 2015
PLEASE SKIP TO THE BOTTOM FOR A BASIC LIST OF PROS AND CONS. Hello everyone. This is my first review, and I should probably mention I am mostly doing this as a reason to spend a longer period of time typing with this keyboard. I bought this on PC world, as they had a deal on for £89.99 (That is VERY cheap for one of these). Now, looking back, I would have been happy to buy one of these for the full up price. Now, on to the main reason you are probably buying this keyboard. The overall experience. For feel, keyboards do not get any better than this. Razer had a new type of mechanical key switch designed for gaming in this latest evolution of Blackwidow. The main selling points for it is the shallower actuation point, meaning the distance between the actuation and the reset point is smaller. This should theoretically improve the speed in double tapping. It also has a claimed lifespan of 60 million keystrokes. This is 10 million more than the rival switch (Cherry mx blues). I can say that the makers of these switches have done an amazing job. The feeling you get from simply pressing a key on this board is so, so nice. I love the tactile feel, and I think that the key travel distance absolutely perfect. I am coming from a membrane keyboard, and I can say for sure that anyone saying that mechanical switches do not make a difference to your gameplay are completely wrong. Not only are they better for gaming, but they are a big improvement for typing as well. I cannot really say whether the cherry mx blues are any better for typing or not, I get the same 65 wpm on both. This is about 5-10 more than I got with my old membrane keyboard. Oh, and the sound. The sound is beautiful. So, onto the aesthetics. This keyboard does look nice. There is something about the whole look of it which I prefer to the Corsair K70 (the main rival to the Blackwidow) When I first bought it, and I know that this sounds a bit sad, is that I was worried that it would clash with the colour scheme of my build (white). And I was right, it does. It does not even blend in one bit with my white Razer Taipan (A lovely mouse) and my windowed gaming PC. But I do not care. The colour of the backlight is so lovely, no pictures that I could take or find online can do it justice. It is such a lovely colour, I just cannot explain it. You have to see it to know what I am talking about, but anyway. Onto the Software. Razer synapse is a great program, but annoyingly I did lose all my mouse macro profiles when I had to re-install synapse to get it to recognize my keyboard. Since the keyboard is not RGB, There is not a huge amount you can do with it. I have not done anything permanent with the macros yet, but the whole layout seems to be very logical and easy to learn. Also, the passthroughs work perfectly and are very useful. I do not use the USB slot as much, but the headphone sockets are certainly very useful. So by the sound of things, I am going to have a hard time writing cons for this keyboard.


-Feels amazing
-Looks great
-Useful and faultless passthroughs
-VERY bright backlight
-Great sound
-Braided cable feels indestructable
-Quality! Surprisingly heavy.


-May be too loud for some.
-Price? £114 is a lot of money no matter what you are buying. I would still buy it for £114, but if you can find it cheaper like I did, you are getting seriously good value.

Very satisfied customer, would recommend 100%. If you are looking for a mechanical keyboard, and have a decent budget, look no further. Hope this helps.
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on 18 December 2014
This is a very satisfying keyboard to use. It is heavy and therefore stable. It feels very robust and I have been wondering about the best word to describe the key action; Joyous, rewarding, mechanical, tactile. I'm a 2 fingered typist at best so cannot really comment on how it would fit the needs of someone typing long streams of text, I expect that the clicky key strokes that I find so satisfying may well drive anyone else in earshot mad. However it is not marketed as a typists keyboard, but for gaming and for my purposes it excels. I found the customisation app very easy to use and I particularly like that you can set up different keyboard configurations and link them to specific applications. So for example if you launch MS Word then the macro keys can be configured one way and if you fire up a game then the keyboard shortcuts switch to how you have set them up for that particular game.
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on 9 November 2015
The noise is beyond fantastic. Seems ironic you end up paying for what used to be standard (mechanical keys) - but my god is it worth if if you type ALOT. As a coder (not a gamer as this is mainly marketed at) - I love it - and can use for hours without issue. Click, clacking away is how it should be done.

And of course - you can't really beat Razor gear in terms of build quality etc. USB port is a nice touch, as are the mic and headphone extensions built into the side of the keyboard.

Version with the number pad is a must if your used to a traditional keyboard and moving to this!
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on 30 March 2016
When you're in the market for a gaming keyboard you will keep hearing the Razor Blackwidow Ultimate name pop up in just about any internet forum. The internets appreciation of this product is undoubtedly justified. Although, it is one of the more expensive keyboards out there it defiantly justifies its price tag, in terms of design, functionality and customisation.


Firstly, this is a large keyboard spanning almost 20 inches wide. But the keyboards layout is beyond reproach. The keys feel close together but have a 3.5mm travel so don't feel cramped in the slightest (and i have fattish fingers). The five macro keys on the side a far enough away not to be hit on accident.

The keyboard is made predominately of matte plastic, which has a good quality feel and doesn't bend when held at one end, although it is prone to dust and fingerprints. Weighing in at 1.5kg gives the keyboard a robust feel, and the rubberised feet really plants it firmly to the desk during use. I would like to see the option of having a wrist support like that on the Roccat series, its not for everyone but something i think Razor could easily implement and would suit a few people.

The individual key backlighting is a perfect blend of 'gamer' but not too in your face. They aren't re-writing the book on gaming keyboards but still look very desirable in my opinion. With large block letters and slight indentations, this along with the adjustable green illumination makes the keys look great. Although, the key texture is very smooth they are not slippery in the slightest.

Although Razor use their own form of mechanical switches rather than Cherry, the Blackwidow keys are excellent and quite similar to Cherry MX Blues. These keys have a satisfying 'clack' and had a very responsive spring. The keys are great for typing, i personally use it a lot for work and have very minimal error rates, which says a lot as i haven't used this keyboard a whole lot for typing purposes.

Although personally i don't find much use for it, Razor's synapse 2.0 software is very good. It enables you to remap any key, record and assign macros, customise gaming modes and control the keyboards lighting. This comprehensive customisation is made even better as its foolproof. Whats more you can create multiple profiles and link them with individual games.

So, realistically speaking this keyboard isn’t going to magically improve your skills or KD ratio, but it will register individual keystrokes faster and i found it did improve my gaming experience. This will of course vary player to player and if a keyboard can give you an advantage then this one will be it. For the most part a better GPU, monitor or internet connection will defiantly give you a better gaming edge.
By default, the keyboard allows for a six-key rollover, but in gaming mode you can hit up to 10 keys simultaneously, other than just bashing the keyboard in a rage i can’t see how you would need anymore than this.

In Conclusion;
The Blackwidow has a reputation that proceeds it, but this is a reputation it deserves. The keyboard has a great feature set and design appealing to MMO fans and FPS alike. Defiantly one of the best all around gaming keyboard i’ve used. Although aside from the keycaps, theres not much in this model that hasn’t been done in the past. Would still recommend though.
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on 8 January 2016
So, I've been in the market for a new keyboard for a little while. I'm not really a gamer, although I do dabble occasionally. I'm a web developer and have always enjoyed coding on mechanical keyboard but when I built my new home rig I had just grabbed a cheapo M$ keyboard that was pretty woeful. I was looking at the (half the price) Deathstalker as that had backlit keys which I think make a nice addition to a room that's generally pretty shady and I also tend to work in to the evening, so the idea of a softly glowing keyboard appealed.

I decided to spend the extra pennies on a mechanical model and of all the reviews I read, the Razer products appeared to live up to the sum of all of their marketing. Initial reactions as I type this review (the first thing I've written):

1. This keyboard is clearly aimed predominantly at gamers. The macro keys down the side might be able to serve a purpose for me in some of my work, so they were a neat addition - that said, I've already learned that I find my 'home' position to type from by establishing the edge keys of the board - this probably isn't best practice, nonetheless, these macro keys have disorientated me a few times already.

2. The mechanical switches in this board have a smaller range of movement than many - so it's a bizarre halfway house between a carpal-tunnel inducing IBM Model M and an Apple keyboard. Gut reaction is: I like the switches.

3. The keys seem to be a little more tightly spaced than I'm otherwise used to. At first I've found myself 'over-reaching' and hitting some funky keys. Now that I'm settling in to things a little more I'm typing faster and more confidently.

4. Lights are pretty, but the default cycling of colours is devilishly distracting. Must figure out how to turn off this disco-style thing.

5. The USB passthrough and audio in/out on the side of the keyboard is a neat feature - again, I can see the main market here being gamers, but as somebody that is (pardon the pun) fairly attached to wired products, Skype meetings with headphones etc will be a little neater and easier to organise and clear up after.

That said, I'm not sure on the passthrough speed - it'd be cool if it was USB 3.0, but I have a hankering it might only be USB 2.0 - which is annoying.

All in all - this is a really nice keyboard, with a very nice feel. It's not overly noisy to type on, given it's a mechanical keyboard. It feels really well-made and give me the impression it's take a few years of abuse.

As a sidenote: I also grabbed a Deathadder Chroma as my mouse was pretty tired. Seems like a nice, matching pair.
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on 13 September 2015
Really good keyboard, the switch (Razer's own custom switch) is fantastic.

The only 2 criticisms I'd give it are that

(1) for a gaming keyboard, I would have liked a bigger space between the Q and the TAB keys so that I know where my hand is for gaming. In many other gaming keyboards there tends to be a small indentation/groove or additional space at the end of the tab key which allows you to know without looking what key you're on. As it stands in some games where every second counts, if I move my left hand away for whatever reason I often need to look down at the keyboard to make sure I'm on the right keys as they all feel similar and are all around the same distance/shape (from a "feeling around" perspective).

(2) I've had a couple of rare instances of the keyboard spamming a key despite it not being pressed. The last instance where this happened was where the keyboard was acting as though the 'F' key was constantly pressed, despite it not being. I removed the key cap and checked the switch wasn't stuck or pressed down, and it wasn't, but the keyboard was still spamming the f key. Unplugged and plugged in the keyboard, same thing. Restarted windows and it all worked fine again. I don't know what the issue was, whether it was a keyboard issue or software issue or Windows issue, but fortunately this very rarely ever happens (twice in about 3 months of use).

In terms of the (forced) software that you must have to get some keys working, I have no real problem with it. The features are decent (e.g. "gaming mode" which turns off the windows key so that you don't accidentally minimise and open up the windows start bar), but I never use them. The brightness level of the backlight can be adjusted, and there's 5 macro keys which can be easily programmed.
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on 1 June 2015
Very nice keyboard, it looks excellent and the tactile feedback on each key is also very nice.
One issue I do have however is that a couple of keys vary in consistency, for example my 'Y' and right side 'ENTER' keys don't make the same clicky noise as the rest of the keys on my keyboard, it's not noticeable when you're typing but nevertheless for over £100.00 I'd expect every key to be equal. The keys also make a 'thud' sound as they bottom out (get pressed all the way down) This could be due to the fact I'm quite heavy handed I don't know, however I rectified the problem buy purchasing some mechanical keyboard switch dampeners which are like very small O-Rings that fit underneath each key to silence the 'bottoming out sound' now I've installed them all I hear is that sexy clickity-clack sound, which can I add sounds A LOT nicer than Cherry MX Blues.
That aside, once I had customised the keyboard to my own liking it was astonishing, the only reason I gave it 4 starts was due to the inconsistency between some keys (bare in mind that could just be my keyboard)
I cannot fault build quality, and that's saying something coming from someone who usually buys Apple products. Shipping was prompt and my item was delivered next day in perfect condition
I would also recommend buying an extended mouse mat to put this keyboard on as again it eliminates some of the thudding sound as you hit each key.
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