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I have used this on Personal and Pocket pages, which its easily set up for but I have also used it for A5 and found this video demo for how to do this Haven't got a mini Filofax yet so not sure if it does punch that size but search You Tube. Mini pages have a series of 5 holes and this punch has 6 holes so not sure it would work for the really small ones. If the You Tube link I added is removed the demo was posted by Natasha Hensel on You Tube UK. The punch has two sets of three hole punches that you can set to the centre for 6 holes together for the Pocket Filofaxes. Move them to the biggest centre spacing for Personal pages and follow instructions on video for A5 OR just make a template in thin card from existing A5 Filofax pages and you just need to flip the paper over so you are only punching three holes at a time. Once you have a template you can just lay it on top of any future pages you want to punch to save time lining up. Hope that helps
24 May 2014 by Billie
Sorry I don't know
5 days ago by Linda Evans
No, only personal on the outer setting and pocket on the inner smaller setting.
25 Dec 2014 by ssmustian
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