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yep. perfectly, i have mine since december. its brilliant
21 Apr 2014 by Graham B.
Provided one of the included connectors will fit the new iPad air, I don't see why not.
23 days ago by John Ivil
Well, it works for my Note 2, which needs 2amps too, so I guess it will work on your note10 too
25 days ago by Arco
Never charged it with a laptop, but from the mains it seems to take like 2hours or so
29 Jun 2014 by L E A JONES
One for IPhone ,the other one for IPad something like that .
18 May 2014 by Cindykwok
If the gopro can be charged via USB then yes
20 Apr 2014 by L E A JONES
Yep it's what I use it for.
9 Apr 2014 by M. Weston
It sure does! I charge my Galaxy Note 3 and my Xperia Z Tablet and never had a problem.
1 Apr 2014 by Mr. Liam Wilson-cobb
It doesn't come with those adapters but you can pick up a cheap USB cable for each device which will work fine and that's what I did for my 3DS XL
23 Feb 2014 by D. McNally
You need to connect it to a USB port on a laptop / desktop if you don't have an AC charger.
30 Mar 2014 by Paul Sheehan
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