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4.2 out of 5 stars
4.2 out of 5 stars
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 15 April 2014
I like the fact that this is a detective story from another angle. As an insurance investigator, Quinn doesn't have the same resources or powers that the police have, but he is still able to get to the truth of a situation faster than they can. He is fortunate that his father is a retired policeman and his brother is still on the force in that dropping their names gets him further at times than his own name alone would do. The fact that his brother considers him a stain on the family name and prefers not to speak to him, is no barrier to Quinn's name dropping. His own criminal past is little hindrance to his investigative abilities as he uses the things he has learned and the contacts he has made to best advantage in his post-jail, going straight world. It seems that Quinn has always been a helpful kind of man and a lot of people seem to owe him favours which he doesn't hesitate to call in to help him resolve this case. Being an ex-boxer and keeping himself pretty fit is also a huge advantage to him when the bad guys take exception to his investigations, but will it be enough, as having a criminal record means that he isn't allowed to carry a gun and can't afford to break the law, that is not a regulation which the people chasing him are too worried about adhering to.
Basically Quinn is a nice guy who has made mistakes in the past which he is determined not to repeat. He also has a big down on himself, and will do a favour for anyone but himself. There are a number of ladies who would be glad to get to know him better, but he thinks they deserve more than him. I do hope that there is at least one who is not so easily put off.

This book isn't high octane, even though there are a few car chases, nor is it an unputdownable read, but it is diverting and entertaining and I enjoyed it and would recommend it. I will also look out for further books in the series and am sure that I will also enjoy reading them.
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on 23 June 2012
Liam Quinn is an insurance claim investigator. He investigates an art gallery robbery to determine the validity of the insurance claim. However, he very quickly establishes that the robbery is not quite what it seems and so begins the thrills, chases, fights, murder and lots of action for Liam.

As well as having a really cool name, Liam Quinn is also a really cool character. He is a loveable rogue, a bad boy turned good.

The author introduces Liam's home life and the relationships he has with his family. A brother who cannot forgive Liam's past and an amusing relationship with his mother that made me smile, the kind of relationship that many of us could relate to.

There is also the makings of a love story in there. Liam is quite keen on the lovely Nora, his boss's daughter but doesn't quite have the nerve to take it further as much as he would like to....will they ever get together?!

L.H. Thomson is a very good author. He has a style of writing that makes the reader want to keep reading.

Quinn Checks In is an action packed adventure with great characters, a loveable Irish family and some shady gangsters. The story lines for the character are endless. I could see Liam Quinn and his adventures easily being made into a blockbuster movie.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and I look forward to the next installment of Quinn.

Ayla @VanCatsRule
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The opening episode in the Quinn series, this fast-paced private investigation features an intriguing core character in a savvy scenario. Like old-fashioned pulp fiction detectives, Quinn is a good guy who’s been a bit of a bad boy.

He has contacts on both sides of the Philadelphia backstreets where he investigates insurance claims. He’s been inside, is owed a few favours, but has family in the force. He’s more than capable of breaking a few heads if the odds in a dark alley stack up against him. Yet Quinn also has a creative streak and a history with art… art fraud in particular. And that’s how he ends up investigating the theft of a Vermeer painting.
The author’s free-flowing writing is dry, worldly-wise and seething with snappy one-liners. Quinn’s universe is comprehensively constructed with a tip of the hat to all kinds of genre tropes. It all feels familiar – but given a refresh and a modern spring in its step. Quinn plainly is a hard man but he’s as smart as Jack Reacher when it comes to calculating a fight – and the carefully choreographed and tightly-described fight scenes are as good as I’ve read in a long while.
LH Thomson has built an intriguing urban environment for Quinn to develop in. Best of all, he satisfactorily wrapped up this mystery, pulling myriad plot threads together in fine style, yet left some interesting avenues open for future exploration.

All of which bodes well for the next book…

There's more about this thriller and other crime fiction at
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on 18 October 2014
“Quinn Checks In” by L.H. Thomson is his first novel in Liam Quinn Mysteries that introduces readers to ex-convict, ex-boxer and ex-art student who received another life chance working as an insurance investigator.

Liam Quinn is a believable character, young man of Irish origins raised in ordinary family, who made a mistake, paid for it, and now wants to get back to the right life path. While doing his job, he has to find a thin line between criminals and police because no one of them really sympathize him too much.
Latest case he’s working on will take him back to the world of art for which he ended up in prison, requiring him to recover the stolen piece, and at same time save the money for the company he works for and earn for himself.
But, as might be expected, the journey will not be easy, because on Liam’s because on his way he will encounter many obstacles including the biggest city mobster, problematic teenager and a beautiful woman…

The author did a good job creating both his novel and main character who is not ordinary private investigator but a man who made costly youth mistake and forced to correct that mistake in the hard way. Also due to a combination of his artistic virtues and martial skills he is a person who knows his way around in the company of criminals and artists.

Both his father and brother were cops, and the other brother a priest, but Liam inevitably must have connections in the underground if he wants to be successful in his job.
And although his first novel, the author is not subject to dividing his characters into good and bad, and doesn’t use clichés, and even when reader think that she/he just read one a surprise is waiting around the corner.

These all are reasons why this novel can be recommended to people who love thrillers and mysteries with a drop of romance for all of us to wonder how it will develop in following installments of this series.
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on 18 November 2014
This book had one of the best opening paragraphs I've ever read. I loved Liam Quinn. He is a great looking, well-rounded character with a great sense of humour. Coming from a tough neighbourhood but a strong, moral Irish-American background, he is now full of remorse for the pain he caused his cop father and brother when he was seduced into a life of crime. Eager to make amends, he combines his artistic skills as a forger of oriental artworks and his sporting abilities as a boxer in his now respectable profession of an insurance fraud investigator. Liam's irresistible trait of not realising how attractive he is to the opposite sex (well, it is a work of fiction!) adds humour to the story as does his relationship with the gorgeous Nora. Neither of them seem to appreciate the difficulties of being 'best friends' with a member of the opposite sex and you are inclined to want to shake some sense into them both. Admittedly, some of the characters are a little over the top, like the mobsters who are stereotypical Italian gangsters and the Irish cops who are all good guys with hearts of gold. There is even that compulsory character in every Irish Catholic family, the priest brother. However, for me, the stereotypes just added to the charm and the humour. This was a thoroughly enjoyable story and I'd happily read more of Liam Quinn's adventures.
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on 15 April 2016
I was just recently given a kindle as a birthday present and decided to start using it instead of blasting my ears out with music everyday on my way to work.
This was one of my first purchases / downloads from the kindle store and it has lived up to my expectations.
The writing was fantastic and had me hooked from the first page.
The characters are superb and you get to know everything about them - so much so it's as though they are real people.
There are plots, sub plots and all kinds of shennanigans to keep you interested from start to finish.
Very hard to put this book down and I will definitely be buying the paperback version as a way of a thank you.
Thrilling read from start to finish and I would highly recommend this book to anyone.


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on 31 May 2014
I really enjoyed looking at a crime from a criminal solving it point of view. I liked the interaction of the Quinn family,good and not so good. I will definitely get the next book,hoping there will be lots more.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 3 October 2014
This is a very enjoyable, fast-moving whodunit. Liam Quinn is an ex-boxer, ex-artist, ex-criminal ex-jailbird whose father is a cop! Incredible as this may be, he is a very appealing character and gripped my attention from the novel's first page. He is now an insurance investigator, trying to live down his past and earn enough to pay his debts. When a Vermeer is stolen from a gallery, Quinn begins to unravel a complex plot...
The picture of life among the Irish Catholic population of Philadelphia, and particularly Quinn's own family, is vivid and heartwarming. The plot is tightly written and well-paced, the characters really interesting and the denouement is satisfying. Great literature it is not, but great entertainment it certainly is!
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on 26 October 2014
I got this because it was free and I am very glad I did as it has worked out as an excellent series and I have really enjoyed all of them. A good character a little bit Spenserish and a little bit Plum, but in a good way without the annoyingness.

I reckon this has massive potential as a really entertaining series and I am looking forward to many more scrapes for Liam and his family and ne'er do well supporting cast.
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on 12 November 2014
The book is not absolute rubbish since there are paragraphs where the story flows and the reader's flagging interest is maintained.
However, it is not possible to overlook the many flaws. The proliferation of the F word is unnecessary, the detective work is dependent upon prison and family acquaintances, the ending is utterly farcical. Quinn's deductive talents are non existent. His fighting skills are laughingly remarkable. A film comedy of the year is here for the taking.
I won't return to Quinn's further mysteries. Too much of a good thing is always injurious to one's health.
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