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on 3 September 2013
This film is best described as Tarantino's ode to Americana and pop culture, shown through three intertwining crime stories.

What can I say, this is an excellent film. I rank it as Tarantino's second best film after Res Dogs. I know for a lot of people it is the other way around, with Pulp Fiction being their fave. I will say that Tarantino's dialogue is at it's very best here. The dialogue isn't, however, as realistic and naturalistic as people give him credit for. The things the characters talk about are realistic in subject matter, in that they often have little or nothing to do with the plot, but the way they talk isn't realistic in the slightest, but hey, it works so well for movies. Samuel L. Jacksons character talks just like Calvin candie does in Django, not the accent, but it just sounds the same, the timing etc. That is one thing about QT's characters, they all sound the same, they have the same 'voice', but all is forgiven as this voice is often funny, rythmic and very intelligent, albeit sometimes a tad long-winded.

Anyway, onto the product itself, the picture quality is simply pristine! They have done an amzing job transferring it to HD and it makes the film all the more enjoyable for it. You need to be able to say you have seen this film, if you haven't done so already, and for those who have seen it, please upgrade to the Blu-ray version, its well worth it.
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VINE VOICEon 19 October 2011
At last, the legend arrives (with little promotion for some reason) that got me into Tarantino in the first place. The quirky Pulp Fiction that I remember the first time I saw it at the cinema had me wanting to leave after the first 30mins because I didn't have a clue what was going on! So happy I stayed and since then the movie has seated itself firmly in my top 20. It's another of those movies that the dialogue and scenes have firmly lodged themselves in my crazy mind. When I see chips with mayonaise, I think of Pulp; when I someone mentions a magic marker, I think of Pulp; if someone asks me for a pair of pliers, I respond with 'And a blowtorch?'. I could go on. Yes, watching Pulp Fiction could damage your mind but I so advise you to do so - over and over again! It is bad language; it is violent; it's also epic!

Ok, the transfer: With the blu-ray edition we get one of those wonderful cardboard sleeves slipped over the BD box (that I remove and place in the bin). On that sleeve, some kind sole has placed a sticker that says 'DIRECTOR APPROVED' and Quentin has even signed it - bless! I found this strange but when I fired up the movie, I 'd like to put my sticker on it too. The picture is amazing! We are talking crystal clear. Hairs on Tim Roths arms, stubble on JT's face that he probably didn't expect us to see and BAMF's hair looks super shiny. The legendary soundtrack comes out in DTS-HD master straight into our living rooms that I guarantee will have your limbs making unprovoked moves.

Transfer score is 9/10

The extras are plentiful. It takes the extras from the DVD Collectors edition and adds some up-to-date interviews with the cast.

Languages: English and ....English

Subs: English

Region locked
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I had the opportunity to watch 'Pulp Fiction' the other day with friends. It was as funny and violent as I remembered. After all it is a film about blood and gore, sex, rock n' roll, drugs and pretty fancy clothing.

This may be John Travolta's best role. He is an actor I dislike intensely, but in this role I could overlook that. He is Vincent Vega, a hit man who works for the mob. The more messes he gets into, the worse they become. We see him with his partner, Jules, played by Samuel L. Jackson, on their way to visit drug dealers, and are discussing the French word for Quarter Pounders. Sounds pretty innocent, does it not?

Travolta is asked by his boss, Ving Rhames to take his wife, played by Uma Thurman,out for a night. Travolta turns up stoned, and can barely talk. They go to Jack Rabbit Slim's, a 50's theme restaurant. Thurman overdoses and a mess develops.
Around every other corner is another mess to be cleaned iPhone. The action is violent, the conversations hilarious, and the writing if this film one if the best. Of course, the director, Quentin Tarantino is superb, and really he cannot outdo himself with another film.

We laughed and cringed our way through this film, and I thought, this needs to be seen on a regular basis!

Highly Recommended. prisrob 04-27-14
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on 21 September 2011
Outrageously violent, time-twisting, and in love with language, you don't need me to tell you that Pulp Fiction was widely considered the most influential American movie of the 1990s. Director Quentin Tarantino merged amazingly complex yet casual dialogue with the serious violence of American gangster movies and films noirs mixed up with the wacky violence of cartoons and video games.

The fragmented story-telling structure keeps you watching to see how it all fits together. The script intertwines three stories, featuring Samuel L. Jackson and John Travolta, as hit men who have philosophical interchanges on such topics as the French names for American fast food products; Bruce Willis as a boxer; and Uma Thurman, whose dance sequence with Travolta proved an instant classic.

The moments of shocking violence are simultaneously humorous and ghastly. The surreal yet realistic atmosphere, long takes, and wittily literate non-stop dialogue engage me in the characters' experience.

I'm sure I could dissect this film to no end, commenting on the pop culture references and influences, I could comment on how I enjoyed Samuel L Jackson's furiously philosophical character and the mysterious item that was in that brief case, but I won't. I won't because I don't need to, it won't change the fact that this film is an absolute classic, everybody knows it and it will always be remembered when people think of 90's cinema, plus It's so nice to watch a film that is a critical sensation and a box-office hit, as you feel clever and entertained.
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Pulp Fiction comes to blu ray with MPEG-4 AVC encoded 1080p transfer in 2.35:1, personally supervised and approved by Mr. Quentin Tarantino himself. The video is a considerable improvement over the standard DVD. The picture is razor sharp, with an incredible amount of detail. From the blood streaks in Jules' car after Marvin is shot, to the individual strands in Travolta's hairpiece, every aspect of Andrzej Sekua's vivid cinematography is presented perfectly. Colours are bold and realistic, such as in the Jack Rabbit Slim's sequence. Uma Thurman's crimson lips simply pop off the screen. Skin tones are always very natural looking. Beads of sweat can be seen clearly running down the face of Marsellus. I also appreciate the subtitles within the screen, and located on the side of the person speaking. (4.5/5)


The 5.1 DTS-HD Master Audio soundtrack is equally impressive. Dialogue is crystal clear. The music sounds satisfyingly full-bodied. The selection of songs for the soundtrack is superb. The song Son Of A Preacher Man revitalized Dusty Springfield's career. To hear Urge Overkill's 1994 version of Girl, You'll Be A Woman Soon is also a rare treat. (4.5/5)


'Pulp Fiction' is a beloved film that made Tarantino's career, plus revitalizing John Travolta's career in the process. The storytelling is masterful as well, with three distinct stories coming together in unusual ways to complete the scrambled narrative. And each individual story takes such wild turns, upending clichés in every instance possible, that the end result is a movie that compels the viewer to return for additional viewings.

The casting is also first-rate, including John Travolta (Vincent Vega), Samuel L. Jackson (Jules Winnfield), Ving Rhames (Marsellus Wallace, the Mob Boss), Uma Thurman (Mia..she looked younger of course and more rounded than when she appeared in Kill Bill series 9 years later), Bruce Willis (Butch Coolidge, the aged boxer). Cameos included Harvey Keitel (Winston Wolfe, problem fixer), Christopher Walken (Captain Koons), Steve Buscemi (Buddy Holly look-alike) and of course Quentin himself as Jimmie.


(1) Quentin Tarantino won an Oscar for Best Writing, Screenplay written directly for the Screen, together with Roger Avary. The movie also garnered 6 Academy Award Nominations, including Best Picture (Lawrence Bender), Best Director (Quentin Tarantino), Best Leading Actor (John Travolta), Best Supporting Actor (Samuel L. Jackson), Best Supporting Actress (Uma Thurman) and Best Film Editing (Sally Menke).
(2) Did you know that the passage from the Bible that Jules has memorized was mostly made up by Quentin Tarantino and Samuel L. Jackson. The only part that's similar to what the Bible says is the part where he says, "And I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger. And you will know My name is the Lord when I lay My vengeance upon thee." However, the parts about the righteous man and the shepherd are not real.
(3) The shot of Vincent plunging the syringe into Mia's chest was filmed by having John Travolta pull the needle out, then running the film backwards.
(4) Knoxville, Tennessee, where Butch was meeting his connection and where his great-grandfather bought the gold watch, is also Quentin Tarantino's birthplace.
(5) Pulp Fiction had an estimated budget of $8 million. The Worldwide Box Office Receipt was a staggering $213 million!


In summary, Pulp Fiction is a great and very enjoyable film from beginning to end. The story is well-paced. The running time of 2 hours 34 minutes ran by very quickly. Both the video and audio are top-notched together with a great cast. This is for sure the definitive version of Pulp Fiction. The very memorable dance sequence between Travolta and Thurman alone is worth the price of admission. Please also note that the price is also very reasonable. Highly recommended.
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"Pulp Fiction" is one of those legendary movies that you're pretty much required to watch, if you consider yourself a movie buff. Instant classic.

And while he's gone for over-the-top spectacle in his recent movies, "Pulp Fiction" is Quentin Tarantino at his leanest and tightest -- a series of intertwined shorts about boxers, mobsters, thieves and assassins. But despite the dark subject matter, it's a deliciously funny movie with a lot of quotable dialogue and endless pop culture references.

But it's also very hard to summarize, because it doesn't really follow a linear narrative. The stories bounce forward and backward in time, only loosely connected by a few important characters. It starts with a pair of professional thieves, "Pumpkin" (Tim Roth) and "Honey Bunny" (Amanda Plummer) discussing a robbery. Yes, this is actually important, so be patient.

Then the narrative switches over to hit men Jules Winnfield (Samuel L. Jackson) and Vincent Vega (John Travolta), who chitchat on their way to kill someone and retrieve a mysterious briefcase, on behalf of their gangster boss Marsellus Wallace (Ving Rhames). Soon after, Vincent is ordered to keep Marsellus' wife Mia (Uma Thurman) entertained, but the evening takes a dark turn.

Meanwhile, a boxer named Butch (Bruce Willis) is hired by Marsellus to take a dive... but instead he accidentally kills his opponent. When retrieving his heirloom watch from his apartment, Butch ends up running afoul of Marsellus -- only for both of them to end in a horrendous situation in the back room of a pawnshop.

Finally (going back to the second subplot), Jules and Vincent's job is derailed by a bizarre shooting that may involve divine intervention. And after a freaky accidental shooting, they end up having to call in an expert to help them avoid any kind of weird attention... which steers them towards an unexpected confrontation.

"Pulp Fiction" isn't a simple watch-it-from-beginning-to-end movie -- the narrative is more a Möbius strip. The timeline is all over the place, and sometimes it feels more like a string of short films that have been taken apart, rearranged, and given important characters who show up in multiple segments (Marsellus is important in every part).

It's also wildly, wickedly funny. Despite all the death, cussing and gruesome injuries, Tarantino presents much of the story in a tongue-in-cheek way -- just consider the scene where Jules and Vincent are forced to strip naked and be given a hose bath, then dressed in goofy casual-wear. How many movies have hit-men chatting about TV pilots, foot massages and quarter-pounders with cheese on their way to kill someone?

And yes, the dialogue is absolutely glorious -- witty, tight and funny. Like many Tarantino movies, the characters tend to witter away, but it's surprisingly funny and quotable ("ENGLISH, mother****er! Do you speak it?... Say what again! I dare you! I double-dare you!"). Just don't play a drinking game with all the f-bombs, or you'll be dead before Butch's story is wrapped up.

It's hard to single out a single great performance in this movie, because it either made or revived the careers of pretty much everybody in it. Thurman, Roth, Rhames, Plummer, Christopher Walken, Harvey Keitel and the rest all give amazing performances, but my favorites were easily Willis as a desperate boxer with a very special watch, Travolta as a henchman who keeps screwing up, and Jackson as a hotheaded guy who spouts pseudo-Bible verses.

"Pulp Fiction" is one of THE rare movies that deserves its praise -- a pretzel-shaped film overflowing with wit and dark comedy. Definitely a must-see.
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on 20 October 2002
The best film ever made is here included in a truly wonderful box set. This has everything a fan could ever want.
Pulp Fiction is a brilliantly told film about gangster life in L.A. It is a compilation of four interlocking stories about a gangster's life innvolving drugs violence and a whole lot of humour. The main thing that makes this film extra special, and why I love it so, is the incredible dialogue by Quentin Tarantino. Any one who has seen his films will know what talent he has for casual conversation and dark humour, and this is superbly displayed in Pulp Fiction. Not only does it have the perfect screenplay and diection (both by Tarantino), it has perfect acting. John Travolta and Samuel L Jackson have incredible chemistry acting out Pulp Fiction's stylish and funny situations. The brilliance of the film is also continued on disc 2 of the DVD. There are interviews with the cast, and 25 minutes of very interesting deleted scenes.
The film is also renowned for its excellent soundtrack, and this is blissfully included in this set. You don't have to have any particular taste for this soundtrack to like it, as it has a variety of music from Chuck Berry to surfing music. Also, there are a couple more tracks added on from the original soundtrack, including a very enjoyable interview with Tarantino.
Just when you think this already perfect box set couldn't get any better, you discover that you also get a behind the scenes booklet, and a very precious cell from the film, which any fan should cherish for the rest of their life. The set also contains the theatrical poster, which is excellent just to have up as a shrine to this excellent film.
I loved Pulp Fiction, and getting this set just made me over the moon. I strongly reccomend it. Enjoy!
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on 3 May 2011
I received this today and can confirm that this blu ray disk is region free and plays on UK blu ray players.

There is no point in reviewing the film as if you are reading this then you already know its quality but this is the review of the disk and can confirm that the picture quality and detail is amazing as is the sound, can't imagine the film looking and sounding any better.

Picture Quality 5/5
Sound 4.5/5

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on 8 April 2016
It's actually quite hard to know what to expect from this film. The concept behind it is as original as it gets, and all you see on the poster for it is a lady smoking a cannabis joint. Well, to be frank, this movie is hard to define, as it's in a total league of it's own. I'd say that it's much more a drama than an action film, but its tone does vary wildly, so it really is that rare find: a total standalone that you can't really classify. Well, at any rate, it well and truly kicks butt! It's EXTREMELY multi-dimensional, with plot twists being thrown at you from every angle, and more or less at every turn. It's quite back-to-front, actually, the film's narrative. The story doesn't really follow on chronologically. Instead, Tarantino breaks through the time flow barrier and presents the story in "metaphorical flashbacks", as it were. It's as if Tarantino is trying to make it seem as though you're seeing the recollections of some higher divine being who's seen - or perhaps even planned - the events that the film features, (divine intervention is one of this film's main themes, after all). It's very well acted too. L. Jackson and Travolta are both performing at the top of their games, and Willis is as knock-out awesome as always. The drama present in this film could well rank as some of the most poignant...ever, in film history. There are very few movies I can think of that have delivered drama as sharp as that present in this masterpiece. Pulp Fiction is right up there with the likes of Forrest Gump and The Wolf of Wall Street in terms of how necessary its drama is. I mean, Jackson's recital of that biblical passage before he shoots that guy; and again, when he says it near the end of the film, is just CLASSIC cinema. Well, what ON EARTH, out of the MANY featured in it, is this film's main theme? Well, I'd guess that this film is discussing the matter of the different types of criminal out there. It's showing you that there isn't necessarily a "clean-cut" line between good and bad in this complicated, complicated world in which we live. All of the main characters it features are criminals, but they are criminals for various different reasons. Some are just plain bad and sick; others are merely desperate; and yet others - (including Jackson's character) - are just naive and weak, but want to become better people. In fact, I quote, at one point, Jackson says, "I'm trying very hard to be the shepherd".
Tarantino is one bright spark, who has here created a richly rewarding masterwork. This is a total, TOTAL must-see.
Reviewed by Arron S. Munro.
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on 12 December 2013
It may have lost a little of its lustre with age, but the most quotable movie of all time still comes up with the goods way more often than it doesn't.

The holes are a little more obvious now- Quentins self indulgent cameo being the most glaring,-but the great bits are still really really REALLY great bits.

Almost any scene with both John Travolta and Samuel L Jackson in it lights the screen up. They crackle with chemistry and their interaction is just absorbing. The much vaunted dialogue verges on the wonderful at times. Foot massages, eating pork,the exchange whilst cleaning the car, all these are well known, but hit the bullseye every time.
Uma Thurman's Mia is brilliantly played. The brief appears to be "look good with a cigarette, and dance really badly" but there is more to it. The hedonist, pampered gangsters wife looked like a lot of fun to play, and she was perfect for the role.
Harvey Keitel's Wolf is simply the character we would all invent for ourselves were we to write a screenplay. Ultra Cool is not the word. Ving Rhames' Marcellus likewise. His verdict on the events in the shop are equally familiar, but the delivery is just sensational.

Bruce Willis is just a little too Bruce Willis for me, and the Christopher Walken thing is where contrivance just crosses the line (would a young child really interrupt watching cartoons for a ten minuite History lesson about a watch?) but there are enough laugh out loud moments even during these sequences to get away with it.That and a sense of wonder at how CW kept a straight face during a particularly preposterous piece of dialogue. Not every line is quotable, but I defy you not to want to spout any number of passages after seeing this. QT was supposed to be the Johnny Rotten of the film world. Wrong wrong wrong by a long chalk. But a great movie.
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