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4.0 out of 5 stars15
4.0 out of 5 stars
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on 14 November 2013
Promise Me, Cowboy by CJ Carmichael is the 3rd book in the Copper Mountain Rodeo Series and it is an absolutely delightful read.
This is Sage and Dawson's story. They met on the rodeo circuit 5 years ago and became friends and Sage thought they had shared everything about their lives, but Dawson had failed to mention that he was married! Of course Dawson's wife shows up at a very inopportune time holding a shotgun. Sage is mortified and humiliated and ends up getting hurt the next day. Sage leaves the rodeo and Dawson behind and opens a chocolate shop in her home town.
Dawson shows up in town for the annual rodeo plans to walk right back into Sage's life and to settle in her hometown. Of course things don't quite work the way Dawson planned....... Carmichael does a great job of giving us their back story as they are learning to trust and either forgive or move on from each other for good.
I wasn't ready for the story to end. I wanted to get to know the other characters that were introduced and I am hoping that we will get to read more stories involving Sage's sisters.
This is a standalone story, but I think that it is enhanced by the first 2 books in this series and recommend reading all three in order.
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This isn’t the first time I’ve read a story set in Marietta, Montana, and I’ll admit I’m getting to quite like the place. Sage is an important part of the town, not just because she owns a chocolate shop, but because she’s the third daughter of a local rancher. Though she might live a different life now, once she was part of the rodeo circuit as a barrel rider and it’s there she met her biggest secret – Dawson O’Dell, a man she fell utterly in love with. Until his wife caught them in bed.

Since this ties in with another big secret Sage has kept for years, it’s perfectly understandable that she’s still angry at Dawson after five years. Even without her secret, she’s entitled to be furious when Dawson walks back into her life. I have to admit, right from the off I wasn’t sure how they could resolve this issue in a novella format. Even after Dawson explained the circumstances, I expected Sage to need a lot of talking and coaxing to come around, which simply wasn’t possible in this short form.

As such I felt a little let down. This is a good story – Sage is a nice woman with excellent reasons for her anger, and Dawson is trying to make things right, even if he’s not exactly brilliant at it. I wanted them to sort things out, but I wanted them to also have the time to grow to trust each other properly. Throughout the whole book I was constantly checking to see how long there was left, because I couldn’t see how it could all be resolved without some big shortcuts or something major happening.

Alas, it was shortcuts. I hate it when that happens. Personally I didn’t think Dawson’s explanation was that great, and although his current actions made up for a lot, I think I would have much preferred things to go more slowly between them. Not possible in a novella, so maybe I’d have liked Dawson to have done something sooner. I don’t know. I did enjoy the book and right up to the last chapter I was happy with the way things were going. But this is just a novella, so the last chapter had to wrap up a lot and rush some things and just… it left me a little sad and a bit disappointed at the wasted potential. This was building into something really good, and instead it became just okay.

That’s the trouble with novellas, sometimes they’re just too short, or the pacing is off and important things get rushed. I still think CJ Carmichael is a good author, and I definitely want to read more of her books, but I think I’ll stick with novels over novellas, especially with a story with delicate issues like this one.
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on 16 October 2013
Book #3 in the Copper Mountain Rodeo novella series, is another winner! This series has me anticipating every book that comes out. C.J. Carmichael's Marry Me, Cowboy captivated me from the beginning. Backtrack 5 years-Our heroine Sage Carrington(a rodeo barrel racer) had NO idea our hero Dawson O'Dell(a rodeo cowboy) was married when she fell in love with him and made love with him. Right after the fact Dawson's wife walks in and points a shotgun at her, both embarrassing and humiliating Sage flees naked with her clothes in her arms. The next day distracted while competing Sage injures herself and goes back to her hometown Marietta, Montana to live giving up the barrel racing to opening up a chocolate shop. 5 years later Dawson shows up in Marietta, Montana to settle down and reconnect with Sage whom he fell in love with all those years ago. Sage is NOT very forgiving at first but you can't help but to hope it will eventually work out. Dawson is one determined man and throw in a adorable 5 year old Savannah(Dawson's daughter), and a divorce that still isn't final makes a interesting read. You need to read the book to see how this story turns out, you will not be disappointed! All the books in this Copper Mountain Rodeo Series that have been released so far have been a sure hit with me. Must reads by very talented authors!
I received an ARC in exchange for a honest review.
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on 15 October 2013
Sage has her life in order--sisters who love her, a great chocolate shop, a curmudgeonly father--but lacks love in her life. As she rides by her dream house, her life turns upside down. Dawson, the cowboy she loved until she found out about his wife at the wrong end of gun while "caught in the act", came to town with the rodeo. He's staying! And buying the house of her dreams. She thought he'd leave with the rodeo. A life she left behind with a broken heart and an injury.

Dawson, finally ridding himself of his past, is hoping to rekindle the love of the one woman he ever regretted losing. A single father, he's leaving the rodeo circuit to start life anew as a deputy in Sage's hometown. And hoping, that maybe she'll be the one to help him start over. But, he has a lot to overcome. This time, he's making promises he intends to keep. But will Sage's heart open and learn to trust, and love him again? He'll have to show her one step at a time.

I loved the story trope and the writing. This story delivers and is a great addition to the Montana Born series set in the fictional town of Marietta, Montana that interweaves the lives of several families through the eyes of several authors.
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on 15 October 2013
5 years ago Dawson fell in love with Sage without even realizing it. He was changing his ways from love 'em and leave 'em to befriend, follow and almost worship. There was only one little problem and she had his ring on her finger. Five years later he's worked hard to make some changes in his life and there's someone else who is going to have a say in his future. Will Sage come back and be a part? Or will the fates not work in Dawson's favor?

There is so much that I want to say about this book, but in order to not give much away I will say this, pick it up. Believe me once you do you won't be able to put it down. This is a story of broken trust and forgiveness. Sage's battles are so internalized and Dawson's love so real... CJ Carmichael makes you feel for them both and want nothing but the best for these guys while showing that love may not be perfect, there are definitely bumps but in the end it's all SO worth it.
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on 14 October 2013
This is a wonderful story! Sage and Dawson have a history from back when she was a barrel racer on the rodeo circuit. Things ended badly and Sage was left feeling betrayed. Five years later Dawson shows back up with an apology, but will it be enough?
I love how Sage has such a strong sense of morals and values and she holds true to them no matter what seems to be thrown at her. Dawson at times comes across a bit egotistical, but yet with a very sweet side. I loved seeing how they interacted considering their history.
By the end of the book I was really wanting more. I didn't want the story to end. I would love to keep reading about Sage, Dawson, Savannah, and their families.
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on 7 May 2014
After reading too many books where the male characters are arrogant, disrespectful and over confident. Promise Me, Cowboy is the perfect tonic for me. I am delighted to tell you all how wonderful it was to read such a sweet romantic book. With relatable characters and beautifully written imagery. Dawson is gorgeous, charismatic and a gentlemen....a refreshing change. I really liked Sage too.
I shall certainly be reading more of CJ Carmichael....her book was a joy to read!!
It has always been my dream to one day go to Montana and experience a ranch holiday....After reading this little gem, I sooooooo need to do that!!!
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on 15 October 2013
Promise Me, Cowboy is a nice romantic short story set in the fictional town Marietta in Montana.
The story is book number 3 in the Montana Born Series and it has a couple more references to the other two stories but nothing that can't be understood reading only this story.
It contains great characters and I for one look forward to reading more stories set in Marietta.
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on 25 November 2014
I really, for the most part, enjoyed this book. However I couldn't come to terms with the ending. Not the content of the ending because that was inevitable. However I felt that it ended too abruptly and left too many unanswered questions. This confused me a little because for the most part I had enjoyed the authors style.
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on 16 October 2013
I really enjoyed this story about Sage Carrigan and Dawson O'Dell. CJ Carmichael gives us a couple with not to be missed chemistry while allowing us to see their softer sides. This was a great quick read and I'd love to read more about the other Carrigan sisters.
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