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4.4 out of 5 stars37
4.4 out of 5 stars
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There may be some confusion about the contents of the various editions of Preacher available, and this review is intended to address it. Preacher: Book One is a hardcover volume collecting the first 12 issues of the series, from 1995-1996. The six-volume hardcover series of reprints should not be confused with the existing series of nine paperback editions, each of which is subtitled. For example, this book collects all of the paperback Volume 1: Gone To Texas and half of Volume 2: Until The End Of The World. For every two hardcover volumes, three of the paperbacks' contents are covered, so if you're mixing and matching you'll need to be aware of that. The hardcover books contain new introductions written specifically for these editions (Book One's is by Garth Ennis, the series' writer), but do not reprint the old introductions used for the first printings of the paperbacks. Lastly, the hardcovers contain various galleries of extras at the back, which I'll address at the end of the review. I'll have reviews up for all six volumes just to make sure everyone's clear on what they might be buying.

As first volumes go, this is a doozy. Chances are if you're reading this, you'll have heard Preacher is one of the most acclaimed runs in comics history, and I'd say that's hard to dispute. What it comes down to is that is has a little of everything, on account of Garth Ennis' peerless qualities as a writer. Preacher is at times puerile and at times poignant, and it straddles the line between crudity and charm so expertly that's it's nearly impossible to criticise: I can't think of anyone I know that this book wouldn't win over. From action to romance and between and beyond, it's just so completely entertaining, a story in which well-developed and hugely likeable protagonists look for meaning in the world while dealing with truly despicable villains, all the while calling into question the merits of religion and morality. It's never less than thrilling: the characters speak in distinct voices (Cassidy's Dublin drawl is a highlight), and you'll find that even before their motivations are qualified you've already started to fall for them. This collection offers much but not all in the way of origin, so you'll get a setup and a little history but be left craving for more (and no mistake, book two delivers on these first twelve issues' promise).

There's little Steve Dillon doesn't excel at, from the subtleties of expression to the bombastic violence and depravity Ennis' scripts typically call for. Glenn Fabry's covers complete the Preacher experience, and each is a work of art in and of itself. It's certainly one of the greatest series ever to come out of the Vertigo/DC stable, and arguably the series of the 1990s. Hard not to love for anybody who, simply put, loves being entertained.

Like I mentioned above, this edition has a new introduction from Garth Ennis, and though amusing it's not particularly informative. It also has a gallery of 15 pin-ups by artists who never worked on the series (Jim Lee, Bruce Timm and Brian Bolland the most notable) and a few of its regulars. The dustjacket is a nice matte finish of the pictured artwork, and its spine is perfectly synchronous with the other five volumes in the series. The book's cover underneath is a subtle black with gold lettering. The binding is glued but at south of 350 pages that's not really a problem. Lastly, this book is not oversized like some of DC's other Deluxe hardcovers - it is only just taller than a regular TPB. Regardless, these books are absolutely gorgeous, and both the nicest format for this classic series so far released and the closest thing to a definitive presentation we're ever likely to get. Though Amazon's prices are particularly crazy on some of the volumes (particularly this first), I've seen many copies in high street stores so it may be worth looking around for whichever volumes are out of print.

***As ever, I keep an eye on the comments section, so if you'd like to know anything about the book please ask below.***
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on 29 March 2015
This review is for the Trade Paperback(newly released) collecting issues 1-12.

I've heard very good things about this series for quite a few years. So many from a dear friend,
that I was surprised how he could keep himself from spoiling too much of it. About 6 months ago,
I decided to purchase the first 5 TP's and start reading.

I will try to keep this as short and spoiler-free as I possibly can.

At first I was a bit neutral to the story because of the enormous amount of swearing. Then I
realised that it is a part of personality of the characters portrayed, at those situations. Most of us
that come in to this comic are aware of Ennis hatred of organised religion and I imagine religion at all.
There are points in the story that somehow reveal an inert drama of Ennis's personal struggle with
religion, church and "Preacher's" of different iritterations. I suppose that in some way is what makes
theses stories so good.

Personally, as a Christian, I am in no way offended as I imagine some might be.

I love these stories and just recently started to read the second TP. The art is fantastic and
although I know it has received a lot of negativity,I find it to be perfect for the story.

This edition has a very good and sturdy binding and should hold for many readings, but in truth,
as a collector of Absolute Editions, I would love it to be collected in that format. The oversized
pages with extras would be fantastic and I know I would gladly pay for it.

Thank You.
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on 3 December 2015
No Spoilers. Firstly, I get why fans are annoyed at the trailer for the new TV adaptation of this as it has next to nothing in common with the comic but the trailer still shows lots of potential. A Southern Preacher gets possessed by a celestial entity that gives him incredible power and with the help of an Irish vampire and a ex-girlfriend on the run go in search of what’s going on, why it’s happening to him and a quest to find God while being pursued by police, an undead cowboy and angels. So we have a more violent and bloody ‘Dogma’ with elements of ‘Supernatural’ post season 4. It’s really good. Like on every level, the characters, dialogue, artwork and plot all feel fresh, unique and memorable. It’s a good length for a first volume and when combined with the excellent print and great storytelling makes it well Worth Full Price.
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on 19 January 2016
Fantastic book, arrived early, great!
One problem - the book was not shrink wrapped during delivery and unfortunately arrived warped.
Perfect other than that.
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on 12 August 2013
Despite the seemingly farcical set up, a disillusion preacher with the voice of god whose girlfriend is a hit woman and whose best friend is a vampire, this book, and the series as a whole, is deep, often raising some intense theological points. It is at times stomach churningly and inventively violent. The themes and topics cross-over into politics and religion. It is brilliantly satirical and witty.
Oh yeah, and it has a guy named Arseface in it because, we'll because he has a face like an arse and that is just plain funny.
Although set in America with a distinctly American feel, the humour is British all the way.
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on 18 August 2014
Paul Macnamee. Can you help please? I bought a copy of this but the cover has no gold lettering and it's on upside down and back to front!!! Not the dust jacket but the actual hardcovers.
Have you heard of this before? Am I sitting on a rootin tootin gold mine?
Haven't read it yet to give my opinion.
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on 21 January 2016
I was recommended to buy this by a friend after a discussion on the TV show being made and i am well and truly hooked!! Not your every day comic, it's fairly graphic in violence, which I loved. I am up to book 4 already and can't wait for the TV show!
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on 18 April 2016
Wonderfully novel and absorbing story.
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on 9 April 2016
Great comic book but I do feel the parts in New York are not as good as the rest of the book because I feel it doesn't at too much to the main story. Part from that a great read.
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on 23 April 2014
This is a great read for anyone interested in Watchmen/Tarantinoesque storytelling. A wild ride! Would recommend to anyone (over 18 of course).
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