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on 28 March 2003
Somehow or other, in the last two months, PMT has managed to wrap its seductive claws around me: I used to hate it, and now I love it to pieces. Funny how some albums can do that to you, isn't it?
The opener, Vent, sets the tone for the remainder of the album: dark, brooding and compulsive, Tricky rasps, "can hardly breathe" over a bass line that ripples around him. The pattern continues with track two, "Christiansands", before the barely restrained anger of "Tricky Kid" seeps through the speakers. There are other gems on this album: "Sex Drive" sounds like nothing I've ever heard before, but it retains Tricky's anger in the earlier tracks. The album continues piling on the acrimony in "Lyrics of Fury", and even the last track, "Piano", runs uneasily between sharp chords and the medical pump creeping along in the background.
Despite all-round quality, there is a definite winner here. If one song stops you in your tracks and makes you listen, it is "Makes me Wanna Die", which remains one of the most achingly beautiful pieces of music I have ever heard.
Be warned, this album takes some patience; but I guarantee, if you stick with it, you'll be rewarded with some of the finest, and most thoughtful music ever made.
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on 11 May 2007
Bought this when it first came out... having had Maxinquaye a while and loving it. Was kinda disappointed to be honest... wasn't grabbed straight away. Now it's 2007 and I have five albums by Tricky - this is probably my second favourite. That's not to say the others are bad, it's just that this album has really grown on me over time.

You just know that there's a lot of depression and drugs involved in what Tricky gets up to... you can imagine him in some dive somewhere in Bristol, lying on a stained couch, with smoke all around him... scribbling quick witty lines onto a crumpled piece of paper - well, I can anyway... hell, he might have an Apple Mac to write his lyrics and music on, but somehow I doubt it.

Tricky Kid is the stand-out track for me on this album - as always you get a bit of Tricky with a bit of some other people, some you might know if you're a big fan, but suffice to say, they're always picked well. This track has someone called "D" on it (dunno who that is, don't care) but it's brilliant... Tricky's just banging on, singing away, and this D character is getting all visceral and just shouting into the microphone in some kind of manic challenge... "Tell me where you're at, baby!" and then.... "Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!" as loud as you like - delicious.

I also like Makes Me Wanna Die... doesn't depress me at all, I like this singer a lot (don't even think Tricky makes an appearance on this track apart from the odd whisper), one who appears on a lot of Tricky stuff I think. Ghetto Youth is good as well. Hell, I call myself some kind of fan - not really - I just like the music and this album comes with a firm thumbs-up recommendation from me.
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on 12 December 1999
An underrated album by the press, this album is for me almost as good as Maxinquaye. Whereas the album which followed this faltered slightly, Pre-Millennium Tension is a heavy album you can really get into. Great, atmospheric tracks and good for times when you don't want to smile!!
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on 27 March 2015
Tricky from my home town of Bristol is a great and unique producer. From Massive attacks start he has gone on to produce some amazing sounds. Be prepared though for major tripped out weirdness. I think you will appreciate it if you like artists such as Bjork and Roots Manuva. I know they are very different but somewhere in-between lies our eccentric Tricky!
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on 28 December 2014
Overall really good album and ahead of it's time in retrospect especially hearing Martina Topley Bird's voice featuring. Recommend if you like Massive Attack and modern soundtracks. My favourite tracks include She Makes Me Wanna Die.
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on 13 July 2014
Tricky a great band and fantastic album. Great for a relaxing & chilling Sunday afternoon. This has to been in everyones collection and it deserves to be in anyones top 100.
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on 9 January 2014
Tricky at his best, good tunes, as good as Maxinquaye and has the lovely Martina T B with her gorgeous voice alongside, best combo in my opinion.
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on 9 November 1999
Tricky's follow up to the highly acclaimed "Maxinquaye" sees a darker, moodier tricky moving more towards his hip hop yearnings. The opening track is a fairly happy affair, martina sings "i'm the one who hides his medicine, watch him stop breathing" and this sort of sets the tone. Other dark tracks include the ending "Piano" and "makes me wanna die" which is possibly one of the best chillout tunes ever written, and the ultimate love song for indie kids everywhere. Martina shines on many tracks especially "lyrics of fury" which will have you dancing for ages. Other notable tracks are "Tricky Kid" where Tricky talks about his pursuit by the media. He was called the messiah of music and was photographed for a magazine with a crown of thorns. "ghetto youth", "sex drive", "bad things" and "My evil is strong" fill out the album continuing the dark streak. "Bad dreams" is a real stand out track and possibly tricky at his best, dueting with martina in a tale of being hunted by the klu Klux Klan. PMT is well worth a listen it fills a gap when you're in that certain mood and you don't know what to listen to.
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on 9 July 2013
The problenm with Tricky, as well as with Massive Attack, is that they started their recordings with masters of piece, so then the expectations for the following records were always very high. This one doesn't fill my soul, the blues are missing, it's too agressive.
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VINE VOICEon 18 April 2006
If Maxinquaye wasn't always the brightest of albums, Pre-Millenium Tension is positively pitch black, a sea of bad drugs, sex, paranoid whispering, disconcerting rhythms and sounds, and squalling guitars. Nevertheless, I have to say, it's at its best when its a little more accessible: the taut, aggressive 'Tricky Kid' is a return to hip-hop stylings, while 'Christiansands' is the brooding successor to 'Overcome' and 'Makes Me Wanna Die' is a meandering, unsettling love song; 'Lyrics of Fury' sees Martina try some rapping over an urgent beat. The more experimental moments are positively odd, with mixed results: on 'Sex Drive' a dubby bassline underlies distorted guitars, fractured beats and a quivering melodica in a furious collage of noise which works; but tracks like 'Bad Things' and 'My Evil Is Strong' never really establish themselves. It closes out with the haunting piano chords of the aptly named 'Piano'; this is a truly dark experience, and a really interesting album, if one with mixed outcomes.
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