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on 9 September 2013
This charger is well made, looks quite snazzy and works very well indeed. It fits perfectly in my cigar lighter socket, which is a bit shallow and caused my old charger to regularly fall out. This one is a nice snug fit. Only tested so far on my Samsung phone but I'm sure it will work for anything else. The red LED is very subtle, something I appreciate when driving at night.

If you're having problems charging your phone then read on.
This was the second car charger I had ordered recently. The first was a Belkin - Micro Car Charger adapter 2100 mAh + ChargeSync cable for iPhone/iPod/iPad (F8Z689cw). This didn't appear to supply enough charge to my Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and so ordered this PowerGen version. This seemed to have the same problem so running SatNav on my phone meant arriving at my destination with less battery than when I started. I was mystified and a bit disillusioned by these so called high current chargers until I stumbled upon the real culprit - the blooming cable!!! Turns out all but 2 of the many sync cables I own weren't able to supply the current needed to keep the phone charging. The original Samsung cable worked, also a very chunky flat cable I had did too, but all the others, including some other genuine Samsung cables didn't. I was amazed at discovering this fact, thought all these USB cables were basically the same. Seems like if you have a power hungry device you need something a bit chunkier to carry the current. So if you're having problems getting these chargers to supply enough juice, don't bin it, just try a different cable. Hope this helps.
P.S. Ordered VEO - Heavy duty MICRO USB DATA CABLE FOR BLACKBERRY SAMSUNG NOKIA HTC SONY ERICSSON - 1M black and can confirm this cable works well and is well made. They also make Apple versions too. K Bye x
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The Powergen Dual port car charger fits into your car cigarette lighter socket and enables you to charge your electronic devices whilst on the go.

There are two ports available marked up as S and A. The A port is specifically for Apple products such as ipad/pod and iphones. The port marked S is designated for all other compatible devices. The only device mentioned in the leaflet provided that cannot be charged is the Asus Transformer. There is no cable supplied with this charger so you must use the one supplied with your electronic device.

The charger fits nicely into the charging socket and feels solid enough with a good build quality and doesn't stick out too much in my opinion. When active there is a blue light emitted from the charger ports so you can see it's active. Delivering 2 Amps this is ideal for the quick charging of your power hungry devices such as ipad, Kindle Fire and tablet devices.
The devices I tried it on were-

Kindle touch-Worked on both ports.
Kindle Fire- Worked on both ports.
Apple ipad- Only in the A port.
HTC Desire HD- In S port
Sansa Clip mp3 player- In S port.

After using this for a few weeks I've found that the charger performed well using the devices mentioned and they were charged quickly enough even when two were charging simultaneously. Obviously when charging two devices they may take longer to fully charge than when being charged alone. There is a slightly more powerful and more robustly built version available in which you can also access the fuse PowerGen Dual USB 3.1A 15w Car Charger for Apple iPad 1 2 3, iPhone 4s 4 3 3Gs, Amazon Kindle Fire DX KeyBoard, Samsung Galaxy Tab, Google Nexus 7 (USB Cable NOT included) - BLACK

A good little charger, no complaints.

I was supplied this for review.
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on 29 July 2014
I purchased this charger because I liked the idea of charging two devices at the same time. I also thought LED light confirming if the charger is connected properly would be handy.

However, main reason was for the power. I drive to and from work every day apart from weekends and I use hands-free. My old charger that came with SatNAv was only providing enough power to keep the phone charge stable whilst on Bluetooth. PowerGen, however, manages to charge the phone from 30% to 90% (this is just approximate figures) in under 1 hour whilst on Bluetooth, which is great!

On a daily basis, I use it with Nexus 4. I also tried charging iPhone 4S and Nexus 4 simultaneously once. I have not measured the time or the charge, as I find it immaterial. It's just convenience, plus at such low price, it would be hard to go wrong.

There are few well-known companies producing quality USB car charges. In the end, I went for PowerGen because of the LED light. Contrary to some opinions, I would not say that it is bright or distracting. Of course, all depends on the location of the socket. For those prospective customers who rely on the charger to keep the phone going, the extra comfort of knowing the charger is plugged in properly would be beneficial.

I went for black colour. It looks stylish. The charger itself is compact and not long.

I only used it for a week, so can't comment on the longevity, reliability, etc. Few other reviewers had it for much longer and I have no reason not to believe them.

Of course, if it malfunctions in any way, I shall let you know. Advice: go ahead and buy it. Don't spend too long researching.

I also bought spring coiled USB lead to complement the charger. I know every phone manual says to use the original lead only, but they are all too long for the car. I hope spring coiled one solves the problem. Have not been delivered yet...
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We've had a few different types of in-car chargers and they've all either broken within a couple of uses or they were painfully slow (or didn't work at all) with power-greedy iPad and newer iPhones. However, the 3A of available charge in this PowerGen one means it's a super-fast charger for iPads (compared to standard ones), it really does make a difference. It's also fine with other, less greedy, devices too and they have their own 'NA' socket (presumable NA is Non-Apple?) and although you can use both sockets at once this does slow down the overall speed of charging.

It has a chunky, solid look and seems well-made. There's a red LED which lights when connected to power - not sure what purpose it serves except to locate the charger in a dark car but it isn't bright enough to be distracting when driving at night. It would be nice if the 'A' and 'NA' ports were more clearly labelled, so you don't feel you need to pull it out of the socket to check which is which, but you soon get used to it. I've come to prefer this style of adaptor with just USB sockets, rather than the cable adaptors we had before and which kept breaking. You'll probably have your device USB cable with you anyway, so your recharge problems are solved in a simple speedy way. (Device was received FoC for review.)
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on 14 March 2013
I'm going to get this out of the way; this product is fantastic.

I bought this for use in-car (unsurprisingly) to charge my Nexus 7 and Samsung Galaxy S3. To put it through its paces, I set up the Nexus with Sygic (GPS navigation) on the highest performance setting. On plugin, battery rated 27% remaining. After a 25 minute drive, battery was at 40%.

That's an increase of 13% in 25 minutes while the unit was under heavy load.

That to me is simply incredible; I'm used to leaving the Nexus plugged in through USB and from 20 odd percent taking a good 7 hours to charge fully and that's without being under load.

I can't fault this at all and would really recommend, especially if you need to charge two devices at the same time. The NA port worked for the Nexus 7 no problem at all.
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on 8 September 2014
Total crap!

I used it for a while and noticed that when I had my phone connected to the stereo in the car as well as this, a lot of electronic noise would come over the speakers. This was partly engine noise caused by the alternator and partly a high frequency switching sound coming from the power supply.

I put my oscilloscope on there to take a look at the voltage it was outputting and it is all over the place! It spikes as high as 10 volts (it is supposed to output 5 volts for USB) and dips down to zero volts once every switching cycle (4,000 times per second). The switching frequency is right in the middle of human speech intelligibility, meaning your ears are most sensitive to it. That is why the noise on the stereo is so invasive and annoying.

In conclusion, it will annoy you, and probably damage your phone given how high the voltage goes sometimes. As soon as I saw how bad the output was I threw it away.
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TOP 50 REVIEWERon 2 December 2012
This is just so simple and yet so good. It is a double USB portal that fits in the cigarette lighter. It works with anything that uses a USB port to charge including IPods and Kindles as well as a whole slew of other things, I have used it in three cars including a Mini (new one), Transit, Vauxhall Astra and I lent it to a friend who has a Seat and he didn't want to give it back, so I am thinking it must have done the trick.

You can also charge two things at the same time but the ports are for different items, the A portal is for iPad, iPhone and ipods and the NA is for iphone and all other devices, if you use the wrong one it will work but just take longer. However the total output is limited to 3.1 Amps and so if charging two then that will be split, also comes with a 12 month warranty. All in all a great little product that looks good and does the job, recommended.

Note: received in exchange for an honest review.
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on 26 October 2012
This charger works fine with my smartphone, kindle and nexus 7. It stays inside the 12V socket without falling out even when upside down. The charging LED has a sensible brightness level so it won't distract you at night. I have bought 2 chargers before this one which were rubbish. Who designed this charger actually made an effort to produce a good product. 5 stars from me.
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on 14 April 2013
I have used this charger in the car for my iPhone while using a Sat Nav app and it kept it fully charged. It seems to do what I needed (though I have not used it with my ipad3 yet which is really why I bought it). I have ordered another one this morning for my dad as I am confident in it's capabilities to charge his ipad.
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on 30 March 2013
This is the third product of this type I have tried in the last couple of years. Previous ones have either popped out the socket or been very inconsistent in charging, requiring constant fiddling around to connect, drove me nuts!! This piece of kit worked the first time and continues to do so, without any fiddling around. Would recommend it.Have only used on my iPhone don't tend to travel around with my iPad, see no reason why the performance should be any different with that.
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