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Hi Julie, As far as I can tell, no it is not compatable with your camera, sorry. I use it in the Polaroid Pogo printer. I think it is a heat sensitive type of 'paper' for 'special', inkless printers. I think your camera needs a 'self developing' photographic paper. Hope this helps you a little? Keith
3 Dec 2013 by Keefe
Hi, I've just looked up the lg ps2203 on the web and the internal packaging of the paper looks to be identical with what I bought for the Polaroid, Even the diagram appears to be the same. Also, the measurements are exactly the same. So, if it was me, I would take a chance on it. Maybe just buy a small amount first and if it works fine. All the Best
24 Dec 2013 by Keefe
Think the z340 needs a larger paper.
15 days ago by wj
I dont know the LG
25 days ago by W.T. de Groot
I have no idea!
9 Jun 2014 by Alison Manning
I use it with the Polaroid Z2300. Kindly
20 May 2014 by J. Bert
If the LG PD239 is using the same size of paper then ik think yes becouse it is also ZINK technology
20 Feb 2014 by W.T. de Groot
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