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Customer Reviews

4.7 out of 5 stars189
4.7 out of 5 stars

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on 13 March 2013
The original strap that came with my Garmin device was OK at first but as I completed more and more workouts the electrode pads became distorted. Also, the HR monitoring became intermittent. After reading on several forums that the Garmin strap was prone to this defect and the Polar version was recommended as an alternative I purchased one from Amazon. The new strap is comfortable and the Garmin sensor/transmitter fits neatly onto the Polar belt without modification. I've been using the new arrangement for many weeks now and the intermittent HR tracking has not been apparent. I would recommend this product as an alternative to the Garmin original if you are having the same issues as I did.
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on 29 January 2013
I found a tip online that this strap worked better than the full Garmin model. I have to say I have been very impressed, they proper soft Garmin strap was going to be 3 times the price and as one had let me down already I was reluctant to pay out for another.

So anyone who has a Garmin strap that has started failing, this is a great and cheaper alternative.
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on 2 December 2013
I bought this to replace an 18 month old Garmin premium soft strap that was starting to give erratic and unreliable readings. My heart rate profile in Garmin Connect looked square and blocky, it used to be fine detailed peaks on the graph. After some reading online I found this Polar strap was rated highly and would fit my Garmin HR monitor. The fact its less than half the price is another great reason to get it! It fits, it works, I trust the accuracy of the HR data again. Full marks!
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on 15 January 2015
I have a Garmin HRM3-SS (the latest premium strap, black with the grey woven material and the extra contact patch on the left side). I wanted a spare strap to cycle through the washing.

I can confirm that as of Jan 15 this polar strap does NOT fit the Garmin HRM3-SS without modification. You can with a craft knife and about 10 minutes cut it to fit. As others have said you need to cut away some of the plastic around the studs. That is what I did and it works a treat and is as comfortable of more so than the Garmin. No warranty though as I have chopped it up.
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on 1 March 2013
The smaller size of the XS-S has meant a much better fit with less slippage. The strap expands to about 28 inches. I previously had the standard M-XXL soft strap that came with the monitor and this has a minimum size of about 28 inches, so it was always a bit loose and kept falling off if I wasn't careful (I'm quite small).
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on 30 October 2014
I'm sure it's a fantastic strap given all the other reviews, but I'm unable to use it with my Garmin HRM3. Foolishly I didn't do my research thoroughly and it would appear that he lugs will not accept my HRM as the plastic surrounds are lipped thus preventing a connection.

Beware before you purchase if you are looking for a Garmin strap replacement!

Edit: Given that returning the item would have incurred quite a hefty fee I opted to modify the belt slightly for my Garmin HRM3 (I'm assuming it would work with the HRM2 also) and am happy to say that it works perfectly.

I simply cut back the rubber around the connectors carefully with a knife and hey presto! connection is possible
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on 6 April 2014
I bought a Garmin Edge 800 back in 2011 with the premium 'Soft Strap' heart rate monitor, which gave loyal service until last month (03/2014), when I had problems pairing the heart rate module with the 800 (after a software update to version 2.70). When the module would pair the 800 would first show your heart rate, then either just show a single reading or more often than not would go blank, the readings (despite not been visible/single reading), would also record a heart rate that was very erratic when viewing an uploaded ride on Garmin Connect/Base Camp. At first I thought this was a problem with the software update but a search on forums found that other people were not only having the same problem with the module after software updates (earlier than 2.70), but people reported that their's just stopped functioning a few weeks after purchasing or warranty replacement (so I count myself lucky it lasted three years). What all the forums recommended was to replace the original strap with this Polar Soft Strap, though sceptic, after all the heart rate monitor was working perfectly prior to the update I decided to purchase the Polar strap. Still sceptic even when I clipped the Garmin module onto the strap switched on the Edge 800 and it detected it first time, my scepticism was soon dissipated when the reading stayed constance and/or fluctuated according to my heart rate.

If your looking to replace your Garmin soft strap because your having the same problem that I had or just looking to replace a worn tatty strap then look no further than the Polar strap, its half the price of the replacement Garmin soft strap and despite been slightly wider its a lot more comfortable to wear, particularly around the ribs, the Garmin always felt tight when breathing out which I don't get with the Polar, in fact I hardly notice I'm wearing it this might be because the electrodes on the Polar are more flexable and softer than the Garmins. The only downside I found with the Polar strap is that the module kept popping out when the strap was stretched (I'm what you would call 'Barrel Chested'), and the fact that the distance between the pop studs on the module is slightly narrower than the studs on the strap, this was overcome by slightly bending the thin wires inside the studs out a bit and now it holds firm no matter how much you stretch it. Overall I'm very pleased with the Polar Soft Strap and would recommend it to anyone who needs to replace a faulty Garmin strap or looking for a more comfortable strap to the Garmins.
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on 5 May 2015
Excellent replacement for the Garmin soft strap supplied with my Garmin 310XT GPS watch. After a few weeks the heart rate signal started to drop out. I replaced the battery, tried electro gel etc all without success. Research on the Internet advised to buy the Polar strap , which I did. Works brilliantly. No need to buy the transmitter (the hard rectangular bit) as the Garmin transmitter clips directly onto the Polar replacement strap. Likewise no need to pair it again. My thanks to Polar and to those who posted the solution on the Internet. Garmin really should sort this problem out as I shouldn't have had to buy a replacement on something only a few weeks old. The hard strap on my Garmin 305 has worked without any problems for years, just the occasional battery replacement which I would expect.
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on 2 May 2014
Do you have a Garmin Premium Heart Rate Strap, do you have fluctuating heart rate measurements showing on your HRM. Then chances are you need a new strap. This Polaris chest strap is virtually the same and compatible with the Garmin model, but at a fraction of the cost. Well made, comfortable, compatible and cheap.
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on 11 July 2015
I originally had the chest strap that came with my Garmin Forerunner 620 but over time it started to give unpredictable and often wild results, especially at the start of a work out. No matter how many times I washed it and took care of wetting the contact strips it just didn't work as expected. I heard that the Polar chest strap worked with the Garmin unit so at this price I gave it a go - and I'm glad I did. This has been excellent in all my training sessions over the past few weeks and it actually feels nicer when wearing.
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