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For decades the dinosaurs of Africa were lost to us. But recent discoveries have now revealed some of the most spectacular dinosaurs ever found. Two giant killers, both bigger than T.rex; one of these has captured our imaginations; Spinosaurus, the biggest killer known to have walked the earth. Only now has evidence been unearthed that reveals just how two giants managed to survive side by side.

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Season 1

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Genres Documentary
Director Nigel Paterson
Season year 2011
Network BBC Worldwide
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Format Amazon Instant Video (streaming online video and digital download)

Customer Reviews

4.4 out of 5 stars

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71 of 74 people found the following review helpful By Sam Woodward TOP 500 REVIEWER on 22 Oct. 2011
Format: DVD
While I thoroughly enjoyed Walking With Dinosaurs & its various spin-offs, I personally felt it was slightly too orientated towards family entertainment & that there was some scope for a bit more scientific content. In Planet Dinosaur, the balance is perfect - once again, we see CGI monsters hunting & fighting but this time, get brief explanations of where such species roamed, their size compared to humans, etc. Also, many scenes have been directly correlated back to actual fossils - for instance, if we see a predator bite its prey in the neck, we are then told that a fossil with such an injury was actually found. Thus we are reassured that such scenes are plausible & not merely thrown in to entertain.

As the introduction says, "we're living through the golden age of dinosaur discoveries. All over the world, a whole new generation of dinosaurs has been revealed." As such, the focus is on newly discovered dinosaurs which laymen like myself may never have heard of before. These include predators even larger than Tyrannosaurus Rex, the gargantuan Argentinosaurus (wonder where they found that one?!) & recently discovered feathered dinosaurs, including a massive ostrich-like creature which was "like finding a mouse the size of an elephant."

Compared to Walking With Dinosaurs, there's more content, more new material, the CGI is better quality & it's still presented in a package which is entertaining for the whole family. John Hurt's narration is also superb. It's a fine example of the BBC doing what it does best.
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16 of 17 people found the following review helpful By Jack on 20 Aug. 2012
Format: Blu-ray Verified Purchase
I am a huge fan of 3D films and documentaries and have only a few at the moment, with also a passion and a very huge interest in Dinosaurs, I had a lot of expectations for this film, and I was indeed very impressed, even though I have not watched the original Planet Dinosaur series.

The information given in this documentary is easily explained and the way it has been presented with CGI was brilliant and after watching it I have learnt quite a lot about prehistoric life. John Hurt makes an excellent narrator especially for something like this documentary. So overall I recommend this film for anybody who has an interest in Dinosaurs.

The 3D side of this documentary was outstanding and breathtaking. Being a huge fan of 3D this film ticked all the right boxes for me. The depth is perfect and seeing those creatures come out at you in 3D was fantastic, not just things coming out but beautiful CGI landscapes was perfectly set in the back of the screen, watching this in the dark felt like I was there.

Overall, very pleased with what the BBC have accomplished and I do hope in the near future they produce more like this.

Just to let you know this is not the series of Planet Dinosaur, this is just a 50-55 minute spin-off.
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85 of 92 people found the following review helpful By S. Bullman on 25 Aug. 2012
Format: Blu-ray Verified Purchase
I pre-ordered this as soon as I saw it was on the Amazon books (12-4-2012) as we have a 3D system & our son loves dinosaurs - and we all loved the Planet Dinosaur broadcasts, and had already bought the series on ONE standard Blu-Ray disc (with a second disc with a bonus feature in standard definition).
So, after waiting more than 4 months for this 3D version, we were keen to see it when it arrived the other day.
It IS good from the 3D viewpoint.
This isn't a 3D version of the series.
The original series had 6 episodes, total 174 minutes, ie 29 mins each
(Lost World,Feathered Dragons,Last Killers,Fight For Life,New Giants & The Great Survivors)
This 3D disc has ONE 53 min feature, "Ultimate Killers", which, on one viewing, seems to be an amalgam of series bits/narration, albeit in 3D.

Both Blu-Ray discs packages are called "Planet Dinosaur", this one has the addition of "3D" (OK, a different background picture) - so when I ordered this I was expecting it would be the same 6 episodes with the same soundtrack and video footage replaced with 3D-rendered output from original CGI computer runs.

I'll forgive not getting the original "How To Build A Dinosaur" 59 min extra feature not being here, but I got less than a third of the Planet Dinosaur footage (what I thought I was paying for) - which is LESS than the bonus feature on the standard 2D Blu-Ray.

I feel cheated, especially as BOTH version are summed up as follows :
"Presenting a brand-new global perspective on the prehistoric era, the series recreates the creatures, their habitats and how they lived, from analysing their bones to watching them fight to the death."

Note that they both say "the series". For the 3D edition, that is a LIE.

I'm toying with sending this back, as I wouldn't be surprised if, later, there will appear another version - "Full original series in 3D" - which I what I thought I'd pre-ordered!
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34 of 39 people found the following review helpful By Beedo Sookcool on 26 Dec. 2011
Format: DVD Verified Purchase
Recently shown on the BBC, this 2-disc set contains all six episodes of the CGI documentary series that highlights recent discoveries about the Mesozoic world, as well as a "behind the scenes" documentary on a second disc. Admittedly, as some people have pointed out, this series does not contain the best computer animation possible. It DOES, however, contain better CGI material than I've seen in several other places; it's very good, just not mega-budget cinema quality. However, it's not so much the digital dinos that matter in this series, it's the discoveries and theories that are brought to light.

Episode 1, "The Lost World," covers Saharan Africa, which has once again started to yield interesting insights into the lives of its dinosaurs. The bulk of the episode is devoted to two giant predators, Spinosaurus and Charcharodontosaurus, as well as their prey, environment, and a few of the other creatures that live alongside them.

Episode 2, "Feathered Dragons," focuses on the strange feathered dinosaurs being uncovered in the Far East, especially China and Mongolia. See such marvels as the four-winged "biplane dinosaur" Microraptor, its venomous cousin Sinornithosaurus, the bizarre, long-armed, aye-aye-like Epidexipteryx which uses its chisel-like front teeth and extra-long fingers to get insects out of trees, and the strange Gigantoraptor, an oviraptor that's bigger than the local tyrannosaurs.

Episode 3, "Last Killers," features the famous tyrannosaurs (which dominated the northern hemisphere continents), and the abelisaurs, which were the top predators in the lands of the southern hemisphere (and which looked a bit like a cross between a dinosaur and a pit-bull).
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