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on 19 July 2013
This is another great Collection of One Piece containing episodes 27-53. Once again it's fully uncut and dubbed by Funimation with the Japanese version also there as an option.

If you liked the first collection then you're going to love this. In this Collection their is a definite increase in blood and gore and swearing. Their is also the story of Nami's past which is a very strong and dark storyline. There are also some truly great fight scenes like Luffy vs Krieg and the epic battle between Luffy's crew and the evil Fishmen which ends with Luffy vs their superpowerful leader Arlong.

Although the story does get pretty dark at times in this set there is still plenty of comedy to lighten the mood. I highly recommend this to anyone.
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VINE VOICEon 1 August 2013
This second volume of the 'One Piece' anime contains a further twenty-seven episodes (episodes 27-53) of this great series. The episodes in this volume cover the second half of the Baratie arc, the Arlong Park arc, Little Buggy's Big Adventure and the Logue Town arc.

The first four episodes in the volume conclude the Baratie arc as Sanji and Luffy fight against Don Krieg and his remaining crew to defend the Sea Restaurant. This is around the time that the One Piece anime begins to get good with some very nice fights and some good character moments as well. The battle between Don Krieg and Luffy is probably the first really impressive battle of the series and although it is overshadowed by some of the later fights, I still greatly enjoy watching it.

Once the fighting at the Baratie is finished Luffy and his crew follow Nami to her hometown to try to understand why she betrayed them and to get her to join the crew again. Once they arrive at Cocoyasi Village, the crew discover that the entire island is under the control of the Arlong Pirates, a band of dangerous and powerful Fishmen who hate humans. The fourteen episode Arlong Park arc is easily my favourite of all the story arcs prior to the crew getting to the Grand Line as it mixes some great action with some good humour and reveals Nami's extremely tragic background (and I will admit that I tend to shed a tear or two whenever I watch it). This arc is pretty much early One Piece at its best with the final battle between Arlong and Luffy being filled with action and emotion.

The next two episodes of the series are based a mini-story from the chapter cover pages of the One Piece manga and chronicle the trials and tribulations of Buggy the Clown as he attempts to recover the missing parts of his body and reunite with his missing crew. This is a reasonably entertaining mini-arc with a few nice humorous moments and sees the beginning of Buggy's alliance with one of Luffy's old enemies.

The final six episodes of this volume is the Loguetown arc that sees Luffy and his crew arrive at the town where the King of the Pirates Gold Rodger was born and later executed. While exploring the town and preparing for their trip to the Grand Line, Luffy runs into some old enemies and has his first encounter with a competent foe in the form of Smoker, a powerful Marine Captain who hates pirates. This is another entertaining arc that has some very funny moments throughout, although it is a little light on action compared to the previous couple of arcs. The arc has been padded out a little with the addition of two filler episodes that focus on Usopp and Sanji's time in the town and the expansion of Zoro's time looking for a new pair of swords. This arc also has some foreshadowing of things to come in the series, as well as introducing two of the best Marine characters in the series Smoker and Tashigi.

The animation for the series remains relatively decent for the episodes in this volume and the English dub is also of the same quality as previously with some performances that I like and some I am not as much of a fan of (the Japanese version is included as usual). Of the better performances in this volume, I felt that Greg Dulcie who voices Smoker was very good and Monica Rial is great as Tashigi. One the other hand I am not much a fan of the voice that were used for Arlong and his Fishmen Officers and I thought that Tiffany Grant, while generally good, sounded a little young for Nojiko, Nami's older sister. I am also still not a great fan of the English dubbed songs but they are growing on me slightly.

For extras, the volume includes a couple of staff commentaries (that are reasonable interesting) alongside the usual textless songs.

Overall this was a great volume of 'One Piece' that includes some of the best parts of the early series. As such I feel that the volume easily deserves a full five stars.
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on 25 June 2013
I partly know whats going to happen in this collection because i watched the 4kids dub version (which is terrible). This should finish up the Baratia battle with Don Krig, and then dive into Nami's past. Ive watched the first collection and I'm so glad that Funimation has done this, i just cant wait for this to arrive.
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on 29 October 2013
I originally watched One Piece in Japanese, so buying this I was going through all the episodes again. This was the only installment I struggled with.

The battle against Don Krieg struggles on. It's not a great battle in the slightest, it feels forced and prolonged much more than it ever should. There's barely any progress, just fight after fight. When it's over, you'll breathe a sigh of relief.

The Arlong Park arc, whilst having some of the best character development at that point in the series, suffers from a prolonged fight at the end once again. It spans roughly 7 episodes - that's over two hours of the same fight. It gets old, pretty fast, which is a shameful end to an otherwise great arc.

When the crew hit Loguetown, the series takes a much better turn - one that later episodes seem to learn from. Unfortunately, their visit is tarnished with filler episodes that once again feel forced - Sanji's cook-off and Usopp's showdown in particular. It's a shame as these episodes are totally unneeded.

On the plus side, the animation takes a giant step forward compared to the first volume. The dubbing remains very well done too, I haven't even bothered with the Japanese.

Maybe it's just my fuzzy memory, but I'm sure the opening credits where the screen lingers on Gold Roger's face, in the original there was some sort of zoom animation. This continues on into the third boxset, so I can't quite decide if I'm remembering wrong or if it's been an error when editing. On the plus side, that's the only error I've noticed - everything else is accurate to the original as far as I can tell (to be expected!)

To experience the end of Sanji's arc, and the brilliant story of Arlong's, it's definately worth a watch for first timers. But out of everything I've seen so far, if I had to return to any volume, this one would be dead last with the best parts better committed to memory.
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on 23 July 2013
love this box set as it contains the reasons why nami is a thief and the battles in this are on a bigger scale than the previous box set. definitely worth buying this as its full of action.
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on 1 December 2013
This set of episodes of One Piece continues the story of the Straw Hats, with some amazing story arcs.
We finish the Baratie arc, and move on to get Nami back. The story arc is mostly about Nami; it has awesome fights, a great backstory, and further shows the willpower of Luffy and his nakama. If you weren't convinced about One Piece after the first collection, you should definitely now!

The set also contains episode commentaries as well as the Opening and Ending songs. I can't speak for the english dub, as I highly prefer the Japanese cast for One Piece, but this collection of episodes gets 10/10 from me. This series gets better with each episode.
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on 20 March 2014
Like the other One Piece DVDs I have brought for my OH, this too is great, he really loves it, DVD works perfectly and I would highly recommend this to anyone who enjoys their anime.
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on 24 September 2013
This Is a great series and Even Better as it was Redone by Funimation. Books are Brilliant Also - Go Watch
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on 22 June 2015
Love One Piece, this features the Arlong Arc which is where a lot of the story starts piecing together.
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on 18 August 2013
ONE PEICE is action packed, witty and addictive. I now need series three hehe. I wouldnt say its for kids really but its great to watch in 'high definition' and me and my friend Betty love it, stayed up for hours laughing at it and always wanting more. if you liked Monster Rancher, Digimon, Pokemon and Dragonball Z then this is for you, its a bit more grown up than pokemon but keeps a lot of the charm and the plot but the overall humour and characters are much more appealing to older fans. Lots of twists and a plot like no it
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