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on 8 June 2011
Scott Kelby writes books utterly rammed with irrelevant (smug, self satisfied) crap that still somehow manage to `cut the crap' when it comes to the job in hand. This series of books gets results where other books fail. It's just a question of whether you can handle the particular style.

Kelby is arrogant, but his arrogance works in his favour because his bullish style gets you places fast. It's like he's saying: "I know what you want to do, this is why you bought Lightroom, so here's how to do it: step 1, step2, step 3...." And then he follows that up with "I'm the best at Lightroom, this is how I do things and it's the best way, so ignore all the nuances and just look and learn: step 1, step 2, step 3..."

And it really works because despite the fact that the humour and style are grating, he's mostly right. I do - at this stage - want a book that says "do this, it'll work".

When I upgraded from Photoshop CS3 to CS5 I ditched the Kelby Photoshop book for the Martin Evening book.

When I've got my Lightroom project up and running and got all my photos imported, backed up, catalogued, key-worded and sorted in their shiny new system - which will take me no time at all because I'll be following Scott Kelby's recipes - I'll no doubt turn to Martin Evening again for a solid, well written, comprehensive, professional look at the development and outputting stages.

Ultimately, I do actually believe you'll need more than one book, but if you're a beginner then the sheer `get-things-done' practical usefulness of this book wins out over its ropey style.

This is the second Kelby book I've bought and despite my incessant need to moan about his style on the Amazon reviews section, I don't regret either purchase.
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on 23 August 2010
Scott Kelby's books (and other training work) were actually a significant factor in my choice of Lightroom over Aperture. If you are not familiar with Kelby's books on digital photography, Photoshop & Lightroom, you are missing out on a brilliant source of concise, well written, step by step guides to getting great results. Unlike many others, Kelby gives you actual numbers and settings - 'if you do this, this will happen. If you go above this number, then you need to watch out for this this & this happening' & 'if you want to get this particular result, enter these numbers and tick these boxes, because this does that, and this one does this, and if you want to try this then somewhere in this range of numbers is a good place to start.' Simple, practical, results oriented tutorials that really do get you there, but which also teach you the principles on the way, so you can work it out for yourself next time.
The Lightroom 3 book is another high quality, clear & concise guide - even if you have read the previous Lightroom books, this on is well worth reading - not only are the many new features in 3 covered well, but where the same ground needs to be covered as in previous books (inevitable if the guide is to be complete) it is done with different examples which avoids the feeling of deja vue very well.
If you are new to Lightroom or are a more established user but feeling you are not getting the most from it, this is essential reading. Together with Nathaniel Coalson's book (I have 'Lightroom 2 - streamlining your digital photography process') this book will provide you with pretty much all you need to get the best from Lightroom. Highly recommended.
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on 27 September 2010
I have no experience of LR3 or any other previous versions, this was my first purchase of Scot Kelby`s books, bought because of the good reviews given by many other buyers. I`m not dissappointed at all, the best money I`ve spent on a application book. Easy to read, easy to follow, format is well laid out. Before the purchase I was just fumbling around with LR3, hardly efficient to say the least. But now my work flow is alot more smoother & productive, which is the whole point of LR3 !!!

Highly recommend this book to anyone that is new to LR & wants to be efficient in their photography work flow.

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on 26 October 2010
Scott Kelby does a great job as usual in LR3. Jump in anywhere, to any chapter, but if you are new to Lightroom, then start at the begining.
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on 30 August 2010
I've enjoyed the previous versions of this book, and I enjoyed this one too. The only problem is that as you move up the ladder, as your technical skills with Lightroom improve, you'll find that the book has less and less things that really suit you. So if ypu are just starting with Lr3 this is a book you'll love, but also even if ypu have quite some experience, you'll still find lots of cool things you didn't know.
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on 1 September 2010
I have enjoyed other books from Scott Kelby, but this one was a big disappointment to me.

I have to say that while this book is excellent if you want to follow the Kelby way, it's not massively useful if you want to take control of lightroom and devise your own way of working with it (or figure out the options of how to).

Some bad points:

- The killer tips that pop up throughout the book often contain detail that isn't relevant to the chapter that you are following - annoying
- The section on when to us Photoshop is much less useful than I'd hoped. As a PS user, I'm looking for what Lightroom can add to my workflow, not for a replacement.
- No useful reference guide or explanation of the key icons/tools on each panel

For my needs, Martin Evening's "The Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 3 Book: The Complete Guide for Photographers" delivers more for the money, so I will be buying that and passing this on to my nearest charity shop.
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on 21 March 2011
Theres a lot of good stuff written about this book and Monsieur Kelby....It's all true I tell you....if I was a woman and could multitask I'd buy two...

On a serious note, I've enjoyed the book enormously and tagged a lot of pages for when I've had a little break from post-processing shots. SK covers the subjects well and my confidence with LR and post processing has improved a lot. In my opinion certainly worth the price tag - I've bought another book from the SK range as a result (for photoshop)...
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on 1 May 2011
I bought the Kindle version of this excellent book and I and very pleased with it. The book has a very readable style and with the Kindle version it is very easy to have it along side as I learn how to use Lightroom 3. Whilst the kindle version is B&W when viewed on the Kindle I did not find this a problem. There are references to 'as ringed in red' when referring to some of the screenshots but it is still very easy to follow. You can also read the Kindle version with Kindle for PC which is in colour. This is my first 'technical' kindle book and it is has been a good experience. In future I will buy the less expensive Kindle version and have it ready and searchable when ever I need it.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 30 January 2012
Scott Kelby's Lightroom 3 guide, as with his other photo editing guides, is extremely useful. His writing style is an acquired taste. No, that's not quite true - I suspect if you don't like it, you will never acquire it. His humour is either amusingly wacky or irritatingly lame depending on your point of view, but he mostly limits his throw-away comments to the introductions to each chapter so they are easily avoidable. Personally, I don't mind it, but I can see how others would find it irritating. But it's the content that he excels at. There are other guides that are logical but limited (such as Adobe's Classroom series) or more reference based such as Martin Evening's superbly comprehensive book, but where Kelby excels is in understanding how you might want to use software and then talking you though how to practically navigate the software.

Unlike his other Photoshop books, where you can basically dip into chapters that you want to use on an almost project by project basis, Lightroom 3 takes a more "start at page one and work through" approach that is helpful. You can download many (though strangely not all) of the images that he uses from his website which is also helpful for those who like to learn by doing rather than just reading.

The structure is logical, taking the reader through importing images, the library and organization, customizing, editing, local adjustments and problem photos. Unlike the Adobe Classroom book which gives undue attention to organization, Kelby covers this but also recognizes that most of what you are going to want to do is to apply the tools. It's much more balanced in what it teaches you.

He explains when you might want to jump to Photoshop (or Elements) and how to output your photos in various forms. Most usefully of all he concludes with four worked examples of his workflow which is an excellent approach to use.

If you can tolerate Kelby's unique writing style, it is the most practical guide that I've seen.
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on 7 December 2010
Great book.
Easy to read style, page layout and font work for me - photos next to text. The descriptions are kept to small manageable blocks which makes comprehension easy.
I found the easiest way to manage a section was to read it though, highlight the important bits then go and sit with my Mac.
Im up and running with a brilliant piece of software.

I bought this having used books/videos/podcasts by Scott Kelby and am not disappointed.
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