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4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 24 February 2007
In the past I have owned several photo editting programs, and never really go into understanding any of them. After reading several reviews, I purchased this book about five weeks ago, and have now completed it. The explanations are so easy to follow, and the results are amazing. The author gives clear instruction at every stage, not assuming you already know, as some books do, and even though I worked through from the beginning, it is easy to just pick a project and follow it through, no knowledge from earlier in the book is necessary. I have learned so much, I am even using keyboard shortcuts, which I have never done before. This book is well recommended and certainly worth the money. It just leaves me wondering why I spent so much on a good digital camera, when this book shows how to make anything look brilliant!
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VINE VOICEon 1 December 2007
I don't usually review books but this is a real gem for keen photographers. The book is structured into specific tasks that you would want to perform, such as removing spots from an image or changing an object's colour or various sharpening techniques. In all the book covers approximately 300 such tasks and for each task there are a set of clearly written steps with Photoshop screen prints to show you how to go about it. The book covers tasks in all the following areas:

Using the Organiser
Resizing and cropping
Colour correction
Digital camera Image problems
Selecting objects
Removing unwanted objects
Special effects
Restoration techniques
Sharpening techniques
Presenting your work
Colour Management

I find that I am delving into this book all of the time and use it as my reference for Photoshop Elements 5.

Like other Scott Kelby books it does have a slightly flippant and sometimes condescending writing style but the content is fantastic and Scott does tend to strip away the jargon and get to the point very directly.

Improving your understanding of Photoshop is all about practice and experimenting with the software and this book rapidly gives you the hooks into Photoshop's features so that you can start learning by doing.

Highly recommended to keen photographers who are not Photoshop experts but want to learn how to become very proficient with Elements 5.
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on 18 June 2008
This book has been fully re written for Elements 6 and is perfect for looking up "Just how do you get rid of red eye? How do you delete detail you don't want? It is so easy to follow even IVAN BROWN (see review from said person) could use it if he read it properly.

I fully recommend this book to anyone with PSE6
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There is no doubt that this is a very informative book, and contains excellent guidance on how to use the premier photo-processing software from Adobe. The book is easy to read, and this alone is quite an achievement because the concepts of layers, histograms, colour balancing etc are far from easy to grasp. Where the book scores is the large number of full-colour illustrations, and the excellent "how-to" section where most of the ways you would like to enhance a photograph are described in easy to follow steps. Where the book fails is its annoying jokiness, which completely fails to connect with English readers (or at least this one). Barely a page passes without some irritating humorous comment which is plainly intended to lighten the intricacies of navigating around the software, but actually only distracts. If anyone wants proof that American humour is different from English, read this book!

However, the book is definitely an excellent purchase for anyone who feels that they are not getting the best from Photoshop Elements 5, and if you manage to work through this you would have an in-depth working knowledge of the software and be able to take many shortcuts to help you achieve good results quickly. The book is backed up by Scott Kelby's excellent website which for an annual subscription will send you a rather good magazine every couple of months on further ways of develping your Elements skills, and also provide you with video tutorials and online forums. If you buy the book and subscribe to the website, master of Elements will be yours.
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on 20 September 2007
This book contains some really good stuff which will improve your photoshop skills and make your photo's better. There is a section on most of the main area's of photography such as portrait fixing and landscape altering.

One of the most useful techniques that I learnt was how to remove unsightly objects from a photo such as TV antena's. It is also good on starting to use layers to create effects.

The only bad thing about the book is that towards the middle and end of the book simple things are still explained in detail which you know how to do already from earlier in the book.
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on 18 September 2008
I have been pretty much glued to this book ever since getting it. I consider myself a computer geek, but PSE6 was quite new to me, and I have found the book invaluable in helping me find my way round the software and process my photos. It's easy to follow, well laid out, and quite well written (if somewhat American), and has very practical advice and tips. My husband, who is most definitely NOT a computer geek, has also been following and using it and quite happily. I mostly dip in an out for specific advice, but having just used it to successfully calibrate my monitor / download a printer profile / get a decent print (hurrah!), I am planning to read it cover to cover. In fact I may have to buy a second copy because I now have to fight my husband for it. Even if you buy a more technical book as well, this is well worth the money to get you going.
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on 23 January 2007
I have only just received my copy and dipped into in for 10 minutes but have no hesitation in giving it 5 stars. Many books give a lot of background to each subject and this is OK, but if you have a photograph in the Editor with a problem to fix it often takes half an hour's reading to get to the particular point you want. This book is concise, easy to read and has step-by-step instructions that get you there quickly. It is well illustrated and you don't need a magnifying glass to follow the screen displays.
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on 28 September 2007
Scott Kelby is clearly a natural with image enhancement software, and has gifts as a teacher as well. I have profitted greatly from reading this book, and some of his others. But he should have been ruthless with his red pencil, editing out all of his intrusively lame jokes. And where was his editor during the production process? Leaving out the jokes and tightening up the grammar needn't have made the book any less accessible. Sussex Reader can take it from me, an American currently living in London, that this is a case of personal error of judgement, not of American/English language differences.
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on 21 May 2007
When I bought this book a few weeks ago, it was much cheaper than it is now, why? Popularity?

The book is excellent and teaches you many things quickly that it could take an age to discover for yourself. Highly reccommended, shame the price has shot up so much.
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on 26 June 2008
As the other reviewers have said, there is so much information in this book and it does cover every aspect and provides clear instructions. It will do the job if you want to know about elements 5. But there are a number of irritating faults:

1) The author's humour is silly and childish. This is ok in small doses but when, in many areas, nearly every other line has this silliness, it becomes wearing. Also, when you want to understand how to do something and the meaningful text is perhaps 4 lines, it is annoying to have to read through more than ten lines of silliness to get to the useful text. eg " entire chapter devoted to Raw. So why a whole chapter? ........ (2) I needed the extra pages to get my page count up; (3) I really didn't need the page count, but you can't be sure of that...." Drivel and unnecessary.

2) There are too many photographs that claim to show a problem that needs putting right but which are not magnified enough to show the problem. The net result is that for things like sharpness and chromatic abboration, it is impossible to see the difference. The main concern is that, whereas I think I know what I am looking for, the beginner might not and so is left wondering what it is that they are curing.

3) Finally, there are a couple of screenshots that show a different detail in the screen from mine. If this is because the US version is different from the UK version, fine, but they should say "US Version". Otherwise, can I trust that this is truly elements 5 or just a rehash of elements 4 with poor editing? For example, for editing RAW, one page refers to a "Shadows" slider beneath "Exposure" whereas the elements I have has three sliders: "Recovery", "Fill light", "Blacks".

This book will certainly cover everything you need, but then I would expect every book to do that. Despite its failings, it will work for you, but just be prepared for the imperfections.
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