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on 27 July 1999
I've read all the Harry Potter books so far and I find them impossible to put down. They are imaginative and addictive, and though I am at the edge of the suggested age range (I am twelve years old), I'm sure I'll continue to enjoy them into my teenage years. I am convinced these books will become classics, just like Roald Dahl's books. They have everything a good childrens' books should have: a good plot, great characters, and a well drawn line between good and evil. I would reccomend them to anyone. Especially children my age and younger.
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on 7 August 2001
I bought the first book in this series last week, for the same reason, I think, as most adults - to see what all the fuss was about. Whatever I was expecting, it certainly wasn't what I got!
I'm an avid Stephen King fan, and am also completely immersed in Tolkien's Lord of the Rings Trilogy, but never in all my days of reading can I remember such fast-paced, frantic turning of pages as when I was reading Harry Potter! I had to force myself not to flick ahead to see how the really tense or exciting bits turned out! I just couldn't put it down! My 2 year old son's normal bedtime stories were replaced by whatever part of the novel I happened to be at! All housework was done one-handed! Quiet periods at work were spent with the book in hand! I was racing through the story to see what happened next, and laughing out loud the whole way through at the antics and sayings of Rowling's excellent characters. I can honestly say that I've never enjoyed a book more!
After finishing the fourth novel I'm now quite sad, and I envy anyone their first read of this excellent series. Needless to say, I've just purchased the set for my younger sister, and am prepared to convert anyone who'll listen to me!
I can't wait until my son is old enough for me to really read this to him and see the delight on his face!
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on 30 July 1999
wow! these harry potter books are amazing!i have stayed up far past my useual bedtime soaking up these books. it is refreshing to read a fantasy book that isn't all about morphing into animals and saving the world. i am 11 and i am planning on saving these books for my own children, because by then there will be an abridged version and it will be edited and it just won't be the same.keep on rolling J.K.!!!!!!
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on 7 September 1999
J.K.Rowling's books are sure to be classics. I love children's books, even into adulthood. I read the first two to my younger brother and we couldn't wait to see what happened to our young hero next. We are looking forward to the next one.
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on 4 April 2001
I am an 18-year-old girl, and I'm not ashamed to say that I adore J.K. Rowling's books. They are magnificent, and she deserves all the words of praise that she has got. Harry Potter's world is extremely inventive, and it casts a spell on its readers. Her imagination is incredible and she has this brilliant, humorous way of writing. I have read all her books in English, including "Fantastic Beasts and where to find them" and "Quidditch through the ages", and they were all way above what could be expected! All of Rowling's books are exciting reading and they spin around very "friendly" subjects, such as friendship, school, problems with teachers or classmates (haven't we all been there), jealousy, etc. In my opinion, I think the author deals with the conflicts in a very non-violent and sensitive way. There is very little violence in the books and they are all "child-friendly". They may be a bit scary for the youngest ones, but that isn't unusual. The Harry Potter-character is brilliant in several ways, but mostly because you can believe in him. He is not some divine person that sits high up there and manages everything. He makes mistakes just as the rest of us, and that makes it even more fun when he succeeds in the end. Just as Harry is convincing, so are Hermione and Ron. You recognize their personalities and see them in others, which is the very essence of a good writer. Judging by my review, you may already have guessed that I don't understand the worries that have come from some communities (some have even banned the books). They declare that the books are violent and dangerous. Nonsense! Look at some of the other things that are meant to entertain children today - they should cause concern, not Harry Potter. C.G.
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on 29 March 2001
I must admit to feeling a bit of a snob about these books. Previously I only read Tolkien and Moorcock (whose humorous books are most like these) and couldn't even get on with Terry Pratchett, though I enjoyed the first one or two. My grown-up children were both Harry Potter fans but I would have nothing to do with it. Then I got flu. The one consolation I usually have when I'm ill in bed is to re-read one of Michael Moorcock's wonderful Elric tales (Elric is a bit like a grown up Harry! -- Elric also went to sorcery school as a young man), but my misery worsened when I realised I had lent them all to a friend who had taken them to Kenya with him! My daughter dropped in to make sure I was okay and I whined to her of my added despair. It was a bit like a TV commercial. Out of her bag came the first Harry Potter book. "Here you are, mum," she said. "Guaranteed to cheer you up." And, of course, I'm now totally hooked and only wish Ms Rowling had been around longer so that I'd have more books to read. These are charming books in every sense and they deserve all their success. J.M.
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on 11 August 2001
I did not actually want to read the Harry Potter books and though all the hype about the 4th was silly. I was given some money for my birthday and I decided to give them a try. I fell in LOVE with the first book, all it's misterious twists and suprises! I then decided to go onto the 2nd book, and the 3rd! I just could not get enough Harry Potter! When the 4th book did come out I read it in one day...and I was not speed reading or anything, I just could not put it down! I have found out that the 5th book is called Harry Potter and the Order of Pheonix. I cannot wait for it to be released. What I like from these books is just the way that it suprises you, and that maybe the most simple character may not be so innocent as they first appear to be. I love every character because everyone has their own personality that plays an important roll in the story. I love Fred and George Weasly becaue they are funny and make jokes all the time, I like Professor Lupin because he is kind yet hides a dark secret and I hate Draco Malfoy because he has a mean character which adds yet another twist to the story...
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on 10 April 2001
I am a 17 year old and turned up my nose at these children's books- until I discovered they weren't just for children! My dad read the first two to my cousins and as I listened I realised I had to read them for myself! I have read all four books, the fourth in 24 hours. I can't wait for the fifth one, because JK says it will be even darker! The fourth one kept me on the edge of my seat all the way through. The books have something for everyone- humour, suspense, a good mystery and of course Harry himself! Anyone who hasn't read them will think that I'm gushing, but other Potter fans will know what I'm talking about! If you haven't read them, DO SO IMMEDIATELY! There's nothing to be ashamed of! My whole family and my school's hooked; their ages range form 5-60! Absolutely brilliant.
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on 29 May 2001
being 23 years old and a devoted reader of forensic thrillers, i couldn't for the life of me understand what all the fuss was about. everyone and their dog seemed to be hooked on this childrens book. so just to prove a point, i picked up the first book and read. and read. and read! all the way to the last book. all in a week. the sales lady at the book store didn't seem to be surprised to see me come in day after day picking up the next book in the Harry Potter series. obviously i failed miserably in trying to prove a point, but hey, i got to read one of the best series of books that i have ever laid my hands i'm not complaining! when in the world is the next book coming out?
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on 4 May 2001
When the Harry Potter books first came out, I did not believe the hype, and thought they were just for children. However, after reading some reviews from people (of all ages) and seeing the excellent amazon offer for the box set, I thought I should try them out....... and I was addicted after the first chapter of Philosopher's Stone! After receiving the three books on Saturday, I finished Prisoner of Azkaban last night, just five days after I got them. Now I can't wait until the fourth is out in paper-back. I have just preordered it! The way JK Rowling can write a book, enabling adults and children alike to enjoy it is amazing. If only there really was a Hogwarts!
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