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on 10 March 2013
On opening the product I connected up to the sky dish and immediatley it started transmitting programmes so it made me suspect that it had already been used. After closer inspection the scart socket to video at the rear was not seated correct which then endorsed my initial thoughts it had been a returned product, this did not matter to me as I did not want dvd/video port . I proceeded to go into the menu to customise and delete the channels that had been loaded and it could not be done as the was a fault with the programme. I live in spain and went online to get a returns label but could not get passed the first page as it kept asking how many products I was returning and it would not accept that only 1 was being returned. I decided to e= mail amazon to complain which I did twice and to date have not recetved a reply in over 6 weeks.
This is the first bad experience in many years with Amazon and I feel this satellitte receiver should not have been sent out by them
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on 17 June 2012
It arrived swiftly and well packed, and after plugging it into the old Sky ariel it quickly found a lot of channels. Unfortunately the instructions are not easy to follow and it was disappointing to find the main channels mixed with the adult ones. Setting it up to do all I want has been impossible so far, though I will persist one day to use it with our caravan. In the mean time I have forked our much more for a Humax which is in a different league, as one would expect for the price. If you want a cheap satellite box and have more patience than I do, then it does what it is designed to do.
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on 26 March 2012
After figuring out that you have to tune for channels in the morning short out the channel list using the hundreds of bbc channels in place of the ones you pick up at night time only then sort out the channel list for a second time is a bit time consuming and annoying at first.
After picking up all the freesat channels as well as some freeview channels and a lot of channels like porn and religious were deleted I have to say that this is by far the best free to air box on the market.I am even considering getting a bigger dish so that I can pick up even more channels as once you have your list made up the way you want it.It is easy to scan the satellites without destroying your list (just search each individual satellite).
The complicated ways to keep your list and the initial setup can put some people off and the fact that this box doesn't work in HD may discourage others but I have never looked at a SD t.v and thought that the picture was so bad that I needed to spend 3x the money for a HD box.
The quality of the box is far better than Skys and with no monthly fees to Ruppert Murdoch this is the perfect box for me.
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on 4 January 2014
I have had this now for 5 months and it has been trouble free. That is until today. I can't find the remote control and I discovered you can't change programs without it.
It was a little complicated/fussy to set up but once done it has been faultless. Good clear picture and works in France. If I can't find the remote control I'm going to order another one.
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on 17 December 2010
To say this is the best satellite free to air box I have ever brought is a statement I will stand by, you get far more channels via this box than the normal standard Free Sat box or Sky Free Sat box. It does take a bit of tweaking and sorting out what channels you want and in what order you want them but once you have them it's a joy, unlike Free Sat or Sky Free Sat you dont have to key in 101 for BBC1 or 102 for BBC2 you just do what you used todo on old analog TV handsets and press 1 for BBC1 and press 2 for BBC2.I found this satellite receiver a breath of fresh air compared to the other 2 systems I have had in the past which were Goodmans Freesat and a Sky Free Sat Box,ok so it does not upgrade a channel when it moves(which might annoy some people)but hey you can do a simple search with out disturbing your already preset channels.I found quiet a few channels that are not on Free Sat or Sky Free Sat and all seem to have the EPG which on Free Sat if you could get them would not work any way, I checked my brothers Sky box and I had more EPG's that worked on my system than his after adding non-Sky services!!.I'm very impressed with this box and even more pleased with Satellite lists that you search so one is not stuck with just the Astra's main ones, you can add channels from Firebird,Atlanticbird and so many other ones if you like watching TV from out side of UK and dont mind having some on screen sub titles from the networks who broadcast the English language and have their own languange at the bottom of the screen.I found that I could receive all of the listed satellites even though I have what they call a non moveable dish,if the signal is there and the box can pick it up it will if the signal is fairly strong will work.I have been amazed at what is broadcast and even found some music and film channels that are scrambled to UK that are not in Europe or other parts of the Satellite world broadcasting system,the under £40 I paid for this Philex 28207RF Free to Air Satellite Receicver with RF Modulator is the best money I have spent compared to very costly £80 for FreeSat and £95+ for Sky Free Sat.I have nearly filled my 1000 TV channels and have 600 radio stations spots filled out of the 1000 spots,now tell me where can you get more channels than that for the price?.
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on 12 April 2013
You might be mistaken for feeling as if you just stepped into a bygone era whilst connecting this up as it has 2 SCART connectors labelled VCR and TV and an RS-232C connector which supposedly allows you to connect it to a PC for software updates but no downloads appear on the Philex site. Still waiting on a response for an email I sent to them about updates. OTA updates don't appear to work for this receiver either so software wise you might indeed find yourself stuck in a time warp.

The menu system whilst dated is user friendly enough and the channel change speed is fast and you can zoom through all the channels at breakneck speed whilst holding down one of the the channel button keys.

As soon as I switched it on after setting up satellite dish I was greeted with Mr Tumble's insincere smiley face and the picture looked very dark and of poor quality, turned out the SCART mode was set to CVBS - after I switched it to RGB it was fine, bright clear picture and good sound quality.

I matched it up to a Systemsat Zone 2 Satellite Mk4 Raven Minidish and managed to get the receiver to pick up 5 satellites:

E19.2Astra - 80%
E23.5Astra1E - 72%
E28.2Astra2A - 82%
E28.5Eurobird1 - 48%
E7.0 Eutelsat W3A - 38% (72%)

Some of the information stored in the receiver's memory is outdated: lyngsats info on these satellites doesn't appear to correspond with the actual channels available.

E7.0 Eutelsat W3A was a bit of an anomaly as it seemed (going by the name) well outwith the alignment of the other satellites but I think this setting now corresponds to Eutelsat 28A (formerly Eurobird 1) but that throws into question what Eurobird1 now corresponds to? When I did a scan on E7.0 Eutelsat W3A the signal quality was 38% but after I had stored the channels the quality jumped to 72%?

E28.2Astra2A does appear to actually be Astra2A and all the main English channels are here.
E19.2 has Kerrang, Kiss, The Box and Smash Hits music video channels
E23.5Astra1E has some extra music channels
Eutelsat has the CSMedia Group's family of channels including the 4 kids channels Pop, Tiny Pop, Pop Girl and Kix! as well as True Movies 1 & 2 and more music and news channels (the 2nd most useful channel after Astra2A.

There is a lot of duplication across all the satellites so you'll be busy deleting a lot of unwanted channels but its fairly easy to do using the menu.

All in all I found around 100 watch-able (subjective I know) channels after removing most of the foreign language (mainly Indian) and religious channels, the watchable ones included 15 News channels and 22 Music channels and 5 or so movie channels.

I've noticed with almost all receivers (reading the reviews) there seems to be a few rogue units no matter how expensive they are but this one seems to have less malfunctioning units than most of the other SD or indeed HD receivers.
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on 29 August 2011
It worked well once we started it up. (Don't forget there is an on/off switch on the back as well as the standby button on the front.) The picture is good, and the default settings were fine for the most part, except that they were set before BBC3 and BBC4 were available on FreeSat, so you will have to search for the stations again.

Be advised that this is "Free-to-Air" not "FreeSat." When you search for stations (possibly both Astra 28.2E and Eurobird 1 to get all channels), they won't all come out at the right places, so you need to move them where you want them. Be advised that you should search for channels in the evening when all stations are broadcasting, otherwise not all appear (BBC3 and BBC4 didn't). We set our channels to match FreeView, except there are certain channels that are free on FreeView, but pay on Sky (like Dave and 5USA, etc.). You do get many more, however, and the CBS stations have similar programming to the missing ones.

The manual is pretty useless, so it takes a while to figure some things out. (You also receive audio leads for non-existent audio outputs.) Make sure that you are showing "All Channels" when you are relocating them, or you will have gaps between them.

Overall, once we had it set up correctly, it's an excellent box for the price. It has worked flawlessly since the initial setup.
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on 8 June 2012
With the loss of eurosport analogue english xtrans on astra, I needed a receiver that would receive the german xtrans without moving my dish.This receiver did the job. simply remove the old receiver and substitute this one and tune in.simplesssss!
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on 12 March 2012
Having been with Sky and feeling that I was being ripped off by both Sky and by the BBC licence fee, I decided I was going to at least ditch one.
Now, I am the kind of person who is wary of the overtly technical as it can lead to tears. I know nothing about what dish picks up signals from which satellite so I am looking at areas that are a bit annorak. I can however read so if what I read is accurate then setting up this unit should be straight forward. Oh joy, it was just that. As a bonus I hadn't laid out big bucks. My view of these things is easy and that's to buy something at a price that if it doesn't give me value for money then I get rid of it. Unlike the Sky box it doesn't record and I do miss a couple of channels. But, what I do get is absolutely free and that is like printing money. Okay, I still pay the TV licence grrrr, but that aside I can watch most of my favourite channels. The reason we get things like Sky is because we don't know there is an alternative. We think the guy who fits the dish must be a technical genius. We are sold a package like Sky because we are lazy and think we can't do things like this. If I can, then anyone can.
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on 3 May 2012
My main TV set has a Humax Freesat HD receiver that worked straight out of the box without any tweaking but at £125 that's what I would expect. The Philex at a third of the price is not HD but does everything the Humax does except put the channels in a sensible order. It is time-consuming to sort them but there are less than a dozen worth watching so spend a few minutes numbering them 1 to 12 and forget the rest.
If you buy this receiver to pick up channels you do not get with Freesat you may be disappointed. Although the signal where I live was strong enough to pick up three satellites each of them had the same free to air channels. This is not the receiver's fault just the broadcasters limiting what they give away free. Even European channels that are free to air on terrestial TV in their home countries are scrambled for satellite broadcasting. What is the point of that!
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