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I believe there is a years warranty with the manufacturer, but have followed it up.
5 May 2014 by Miss A S Eagleson
They can be cut to fit, but mine got sent back as it ceased to work after my dog wore it twice.
24 Mar 2014 by snapdog
Hi Yes it does come with a can of spray. We have tried over the years with dogs to stop them barking without cause and never have any luck. Our dog trainer suggested this product and it really does work. Just a small puff of citronela shoots out towards the snout and as dogs do not like the smell, they wonder HEY where did that come from. Just a tip, If you have a dog with a lot of hair under the chin do as they say just clip the hair of so the spray has an unitterupted line. Great product does as it says on the tin.
13 Dec 2013 by mr m j woods
It is battery operated and when the dog barks it sets off the spray, it worked really well but broke after about 4 uses
30 Apr 2014 by kate robertson
Have you tried the unit with a new battery? If so & the unit is still not working contact the manufacturers Petsafe on 0800 0461414 as the unit will still be under warranty.
15 days ago by Dog Goodies
I have no idea we have been using it since January and will keep doing so, if we forget to put it on he barks, we use it in conjunction with the aptil pet plug in and drops for the dogs water, all good so far trouble is he associates the collar with not barking as soon as we take it off and put him in the garden he barks again, it may well be we have to use permanently, but if it works I don't mind.
31 Mar 2014 by Mr. Kw Colquhoun
6 volt Alkaline battery is advised in Petsafe Operating Guide They also advise average battery life is 2 to 4 months, depending on how often your dig barks! Hope this helps.
27 Feb 2014 by Christina Hillsdon
No but I have used it on an English Bulldog with similar features to a pug and it worked really well
3 Jan 2014 by shelly7807
I believe it works on vibration as I only have one dog but a very busy house and a son who barks at the dog and it only sprays if the dogs barks. I also noticed it go off when he whined too so am sure it's vibration based as the collar spray area touches the neck. I hope this helps but the collar has really helped our 8 year old dog.
20 Feb 2014 by jemharding
Umm. Jack makes whining noises and excited yips when people he knows come to the gate, he doesn't bark if he knows the car/people. To be honest I don't try to stop him doing that, as long as he doesn't jump up, and if I know people are coming I take his collar off, as I don't want to 'punish' him for being excited. It does work for any noise that the dog makes, because the microphone is against their throat and you test the collar by just blowing on it!
17 May 2014 by Mrs. Carol M. Green
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