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on 23 May 2014
Brought as has Macro Keys and not soo garish that I couldn't use it at work.

The enter and backspace keys do need a full press to work, whereas the rest of the keys are fine.
To fix I flicked the 2 keys off the keyboard carefully.
Got a small bit of rolled up paper and put it inside the tube at the base of the Key so that it was snug and trimmed to slightly longer than the keys plastic tube.
Now when the key is pressed the paper triggers the key at a normal pressure, rather than the very end of the downwards motion.
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on 26 October 2012
OK, first of let me tell you about the good points of this gaming style keyboard by Perixx:

1. The price is unbelievable for a light up keyboard (EDIT it was 17 quid at the time).
2. 3 levels of red (EDIT the only colour choice at the time) back-lit illumination.
3. The keys are nice and responsive, and not to noisy.
4. Full-size keyboard with UK layout and a few useful hotkeys.

1. When the illumination is off the characters are very faint and hard to make out.
2. The illuminated characters are only fully visible when viewed directly from above.
3. The Perixx logo doesn't light up.

To sum up, this is an excellent gaming keyboard for those on a budget. The images used are somewhat misleading, like the logo not being illuminated and the num lock, caps lock and scroll lock indicators being a little different than pictured, but otherwise this is a solid purchase.

The keyboard is still going strong, and when I first got it, this was the cheapest back-lit keyboard on Amazon... but now there are cheaper ones than this since Perixx up-ed the price.
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on 15 March 2013
So lets get this out of the way... Its a 20 quid "gaming" keyboard. It is a budget / cheap keyboard.
Do not buy this if you expect the world.
It doesn't advertise itself at the cutting edge of gaming hardware.

That being said it doesn't feel like a 20 quid keyboard. Even when compared to my old (broken) logitech wave.

One major thing I love about this keyboard, I am a shift worker so I am often sleeping at different times than my partner. The keys are almost silent (no typical loud clunk or click with cheap keyboard) except the space bar which makes a "normal" amount of noise. So not only can I see all the function keys in the dark I don't annoy my partner with the noise of playing minecraft or my fave MMO.

In all honesty I bought this keyboard to last me until the end of the month (pay day) but I am pleasantly surprised by the quality and although I will be buying another logitech gaming keyboard eventually I will be happy using this for now.

One small niggle, the keys are not raised above and past the "Z" key which I am used to in my keyboard. The feet at the back also are very small so I have caught the odd key by mistake typing a word document. For this it loses a star but for everything else it deserves a full 4.

***** Edit: over two years after buying the product I have my first inevitable accident and dropped a whole 2 pint stein glass of water all over the keyboard, I quickly tipped the keyboard upside down with a towel and unplugged it. A few hours later and it was both dry and still fully functional. Absolutely no issues and bizarrely enough it seems to work better (like brand new) now it has cleared out some debris under the space bar which is far more springy than it has been this last year. Upgrading this to a five star review!
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on 4 May 2015
The keyboard is great but one problem, why is the CAPS LOCK, SCROLL LOCK AND THE NUMBER LOCK UPSIDE DOWN?
review image
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on 13 December 2013
As a young child I had too many horrible mishaps with keyboards in the dark and the time had come to ensure that these cruel accidents would never, ever happen again..

My criteria was simple: a standard sized keyboard that lit up! I did not want wireless anymore, my previous keyboard had never moved from its spot in front of the monitor and I had had yet more horrible encounters with batteries giving up when I really wished they hadn't. It also seemed to me that wireless + fancy lights = more frequent battery changes and... no, that would not do.

A quick search seemed to suggest that gaming keyboards were the way to go (despite no intention of gaming) but without fail they all seemed:

-Hideously oversized and garish
-Quite a bit more than I was prepared to pay
-Packed full of features that I had never heard of, let alone needed (one had a fan?)

After wading through those, the Perixx PX-1000 stood out immediately as the end of my woes:

-Under £20
-Fits neatly between monitor and Wacom Tablet
-Nothing seems superfluous - more or less just a standard UK layout keyboard with red lights. (Having said that, I have no idea what the Word Per Seconds keys do...)

After having used the keyboard I am very happy with the choice and feel free from the ghosts of the past. While I agree that the back light is best seen from straight down, the keys are still readily discernible from my more natural 30-45° angle (except, perhaps for the F keys). Worth noting that the Perixx logo does not light up like the photos on mine either, which I think is a good thing. There was a previous review stating that the lights would not come back on after the computer wakes from sleep - I have had a different experience whereby the lights don't sleep when the computer does so I would surmise that the configuration of the USB port provides differing results.

(Box contents: 1 x Keyboard, 1 x Token instruction manual)
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on 25 February 2013
I was looking for a decent gaming keyboard and with this I've found one.
First impression out of the box is that this is a nice looking keyboard although the picture on the box is slightly different from the actual product. Different but better, the product looking to be of good quality.
I'm also pleased with the performance of the keyboard so far. The keys are soft to press and not as noisy as my previous £5 keyboard. The back lighting is a very pleasant warm blue glow. Leaning back slightly does make the keys hard to read though. The key lock feature for gaming is a good touch preventing you from even ALT-TABing out of a game. So far the best thing I have found about the keyboard is the better comfort in gaming.
However, in terms of key responsiveness I have not found it too be any different from my previous keyboard. The keys are softer but no better. I also realize that some people may have a lot of use for the addition gaming buttons and profile buttons, and they would be helpful I think, but I do not really understand them and the instructions on how to set them up I found less than helpful. Someone who knows what they are doing might have more luck.
In conclusion this keyboard is definitely good for the money, it looks really good next to a gaming PC (especially a blue glowing one like mine), the build quality is good even if slightly cheap and the keyboard has a great feel and many useful features
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on 29 November 2013
I recently joined the lower ranks of the PC gamer elite. I have mostly been playing PC games with a wired 360 controller (no wireless interfaces and batteries to contend with), but some games don't offer support for this. I have been using Xpadder, but I decided that I should learn to play with keyboard and mouse (shot accuracy in FPSs is sooo much better with a mouse). Rather than destroy my chiclet keyboard, I decided to invest in a reasonably priced gaming keyboard.

The good...It plays well: comfortable under the fingers, accuracy seems good and I haven't had any ghosting issues. The windows lock key is very handy, especially for someone still learning to play with a keyboard. USB cable is sturdy and a good length.

The bad...Illumination is a little feeble. When I first connected the keyboard, the media hot-keys were behaving very strangely; reconnecting seemed to resolve this. It's a little uglier than it looked in the pictures.

The indifferent...It's not too loud, but it's not especially quiet either. As far as I can work out, the macro keys lack the functionality of more expensive gaming keyboards (go figure). I think that this is only really relevant for people who play MMOs (I don't). It's lighter than I expected it to be , but it doesn't slide about.
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on 23 December 2015
Very solidly built; third illuminated keyboard I have tried and looks less likely to break than the previous two however that is the only good thing about it.

I have learnt to check size of enter and backspace keys as have noticed a few keyboards with extra features, like illuminated, tend to shrink these keys so I checked that before ordering this one but now know I need to check for insanely short keys on the left of the keyboard too. Finding ESC, CTRL, Shift or Caps without hitting downright annoying "M" keys is really annoying me, I will be relegating this board to back up keyboard as soon as I have found a better one. (OK so that was my fault as I could have seen these keys in picture had I looked. )

There are two other gripes I have with this keyboard too;
Keys just need pressing too hard, terrible keyboard for typing on, especially enter key needs a good thwack to register it has been pressed.
The illumination is poor, as soon as you are not looking down from top of keyboard the keys become hard to see, quite annoying.

I had an Ivation that was fine to type on and keys that illuminated well even at really obtuse angle though that had an annoying small return key and lights failed after about a week. need to keep looking :-(
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on 17 April 2014
The keyboard is very good for the money and looks very cool.

The back lit keys work like a treat and allow you to type and game in the dark. The macro keys are very handy for gaming and normal use and are very easy to set.

One thing is when you get it the keys will seem very hard and thumpy but as you use them they become more bouncy and soft. I don't know why it was like this but it doesn't really affect it in either way.
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on 5 December 2013
Not a review but how to set macros. The instructions for this are useless in the manual.

I'll use the example of programming the M1 key for the Profile 1 profile

1. Press Profile 1 key
2. With the profile key still depressed press the M1 key
3. The MR light will flash slowly showing the keyboard is ready to input keystrokes
4. Type in the keystrokes you want remembered
5. When you have finished Press the Profile 1 key *on it's own* to indicate the end of input.
6. The MR light will flash rapidly for about 5 secs to indicate it is saving the strokes
7. Repeat the process for the other M keys for Profile 1 if you want.

You can save a different set of keystrokes for each M key for each profile. You switch profiles by pressing (but not holding)the profile key. The idea is probably to have a profile per game, but you can use the facility any way you like - it gives you 18 programmable keys in effect.

Hope this helps someone.

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