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on 31 August 2005
I'm really surprised reading the reviews here to see the criticism and scorn that has been poured upon this film, at the end of the day it's not all that bad and at least it is a vast improvement on some of the disaster movies that have gone before it.
That's not to say it's not without its faults. Certainly there is an amount of cheesy dialogue between the main players and the some of the whooping and bonding scenes on the boat are toe curling embarrassing.
The film is based on the book of the same name by Sebastian Junger and is the true story of the phenomenal storm that crashed onto the North Atlantic in 1991. I haven't read the book but apparently it is a most compelling series of survivor accounts of personal experiences that the storm brought about.
The main thrust of the film is the story of the swordfish fishing vessel "Andrea Gail", after a run of bad hauls, skipper Billy Tyne (George Clooney) decides to take the ship out for one more trawl but to the more dangerous waters of the Flemish Cap. His crew are a motley collection of various characters and include Bobby Shatford (Mark Wahlberg) a young fisherman currently trying to develop a relationship with a single mother, Chris Cotter (Diane Lane). David "Sully" Sullivan (William Fitchner) a older fisherman who has his own personal conflicts with his ex-wife and son. There's also Alfred Pierre (Allen Payne) a family-less Jamaican, Mike "Bugsy" Moran (John Hawkes) the sort of man who'll always be missed in a crowd and Dale "Murph" Murphy (John C Reilly) who is only recruited for this one voyage. I mention the crew in completion as the first part of the film really deals with getting to know all the characters and their own particular issues and problems and this is one of the most enjoyable pieces of the film.
What the second part of the film deals with is the struggle the Andrea Gail faces when she gets caught up in the storm. It's certainly exciting stuff with rolling waves, crashing spray and all round soakings for the entire cast. I guess to be truer to the book the film also includes the fight in the storm of the pleasure vessel Mistral and also that of the search and rescue helicopter that comes to their aid. Although both these series are exciting and well filmed they do detract from the main action from on the fishing vessel and therefore detract from the main thrust.
The film does become a bit formulaic towards the end but to its credit it is still an effective tear jerker. Mention too for the lovely and moving musical score and the special effects which were nominated for an Oscar.
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on 23 October 2015
Look, it's a disaster movie and I enjoyed it warts and all. The sea storm cgi I thought was great and threatening and..yes as disasters movies always are, sometimes illogical, especially when the players were on deck...the juxtaposition on what was going on with the sea and the buckets of water thrown over the actors mostly didn't really ring true. However, the journey the characters take was pretty exciting. The main problem is the lead character played by George Clooney. Good performance, but because of his total selfishness and need to succeed he threatens the lives of a number of the crew who have the chance of something better on dry land. It's therefore quite hard to think of him as a hero, or someone you can enjoy...and that is a major problem....
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VINE VOICEon 21 September 2009
I am a big fan of the movie 'The Perfect Storm' so despite already having the DVD version I had to buy the Blu Ray edition when it came out. Playing it on a PS3 I found the quality to be excellent and the waves/effects etc were very realistic. Sound quality was excellent and I found a number of the extras well worht watching, especially the 'Making of' feature. If you like the original film, are able to play back Blu-Ray and are undecided whether to just get the DVD version or this Blu-Ray version go for the Blu-ray, much clearer and you can really see all the details on the waves etc.
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I first bought this on 'DVD' when released and after watching wasn't over impressed with it's presentation in terms of bringing out the tension assosiated with the sheer horror of what befell the crew of the 'Andrea Gail' in '1991'

However buying 'The Perfect Storm' on 'Blu-ray' proved to be the right decision, the storm scenes and giant wave effects are greatly enhanced on this format, and yes it greatly improved it's visual content from a viewing point of view, it made a '3' star expierience into a '4' star rating for me.
We will never know in reality what really happened on the 'Andrea Gail' during it's final moments in that massive storms coming together, but....the film does put a considered happening to events that leave in tact the memories of those men for their loved ones.
This a dramatic and well portrayed drama capturing the tension that almost certainly would have been the case, 'George Clooney'
as 'Captain Billy Tyne' gives a convincing performance.
Certainly worth owning on this Format, and certainly deserving of a re-visit..............................enjoy.
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Okay, everyone on board? Clooney! Wahlberg! Petersen! This is gonna be great. A sure-fire winner. Now for the full checklist...

Cliched script... Check!
Cliched characters... Check!
Overacting from Diane Lane... Check!
Overblown orchestral score... Check!
Pointless coastguard subplot... Check!
Lots of yucky sugar-sweet schmaltz... Check!
Proven A-list director simply ticking boxes and embarrassing himself... Check!
Thirty minutes too long... Check!
Horrendous screenplay but why bother with a rewrite... Check!
So lacking emotion, you couldn't care less who lives or dies... Check!

And the Blu-ray transfer? Well that's average. Not shocking, but nothing to write home about either.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 6 February 2011
The Perfect Storm, I just love it so much.

"The fog's just lifting, you throw off your bow line, you throw off your stern-you head out to South Chanel past Rocky Neck...Ten Pound Island, past Niles Pond where I skated as a kid-and you blow your air horn and throw a wave to the lighthouse keepers kid on Thatcher's Island - then the birds show up, black backs and herring gulls, big dump ducks - the sun hits you, head North, open up to 12, you're steaming now, the guys are busy, you're in charge - you know what? You're a god damn sword boat captain, is there anything better in the world?"

Ordinarily I would write a review that is fair minded and as honest as I can call it, something that hopefully would interest the readers either side of the fence. But here with The Perfect Storm I just want to write why I love this particular picture, and what a most divisive picture it has turned out to be. I'm aware of the complaints about the movie, even the ones from the family of the real Captain Billy Tyne {played by Alpha Male regular George Clooney}, but as an entertaining spectacle with huge slices of emotional fortitude, The Perfect Storm will forever be hitting my spots.

The character build up is just wonderful, people with things to prove, fractured and blossoming romances, loyalties on the line, grudges carried over from previous encounters, the lives of sea fishermen fully formed in the films first quarter. Then there is a sequence as George Clooney says the monologue that I have opened this review with, beautifully recited, but it's the emotion in Linda Greenlaw's face (Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio) as she watches and listens to him speak it, just wonderful. Then the boys go out to see, heading off into dangerous waters to hopefully make a killing in the fish market, tensions run high, accidents happen, heroes are born and rivalries quickly overturned, but the boys must go further if they are to corner the market, the Grand Banks are evil at this time of year.

A three pronged hostile weather front is heading their way, they are, as Linda tells Billy on the radio, heading into the belly of the monster, and what a monster it is. Here the makers excel, director Wolfgang Petersen, his cinematographer John Seale and his S/E maestro John Frazier do literally put me right there in a amongst the waves and derringdo bravado. Then it's the final couple of reels, the emotional mangler, even a spiritual coda that is hated by so many can't make me dislike the film any less, and I'll wager right here and now that as funeral eulogies go, few if any have been delivered with as much heartbreaking emotion as the one read by Mastrantonio here. All of which is backed by a truly involving score by James Horner, shades of Braveheart's emotional swirls in there.

It's a personal opinion you know, but The Perfect Storm is a magnificent film that I enjoy three times a year, every year, and nobody will ever be able to take that away from me.

"There's no goodbyes Christina, only love," damn straight! 9/10
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VINE VOICEon 18 July 2007
I'm inclined to agree with those that get fed up with people being critical of a plot that based on a true story. We all know Hollywood can and does change things it can't be bothered to convey but still its not the films fault that these are the events of this story. The Andrea Gail and its captain George Clooney (who is superb) are desperate to get the catch they need. Clooney refuses advice to return home and becomes caught out by Mother Nature who whips up a monsterous storm of horrific proportions that eventually causes deadly problems for the boat and its crew. I dread to think how hideous those sea storms really are as these CGI waves are a brilliant testamant to that but can never get close to the true power and horror the sea can achieve. A very good film worthy of its place in a collection.
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on 5 October 2007
I feel like I am in the minority here...but I like the movie. And I have heard the People of the town thought the movie company did justice as well. How do you tell a story of a lost fishing boat where all hands were lost. We do not know what actually happened on board, and which of the subplots and events that were added in to brighten up what was an otherwise sad story. The Andrea Gail sets out for a late-season fishing voyage right before a number of meteorological events trigger one of the largest storms in history on the Eastern Seaboard. We get to see many events that occurred including the perils of a yacht, a Coast Guard helicopter crew, and the fishermen on the Andrea Gail.

I feel they captured the town and fishermen. The time at the beginning of the movie is required so that you can see why the men were willing to take risk going out so late in the season to fish again. I enjoyed the little look into New England fishery.

The boat, the men and the action on the high seas are great to watch. The storm effects (CGI I'm sure) were also very cool. Both George Clooney and Mark Wahlberg do a fine job as the captain and crewman, respectively, of the doomed Andrea Gail. I will keep my DVD and watch it again....
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on 5 June 2007
This is a solid film, which does it's best to convey Jungers book in 2 hours. Of course its had the Hollywood treatment- what 'true story' hasn't?

Its worth remembering that it is a true story- those reveiwers who complain about the 'plot'... not much you can do to alter actual events, is there? I especially liked the reveiw which described the pilots descision to ditch as 'ridiculous'- a descision which saved the lives of all on board.

Also worth remembering, is that this as not not meant to be a docomentary- once the radio antennae was ripped from the Andrea Gail, of course no one can know what went on, but the film did a good job of creating a plausible, if overly dramatic finale, which fitted in with what is known about what really happened.

I would recomend the book to anyone who is inerested, as inevitably it provides a fuller and truer account.

Also recomended is the book 'That Others May Live' by Jack Brehm, who was involved in the coodination of the rescue effort.
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on 5 February 2013
George Clooney is a fisherman. Really? - you know what, yeah, and a damn fine job at making what potentially could have been a boring film fairly exciting. If the preface had said something like "Some blokes take a beaten up boat fishing for the last big catch of the season, only to find themselves heading straight for a hurricane, subsequently find themselves in the "perfect storm", now will they ever catch home?" - I probably wouldn't even bothered watching it. But alas it's pretty good, not one for the cinema I think but a must have for movie dvd collectors.
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