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3.8 out of 5 stars
3.8 out of 5 stars
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on 19 July 2004
I really liked this book, it was hard to get into at the start, but after a few chapters I was speeding through. I thoroughly enjoyed the battle scenes(even if Drizzt and co. seem to be invincible at times)but the characters were quite weak, there was not much good conversation and the characters did not seem to think or feel as much as they did in other books, and Drizzt's monologues are uninspiring. Nonetheless,this is a very good book and the conquests of the Sea Sprite, Errtu's plot for revenge, the return of Crenshinabon, the crystal shard, and the identity of the prisoner of the Abyss, makes this a very thrilling read right up to the last page.
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on 5 November 1998
I am an avid fan of everything that has to do with Drizzt Do'Urden, and I was looking forward to this one more than you can know. However, I was rather disappointed when it actually came out. Starless Night was my favorite, and the books had, in general, been getting better each time. However, this Passage to Dawn does not continue this trend. The characters seem to have less depth, and the plot certainly does. It is predictable and rather destructive to the masterful stories Salvatore has told in the past. He always had two strong points: interesting, well-developed characters, and cool fight scenes. Unfortunately, neither of these shows up very well in this book. The great characters, other than Drizzt, are gone (Jarlaxle and Entreri) or poorly portrayed (Cattie-Brie, Regis). Even Drizzt doesn't seem to "think" as much as he used to. I think Salvatore got tired of writing the series, and he should have stopped at the last book.
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on 28 January 1998
This is definatlly one of R.A.'s best but the end left you hanging with a surprised ending that caught me off guard. I was hoping that Cattie-bre and Drizzt would get together. There were less fighting in this book showing that Salvatore is becoming more mature in his writtings. I recommend it for anyone to read. Please R.A. write about Drizzt.
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on 13 October 1997
After reading this book over a year ago (finishing it in one day, then flipping right back to read it all over again), I stumbled upon this review site. I, as always with R.A. Salvatore's books, was not surprised by the greatness of it. I simply loved it. I have looked through the reviews of the book on this site and a common theme prevails -- "predictable". As a fan of R.A. Salvatore's work, I am not angered nor am I disappointed with the general theme of the reviews. Everyone's interpretation of a novel is a very private thing and the author's feelings, no matter how talented he is, cannot be pulled out of the reader by his work. That is why I can say that personnaly the only thing that was predictable in the story to me, was the fantastic writing. It never once fell below the standards that R.A. Salvatore set for himself and every staff writer that TSR has had since. Salvatore has played a very major role in the giving of life to the Forgotten Realms and to the huge success of TSR in its glory years. That is why it bothers me at the hand R.A. Salvatore was delt by TSR on this book. You might ask yourself; "what is he rambling on about", well, ask yourself this -- just how predictable would this book be if TSR didn't comission an artist to paint an obvious picture of Wulfgar on its cover. Thank you very much for your time. A little piece of news for all of you Salvatore and Drizzt Do'Urden fans -- there will be another novel about the heroes of Icewind Dale. That was confirmed to me by the author himself.
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on 6 April 1998
My comment is the same as everyone else's. Too predictable. Also I think that instead of resurrecting old characters, Salvatore should invent some new ones. That, as well as his excellent 'action writing' was always his strength.
That being said, I would like to see some old plot lines tied up, or at least followed up on: namely, that elf-girl Drizzt saved who turned up again in Starless Night, and Jarlaxle, who was a complex character with strange motives (why help a rebel drow who can't reward you when your highest priorities are causing chaos, turning a profit, and looking out for number 1?)
I agree with previous reviewers in that I'd like to see a solitary Drizzt again (or at least more Drizzt-focused novels). Over all, I felt that this book was nothing more than a long epilogue to The Legacy, and while it wasn't bad, it wasn't great either.
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on 30 June 2007
Well... can I just say that to all you guys who rated this 5 stars simply because it was written by Salvatore and contains Drizzt... more fool you, because it's obvious yo udo not know how to review a book objectively.

I have just bought the entire Salvatore line of books and read them in chronological order until I got to the end of The Legacy of the Drow... finishing with Paths of Dawn. The first three books of the quadrilogy were masterful, I enjoyed them thoroughly. Character development was quality (Thibbledworf Pent rocked) and it felt epic. Siege of Darkness ended on a real high.

Then comes Path to Dawn... did Salvatore really write this or did he get his 14-year old nephew to write it? It makes a mockery of all the work that went into the previous three books. The plot is obviously so hasitly constructed and so weak that you can tell this was a last-minute rush-job in order for him to finish the series and start milking the cash... who knows maybe due to publisher pressure. What has resulted is a lame duck of a novel... where names are thrown in and things happen so fast and so pointlessly that at the end you are just left feeling bitterly dissappointed. The battles lack their usual grit and detail, character depth is a joke, I barely empathised with a single person in the whole book, and he completely glossed over the usual issues facing the group that are gone into in such depth in the previous books. It lacks emotion, it lacks soul, it lacks heart, it lacks everything that made the previous three so great.

And the grand finale... where do I start... it's like he just said to himself "Ok, I have ten minutes to write this and then i'm off out". The return of Wulfgar should have been a slow-burning epic that when the truth was finally revealed had you thumping the air in joy, but this book had no consideration for the reader and left you feeling that something distinctly uninspiring had occurred, something barely worthy of notice.

I am about to start reading the rest of the books detailing Wulfgars return and is struggle with himself and I only pray that they are a return to form after the travesty i've just read that was Path to Dawn. Shame on you Salvatore, shame on you for ruining the end of a fantastic series...
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on 15 April 2007
After ten books (three in the dark eld trilogy, three in the icewind dale trilogy and four in the legacy of the drow series), the characters are becoming familiar and the interaction and culture of the races are known quantities. Unfortunately, the plots are becoming pretty familiar as well.

Salvatore delivers as always with his battle sequences, where his writing is always well done (makes me wonder if he physically steps through the fighting himself so as to better write it). This book also contains time on the ship Sea Sprite, and battles with pirate ships, which are well done. I also enjoyed the new characters of the wizard Cadderly and his wife Danica, although their appearance was short.

But bringing back the Crystal Shard, Ertuu (who we knew from the previous few books was going to have to make a return appearance) and the bringing of a main character back from the dead makes for a fairly predictable plotline.

I know people who have read the entire series (which at this point is seven more books), but I have to question what additional events and devices can be brought into this series to make it interesting and enjoyable. If characters die, except on soap operas they should stay dead.
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on 7 October 1997
Unlike the rest of the reviews I believed that Passage To Dawn was one of the best Drizzt novels written by Salvatore. With exciting battles and a fantastic plot, there are few things that are lacking in this book. I also believe that the ending to this book was NOT AT ALL PREDICTABLE. IT ONLY BECOMES PREDICTABLE IF YOU READ THE OLD WITCHES' RIDDLE MORE THAN ONCE. SO READ THE RIDDLE ONCE AND ONLY ONCE AND THERE WILL BE NO LACK OF SUSPENSE AT THE END. The ending to this book is, in my opinion, one of the best endings to any of his books. Passage to Dawn is not predictable or lacking of suspense at all. I couldn't put the book down. Passage To Dawn Is a must-read for all of us Drizzt fans.
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on 2 November 1997
I was very much looking forward to Bob Salvatore's latest in the Drizzt series. But I absolutely was NOT looking forward to more hack and slash adventure in the dark caverns of the Underdark. Happily, Salvatore takes his hero on a journey worthy of an epic, on the surface world, interacting with other interesting characters. The sea battles were fascinating, the minions of the other planes interesting, and the overall theme splendid. Salvatore has grown up some as a writer, not content to merely slice his way through hordes of bad guys and provide phony philosophy to fill the pages. A most enjoyable read.
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on 26 June 1998
I would have rated this book higher for sheer readability, but as longtime a Drizzt fan some things just bothered me too much. These super-characters are no longer believable. I will probably read the next Drizzt novel as well, but the summary already worries me. Artemis will be back again. Get some new characters, Salvatore! The Artemis/Drizzt rivalry should have been over when Drizzt finally defeated him (in the Legacy I believe). I thought bringing Artemis back in Starless Night was really pushing it, let alone having Artemis pop up again for yet another round with Drizzt. Drizzt is a great character, but future novels are desperately in need of some new material.
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