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Customer Reviews

4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 26 October 2011

If you want the best looking headphones that sound amazing on a budget of £30-£70, THESE ARE UNBEATABLE!! DO NOT LOOK ANY FURHER!!

Sorry for shouting.. but it's true

I've owned these headphones for best part of a year. They cost me £30. To me that is unbelievable.

Bullet Points.

1. Look so Cool.. really, hard to beat at any price level!.. (retro-cool..i guess)

2. Sound- honestly fantastic. I have compared this only to headphones around the £100-200 mark , and these without a doubt are comparable.. this has surprised me. I also own far more expensive headphones (akg 701- which i adore)... and wouldn't expect these little fellas to get to this level of clarity and they don't.

I found the mid-range and trebles to be particularly good, the bass is also good but less defined, and the longer you use them the better they sound like many headphones.. (this is called "burn in")

3. Comfort is also really good, you can wear them for hours without a problem.. I do leave the house occasionally..)

In summary;

Excellent all rounders, if anything they suffer in the bass region, don't mean lacking, just not well enough defined.

... but i am comparing that to a lot more expensive headphones...

I give these 5 stars because the price is staggering for such a great sounding pair of headphones, because they are in my opinion the coolest looking headphones around...

Overall these are fantastic.. I use them far more than I ever thought I would, love the sound..

Hope this helps

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on 31 December 2012
I bought these headphones as a good general purpose can for using with my laptop/phone/tablet and have to say these are some of the best budget headphones I've ever heard.
Starting with the build quality, the rail that the ear cups slide on is steel with other details and fittings in aluminium, ear cups are plastic and the headband and ear cushions are artificial "pleather" material, the fit and finish are superb for the money giving the headphones a look and feel beyond their price range.
Styling is a personal thing but the retro/old school look seams classic and stylish to my eyes.
And now to the sound quality, these things punch way above their weight, the overwhelming thing for me was how balanced and detailed they sound, mid-range is slightly recessed and bass is slightly enhanced but not to the detriment of the rest of the sound, in fact these are fantastically fun headphones making all genres of music a pleasure.
Now just to finish I own headphones from Grado Sennheiser and AKG some costing ten times as much as these Panasonic's, Do these sound as good? no but they don't disgrace themselves either, for £30 pounds there outstanding and I think you'd be spending around the £100 mark to significantly improve on there sound,Panasonic have produced a budget gem with these headphones,Don't hesitate buy and enjoy.
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on 20 March 2012
After agonising for weeks I finally took the plunge and clicked to order. Ordered late one evening and the goods arrived within a day and a half. Liked the look and feel straight away and started the burn-in procedure(as advised by other reviewers). I can't say I was blown away, after having been spoilt by a friends top-end Beats, but, after a few weeks, I think I may have the better end of the deal. The sound is such that all you hear is good music and you hear everything the way it is supposed to be. They have big bass when the track is supposed to, yet, on other tracks, it seems there is a lack of bass. Then you realise that the music is supposed to sound that way and not be artificially overblown. These are really for people who like music and like to hear it the way it was intended. If you like massive bass and overblown arftificialism then I would advise that you choose something else. If you like to sit back and enjoy the music for what its supposed to be then order with confidence.
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on 14 July 2013
A lot of reviews stating that bass was too low on these put me off initially, but I decided that I was willing to risk it for the other reviews that said they were great.

I have regular sized ears, and these headphones nearly completely cover them, keeping out basically all external sound - so you're really in a world of your own - makes you feel even closer to the music.

The only negative point I have is that the headphones can become quite hot and after a while this can be a bit uncomfortable.

I use the headphones for music production as well as just general listening.

I am very pleased - and bass is not too high or too low - just perfect! And straight out of the box it was excellent, maybe some reviewers should check the devices they are playing the headphones off, or their settings, before blaming the headphones straight away.

I could hear the bass in rock music so clearly, exactly how it was intended in the initial recordings - for example, I was listening to nirvana and the libertines first off and you felt like you were at the recording session - for the first time I could hear the bass perfectly and the drums - WOW - every intricate detail is there - its no longer just a thud, its a type of thud, at a certain frequency, with a certain drum-kit, I can hear the difference now! Everything is so clear - nothing was tampered with electronically - this is how it is supposed to sound people!

I would say the same for dance music too, everything is so clear, and you can hear things you didn't before, little intricacies, so good!

For years I've been listening to music on run of the mill headphones - there is no comparison - with these headphones you're transported to the gig, to the recording session - YOU ARE NO LONGER JUST LISTENING, YOU ARE THERE - the producer wanted you to hear it this way - and now you get it!

Thank you Panasonic!
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on 29 July 2011
I bought a pair of these headphones on impulse during a hot summer in Hong Kong, two years ago. I remember walking into the shop and being struck instantly by the vintage good looks of this set. I liken these headphones to a Vespa125 scooter with modern parts, a great look with reliable, well designed inner workings.

The sound quality with these headphones is quite good considering the price. That being said, the bass response on these headphones are not very good. They seem to be tuned for more middle response than bass or treble. The headphone cups are made of hard plastic, and the arch and the inside of the cups (where your ears are) are lined with synthetic leather. Although these headphones do not have the softest leather or the softest cushioning, they are still comfortable and can be worn for long times.

These headphones are not noise-isolating and not active noise-canceling, which makes using them in louder places (such as airplanes) less easy. However, for the price range that these headphones are sold, it is very hard (if not impossible) to find active noise-canceling headphones.

All in all, these headphones are trendy, with good quality sound. They would look good in the studio, at home, and outside.
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on 6 January 2012
I got these for my daughter for Christmas and have to say they are magnificent! Granted, the kind of music she listens to (random notes that have absolutely no musical value) is probably wasted on such a good pair of headphones but for us from an older generation will still appreciate the clarity of the sound that are transmitted through the headset. I had a £100 set of cans from Dr Dre and these just blow those away!

And for the price these are going for...they are an absolute steal!
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on 6 November 2012
I've owned various brands of headphones recently including the B&W P5 and AKG K450. Remembering that these Panasonics cost only £35 rrp, they beat both of these hands down. The reasons are as follows. I use headphones on a daily basis, on the tube, walking around London, etc .... The B&W P5's had the best sound quality but would clamp down on my ears and cause pain after about an hour of use. They also couldn't handle as much power as the Panasonics and one of the speakers started making distorted noises after owning them for a couple of weeks. Luckily I was able to take them back to the shop. The B&W's also cost a hefty £249 compared to £35 for the Panasonics. The AKG 450K are better for portability. They fold up nicely into a quality case. They have a detachable headphone lead which is great if the cable gets damaged as it can be easily replaced. Sound quaility is no where near as good as the Panasonics. They sound light weight and bland by comparison. They also leak a lot of sound and let a lot of external noise in. The AKG 450K originally cost around the £100 mark but can be picked up for half of that price now. So to the Panasonic's .... why are they better? To start with they look great. I love the retro styling (matter of taste I guess). They fit completely around the ears so are very very comfortable over long listening periods (also keep the ears warm in this cold weather!). They also provide excellent sound isolation and leak very little sound out and let virtually no external noise in. In terms of sound, they are really nicely balanced. They sound very natural and spacious. If you're a bass freak, stick to the "awful" Beats audio etc ... The bass response on the Panasonics is clear, balanced and more than adequate. Infact, I listen to a lot of Reggae and Hip Hop music. The Panasonics sound amazing. In fact i'm listening to Eryka Badu's debut album Baduizm as I write this and the Panasonics are just cruising through the deep elastic bass lines of "Certainly". Trust me, you won't be left wanting in the bass department. The midrange is smooth yet transparent and the treble is airy and snaps along nicely. If you're in the market for a decent pair of large over ear headphones you simply can't buy better for the money. I couldn't be happpier. Just buy a pair!
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on 18 May 2012
I had been looking for a set of headphones for some time and - by chance - came across a review of the RP-HTX's in What Hifi. They reckoned they were the best 'phones for the money and up to about £100. When I first tried them I was a little disappointed as they seemed to lack presence. However, after a relatively short burn in the sound changed significantly. Stereo separation improved and the balance between bass mid and high got much better as well. Bass is now full but not overbearing and the highs don't hiss out the mids. I listen to a range of music from classical through to bands like King Crimson and these phones handle the complexities of some of this music very well. They will not beat the likes of Bose but the most certainly beat other 'phones in this price range. Excellent value for money (£33) and so no wonder they are hard to get hold of.
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on 15 December 2011
I bought these for my wife's birthday as I thought she'd like the retro look. She uses cans at work to listen to talking books & occasionaly the radio.
* First good point - they look even better in the flesh - not too big, well finished and very comfy - on-ear rather than over-ear, single cable that doesn't get in the way.
* Next good point - they sound really good - not quite up to my £100+ Sennheisers, but I would happily use them to listen to music for a long while.
* Added extra - they keep noise out (and music in) - good for noisy work environments.
* Final good point - they match her new jumper...
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on 7 July 2013
Sound quality: the headphones have a fairly flat response, which is to say that everything sounds much as it should. The are a few light resonances in the low end, so occasionally you'll notice that certain bass notes/sounds stick out a bit too prominently. The 1-4kHz range comes out a bit blurred, snare drums don't sound great, but these are £30 headphones. I found them to be quite non-fatigueing on the ears. So far so ok. HOWEVER....that's all in a quiet environment. Once you go outside the house it's a different story. These are my first pair of over-the-ear headphones for general out-and-about use, I have always used in-ear headphones up til now. What immediately struck me was that extraneous low and low-mid frequencies from the outside world aren't shielded out very well at all. In fact they are accentuated. I did a slightly non-scientific experiment. Standing next to a bus, with no audio passing through the headphones, I listened with and without them on and the low frequency roar of the bus was to my ears accentuated by the headphones (and I hope my ears are decent enough, I work as a classical music sound engineer for the BBC). Much like putting a sea-shell to your ear, you can hear a roaring sound if you are near traffic or on a tube train.The effect this has on the music is that the low end becomes very indistinct, to the point that you sometimes can't hear the bass notes. Boosting the low end in the EQ helps a bit, but the bass will still be cloudy and rhythmically indistinct. I therefore wouldn't recommend these headphones to people who like listening to bass-heavy music and walking around in cities (or even travelling on coaches, where the low engine noise intrudes on the sound).

Build quality: seems very good for the price. The cable is, in my opinion, sturdily constructed and a good length. Same goes for the jack. The wiring around the cans themselves is tucked out of the way.

Comfort: Fairly comfortable, can get a bit clammy though, I wouldn't want to be sat on a long non-air-conditioned bus journey with them on. They were a bit tight around the head initially, but a good flexing of the metal band sorts that out.

I'll give them 3 stars because the sound is really very good for the price. However, for the purpose of general "wandering around listening to music" or commuting headphones I can't recommend them, I'm afraid.
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