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4.4 out of 5 stars55
4.4 out of 5 stars
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Pampers disposable change mats are thin mats made from similar materials to their nappies, only they fold out to a simple 60cm x 60cm square mat for changing your baby on whilst away from your usual changing area.

The upper absorbent layer absorbs any 'accidents' whilst the baby is being changed, which certainly gives the parent piece of mind when at someone else's house etc. The square mat folds out to a good size that will easily accommodate the lower regions of all baby ages.

These mats are ideal for taking with you when travelling, on outings (such as a trip to the park), emergency changes in the car, or for using under a potty for extra protection from spillages when potty training.

The mats can be folded up or rolled into a surprisingly small package, due to the thin nature of the materials used. The underside of the mat is relatively waterproof, meaning that it won't absorb any moisture from the ground or other such slightly damp surface that you could place the mat on.

The box contains 5 packs, which each contain 12 disposable changing mats, making a total of 60 mats. If you were to use just one during a week (say whilst on a weekend outing), then this would mean that the entire box would last around a year. Obviously you wouldn't use these on a daily basis; they're more for emergencies and for the sheer convenience whilst out-and-about.

The main problem and concern with the use of these is the environmental issue. Obviously being disposable, they're not exactly eco-friendly. Add on the use of disposable nappies, and you're talking about a lot of one-use-then-throw-away material here. On top of that, the mats come in an enormous amount of highly unnecessary additional cardboard and paper packaging for their delivery (see attached video). The carbon footprint of purchasing a box of these disposable changing mats is certainly an aspect that should be considered.

But with the ecological aspect aside, these are handy mats that make your life as a parent to a little one just that little bit easier. The absorbency of the mats is impressive, the size when folded out is spot on, and the adorable designs on the underside add that nice little 'cutesy baby' touch.
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on 25 June 2016
More expensive than a single nappy however we find that the mats can be used multiple times (if only a wee has been done!)

These have allowed our little girl to have plenty of nappy free time without us worrying about wee/poo/spit up getting everywhere! They have been a godsend to give her 30-60mins of happy wiggly time!
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VINE VOICEon 25 March 2011
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I had my first baby just before Christmas and for a few months before then until now I have been investigating all the necessary products from nappies to bottles. We bought a large, soft mothercare changing mat and have never had any issues with it- it is light enough to take in the car if we are going visiting and it is large enough to prevent any splashes. Now that our baby is a bit older we can take her for longer walks and visit work collegues etc. Obviously the mothercare mat is not practical for this sort of trip, so these disposable Pampers Mats are near perfect. They are very thin, but provide plenty of absorption and safety. You can easily store a few in your handbag, even more in your baby bag. If you need to change you can just whip one of these out, lay it on a canging surface, and work away. They are quite large (useful as my daughter is surpsingly long for being 3 months old), and the underside is protected so that any soggy material underneath will not soak through. Perhaps the best thing for a buyer is that you will really only need 1 pack of these- this comes with 5 sets of 12 making a total of 60, so unless you are using these constantly in your home you won't need to spend any more. As others have mentioned, these aren't particularly eco-friendly as there is a lot of packaging and these have the same bio-degradable abilities as nappies... I'm sure though that the future of the planet is pretty far to the back of the head of most Mothers when they have a wriggling, screaming, wet baby on their hands. If you don't intend on travelling too far then these are not necessary in the slightest. If you are planning on taking your baby out for long treks though these may be indispensable.
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on 28 April 2014
The disposable changing mats are excellent. I use them on top of my daughter's normal changing mat and they make life so much easier as any messes can be disposed of instantly! I think they make the changing area more hygienic and are useful for the changing bag too.
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I should like them but I don't. I think muslin squares and a wipeable, foldable changing mat are more convenient and easier to store and carry around.
I do use disposable nappies and am all for convenience but these mats are large and not reusable once soiled. If you are an expert in changing nappies without ever having to wipe the changing mat then these might be for you but I'd not go a day before having to throw away one of these.
The illustrations on the back of the packet show how you might use them:
1. Changing a baby - o.k. but I'd need to throw one away at least once a day. I'd rather carry round a plastic, foldable reusable mat I could wipe with an antibacterial wipe or a fabric one I could put in the wash.
2. Leaving a baby with no clothes on sitting on the sofa - no baby I've ever known has sat on a small square area without moving on the sofa for more than 5 seconds. You'd have to cover the whole room with disposable mats.
3. Changing a nappy in a car - I think a reusable wipeable plastic mat beats this hands down.
4. As a burping pad to put over your shoulder - muslin square every time. Who is going to put this large, crinkly thing over their shoulder?
5. In the garden with no clothes on - presumably to save the grass from baby wee? Does anyone knows how to get a crawling baby to stay on a small square while in the garden?
6. To sit and eat on - you could wash a picnic blanket, put a plastic sheet under a highchair...
7. Underneath a potty - if your house is heavily carpeted, even in the toilets then perhaps.
8. Planes, trains and automobiles - a plastic, foldable mat takes up far less space and is reusable.
They are very large so if you ever encounter somewhere filthy (motorway service stations come to mind) they might be useful in keeping baby away from germs but otherwise they seem to be useless landfill clutter.
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Now that using electricity to launder baby towelling textiles is no less desirable than throwaway paper/plastic products heading for landfill - the balance appears to be about equal - it's time and convenience that tips towards disposable. I looked up the `pampers village' website; which is well worth a visit and a helpful resource in itself, but couldn't easily see any environmental info regarding the bio-degradable properties of these mats. So we have to take it on trust that they aren't going to be a huge nuisance.

Far from being one use only they can be folded up and used over and over until they are soiled. Initially for laying the baby on while changing, the pack also suggests they could be thrown over the shoulder like the old muslin nappy, positioned under a potty to catch any spills, sitting outside, also used for protection during kicking freely and natural play. Their fairly slim, light construction means they will fit easily into the baby equipment bag Summer Infant Izabel Bloom Tote Changing Bag

This `new to me' product might seem replace the larger bulkier plastic padded changing mat East Coast Winnie the Pooh It's Only Natural Baby Changing Mat but as that will be wipe clean and is more comfy probably it still earns its place in the home.

The pads will definitely provide a clean, relatively absorbent surface to lay/sit baby on - tucked onto your knee while out and about or set on a rug or carpet. However no doorbell distraction could ever be worth leaving baby unattended on a changing table, sofa or bed - their learning to roll over will happen in a moment, earlier than you might be expecting, with unthinkable consequences should they fall.

This new product could be very handy indeed during baby's first year or so. They were especially useful in the first few days of a new baby when the explosions were extraordinary and surprisingly difficult to sort out! It was found that using one over the changing mat was the answer and for really heavy soiling they could bundle it all up including the disposable nappy, well not including the baby of course! If not ruined the first time around they would stay on the mat for several wet changes and lasted well.
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on 20 February 2015
These are absolutely essential when changing little boys! I learned this from experience with my first son. Now my second son is here and we have 2 babies under the age of two!! And boy do they sprinkle everywhere at each diaper change! These change mats have saved the bed and other areas time and time again! They are absolutely vital to contain those massive poos that babies sometimes do as well!
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on 15 May 2014
Love this product. A little pricey but really great to use on top of changing mat even when topping and tailing instead of using a towel - invariably the towel got soiled and needed to be washed whereas with these you just chuck them out if any soiling. Makes life easier which is the name of the game with a newborn.
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on 1 March 2015
Perfectly good product, but you can get 50 "puppy training pads" (which are basically the same thing) on eBay for about £7.50. There's also a bunch on Amazon too, but they're a tad more expensive.

If you feel like you NEED to get Pampers, then go for it.

But if you're a little more relaxed about how products are marketed, give the puppy pads a go and save yourself a shedload.
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VINE VOICEon 28 April 2011
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Have you ever put off trying to change your baby because there was nowhere clean to do it? Or stripped off their nappy only to have them turn the waterworks or - even worse - the Mr Whippy machine on?

What to do? Lay down a zillion sheets of toilet paper? Use one of your own muslins and spend the rest of the day with a slowly fermenting kackrag in your bag?

These disposable changing mats are quick, convenient and comfy for parents and littl'uns alike. If you're minded too, and they survive unsoiled, they are durable enough to reuse.

The only drawback is covetous parents in the changing room asking to "borrow" them!
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