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4.1 out of 5 stars896
4.1 out of 5 stars
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on 24 July 2012
This is my third bubble in six years. Getting the one negative point out of the way first...I found the previous ones eventually burnt out, although I did have them running 24/7 and both lasted 3yrs. I'm sure the problem was due to the dust building up within the hood. No matter what I tried or used I couldn't quite clear out the build-up and the ability to filter air and dissipate the aroma was gradually reduced. It's a shame the manufacturer hasn't developed a removable filter, as otherwise this product would be perfect...but then, it would probably me far more expensive!

The positives are, as it says on the tin. It clears the air and if left overnight, you are greeted by such fresh air when you enter the room next morning. I can only liken it to the clean air after a thunder storm. Although I leave it running downstairs with the internal doors open, the aroma reaches the bedrooms (and so I assume also clears the air upstairs, given how fresher it feels each morning). This also overcomes the noise factor - it's not a quiet machine yet neither is it overly noisy. To some it may be soothing hearing the water spin? The airborne particles it collects settles in the water, which means you can visibly gauge when the water needs changing. The added bonus is the selection of perfumes you can buy (or have none depending on your preference).

I wasn't going to buy another one of these and spent ages looking for something similar..with a removable filter... in the hope it would last longer. I caved in after failing to find such a product and hence, my third bubble. To my delight this latest version has an on/off switch (previous ones had to be turned off at the socket - a pain as the plug was located behind furniture). It also has a plastic bowl (previous ones were glass - always nervous when I changed the water incase I damaged it & the product become unusable) and this time there's a speed regulator.

Living in a dusty house, with a partner who's a smoker suffering from skin problems, plus two dogs with dust allergies, I know this product helps in alleviating some of their discomfort. The bonus for me is less dusting and the reduction in smoke smell, replaced by a gentle aroma. Friends who visit have seen these advertised on shopping channels and assumed them to be gimmicks. But each one went out and bought an air purifier/ioniser after being sat in my lounge and felt the difference it made. They didn't all buy this particular product but each have said how their filters have eased their asthma or chest problems. The bonus of this one is the perfume it emits whilst it does its job.

The transaction with the seller was perfect and would recommend. Well packaged and a decent delivery time.
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on 10 November 2010
This is a great item. It refreshes your home and makes it smell great. Ideal for someone with asthma, emphysema or any other chest complaints, as I find it cleanses the air really well.
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on 16 February 2012
Great product. Is a little loud as other reviews mention, about same as a fan, but nothing too irritating.
We use it in bedroom as we both suffered with bad sinus pain in the mornings. since using the purifier we have both slept a lot better.
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on 14 August 2015
Be careful when ordering this item. I just ordered one, and received the standard model which is basically a glorified air freshner as it is missing the ioniser!!!! Upon complaining, I was told there is an 'error in the listing' and was offered a refund. But i can bet you now that the title 'AIR PURIFIER WITH IONISER' will not be changed, so they can dupe more people into buying it who may not notice the ioniser is missing. Buyers, beware!!
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on 20 May 2015
I purchased this product about 5 weeks ago so i had a bit of time to test it out. I rate this product very highly. I got this for my Mum who is a very heavy smoker and suffers from COPD. What this product will do is collect all the smoke and other nasty air pollution and basically purify it. As you can see from the picture below is the before and after of the filter that's inside the product and yes that yellow thick substance you see is smoke and other harmful pollution that its collecting from the air. You can probably imagine that stuff is going into your lungs or your kids and pets. Its every easily taken apart to clean and easily put back together. I would recommend this product to someone who smokes or who have kids that are around smokers. The 3 fragrance bottles that come with it smells great and lasts a long time.
review image
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on 16 February 2012

- Incredibly cheap for what it does
- So easy to use and maintain, just fill with water, add scent if required and go. Water lasts and doesnt need changing daily.
- Beutiful lights which are subtle and relaxing
- Really freshens the air and in a large area
- The scent fills the room and eliminates odours
- Ioniser can be turned on/off independantly
- 3 scent bottles included for free (I had Jasmine, Lavender, and


- Quite loud on highest settng (of 3) but still quite a relaxing noise
- The instructions are minimal and dont discuss maintenance
- The scent bottles are quite small and £8 each to replace but you only need a few drops


I have just spent £650 on a Blueair 650E SmokeStop top of the range air purifier and its awesome (see my review) but when one remembers that this was £630 cheaper and achieves a lot of the main features it is pretty amazing. If you have serious allergies, health issues or air contaminants then you will need a product such as the Blueair. If however you have mild allergies, odour problems or dry air from central heating then this product will meet your needs admirably.

I have mine set up in a room that is approx 28 x 15 feet so im asking it to deal with a large area inhabited by 2 smelly dogs and 2 smelly humans! In the winter we have the central heating on a lot which dries out the air terribly, and odours tend to hang in the air.
Within an hour or two of setting up this product (which incidentaly took five minutes to set up from opening box to switching on) the air in our large smelly lounge smelt fresh and clean. You get 3 free scents with the air purifier and a few drops of one of those will have the room smelling fantastic. The smells are natural and not cloying. If I put my face over the vents of the purifier I can literally feel the cool fresh air flying out into the room.

If you have allergies or odour problems I cannot recommend this product highly enough. It will give you fresh air in a large area, all for £18! Got to be worth a try!
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I've had a few of these type of air purifiers over the years and this one is one of the better ones.

Its a decent size, some are sold as full size when they really should be marketed as mini but this one is full size.

The bowl is easy to remove and has clear and easy to find bands (bends) that define the min and max lines, so no matter how you hold it, you'll not overfill it, which is again better than most.

The lid sits on easily and there is a turn knob at the top for the three speeds and to turn it off. Also on the top is an illuminated switch, that turns the LEDs on and off, they are in the top and point down.

The LEDs cycle through various colours rather than switch between them, so that is much nicer. It takes a few seconds to warm up, so it might appear to flash between the colours, but it settles down quickly to a smooth cycling. They aren't too bright either, just a nice glow, even in a dark room they aren't too bright, in fact it would make a nice night light for a childs room, just be careful water and electricity don't mix!!!!

That is my only worry with these, my personal feelings are that these should operate on a low voltage supply via a mains adaptor, this one runs off mains voltage so if you really messed up and got the whole bowl of water in the main unit that may not end well.

Overall it works well and it came with 3 anti-bacterial fragrances, while not very strong at least gives you something to start off with, I recommend proper fragrance oils for a stronger scent.

Works well to clean the air, give a feeling of freshness, keep dust at a minimum and fragrance the air.
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on 16 March 2011
I bought this product for my daughters bedroom because she suffers from allergies. Her condition has improved greatly since using this product. It is efficient, effective and smells wonderful. The added mood lights are wonderful.
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on 5 January 2014
See pics for info.
Bigger than I thought, and a bit noisy when on full setting.
However, filled it with clean water and 4 drops of Lavender Oil. Had it on daytime only for 3 days ( except to test the lights ! ). After three days, the air in the house smelt fresher, less smoky ( I bought the item predominantly because I smoke, but don't like the smell in the house), and the water was a very murky yucky colour.
Shows how much smoke / dust gets into the air and sits there! - ugh.
Will see how long it is effective for, but for under £20 I think this is a real bargain.
review image review image review image review image
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on 14 May 2013
Super fast delivery from Amazon, packaged well, I have already got a few of these around the home and must admit I am so impressed with the way they make the air smell fresh and clean I ordered this one -These are brilliant for anyone who suffers with asthma, allergies etc. I feel even though these seem expensive to buy - trust me you will not need any other air freshener's in your home as long as you change the water every other day and adding your drops depending on own personal preference.
Even though I have given 5* rating photo shows white lid so was a little disappointed when I opened up the box to find the top was Blue, but it does come with X3 30ml bottles of different essences others only come with X3 10mls - it did not give you an option to choose the colour top so presumed it would be white - other than this I am very happy with purchase and would highly recommend to anyone who is looking for a good air purifier but also that who ever purchases one request what colour top you would like, they do come in white, blue and lime green, hope this helps.
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