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Both Colette Harris, health journalist, best-selling PCOS book author and Verity patron, and her co-author Theresa Cheung, freelance write, teacher and health consultant, have had to face up to fertility issues as a result of being diagnosed with PCOS. After several years of trying to conceive, Theresa had both her children after using the fertility drug Clomid; while Colette, after years of successful self-treatment via diet, supplements, acupuncture and medical herbs, is now wondering if she will be fertile if she decides she does want children.
Colette and Theresa's new book, PCOS and Your Fertility, stems in great part from their own experiences. It is packed with practical advice, the latest research and stories from women with PCOS who have been dealing with fertility issues. Starting off with an explanation of what PCOS is, it includes a Seven-Step-Fertility-Boosting Action Plan to help maximise your chances of conceiving, details of the latest medical and complementary fertility treatments, and having a healthy pregnancy with PCOS.
There are also chapters dealing specifically with the emotional stresses of the fertility journey, including sections on miscarriage and secondary infertility (where you have had one successful pregnancy but are unable to achieve a second), and coping strategies if you are not able to have children or decide to look at other options, such as fostering or adoption.
It is written with great warmth and compassion, and in parts reduced me to tears, but it is incredibly uplifting too. In short, it is an indispensable read for any woman with PCOS who is worried about her fertility - and her partner, too.
If you want to find out more about PCOS, contact UK PCOS charity Verity ([...] of which Colette Harris is patron.
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on 2 December 2004
When I first found out that I had PCOS, my doctor gave me NO information about the disorder or how to treat it in order to improve my chances of conceiving. After a few hours on google, I eventually found this book, and have never looked back! Suddenly every thing is clear, and the advice offered is both practical and do-able! It is an in-valuable source of info and support and I would totally recommend it to sufferers of PCOS. An absolute must read!
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on 27 October 2004
This book has really helped me to move on from living with the condition and symptoms caused by PCOS. I thought that a lot of the other books and guides that I got from health clinics did not recognise the discomfort and hidden nature of the condition. At last here is a book that I can relate to and can give me infomration that has taken a long time to get anywhere near to before. I like the way that the authors explain things in a very readable way and it really encouraged me to have some hope that I could begin to live my life so that I can manage the difficult symptoms that I experience. Well done to both authors for giving me my hope back and for making me realise that I am not alone.
Thank you. Rachel Grey
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on 12 July 2005
When visiting the doctor with my symptoms i was referred to a specialists and told cause ? POCS. Being a nurse i had a small understanding of the condition, but wanted to expland my knowledge and understanding. I therefore visited our local libary and came across this fantastic book. It explaines all aspects of the condition, in a very friendly but informative approach. Good bedtime reading,whilst my Husband also found it useful to read.
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on 5 September 2005
Both authors have differing experiences of PCOS. Haven't got a clue what anyone is talking about when they mention PCOS? Don't know where to start in trying to make sense of your problem? This is THE book that will give you the truth, and will also give you hope.
It is realistic too about what efforts YOU need to make to overcome the blasted thing and lead the fulfilling and happy life you want, whatever that is.
It's all in simple easy to read language without patronising, and you can pick it up whenever and it will make sense. Great for your partner to understand what is happening with your body and what you need.
I can't put in to words how positive and hopeful I felt after reading this.If you read any book at all about PCOS read this!!
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on 17 May 2009
This book is helpful in as much as it concentrates on the fertility aspects of PCOS, however I did not find the 'PCOS stories' in the book that helpful. It is good that is looks at all aspects of treatments available. The book has certainly given me a greater understanding of PCOS and how it impacts on a woman's fertility.
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on 12 August 2011
I did not find this book helpful at all.

Basically, if you are overweight you should lose weight. If you are not overweight then visit your doctor.

The authors do not appear to have any medical qualifications and I was not convinced that the quotes from 'experts' were reliable, taken within context or supported by medical research. There is very little information which could not be researched on the internet and I found the book to be very repetitive.
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