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Customer Reviews

4.5 out of 5 stars32
4.5 out of 5 stars
Format: Audio CD|Change
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on 30 October 2004
I had a terrible fear of flying and had tried several of the recommended books but nothing hit the mark like this did.
I feared all the usual things: weird noises, turbulance, take off, being in the air but this CD just took that all away.
After listening to it regularly for 3 weeks before my 11 hour flight to Bangkok it made my flight fantastic! I actually relaxed and enjoyed the flight ( I never thought I would ever be able to say that) even when we had some rough turbulance.
I can't explain it as I didn't conciously do anything different on this flight to all the others where I have been in tears. I was simply amazed.
One thing I would say is that you can't listen to this on the flight and expect it to work there and then. Also, returning after 2 weeks and not listening to the CD at all, meant I found the flight a lot more uncomfortable on the way back. This was nothing to do with CD, it was me not following the rules which is to listen regularly before the flight.
The CD is amazing at relaxing you everytime you listen to it so I would buy it again just for that: even when you fall into a deep state of relaxation (or sleep) you still absorb what is being said.
This is a must for anyone scared of flying. Follow the rules; use it running up to your flight and you will be amazed!
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on 21 January 2011
Ok, so my fear of flying got so bad that I couldn't face getting on a plane for 10 years. Now I realise how much I must have missed out on, travelling wise. I just wish I'd dealt with it sooner. If you start to avoid flying (like I did) then the fear will actually gets worse. This is such a frustrating phobia, but this CD really helped me.

About 2 years ago I was asked to be a bridesmaid in a far-flung destination which required several flights to get there and back. I didn't want to miss out on the wedding so I knew that something must be done!

I was VERY sceptical about it as I'm not really an 'alternative therapy' type (though now I'm a bit more open minded!). There are 2 tracks, each about 25mins long. You need to listen to each track on alternative days for about 2-3 weeks before the flight. The more you listen, the better it works. I have been a bit slack of late (only did 3 times before a recent long-haul return flight) but it still works ok- I think it's because it's got very well 'embedded' in my subconscious now!

When you listen to the cd it's best to listen with headphones, and somewhere where you won't be disturbed. I tend to lie down in bed and switch the lights off so that I can concentrate without any distractions. I don't go into a 'trance' or anything like that (I've fallen asleep a few times...) but it still works. The guy's voice/Essex accent is a bit funny, and the casio keyboard music a bit odd- but you get over it! The first time I tried using the CD I was fairly convinced, right up to the flight, that it hadn't worked. But somehow once I was onboard, and buckled up, I just wasn't particularly afraid. It's really strange, I can't explain it. I really can't recommend this CD enough. It has completely changed my life actually! OK, so I still get a bit nervous around take-off and when there's turbulence, and it doesn't completely stop me worrying about the flight beforehand- but the knowledge that once I'm in the plane I'll be OK and not panicking is a real plus!

I also went to see a hypnotherapist before that wedding trip- just for one session. However the audio CD was much more effective and far, far cheaper!! I felt much more self-conscious going to a counselling room. Being in your own bed with headphones on us a better way to relax/concentrate on the hypnosis I think.

I also tried reading a couple of books about fear of flying with Q&A about the mechanics of flying etc. This didn't really work for me as my fear is a psychological one and irrational (ie I don't worry about friends or family taking flights, or about planes crashing from above (even though I live under the heathrow flight path!). So I needed a kind of pyschological therapy / treatment rather than just understand the facts about flying.

The other thing that helps me (though not as much as the hypnotherapy) was getting some beta-blockers from my GP. This is a tablet that slows your heart rate, so it makes you less prone to feeling panicky, and prevents panic attacks. Youw ould need to find out from a GP if this is suitable for you, but it's not a very strong drug like Valium. You can also take them along-side rescue remedy (or other herbal anti anxiety remedies) and over the counter sleeping pills but NOT alongside prescription sleeping pills. I would also suggest taking the beta-blocker (plus any other remedies alongside) as a trial-run BEFORE her flight (ie when you're at home) just in case there are any side-effects/allergy etc. This is not something to discover or be worried about during a long-haul flight!!
For me, the knowledge that I was very unlikely to panic on my flight because of these drugs probably helped me more than the drug itself.

Finally, I'd suggest avoiding caffeine entirely on the day of the flight and to remember to take the CD away with you to listen to it in preparation for the return flight (I put it on my iPod so it takes up less room).

Sorry about the very lengthy review BUT I know how awful this phobia can be, and how most people don't 'get' it. It tell people to imagine how you would feel about going in for major surgery-it feels that. Or having an illness that means you can't travel by plane-that would evoke more sympathy, but it's basically the same thing.

I hope this works as well for you as it has for me. I've been able to travel by plane many times since discovering this (over 20 flights in the last couple of years) - its really opened up the world for me!
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on 4 August 2013
I had a really bad flight when I was I was a kid and every flight I went on I was always lived in constant fear.. Then I bought this and I can honestly say its changed my entire thought pattern. I'm looking forward to my next flight in a few weeks.. It really DOES work :-)
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on 28 May 2006
Because for alllll the years I was terrified of flying, it had been much cheaper for our hols!

I was THE WORST ever airplane passenger and while I knew it was an irrational fear because I wasn't afraid of it crashing, suddenly dropping out of the sky or claustrophobia...I was and still am scared witless of heights and just the thought of being high off the ground did for me! Crumbs, I can't even look down at the floor when standing on a stool! My first flight to Scotland when I was 19 had started off my flying phobia when I was foolish enough to look out of the window and the fluffy white clouds suddenly had a break to....nothingness! That was me done for good!

I'd got out of ever flying again for some 27 years until my husband insisted on dragging me onto three return flights in 2000. THEN he swore that we would never be travelling anywhere on the same plane ever again unless I got over this. I was a total embarrassment and no mistake with the shaking,clammy, colour drained face, hyperventilating, palapatations, dry mouth and general wreck, not to mention guzzling Rescue Remedy by the barrel load. All my attempts at books on how to get over the fear and various other potions and pills, (including Valium from my doc), all failed to calm me down into anything resembling a normal human being. I hadn't even been able to talk about flying without breaking out in a sweat and stammering.

So when our son announced his forthcoming nuptuals in....MAURITIUS...yikes! Something HAD to be done. I ordered this CD and began listening to it straight away. After only listening to both tracks 3 times, I could already talk about flying without the same nervous feeling, sweating or stammering, so....things looked good.

To test this out, I was booked onto a fairly short return trip to Amsterdam from London City Airport in May 2006 exactly one year before I would need to try the 12 hour flight to Mauritius. For the three weeks prior to travelling I religiously listened to each track on alternate days as instructed and felt VERY CALM about the whole thing.

The day arrived and we went up in what I can only describe as a sewing machine with wings, (Fokker 50 and very nice it was too!!!!), but I remained cool calm and totally collected for the entire trip from the moment we left home. As soon as I was boarded and safety belt on, I closed my eyes and began my relaxation technique which sort of puts me in a trance like state even though I'm still aware of everything going on around me but nothing worries me. Fantastic!

Once up and levelled out, I just open my eyes and have a good stretch and that's me until we're about to land when I do the same routine, which is probably more for comfort than necessity to be honest, but hey! It works so I'm not complaining.

Had a fair bit of turbulence for ten minutes on our way into Schipol Airport but I just closed my eyes and worked on my circular breathing with my eyes closed and it was fine. In fact when we landed I told my husband that I get bounced about more with his driving over speed humps!

I was very proud of my inaugeral post hypnowhatsname courtesy of this marvellous CD and my husband even more so. Couldn't stop telling everyone how amazing I'd been for the w-h-o-l-e flight.

Have since done flights to Sweden and Scotland, (that one was a bit quick too as it was for a family funeral so no normal 2-3 weeks available to listen to my CD, only four days but it still seemed to be enough, thankfully), all with no problems 12 hour flight to Mauritius and back still absolutely fine.

I still find it advisable to wear my travel bands so as to avoid any motion sickness, just as a precaution and always make sure my clothes are not too tight and comfy fitting. And....I always make sure I listen to both tracks at least once before the flight back home....just incase.

Only trouble now......need more cash for MORE TRIPS! This CD and it's therapy has changed mine and my family's lives. Whoopeeeee!!!!!
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on 23 March 2009
Got this 2 weeks before having to go on 4 flights in a one week period. I used it exactly as directed. It helped with the nervousness before the flights. But on the actual flights themselves it did not help me much. My wife says there was an improvement but to be honest the flights were still terrifying for me. So it might work very well for some people if the other reviews are anything to go by, just not for me.
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on 9 January 2009
I really like this Audio CD and it is superb in the way it puts you into a relaxing mood. The music combined with subliminal messages work very well to relieve stress and fear. I have used this CD a few times before flying to America.

There is just one problem. My fear of flying has not completely dissipated and I have tried both this CD and professional hypnotherapy. However, I do feel more confident about flying since I have used this audio CD. I have also been considering attending fear of flying seminars. Its possible that some fears are just too strong to be healed with hypnotherapy.
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on 19 July 2011
After spending my last flight to Florida five years ago, a crying wreck for 8 hours in the plane toilet,even with tranquilisers,scaring my kids,I knew something had to done.Ten years previously I had been in a storm and had developed the fear over time,and hadnt flown. Believe me when I say how terrified I was. Not holding out much hope I bought the cd anyway in April.I admit I was a lttle worrid about the whole hypnosis thing but had to try. My flight to Canada was in July to visit friends who had emigrated. Without exaggeration all I can say is its a miracle.I did exactly as instructed, listening a few times over the weeks and then every day three weeks before my trip. I felt extremely calm to my husbands surprise, he was dreading a repeat performance of the last time! I didnt feel any different but as we took off I even craned my neck to see out of the window! Something I can promise you, would have been unheard of before!I dont know how it works but if you have a problem, give it a go,I have never felt that calm when flying and strangely feel like all I did was get on a bus to Canada it was so easy!I really cant recommend it enough.
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on 9 October 2013
Although it may help someone who really is afraid of flying, a fear of dropping out of the sky, I don't have that fear, mine is more a fear of confined space and not being in control. Nevertheless, it did make me look at things from a different perspective and the calming measures helped me.
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on 16 March 2006
I hadn't flown for 6 years and was panic stricken at the thought of even being at an airport before I bought this CD. I had to take a flight for work to a meeting so had little choice in the matter really but I can honestly say I even nearly enjoyed it! I can't say for sure if it was this that did the trick as I also bought a book called Flying No Fear! and used Rescue Remedy but there was no alcohol involved and only brief moments of anxiety in the airport and before take off - I honestly can't beleive how easy it was! I didn't need the CD on the flight and only listened to it for 10 days beforehand. Even the cabin crew who were aware I was scared said I did remarkably well! Music is quite comical but have to say I cannot recommend this product highly enough!
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on 7 February 2007
I found this very effective and was very surprised at the relatively low level of anxiety I experienced - certainly no sense of losing control of my thoughts and feelings. I am sure it helps to do some other work on understanding long standing anxiety problems / meditation, diet and exercise as well as some cognitive mindfulness but I do think using this technique has a major impact on re-programming some deep seated catastrophic thinking! If it works for me it will for you.
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