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Hi it's to set the individual camera settings menu for day/night settings zoom, etc, It is a bit fiddly if you are not in the same room as you have to keep going back to the TV screen to seen if it is set up correctly though
23 days ago by G C Pidgeon
Grey White
Is this 720 HD? 19 days ago
19 days ago by Mubarik A.
The cameras connect directly with the DVR so I don't think you can connect another DVR
2 Jun 2014 by Edward P.
Hi this product is well worth the money and and easy to install and is very very good I would reckmend it to everyone
11 May 2014 by Trudy
Hello Mr L, I am not sure if I can offer you a difinitive answer about these cameras as I installed these just 2 months or so ago. I have fitted them to some of the facia boards but they are sheilded from direct weather exposure as they are under the rain guttering. However, the quality and clarity of the feeds are quite good for a medium priced cc-tv system. Mr M.
8 May 2014 by Amazon Customer
Sorry I cannot help, I do not have any instructions, none we're supplied, I am sending daily faults back to Camyco regarding this item
9 May 2014 by sheriff
2x20m and 2x10m and the system is excellent
4 Apr 2014 by NorfolkAndy
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