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4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 19 March 2012
I've read all of Ms Harrison's 'Elder Races' books with the exception of True Colors, which I plan to read next. Excluding that one, this is definitely the best one. The character of the Oracle (Grace) is really funny with a spine of steel. She is vulnerable but not insipid. She is stubborn but definitely not stupid. And she is mischievous without being too silly to live. Khalil, the Djinn, is an interesting male to read because he has so much to learn, and he does it through his friendship with Grace. I only wish the book had been a bit longer. I would like to see more development of Grace's Power as the last Oracle. I can only hope Ms Harrison will return to that issue somehow in future books of the series. My only complaint is that in a recession-bitten world, it is sometimes a little *too* neat when a character like Grace, who is being driven to her knees with financial crisis after crisis, ends up with a ton of money courtesy of the male character. I would've liked to have seen her resolve her financial issues herself, but it's just a small (prideful) pet peeve I have about the precarious financial situations often posited by the women in romance novels.
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on 6 March 2012
I should say this is written in my happy bubble, since I have only just finished reading this book and I am already a fan of the series (though this is the first book I have given a full five stars) so expect quite a bit of gushing praise and reference/comparisons to previous books, though this is a completely spoiler free zone, so if you want a clue at plots, read the blurbs.

I have been going a little crazy waiting for Oracle's Moon to drop through my letterbox, so when it arrived this morning, the house work was abandoned and I gleefully started reading. I had only planned on reading for one hour, maybe two... but in the end I couldn't put it down. I've got to say, this is perhaps my favourite in the series so far. I reread the whole series whilst I was waiting for Oracle's Moon and whilst I still love Pia and Dragos and think Carlisle's Story was fascinating and unique (and I have read a whole lot of vampire books), Oracle's moon blew my socks off! I think it is very mature, full book and just so, so fascinating/intriguing/exciting.

I'm not a big reader of romance, my bookshelf is mostly urban fantasy with some sci fi and fantasy and a bit of paranormal romance thrown in. I will only read a romance if it's got a good story and characters and wow did this have both! Gosh, I loved how richly described Kahlil was, how he changed throughout the story, I feel like I know him . Also, though I really liked the Wyr characters of previous books, this book was so exciting because it was just so new/fresh, I love that! I've been disappointed in the past by taming-of-the-alpha-male series like this one, where initially I love the world and the characters but after the third book I feel like there's nothing new to find out, like all I get to do is explore characters I've already met in a world I'm already familiar with. That hasn't been the case for this series (except perhaps the second book, though maybe others will disagree). Carlisle (Book 3, Serpent's Kiss) was a revelation, a fascinating development on what it is to be a vampire in the world of the Elder Races and completely unexpected. This (Book 4) was even more exciting because not only was the female character new and exciting but we left the world of the Wyr to explore the amazingly well developed world of the Djinn and witches. I just cant believe how real this world feels, not only in the way the fantastical elements are developed/revealed/explored but in how (especially in this book) the characters have to deal with day to day problems that I can relate to. I really do recommend this book and I am typically a reader of Ilona Andrews, Jeaniene Frost and Gail Carriger; the only other taming-the-alpha-male type romances I have enjoyed are Meljean Brooks Iron Duke and Heart of Steel.

This book has an amazingly rich world and characters and I think it is really worth a read, Thea Harrison is on my very short list of must-buy authors.
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on 16 March 2012
This is fast becoming one of my favourite authors and her books are going into my 'immediate download on release' list. The story centres around 'Khalil (genie) and Grace (single mum/aunt/oracle). I have read a few 'genie' stories and they didn't really do it for me, the idea of a romantic entanglement with 'air' has left me cold in the past, however, I am converted by Khalil.

Grace is young and left the sole care of two small children on the death of her sister. Her world is turned upside down and she is struggling big-time, I think many single parents will resonate with Grace's trials. Grace, however is the 'Oracle' and therefore must be protected by the other 'paranormal' races and to this end Khalil arrives (a bit high and mighty I might add).

The story is written from both main characters and the dialogue is very fresh and honest, I loved all the characters including the two small children. The story was at times smokin' hot, tender, exasperated and so sweet that it made me sigh. The development of Grace's accepting Khalil's help and Khalil learning to respect and adore the depth of Grace's loyalty and love for the children was a beautiful thing. A keeper this one, for those times when you need a little 'pick me up'.

When I pick up a Thea Harrison book, like Nalini Singh I feel as though I am in safe hands. These authors are really, really good at telling a story that will leave me wanting more.
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on 16 April 2012
I wasn't disappointed Thank Go...... I will try really hard not to use 'harsh words' to describe my feelings about this book. I really, really, really enjoyed this book. Loved all the characters, Khalil, Grace, Max and Chloe. It does seem a bit strange having it off with a being which is make of air and energy but I know if you are going to read fantasy you have to suspend reality. But hey! what a cool guy........ great with kids......but not knowing all that much of the modern world therefore giving us lots of fun and smiles when he tries to cope especially going to dates with Grace. And what a wonderful name to give to her heroine, My heart just went out to Khalil when he says( and I know I am misquoting' here) 'What i need is grace in my life'.(getting all hot and bothered here) Not sure about Ms Harrison next book- 'Lord's Fall', but have to wait for November to decide. Hope it's as good as this . Hope I don't have to go through 2 so, so books to get to a great novel. Wish Ms Harrison will write one featuring the bar owner from her 1st book' Dragon BOund'.
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on 9 March 2012
This book picks up right at the end of Serpent's Kiss. Grace is the Oracle, Kalil the Djinn who helped Carling and Rule get to the Oracle right at the end of Serpent's Kiss. In this book, Kalil stays (presumably because of the two children Grace is looking after -her niece and nephew). Grace and Kalil build up a relationship, it almost goes pear-shaped but Grace manages to sort it out nicely at the end.
Amusing, witty, sensual rather than graphically sexy (there's a bit of that too).
I didn't give it 5 stars because I thought the whole having sex with a Djinn who ends up being a cloud was a bit ... strange... and I thought the 'mystery' of who was trying to kill who (no spoilers here) was not exploited enough. Tension was built up, but when you found out the motive it was ... meh ... a bit of a let down.
All in all - 4.5 stars if I could. Can't wait for the next one.
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VINE VOICEon 31 December 2013
This is a love story between two prickly individuals. One is ancient, inhuman and has immense power, the other is ... mmm, now that gets more difficult to define as the book progresses. There are some baddies, and some baddie machinations, but the plot is very focused on Grace and Khalil, with some fine support from 9 month old Max and 4 year old Chloe. Khalil's gradual insight into what it means to be human, and hard up, and in pain, is well drawn, as is Grace's grim determination to not be overawed by anyone or anything, and to do what is right by the children. Yeah yeah, so he's a bit over-alpha at times, but she doesn't let him get away with steamrollering her, and he's rather fine with the little ones.
It probably works as a stand alone, but I've read all the previous ones so can't say for sure. Some characters from the earlier novels make an appearance, but not to the extent you need to know where they've come from and how they fit it - jut roll with Cuelebre's non human form being a vast dragon, or better still, read book 1 in the series first (Dragon Bound: Number 1 in series (Elder Races)), that'll give you enough back story for this one.

I loved this, and know I'll be reading it again. Probably many times over - I do that with books I like!
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on 9 September 2014
This one is about a woman who not only inherits two children with the death of her sister but also the dubious gift of being the Oracle. Grace is a wonderful character, just loved how she keeps fighting even with her back to the wall and everything falling around her, brilliant strong woman. Enter stage right Khalil, Djinn Prince, all powerful and completely at a loss about how to deal with Grace. These two are wonderful. Each book bring some of our favourite characters back from the previous books, so you get a snip of how they are getting on. So, so good.
You can read each one separately, but it's so much better if you start at the beginning and fall in love with Pia and Dragos in "Dragon Bound" (deep sigh, just love that book!)
Go on, treat yourself to a story that will hook you in and keep you reading late into the night. Thanks Thea for another brilliant story!
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on 10 March 2012
I was initially worried about this book as I thought the previous one was badly done. However I thought it was great! The character development was well done and unlike the last book the relationship between the main characters felt natural. I really liked Grace, Chloe and Max. I warmed to their characters immediately and thought the presence of children provided a nice element of comedy. I eagerly await the next installment, which going of the taster provided at the end of this book, will feature Pia again. Can't wait.
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I'm happy to report that Oracle's Moon was gorgeous. You might remember me praising the brilliance of book #1, ranting about the disaster that was book #2 and only being slightly mollified by book #3? Well, book #4 restored my faith in Thea's talent.

Incredible world - part-urban fantasy, part-paranormal romance, a very charismatic couple which came so so close to Pia and Dragos as my second favourite, and lovely secondary characters. I had the same feeling when I was reading On The Edge by Ilona Andrews.

Main heroine, Grace, inherited a status of Oracle after her sister and her husband died in the car crash. In the same crash Grace's legs got severely damaged. Now poor and desperate, she lives in a big decrepit Southern house trying to look after her sister's two small kids. As an Oracle she can't charge for her services but she accepts donations no matter how small they can be because this is her calling.

When she acquires an annoying and bossy protector, Djinn Prince, Khalil, she thinks he is nosy, doesn't know anything about her and her kids needs, and a big pain in the ass. Khalil finds her impudent and exasperating, thinks she is lazy and doesn't look after the kids properly....

So it's a total misunderstanding on his part but he sticks around because of the kids. They remind him of a daughter he lost, and then he slowly gets to know more and more about Grace and her struggles, gets inexplicably involved in her domestic troubles, the local power games she gets unwillingly involved in... and slowly they fall head over heels for each other.

It's sweet, it's funny, it's endearing, they are just so alien to each other, so different, but both very stubborn and so very strong, I didn't notice how I myself started rooting for them to have their happy ending even if it seemed impossible at times.

It's a lovely feel-good paranormal romance with just enough kick-buttery and violence to appeal to the fans of urban fantasy. Both Grace and Khalil are equals. She doesn't bend to his will and power and he learns to understand what makes her happy. The bedroom scenes, very few as they were, were powerful, not titillating, just emotionally powerful....

So, yeah. My full blessing for you, me dears, to go ahead and read it, and a heartfelt recommendation of both Dragon Bound and Oracle's Moon.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 26 November 2013
Leading lovers Grace and Khalil are introduced in book 3 "Serpent's Kiss". Grace is "The Oracle"; a position she thought she'd never have to deal with until her sister is killed, whilst Khalil is a second generation Djinn; one of the most powerful of the Elder Races. He isn't impressed much by Grace's attitude when he meets her, whilst she is tired and grouchy after dealing with her nephew and niece whom now live with her, a house falling apart around her ears and mounting money worries. Yet her duty as The Oracle means that she cannot deny a petitioner, so when Khalil, accompanied by Tiago and Carling, turn up unannounced at her home she also has to deal with magic that is still new to her.

Khalil finds himself inexplicably drawn to Grace as well as her young niece and nephew. He grants her one of the greatest gifts he can offer; his protection, yet he is left infuriated when Grace fails to realise the magnitude of what he offers. Grace in turn has a hectic life and doesn't want the addition of a curious Djinn in her home, especially one that interests her far more than he should. Yet when danger threatens Grace and her family, Khalil is handy to have around. But perhaps ensuring Grace's safety will endanger the powerful Djinn himself.

Again TH has created a whirlwind plot line with plenty of action, drama, treachery, passion and some seriously poignant moments. The budding relationship between Grace and Khalil is wonderful (his concept of dating is literally out of this world) plus their banter is thoroughly entertaining. I also enjoyed the ideas surrounding Djinn society, plus Grace's own battle with her magic. 4½ stars
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