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4.5 out of 5 stars698
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 1 March 2016
well, to start lets go over the negative points
- firstly i did allot of research before purchasing a filtering system, ( its good to be a smart buyer ) . i found overwhelming evidence to support that the tighter, solid granules if you like, in the filter itself do a vastly superior job at removing the desired chemicals from tap water, infact it removes around 90% + of chloride, chlorine, fluoride and so forth. i was under the impression aqua filters where of this system, however the filters i received with this product where actually loose granules, the same system as britta. this was misleading as many videos from aqua say there filter system is basically a solid mass of granules and thats why it is better than its competitors. perhaps this is the case with other products and this is a value based deal for a year supply and i have purchased the "wrong filters"

the ok
- the lid is not greatly desighned for manual cleanign however its not a huge issue, if you leave it in soak for a night it cleans itself really.
- in my opinion, the water has some effect at giving the water a cleaner taste but nothing substantially better, the higher bottled water brands such as evian or volvic are superior in that you feel more hydrated and imo, has superior tast. though it is worth the price if your tap water is really poor, but for thouse seeking a real improvement to their health lifestyle, like me, you would be some what disappointed.

the bad
- there was no clear marketing for the consumer to see how much chemicals are removed, what cartridge filters you are getting, and if the plastic you are using is any better for you than bottled water, i did email the company and did some research and ....the product is bpa free, and uses a stronger plastic in the way of temperature protection, though to be fair it is a product meant for a cold storage. i was reassured that the product is protected by eu laws and strong health legislation and not the basic and poor industry standards. which IS GOOD, but i shouldn't need to set about discovering these things away from the info displayed.

as long as you can purchase and fit better catridges to this system, i would recommend this product, now i am to go and hunt for such products, which i assume will take the over price to £40 when including P+P however i would recommend this product.
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on 1 February 2009
The Aqua Optima jug with the added extras of a 6 pack double life cartridges was the best purchase I have made.
The filter is very easy to use, the jug has a good water capacity, 1 litre, and the fact that the cartridges are double life saves the money. There is a manual dial on the top that you set with the month that you need to change the filter.
Great value filter at an entry level price.
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on 26 October 2013
I ordered this item on 23/10/13 using the free super saver delivery and I received it on the 26/10/13.

Within 5 mins I had assembled all the components and had purged the system with water prior to use in order to remove the chemical residue from the plastic material.

The filter is positioned 1/3 way down which you pout the water into and it filteres it in seconds. A full jugs worth of water can be fully filtered in less than a minute which is quite impressive.

The water tastes a lot cleaner than tap water and bottled water. The cats refuse to drink mains and bottle water and will only drink rain water so I was delighted to see that they drank water from the jug.

The unit fits nicely in the frigdge door and came with 6 filters which lasts for 12 months for a family of 4.

In summary: If you are looking for a system to filter your water (Pesticides, Insecticides, Chlorine, Flouride and lime scale then I would go for this one. It's excellent value for money.

If you have a spare £180+ then I would go for a distilled water system which is slightly larger but removes a significantly more amount of chemicals which is the purest water grade you can get.

Feedback: If you wish to leave feedback on this review please follow the link below - thanks.
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on 2 April 2009
I purchased this a month ago and haven't drank or cooked with regular tap water since.

I'm lucky in that my tap water wasn't bad or so I thought - but with chronic health problems I have been trying to eliminate as many additives/chemicals from my diet as possible to give myself a fighting chance of recovery - thought I'd give this a go and I'm SO glad I did.

Even my level headed and canny Dad agrees and is going to be buying one very soon (trust me he's nobody's fool)

This deal with the double usage cartidges is excellent - too good to miss.

On opening everything it took me 20 minutes or so of sitting down calmly with the instructions to ensure that I was doing everything correctly - but it all clicked into place in my head and in the jug. Just be careful i.e. don't be forceful when it comes to taking the top part of the jug out to change the cartridge, it fits tightly but can be removed easily if you treat it with care.

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on 3 January 2014
I find these water filters to be better than the Brita filters. It does fit in the door of the fridge (though i don't keep mine there). The water in our current flat has a definite taste, and this filter completely removes that so it is doing the job that I bought it for. Drinks taste right again! I rated 4 stars rather than 5 because - The lid fitting is a bit fiddly, but you only have to mess with that when changing the filter cartridge every 2 months. (you have to make sure it is clipped back down properly, which on mine means the alignment has to be just right) Lastly, when refilling you can't completely fill the top portion as due to the design some water leaks out of the top edge in one place on each side. A little hard to describe....basically when you refill with water, stop about a cm, or half a cm before the top resevoir is full. I am happy though and will stick with the Aqua Optima system. The Amazon price also can't be beaten on this.
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on 14 September 2011
I have been using this filter for more than 6 months. At first, I liked it a lot. Its so much easier to fill up than my Birtax filter, and it filters the water faster than a Britax.
But the construction of the lid is a bit...... what should I say, a bit wierd. Along with the problems that others has mentioned with the lid, its almost impossible to clean certain spaces inside the upper part of the jug. Because of that, Algea (or some green substance) forms in those parts.
Its obviously not healthy.

Now I have gone back to my 4 year old Britax. On comparing both the produts, the reason that Britax still clean after 4 years is that it doesnt have any parts that are not reachable to clean. where as Aqua optima has many.

I am not left with a six months worth of catridges...

I will try to upload an image. It will make more sense than my shoddy explanation.
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on 11 March 2016
I live right next to our local water boards reservoir and therefore we get the full taste of chlorine before its had time to dilute, so drinking tea or coffee was always an unpleasant experience. Having called the water board in to test our water and being told that it is within legal limits I resorted to buying this water filter based on the reviews which stated that it removes the taste of chlorine and I'm glad I did, because for the first time in years we now have clean clear tasteless water.
Tea and Coffee are delicious and a glass of squash no longer masks the taste of chlorine, one of the best £20's I've ever spent and I don't think I will ever use unfiltered water from a tap again. I highly recommend this product.
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on 8 October 2014
One star is generous. Flimsy design: lid clips breaks off. Lid is poorly designed and water leaks through the lid and spills through the sides when pouring. Alae started to form in the various cavities in the inside next to the filter after 2 weeks of use. Had a Brita Filter for 2 years and not any of these problems. Going back to Brita
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on 22 May 2009
This is a great buy because so many filters are included. The product is good apart from the lid. The clips to keep it secure are easily broken (I was being careful because of a previous review but still managed to break one within minutes of putting it together)and the covered spout does not allow the water to flow well when pouring. If I had the choice I wouldn't buy it again but I am stuck with it for now.
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on 27 August 2012
This is my first filter. And with so many contravercial reviews it was hard to decide whether it is worth buying.

A couple of notes that might be helpful for others:
- there are instructions that follow the filter. Some reviewers mentioned otherwise.
- there is also a product-registration coupon attached. But it seems to be impossible to register your item online.
- the lid does look fragile, but so far I managed not to brake it.
- i did not have any problems with figuring out how to place the cartridge, and set the lid back on the jug.
- BUT i was not able to lock my first cartridge in place as described in the instructions. It went better with the second one though.
- i live in the area with hard water, and i can see that the filtered water is softer, BUT at the bottom of my white mug i can now see black particles from the cartridge, even though I followed the insutructions and rinsed the cartridge before use.
- The jug is made of some kind of plastic, not marked that it is approved for food and beverages use. So, even though the manufacturer promises that the water is rinsed from pesticides, herbicides, lead, chlorine, and limescale, one has to accept that there might be organic chemicals in the water due to possible leakages from the plastic jug.

Two more notes to add:
- if i pour water to the very top of the water tank, some of it leaks over into the jug without being filtered.
- 60-days cartridges do not hold 2 month as promised. For me they work for max. 2 weeks :( I use more than 3 liters per day, but still, i can't imagine that i used 200 liters in 2 weeks. That's why i decrease my rating from 3 to 2 stars.
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