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4.8 out of 5 stars
4.8 out of 5 stars
Format: DVD|Change
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on 4 June 2013
Finally One Piece has gotten its UK DVD Release. Manga UK did a great job releasing Dragonball Z and now it's time for another classic to get released!

Firstly it's important to note that this UK Release is Region 2 and will definitely work on any UK player. Amazon seem to have mixed the reviews with the US Release so don't let any reviews that say it won't work confuse you because this is the new UK Release and it will work.

I first got into One Piece when it aired on Toonami several years ago. That was the 4kids dub which was heavily censored and as a result wasn't as successful as it could have been. Many fans of the original hated the changes made to it. Because I'd never seen the original version at the time I didn't really have any problem with it.

So now the show has been re-dubbed by Funimation who have done a much better job at it. This is the same voice cast who dubbed Dragonball Z So if you're familiar with that then you'll probably enjoy listening to this cast. Of course their dub of One Piece is much more recent so their acting talent has gotten a lot better since DBZ. Also all of the episodes are COMPLETELY UNCUT and have the Japanese music kept intact. Funimation have also done a great job of the opening and ending songs. And the Japanese audio version is also included.

For anyone who has never seen One Piece I highly recommend you give it a chance. It's a great series with lots of action, lots of laughs and strong storylines. Or if you saw the 4kids version on Toonami and are holding out because of that then I'd recommend you give it another chance. This is the true One Piece and is much better than the 4kids version in every way. I'd even say it rivals Dragonball. In Japan it's the best-selling Manga even beating out the likes of Dragonball and Naruto and is considered a massive thing in general. Seriously if you do a search about One Piece in Japan you'll realise just how massive a phenomenon it is.

The story is about Monkey D. Luffy who is a pirate setting out on his journey to find the treasure called One Piece and to become king of the pirates. He is also made of rubber thanks to eating a special fruit that gave him the ability to stretch to great lengths and use all sorts of crazy techniques. On top of that he is super strong and able to smash rocks and survive all sorts of brutal things. The crew members he gets in this set are Zorro who is a badass Swordsman, Nami who is a thief and also a navigator, Usopp who is a great Marksman and also a huge liar and Sanji who he meets in this set but doesn't join until a bit later and is also a chef who is great at kicking.

If you just read it like this you don't really get that feeling of how great it really is. It's one of those shows that you can only really judge by watching it. The fight scenes are really well done and there's a lot of blood in several scenes.

I liked this Collection so much I've already pre-ordered Collection 2. I say get Collection 1 just to try One Piece and see if it's your thing. Chances are it will be.
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VINE VOICEon 10 June 2013
As a child Monkey D. Luffy ate one of the Devil's Fruits, mysterious fruits that give those who consume them supernatural powers but remove their ability to swim, and became a rubber-man. Now he has left his home to follow his dreams; to gather a crew, find the legendary treasure One Piece and become King of the Pirates. Along the way Luffy is looking for adventure while making friends and fighting with Marines and other pirates.

Along with 'Naruto' and 'Bleach', 'One Piece' is one of the 'Big Three' Shonen series and has been going strong for more than fifteen years. In Japan, 'One Piece' is an incredibly popular with both the anime and manga versions regally topping the sales charts. Despite this, the series wasn't very well liked for a long time in the West, mostly due to the infamously terrible version put together by the original licence holders 4Kids Entertainment. Now FUNimation has the licence they are redoing the series far more faithfully to the original Japanese version without the edits to remove violence and other things 4Kids thought inappropriate for children.

This first four disc collection of the series includes the first twenty-six episodes of the series that takes the show from the beginning to around half way through the Baratie arc. Despite these episodes being roughly fifteen years old now the animation is still reasonably good. One of the things I have always thought about 'One Piece' is that the beginning of the series is probably weakest part of the series and it isn't until the Baratie and Arlong Park arcs that the show begins to get good but even with this, these episodes are still entertaining enough for most anime fans to enjoy.

Both the original Japanese and the English versions are included in this collection and while the English version is well done, I much prefer the original Japanese (this could be more to do with familiarity with the original version due to having watched hundreds of the Japanese episodes over the years). Of the English dub there are some I do like and some I don't. Zoro, Sanji, Shanks, Buggy and Mihawk all have very good voice but I am not much of a fan of Usopp's voice. The main problem I have with the English version is that they have dubbed the opening song 'We Are'. While this usually wouldn't bother me, 'We Are' is one of my all-time favourite anime openings and the dub version is nowhere near as good.

The collection includes a couple of cast commentaries as well as the usual textless opening and closing songs as extras.

'One Piece' is a very entertaining series with a nice mixture of action, comedy and emotion. Normally I would give this first collection a full five stars but seeing as I know the series only gets even better from here on I will have to give it four and a half stars.
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on 12 May 2013
Ignore the reviews that say that this will only work on a multi region DVD player. This is a new Region 2 (Europe) release as of May 2013. Finally the seriesd are being released for all of us UK fans to enjoy.
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on 8 June 2013
Never seen this before and I'm glad I bought it since its turned out to be really funny and typically Japanese with the strange powers that they give the characters. Love the anime art style reminds me of DBZ which was awesome and would definitely recommend this to anyone who likes anime like bleach or naruto. Just to warn those who don't like long anime series, this is an ongoing anime series so like naruto and bleach your going to need to be prepared for the long haul of the series.
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on 18 February 2016
I've been putting off watching one piece for years (as I've been watching Naruto - but waiting for new episodes of Naruto is a pain) so I plumped for this Season One box set.

The animation is pretty basic (but understandable - it is old!) and the main character is more annoying than I thought he would be (but It's the stereo typical hero who is super positive and will be the best of the best etc etc - but that's fine too as he's also very funny).

My main problem is that this is box set 1 and there are (at least) 12 more ! So it's going to cost me £350 + to catch up to the last box set. Hmmmmmm

I wonder if the animation gets any better? And is it worth collecting the rest?

Not a bad box set and pretty funny - but not sure if I will collect the rest.
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on 30 May 2013
I've always found One Piece to be a pretty hard sell to people who aren't aware of it. They normally stop listening when the summarise the entire thing as being about a "stretchy pirate".

One Piece follows the adventures of Luffy ("stretchy pirate") as he attempts to get a crew and a ship and achieve his goal of finding the legendary treasure One Piece. The bulk of the anime focuses on the crews interactions with one another as they overcome obstacles and enemies. It sounds really simple, and I guess it is. It doesn't push the boundaries. What makes One Piece stand out is how well it is executed. The characters feel like individuals, having their own wants, needs and back stories, and they all grow as the series progresses.

It's a pretty hard sell as there's no "hook" so to speak, but the waves of fans should tell you there's something good going on here.

This DVD, released for the first time in the UK uncut and dubbed in a non-insulting way, contains the first 26 episodes of One Piece. The first fifty odd episodes consist of Luffy assembling his crew, so there's a lot of sailing around and meeting new people. Don't let that put you off, the journey is every bit as enjoyable as the later adventures.

The DVD contains both the English and Japanese dub, with English subtitles included. The episodes are spread across four DVD's. The show started in Japan back in 1999, but the animation is still good by today's standards.
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on 15 May 2015
I first saw this while working overseas. It contrasted heavily with other anime in that the main character, Monkey D Luffy (pronounced Loofy) isn't a hard suffering EMO teen. This first season is the crew building sessions and the pace picks up nicely. Unfortunately, and this follows for the rest of the seasons, the pace is broken by the multi episodes "boss battles". It's a great series if you want your brain to take a break and just watch something that's fun. The Straw Hat Pirates are a diverse bunch who are all "following their dreams". The numerous villains are a mixed, themed array. The animation shows its age but it's a fun colourful world to explore.
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on 29 May 2013
May 2013 One Piece has finally arrived at shore in the UK. And it's great to watch it back at the beginning where it all started. If you like One Piece I HIGHLY recommend you buying it to support Manga UK as they took a while to get it licensed here in the UK and at last they made it happen.
For newcomers remember this is still an ongoing show with over 580 episodes (at this moment) so will you dedicate yourself to buy each collection to watch the whole series.
Some nitpicks just for the people who are curious. When you watch this series in Japanese the Opening/Ending are in English, the logo of One Piece will have Shonen Jump on top and the credits on the ED will be english.
I know some people don't care and I really don't after waiting this long for it to come out but thats how its going to be.
The subtitles are great on what I can tell. The Dub well is the dub you either love it or hate it. The extras have OP/ED creditless and some commentaries for the dub version.
I am not going to say for the newcomers to get it or not because of how long the story is etc. that is totally up to you.
So to wrap it up, this dvd contents is great and I can't wait for Collection 2 to arrive in July.
So as you did with the Dragon Ball Z (or if not), go and support this series. The UK has finally got the BIG 3 here on DVD. Naruto/Bleach/One Piece.
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on 26 June 2013
So happy one piece is in the UK. Must admit it starts off slow but really starts to get good near the end of this collection. Cant wait till colection 2, as i know the show goes from good to amazing. When I heard about one piece so many year ago i dismissed it, saying it was to childish story about pirates being happy all the time plus it was a cartoon, OHHHHHHH HOW I WAS SO WRONG!!!!!!!

This show is just unbelievably good, the foreshadowing, the story, the comedy plus theres always a story inside a story, and the character development. OH that character development i never though i could feel so deeply so these characters (I mean ive even cried on several occasions to this show). I can ensure you as long as you go into this with an open mind i can guarantee that you will enjoy it. I mean this show is crazy, its got swords men on unicycle its got giant tigers, clowns, pirates, marines, a man made of rubber, a floating restaurant in the sea, fish men, giant sea monsters, devil fruits etc. But some how, it just works. I know i know, it sounds crazy but honestly it just blends together it to the most amazing STORY. And it still gets even more crazy later on.

Its really hard to describe or talk about one piece, its something you have to experience. Now i know this is an extremely long running show (i mean it started in 1999) and the english dub is currently on episode 265 in USA while the japanese version which is currently airing once every week is on episode 601, Now thats a lot of episodes. Also due to its hudge popularity in japan (I mean above 16% of the population watch or read it weekly) one piece has just started to air in america and 1 am on saturdays i think, and is fetching above 1 million views which is just crazy at that time at night. So what i recommend is to try the first 2 collections, this collection and the one coming out on the 1st of july (one piece collection 2). I can ENSURE you will be HOOKED by then, otherwise just sell the dvd and forget it ever existed.

I give one piece 5/5, it just an amazing story and ive enjoy every moment of it so far :)
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on 1 November 2015
A fantastic series on paper or screen, full of diverse characters and settings. Adventure, Pirates, fighting and laughs. One Piece has it all, even one of the saddest scenes in any series.

If you enjoy the likes of Bleach, Naruto, Attack on Titan, Full Metal Alchemist then this is worth picking up.
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