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Customer Reviews

4.5 out of 5 stars24
4.5 out of 5 stars
Colour Name: BlackChange
Price:£169.99+ Free shipping
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 29 April 2014
This is a very solid camera to hold with very strong metal body, and as far as I'm aware the first time you have a flip screen on a weatherproof/waterproof camera.

Very easy to use and operate it's a simple point and shot but with the usual array of filters and scene modes.
My overall quick fire list of points...

+ Nice 5x zoom range 21mm-105mm equivalent (wider than many cameras) Image stabilisation works well
+ Rugged build, feels extremely well built and beefy in the hand
+ Video quality was pretty good, you can zoom too, detail and sound above average (some high speed 120 and 240fps video modes for playing around with at lower resolution)
+ Large 3" 460k LCD and the mechanism feels very strong too, easy to see even in harsh lighting
+ Waterproof (up to 10m), freeze proof, shock proof, and crush proof evidently up to 100kg (I didn't try it though!)
+ Nice macro 1cm allowing some very good close up shooting
+ Snappy AF and shooting speed, also has a fast 7fps mode (but only for about a second of shooting)
+ Good battery life around 290 shots (above average for a camera of this type)

- Not the best image quality bit softer in the corners at the wide end, high ISO images bit over processed not for pixel peepers
- Zoom motor noise can be heard in video recordings
- Surprisingly no wifi or GPS included (quite common nowadays)
- Images a bit cool in overcast conditions (just adjust the white balance here)

Like most cameras or this type you charge the battery in camera
You get your usual selection of effects and filters, panoramic mode, time lapse movie shooting, interval timer, HDR modes to play with.

Image quality was quite appealing with nice colours and good richness (without being over the top) This is a fun well built camera to take to the beach or places where you might risk damaging a normal compact. Print quality is satisfactory at normal sizes (8x6" or around there, you can get some ok A4 prints) But don't expect more than that

The very wide angle lens and flip screen means that "group selfie" shots are quite easy (wider than most compacts by some margin)
Build is one the most solid WR cameras I've tried very dense feeling and very well built indeed. I would have no fears about subjecting this to some rough handling. You are paying a bit of a premium for the flip screen though, bear this in mind and see if you need that or not.

It's worth a look if you want a "non pamper" compact to travel with or take for the day out.
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on 29 March 2014
I bought this to replace my Olympus mu 1030 which had served me well but was wearing out after a great deal of use. I also wanted a better screen for difficult light conditions. I am a worldwide traveller and often use my camera in (physically and photographically) less than ideal conditions. I don't connect to Facebook etc. and I don't carry a laptop when I travel. I rarely enlarge beyond A4.I need a camera that produces good photos in a wide range of conditions, doesn't mind getting wet, or occasionally bashed and fits in my pocket. I have been using Olympus cameras since the pre-digital days and have found their customer service to be excellent on the rare occasions Ive needed it.

The TG-850 fits the bill very well. The screen is clear and works well in extreme bright light i.e. the tropics. The shadow control also makes shooting in high light successful. I quite like the tilt screen and it is more useful than I expected for shooting above crowds or low down. The image quality is simply superb and the camera is reasonably easy to use. The pre-set scenes and extras such as sequential shooting are useful. Zoom quality is very impressive. Im not sure Ill use the effects much although I do occasionally like to 'play'. Overall the camera and its results just shout 'quality!'

2 minor gripes:
Firstly the package comes with a charger that allows you to charge batteries in the camera but not a separate charger for batteries outside the camera. Not so good, if like me you use spare batteries. I had a charger from my mu 1030 but otherwise you would need to buy a separate one.
Secondly, the camera does not have a lens cover and this worries me. On a camera that is so rugged I am concerned the lens will get scratched or continually dirty - we shall see.

In conclusion: if your photography takes you to places where you need something robust with high performance then this camera is definitely worth a look. If however you don't need that ruggedness, you might want to consider other models that are lighter in weight and cheaper.

I look forward to taking it to India.
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on 2 June 2015
I bought this primarily for (shallow) underwater photography: as I only snorkel, deep pressure resistance was not an issue. I was toying with the idea of getting the newer model Stylus Tough TG-860 (controllable remotely via WiFi, a real attraction, plus GPS-capability which was not attractive because power-hungry). However, I plumped for the TG-850 after reading a well-informed review (jacked-up photgraphy magazine) saying that the image quality was conspicuously better on the TG-850 than the TG-860. Controls on the TG-850 are straightforward & largely intuitive if you already have experience of this level of camera, so it's pretty easy to set it up for what you want. There's a useful range of settings for different scenes: so far I've only tried the various underwater settings for beasties in our garden pond, and the "documents" setting for noting the publication details of a couple of books I might want. Both have worked well. I'm looking forward to trying the TG-850 snorkelling in Brazilian streams: the Amazon & its tributaries have an amazing diversity of fish!
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VINE VOICEon 17 June 2014
Colour Name: WhiteVine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I've been looking for a rugged point and shoot compact for some time to replace my ageing day to day compact, and was amazed when an opportunity came up to review this product on Amazon Vine. With a history of waterproof compacts to compare against I was keen to give this a go and see how the latest technology from Olympus stands up to both standard and rugged compacts.

First impressions of the 850 camera are very good. The body feels solid in my hands and a reassuring weight adds to the perception of something that is really built to last. It looks the business and nowadays this can stand for a lot when deciding what to choose. Thankfully the tough looks carry through to the rugged performance, which Olympus claim will withstand a drop from 7ft. I have no doubt this is true. The SD card and connections are all locked away in a vault-like cover with a fail-safe lock to avoid any tears from accidental opening. It will also survive a bout in your freezer at -11C if you fancy it.

Moving on to the use of the camera, the flip around LCD screen is plenty bright enough for shooting in daylight, often a problem with other compacts. Yes, you may think the "selfie" screen is a gimmick but it's very useful in social situations and makes for a good picture whilst everyone is laughing at themselves on the screen. Menu functions are simple to navigate and easy to understand, as are all of the various modes you can pick from. It's not quite Instagram but some nice effects can be had for "free" with the Art mode. One big plus point is the fact that selecting the flash mode, ISO, and balance is very easy in manual mode, again a lot of manufacturers neglect this usability. There is also a really snazzy interval shooting option which is great to time-lapse parties and capturing outdoor scenes over a few hours.

The lens is both good and bad and will probably be the make or break decision for anyone considering this camera. The super-wide 21mm f3.5-5.7 is brilliant at capturing interior shots, video reproduction is highly realistic, and the wide angle makes for a capability that is far better than most cameras at this price-point. It works amazingly under water, and I've tested it in both salt water and chlorinated water and the performance was stunning. However, in some lights the images are washed out, and the sensor struggles to reproduce vivid colours when hint of direct sunlight is involved. This is the only real downside of the camera - sometimes selecting "pop art" mode can help with this.

Video is a very strong point. 240FPS and 120FPS modes will add a new dimension to your cinematography portfolio! I've effectively thrown away my 4 year old camcorder since this camera outperforms it in every way apart from battery life - which the Olympus gives it a close run for.

My only other main criticism is the video features being hidden within the menus. With such a good video performance why hide the adjustment and selection of frame rate in among a couple of layers of menus? I've missed a few videos whilst fiddling with the settings.

Lastly - shame on you Olympus for not simply using a micro-USB for a charging cable. Now I have yet another cable to add to the mix!

In conclusion, main plus and negatives are:

+ Go anywhere camera that is built to last
+ Waterproof videos are jaw-dropping for the size of this camera
+ LCD screen flip mode
+ Wide angle lens
+ Video performance

- Lens performance in direct light
- No wifi without using a FlashAir card
- Video menu hidden and awkward
- No GPS

Definitely put this into the mix if you want a waterproof camera. Just remember to buy a case for it because the LCD screen scratches easily.
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Colour Name: WhiteVine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I have a number of compact cameras, including he exceptionally high-quality Canon G-12. But this from Olympus is my favourite. Why?

First, it's waterproof. Very. To 10 metres, the specifications say - I can't vouch for that, but snorkelling has posed it no problems. And, as the name suggests, it's tough - I've used it boating, and whilst I haven't dropped it 2.1 metres, it has stood up to bumps and shaking very well.

But the main reason is the wide angle zoom. At 21 mm, far wider than any compact I've owned, this is perfect for landscapes and architecture. For me, this is the killer feature. And the image quality is excellent too throughout the 21-105mm range.

The flip screen is a neat touch too - very useful especially for elevated shots.

If you want to see the camera's results, try this Flickr album - all the shots that say "Olympus camera" were taken with the TG-850.


Yes, the
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VINE VOICEon 16 June 2014
Colour Name: WhiteVine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Beautiful camera, very compact and very good at taking pictures.

The camera is well built and waterproof (to a certain point), it feels good to hold and grip and is nice looking.

The camera is easy to use if you like to do everything auto and just point and go, and is also good for those of us who want to play with effects a lot, you need to find your way around it to work out and practice the functions for this, and some effects are way better than others.

Very good that it records HD video, and make sure you buy a good card with plenty of room, video drains the battery faster but on normal pictures battery life is good. It is well worth getting a spare battery though.

Would be nice if a card was included at this price but you can only take about 4 pictures out the box. You can at this time get a good card for around twenty pounds.

Can take great close ups of flowers for instance without fiddling around for macro function, it is very good at focus at close quarters.
Colours are vibrant and mostly lifelike, as all cameras it takes better pictures outside but inside is good.

Doesn't have a viewfinder which would have been nice for those sunny days when you cant see the screen well but I don't really want to criticize such a great camera, it takes good pictures!

love it
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VINE VOICEon 29 May 2014
Colour Name: WhiteVine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I've had this camera a few weeks now and I'm very happy with it , i trust the brand and its very well made and can handle rain very well .

camera is easy to use if your a amateur photographer just like me , ive been taking photo's for years , but im only really used to the basic's really , saying that , its a great family camera and can be used great indoors as well as outdoors , come rain or shine .

I have taken quite a few photo's with the Olympus TG-850 camera already , some in rain and some out in the sunshine and its handled really well , video function is very good and video is very clear and sounds really good when played back on the home computer . i have bought an extra Olympus LI-50B battery for the camera , which i highly recommend you do because the video function can use the battery up quite quickly, charging only takes up to 3 hours , which is good . I've also bought a Olympus red tough camera case CSCH-121 for when we go to the seaside in the school summer holidays in august , this is a very good camera case and can hold spare battery as well . I've added 4 photo's from this camera so you can get some idea what the basic photo's are like . I'm very happy with the photo quality and the video sound and picture quality , very happy with the build of the camera and the camera's functions , not sure we will use the flip screen very often . I've owned Olympus camera's in the past and i currently own the Olympus xz-1 , so i trust the Olympus brand very well .

i would say this camera is ideal for a family and days out at the seaside and is ideal for all weathers , highly recommended .
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VINE VOICEon 17 July 2014
Colour Name: WhiteVine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I am really impressed with this Olympus Tough camera. Packed with lots of features, as you would expect, and a cool screen that you can flip up so you can ensure that you are in the frame for that all important selfie.

Having already owned a 3 year old Olympus Tough (a more basic version) the best feature of this new camera, for me, was the quickness of taking the photo - with most digital cameras of this ilk there is a pause between clicking the button and the camera actually taking the shot, which for action shots is a horrible thing to deal with - this new Olympus Tough this delay is minimal.

Picture quality is very good and movie option is also very good. I use both regularly when out kayaking, so the waterproof feature is essential (although testing this out 10m underwater in a kayak is not my preferred approach)

The only negative point, as with all digital cameras, is that you need to buy a memory card - none is not provided - choose a fast one to get the best out of the camera.

Overall (without going into all the technical aspect the camera offers) the camera is excellent and I highly recommend it.
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on 10 September 2015
I bought this as a replacement for my long-serving Olympus μ1030 SW. It has an excellent specification especially the lens which zooms from ultra-wide to useful portrait (21 - 105 mm full-frame equivalent) and seems to be almost as tough though it has picked up a few dents. I have seen reports of leaking seals but mine has hadno problems despite underwater use and quite rough handling. The tiltable screen is helpful for getting shots from awkward angles but I have not used it much. The sensor seems to have a better dynamic range than the μ1030 but, presumably in at attempt to reduce noise, the image processing has a powerful smoothing filter (similar to e "median" filter in PS) which obliterated fine detail, especially low-contrast textures, and there seems no way to turn this off. This limits its use as a go-anywhere landscape camera but for most point-and-shoot purposes the results are fine.
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on 26 August 2014
Compact easy to use and well worth the money.
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