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When unidentified aircraft is spotted approaching the White House, the Secret Service rush the President, his cabinet and visiting officials to the safety of the presidential bunker. But will this be sanctuary enough? As the Oval office and its environs sustain an aerial and ground attack, disgraced former U.S. Secret Service man, Mike Banning, thinks not.

Gerard Butler,Morgan Freeman
1 hour, 59 minutes

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Genres Thriller, Action & Adventure
Director Antoine Fuqua
Starring Gerard Butler, Morgan Freeman
Supporting actors Dylan Mcdermott, Ashley Judd, Aaron Eckhart, Radha Mitchell, Melissa Leo, Cole Hauser, Morgan Jaye Williams, Angela Bassett
Studio Lionsgate
BBFC rating Suitable for 15 years and over
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Customer Reviews

4.2 out of 5 stars

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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful By Angel Eyes on 12 April 2015
Format: DVD
This film basically sets out to be Under Siege at the White House. As such, it has the necessary cast, and clearly the budget, to pull off an enjoyable action film. The first half looks like it's going to do just that, but unfortunately the writers can't contain their ten year old schoolboy urges, ruining what would have been a fairly good picture by drawing in flames, explosions and increasingly incoherent fantasy, making so much noise in the process that the other kids in the classroom start laughing at them. Black marks get awarded for inappropriate swearing (appropriate swearing in Reservoir Dogs or Predator adds something, but a US Navy Seal phoning up the bad guy to call him nasty names is just pathetic) or the stupid, lazy machismo (as opposed to enjoyable, creative machismo in a better film) and finally for finally hiding the whole stinking manure pile under the Stars and Stripes. I have nothing against sensationalist films of this genre - Die Hard, Lethal Weapon, Taken, even Bond - I just wish that Hollywood writers would stop ruining them in the second half by resorting to tired, lazy, cliched, and above all predictable, drivel.
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24 of 28 people found the following review helpful By Jules TOP 500 REVIEWER on 26 Aug. 2013
Format: DVD
Disgraced secret service agent Mike Banning (Butler) finds himself in the right place at the right time, as a Korean splinter group attack the White House & take the President & his staff hostage. Can Banning redeem himself & save the day ?

Overall Olympus Has Fallen is a macho action flick that you wouldn't be surprised to see Bruce Willis's alter ego John McClane as the fly in the ointment for these Korean bad guys. But it falls to Gerard Butler to put on a serious & good action performance as the no nonsense lead. As none before him can stand in his way as he brutally dispatches the terrorists with nonchalant ease, while slipping in & out of a Scottish/American accent. The story itself makes for an interesting backdrop, and pulls out every cliche in the book in the process, that you can see what's coming pretty much before it gets there, with the odd exception. Add in some suicidal secret service agents on the steps of the White House & how easy the baddies take over, and it will have you firstly in awe of the action sequences, with the fact it's a laughable & unbelievable scenario hitting you right afterwards. But you have little time to dwell on it, as you are tossed between action set pieces & under siege maneuvers. And it tosses in the usual, sugary, America is great mantra & North Korea painted as the baddies once more due to the current political climate.

Gerard Butler (300) as the hero of the movie dealt with the action set pieces like a pro & Rick Yune (The Man with the Iron Fists) made for a decent baddie, menacing in an intelligent & sadistic manner.
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6 of 7 people found the following review helpful By Stu on 1 Jan. 2015
Format: DVD Verified Purchase
In a few years time Hollywood will be able to type into a supercomputer all the generic ingredients of a modern-day blockbuster - mixing Die-hard movies with shades of Independence Day and lesser known-B-movie Segal offerings - and the computer will make the movie ready for mass release. No originality, no creativity, high on jingoism, bereft of any lasting impression.

In fact, they don't need the computer, they're happy to do it with real writers. Movies have reached the level of the cinema confectionary kiosk - different named chocolate bars but pretty much the same product. I wonder what the people giving five stars to this movie would give 2001 or Citizen Kane or The French Connection ... eight, nine ten stars...?

Do we really need another film that ends with a group of US politicians and army generals high-fiving in a command centre? Hardly original stuff for all the cash spent. At least John McClane in Die Hard had a sense of self-irony and a cutting quip to keep things rolling along with some style and all-important humour . That film shows the importance of casting a likable charismatic lead. Gerard Butler is pretty generic unfortunately - he could be swapped for any other "in" action star and the results would be much the same. But that's how the computer would create it. It's sad to say actual thinking brains have turned this one out. As an action film it's two stars: solid action but no chances taken by the writer to do something original and clever - as if he's writing the script in his sleep. When the action starts it keeps up the level you'd expect but of course we've seen all this type of imagery before. It is what it is - one-dimensional patriotism showered in a hail of bullets.
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77 of 93 people found the following review helpful By John Milton on 29 Mar. 2013
Format: DVD
I have to be honest, I really wasn't expecting much when I went along to see this film. However, given that this project was helmed by Antoine Fuqua, the man responsible for Denzel Washington's Oscar winning turn in Training Day, I thought Olympus has Fallen might be a little edgier.

There's a nice bit of pre-amble, setting up Butler's back-story and it's not long before the bullets start flying and the bodycount goes through the roof. There's certainly no shortage of violence in this film and I was actually quite surprised at its "15" certificate, given the scenes of torture, stabbing, mutilation, suicide bombers and copious amounts of death by gunshot!

In effect, what we have here is Gerard Butler taking the lead role in a movie that, if made 25 years ago, would have went to the likes of Arnie, Sly or Bruce Willis. Olympus Has Fallen is a straight-up no-nonsense action movie where the good guy can't die and is always a better shot than the numerous villains he despatches!
This film lays it on pretty thick with the flag-waving and patriotism but I guess that with a movie that has as its central premise the White House being stormed and the President of the USA being held hostage, it comes with the territory!

Rick Yune is a suitably menacing screen presence and Aaron Eckhart is convincing as the American as mom's apple pie President while Morgan Freeman adds some gravitas to proceedings while Gerard Butler bumps off terrorists like he was in a video game.

This type of film has been done before (see the title of this review!) and if you've seen the trailer for this movie, you'll know you're not in for any big surprises but there's no doubt that Olympus Has Fallen is an entertaining and competent action film.
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