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Olympus Binocular 10x50 DPS-1
by Olympus
4.7 out of 5 stars (239)
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Yes it does, case and lens caps, brilliant buy it was for us!
21 Mar 2014 by alessandra durand
I was quite impressed with the optical quality, especially at the price. My only reservation was the mechanism that supports the eyepieces. It is a bit flimsy. Therefore, if you press the eyepiece to your face the mechanism flexes and the focus drifts. If you are aware of this, you need to support the binoculars away from your eye sockets so as not to apply any pressure to them.
20 Nov 2013 by M. Young
I should think that any reputable camera shop should be able to show you suitable tripods. You will need to consider the height that you want them to be (sitting or standing?) and how firm the stand will need to be. Lighter ones will be easier to transport, but more solid ones will be more secure. You'll probably require an adapter with a 90 degree bend in it to mount the binoculars onto the tripod, and I'd expect a reputable shop to have those in stock. If not, you can get them on Amazon. Sorry I can't be more specific, but the tripod I use is one I bought some 25 years ago, and I'm not familiar with the ones available now.
24 Mar 2014 by John B
I've used mine for looking at the moon and stars, and for looking at distant lights, but they don't have any infra red facility, so they do need the objects being viewed to have some sort of illumination for you to see them.
19 Nov 2013 by John B
Yes it is a soft one albeit a fairly solid soft one. My husband who birthday gift it was is extremely pleased with it
4 days ago by eager user
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