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4.0 out of 5 stars32
4.0 out of 5 stars
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on 1 June 2010
I have read all Rachel Gibson's books and this latest one is without doubt one of her best. The Chinook Series look set to be very entertaining. It's not rocket science and is not hard to read however it is pure blissful escapism. The main characters are likeable and funny and the story romps along nicley without tasking the brain too much. Light and flirticious....happy days!!
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on 13 September 2010
I really enjoyed reading this book, it's an easy read and is well written with a nice story line. The only that would have made it better was to be able to connect a bit more with the characters; sometimes it felt as though it was a bit rushed and sketchy.

However I like this author and have order more of her books and I think it's definitely worth a read!
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on 8 July 2010
I like the reviewer Maria, was a little disappointed. I have read all RGs books and loved all of them (although some more than others), and felt this was actually her weakest - sorry! But it is! The central characters had the potential to be interesting but I felt they were not explored as much as she has done in her other books. I also felt it was "rushed", or maybe it is that the "Chinooks" series has run its course and RG needs to open a new series??!! Come on RG dont disappoint us with the next one on Sam (sneak preview in back of this book) when its out next year. Saying this if you are an RG fan - read it - its light hearted and can be read in 1 day - but if you are new to RG - try the other books first - then you wont be disappointed!
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on 30 April 2010
This funny, sexy and light-hearted book was a joy to read and it's definitely one of my favourites by Rachel Gibson.

Unsuccessful actress Chelsea Ross desperately needs money, so she agrees to work as a personal assistent for hockey superstar Mark Bressler. He was seriously hurt in a car accident months ago and had to give up playing hockey. Ever since he is in a black mood and does his best to act like a jerk. Mark doesn't want anyone to help him and especially not funky and witty Chelsea. But he can't get rid of her like he did with his other assistents because Chelsea just won't leave.
Soon Chelsea and Mark find some common ground and he even begins to like their discussions and her attempts to cheer him up. When the attraction between them grows, their relationship changes and they become lovers. What starts as something casual soon feels like so much more and Mark and Chelsea have to decide how they want to go on.

I loved reading "Nothing but trouble" and think that it's one of the best books by Rachel Gibson so far.
Chelsea is a great heroine and I liked her from the first moment. She is a funny, honest and caring person and pursues her dreams even though her family disagrees. I especially enjoyed reading about her bright personality and clothing style.
Mark is an awesome hero. At first I was a bit sceptical about him but that changed within a few pages. He may be brooding and arrogant but he is also funny and kind. You can feel his pain and just hope that his life will get better.
Mark and Chelsea are a great, sexy and lovely pair and I especially enjoyed that Mark understood one of her biggest wishes and was willing to change his life for her.
I loved to meet Kate and Rob from "The trouble with Valentine's day" again and laughed about the fly-fishing insider joke. I also enjoyed reading more about the other Chinook players and hope that many of them will get their own books.

So all in all I can absolutely recommend this funny, sexy and light-hearted book and can't wait to read more of the Seattle Chinooks. Sam's book (excerpt is in the back of "Nothing but trouble") sounds very promising and will be published spring 2011.
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on 10 October 2011
I was sent this book as I'm part of the Transworld book group.

I picked this one out mostly because it sounded like a fun read and it was, infact it was that good that once I started it I hardly put it down and had read it in a day, thankfully I didn't have much I had to do that day and my Fiance enjoyed the P&Q to watch his sports on TV!

The story flows well and you get to see different parts through both Chelsea's and Mark's eyes with the narration switching between both characters so you get to understand both sets of issues and the characters motivations throughout the book.

Hearing how Mark is coping with the enormous changes to his life, dealing with the shock of his accident and the ending of his career. Enjoying his tricks and schemes as he tries to get Chelsea to quit and also understanding her motivations in dealing with all that he throws at her and keeping on going back day after day. Her driving need to complete her contract and gain the bonus so she can get something she desperately needs to be able to feel better about herself and who she is. There are also some wonderful secondary characters around these two which give the story a lot of colour and keep the plot moving ever forward onto the climax.

Yes there are those who criticise this type of book, yes a lot of them are based on the Mills&Boon style (man & woman meet, fall in love, split up, work it out & live happily ever after) but there is so much more to them than there used to be. The characterisation and style of writing in this one is superb, the side stories which fill out the battles between Mark and Chelsea and make for a whole story rather than just a romance. That we have a strong female lead must be the biggest break from the traditional romance that we see in this genre these days. Gone are the swooning, simpering females and income the women who know how to enjoy their life and get the most out of it but are still prepared to compromise when they can see it will get them a boon.

I really loved this book and would encourage anyone and everyone to read it, even if you think you don't like Chicklit books, give this one a go, you might just surprise yourself!
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This is the first Rachel Gibson book that I have read, and now having read it and found out more about the author, I understand this one of many books from this author's pen.

Nothing but Trouble is an easy, predictable read. Mark Bressler, a famous Ice Hockey Player injured badly in a car crash that has ruined his escalating career as one of the best players has turned into a more arrogant, grumpy man and his slowly going through carer's as he makes it his mission to cope on his own and scare them into leaving within hours if not minutes of meeting them. Enter Chelsea Ross a bit part actress who needs to make some money takes on the role and if she can survive three months with Mark then she also gets a bonus. Mark has met his nemesis, Chelsea has just met another `celebrity' amongst many she has worked as assistants for whilst she looks for the big break in Hollywood.

You know what is going to happen but so what, this was whilst being predictable, light humoured, romantic and overtly sexual in parts but it is pure escapism in fact rather Mills and Boon esque. Enjoyable read but the reason I have only given it 3 stars is a lot of the references, colloquial sayings was geared to the American audience and also I know absolutely nothing about Ice Hockey and so much of this was lost on me. I would not buy another book by this author but if I stumbled across one and needed something to read I would know what I was getting. Nothing but Trouble is part of a series of books called in the `Chinooks Hockey Team' but you do not need to have read any of the others to read this one.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 23 September 2011
I've just finished reading `Nothing But Trouble' by Rachel Gibson as part of the Transworld Reading Challenge and I'm so glad that I chose this book!

Chelsea Ross accepts the position of personal assistant to a celebrity ice hockey player whose career has been ended by a horrific car accident. He's cranky, wounded and determined to keep his independence. He wants no help. She's the last in a long line of helpers and as an incentive to keep working with Mark Bressler his hockey team, who are paying for his rehabilitation, has promised to give her a $10,000 bonus if she can maintain her position for three months. They spar, they argue, he insults her and gives her embarrassing or menial jobs to do to try to drive her away, but because she really wants and feels she needs a breast reduction operation to rid her of her associated discomfort, she perseveres. Yes, of course they fall in love, their mutual attraction causes the very pages to sizzle! However, this love story has more about it than `boy meets girl', the comic lines had me laughing out loud and I felt real empathy with Chelsea, who really, really dreams of being a lot more than just a horror actress, and Mark who is in terrible pain and if grief- stricken that he will never be able to play ice hockey again when it is his greatest passion.

This story is a light, airy, entertaining read. It's humorous, heart-warming and sensual. Give it a try. It's my first Rachel Gibson book and I'll definitely pick out another of her novels to read
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on 15 September 2011
Rachel Gibson has written many books but Nothing but Trouble is the first I have read. It tells the story of a twin Chelsea Ross who as a failed actress lands a job looking after an injured hockey player who seems to think he does not need help. The story seemed familiar, as Paige Toon had written Johnny Be Good a few years previously except in that case the man in question was a rock star.Nothing but Trouble moves along at an o.k pace with Chelsea doing her best to overcome the obstacles the grumpy ungrateful Mark Bressler puts in her way. From the beginning you knew what the ending was going to be but you just wondered how it was going to be reached. It was nice to have the setting of the book in Seattle as opposed to many American chick lit books being set in L.A. There was plenty of quick wit between Chelsea and Mark as they tried to pretend they didn't like each other and Rachel Gibson writes well in this respect.I don't think I will try another book by Rachel Gibson as I think the characters and certain aspects of the story like the issue with breast reduction and a life changing event could have done with alot more exploration. At just over 350 pages this book could have been slightly longer and dealt with the above mentioned issues in a better manner.
Overall, the book was an average read which would be fine to pass a day by the pool if on holiday but if you want something to grab you and keep you up late until you reach the final page then this book is not for you.
'I read this book as part of the Transworld Book Challenge'
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Rachel Gibson's books aren't serious chick lit, they are very light and fluffy reads but that doesn't at all mean to say that there isn't a darn good story inside! This book is also based around the Chinooks hockey team that Any Man of Mine was set at too, and according to the order of publication in America, this book actually should come before Any Man of Mine, but for some reason the UK publisher have decided to publish them the other way around. Although they are a series, they don't necessarily rely on being read in order (according to what I have read of these two books anyway) since the story doesn't directly follow, rather it has the same characters and setting appearing in both. Gibson is due for another book release in March 2012, as yet untitled on Amazon, but I assume it's going to be a third title from the Chinooks series, there are 6 books in total.

The main two characters in this book are hockey player Mark Bressler, and his new PA Chelsea Ross. Mark has been in a car accident which has ended his career as a hockey player, and as such he's permanently in a bad mood through his pain and frustration. Chelsea is the opposite, bright, bubbly and always annoying Mark with her zest for helping him and for life. I thought both characters were fantastic to read about, and although you can probably guess the ending without having to pick up the book at all, I enjoyed the twists and turns it took the pair to get there, and the chemistry between them is positively sizzling throughout! I really enjoyed thier arguments, some funny and some awful but they really keep the pace of the story going. I loved Mark, he is a dark and brooding character but you can't help but like him despite his rotten attitude, and Chelsea is so bubbly and nice, you just can't not like her!

The story itself isn't anything to write home about, in fact aside from the development of Mark and Chelsea's relationship, there isn't a great deal else going on in the book. However, it didn't really seem to matter because I was so engrossed in reading about Mark and Chelsea that I didn't notice a great deal about the lack of story for the rest of it! Mark's (lack of) career is mentioned a bit, as is Chelsea wanting to be an actress but neither of these threads progress especially well. Gibson's writing is good enough for the book, she isn't going to be winning any literary prizes but for this sort of book, it works well, and I found she switched easily from comedy to sex scenes to sport scenes with ease. Overall, I felt it was a very enjoyable read, and I will definitely be looking out for more from Rachel Gibson, especially in the Chinooks series. Yes, they are very light reading and pretty fluffy but sometimes it's nice to read something easy in the evenings, and Gibson's books certainly fulfill on that. One to look out for!
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on 28 August 2011
Nothing but Trouble is the 14th book written by Rachel Gibson.

Twin Chelsea is an out of work Actress and is in desperate need of money. When the offer of a $10,000 bonus on top of a salary is offered she jumps at the chance. How hard can it be to care for a Famous Hockey Star recovering from a near fatal road accident for just 3 months?

Moody Mark Bressler is finding it extremely hard to recover from his accident and not to be able to do one of the two things he does best in life, play Hockey. But he definitely does not need a "carer" and certainly not an overly cheerful Chelsea. How hard can it be to make her quit?

Is this going to be the toughest role of actress Chelsea life? Can opposites attract and sparks fly?

This is a very quick and easy book to read (maybe comes across a little rushed). Not a huge story to it and it is rather obvious where this book will go, saying that, I did enjoy it and liked the funny elements with in it between Mark and Chelsea. It is a typical "Beverly Hills" type book, full of riches and sexual references (and some of that can be extremely detailed!!) I would say however, I felt the ending was rather rushed and maybe not totally believable .. however anything can happen in Hollywood!!

This book is my 3rd book in the Transworld Book challenge.
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