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on 16 June 2013
A beautifull read really enjoyed this book couldn't put it down love the characters and there story, life time friends she wants one night and he wants forever, Hayden summers had landed a job of a lifetime taking pictures for a publishing magazine but she is determined to leave with no regrets she wanted to erase the memory of a cheating ex,with a wild night with her best-friend sexy bar owner jace Jennings he stopped speaking to her the night she told him she was leaving to start another job! BUT jace as a problem Hayden isn't just leaving the country she will be risking her life,He as realised he is very much in love with her and doesn't want to lose her, So jace offers her the thing she wants one hot night hopeing to change her mind but will the both be able to leave with there hearts intact,
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No Strings Attached really surprised me! I had just read a couple of books that left me emotionally drained and I needed a Palate Cleanser. A short, quick, hot sweet read that would ease my brain and No Strings Attached was just that but so much more. For such a short story it really packs a lot of heart into the pages and I came away really rooting for the characters and wanting to know more.

Hayden plays it safe - always the nice, good girl, her heart is broken by a cheating ex and wanting a fresh start she takes a risk and lands the job of a lifetime taking pictures for Time Magazine abroad. Fed up of the predictable, she decides that on her last night in the US she will throw caution to the wind and have one night of anonymous hot sex to get it out of her system. What she doesn't count on is Jace. Jace, her gorgeous, supportive, sweet best friend since childhood who's suddenly giving her the cold shoulder and seems desperate to throw a spanner in the works. When Hayden sneaks into the store-room of his bar for an illicit tryst with a random she's met on the dance-floor, she finds herself instead in the arms of her best friend. Sparks fly and truths come out - will it end in happiness or tears?

This was one seriously hot little novella! I needed a nice cool drink of water after to lower the temperature. Nicolette Day sure knows how to write chemistry and Hayden and Jace have boatloads. I loved their relationship, both clearly mean the world to each other, Jace and his brother Nate have taken care of Hayden since they were kids and Hayden was Jace's rock when his mom was sick with cancer. Always skirting around the issue of their true feelings for each other, when they get locked in the store room together and forced to confront their feelings for each other the pages sizzle. I was gasping for breath by the end!

The characters are really well realised and the emotional depth and story really captured my attention. I also loved how Day turns things on its head and has the man making the sacrifices for a change! It was a nice surprise.

It's summer, the weather is hot and this story is the perfect companion for the poolside! Just make sure to drink plenty of fluids, this one will raise your temperature whatever the weather! ;)
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 15 June 2013
This is a short story. Jace and Hayden have known each other since they were at School. Hayden was there for Jase when his mother was dying and they have maintained a friendship for 10 years.

Jace has always been protective of Hayden. When her last relationship ended badly and Hayden was hurt, Jace has been there for her more than ever but when a career opportunity comes up for Hayden to travel to Sudan things have been strained for the last few weeks between the pair and Hayden feels Jace has been ignoring her.

The night before she is due to leave and after receiving a text from her ex to say he's getting married (to her cousin!) Hayden's friend Lilly persuades her to have a last night out and to have a last fling before she leaves. It's been nearly a year since Hayden has been intimate with anyone and she's not feeling very confident plus Lilly has persuaded her to dress in a very short dress.

When they arrive at Jace and his brothers bar, Hayden sees Jace for the first time in two weeks. When Jace finds out why she is there he is not happy. They end up locked in the store room together where things heat up between the pair.

This is a sweet romance. The sex scenes aren't as hot as I was expecting. However, I liked Jace and Hayden and whilst they get their happy ending, it was a bit over the top for me. For a couple that had only just got together the night before, it seemed a bit unrealistic but that's what happens in Novellas, they tend to feel a bit rushed.

I'm hoping there will be a book about Jace's brother Nate.

ARC provided by Netgalley.
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At around 50 pages No Strings Attached is perfect for when you don't have enough time for a full length novel but still want to read a satisfying romance. I have to admit that I was worried that Nicolette Day wouldn't have enough time to do the story justice in such a short novella, especially as these are new characters that haven't been introduced to readers before but I ended up really enjoying getting to know Hayden and Jace.

I'm a sucker for friends to lovers romances and these two have a long history together which probably helped me get on board with a relationship that develops so quickly. Jace has been Hayden's best friend for a long time and she trusts him implicitly, what she doesn't understand is why he has been acting so distant ever since she told him she'd landed her dream job as a photographer for Time magazine. It took a long time for Jace to realise that he was in love with Hayden and now she's got a new job that is taking her out of the country and potentially putting her life at risk before he's even had a chance to tell her. He doesn't want to stop her from living her dream but he can't bear the thought of letting her leave without telling her how he feels. When he finds out that she plans to have a wild night with a stranger before she leaves the country he decides it's the perfect opportunity to show her how perfect they are for each other.

I don't want to say too much more so I'll just tell you that No Strings Attached may be short but it's also sweet and incredibly hot. It's a great intro to the Falling for You series and I can't wait to read Lilly and Nate's story Tempted by the Soldier.
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on 17 August 2013
No Strings Attached was a very sweet and very short novella that I really enjoyed. For a novella it managed to fit everything in and didn't feel rushed. Everything made sense and it didn't suffer from its lack of content at all.

Stories like this have been done time and time again. Friends turning into lovers is probably one of the most popular storylines in romantic literature. Did No Strings Attached do anything different from all the other books out there? No not really, but it felt different which has everything to do with the characters and the way they behave.

Hayden is getting over heartbreak but has just one night left in the US before she embarks on a trip of her dreams to the Sudan where she has been hired to take photos for time magazine. She wants to spend her last night getting rid of the memory of her cheating ex-boyfriend and for that she needs a man. She heads to her friend Jace's bar to find one and to confront him about why he has stopped speaking to her. Jace is devastated that Hayden is leaving him to go to a country where there is a lot of danger. He has only just realised that he is in love with her and has no idea what to do about it.
I liked Jace, he was so scared for her safety and wanted her to stay in the US with him but knew this was a dream come true for her so had no choice but to let her go. He knew he could try and convince her but chose not to and I really liked him for it. Hayden was also cool. She has feeling for Jace but doesn't dwell on them she wasn't sulky or depressed about it so she sets her sights on another man and doesn't think about Jace. It sounds like a weird thing to say but I liked that she wasn't so hung up on him she couldn't function. She wasn't looking for love from this random guy just one night that she couldn't get from Jace.

The romance was super sweet and really hot. There was a ton of chemistry between the two characters and I loved reading their interactions. The intimate scenes were well done and I liked the build-up. The ending was super sweet and I am glad the author ended it the way she did.

No Strings Attached was a short and sweet novella that I really enjoyed. I can't wait to read the next book in the series.
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on 15 December 2013
3 STARS ***

A copy of this book was provided by NetGallery in return for an honest review

This was a nice short erotic story featuring two best friend who make the most of their last night together.

It's Hayden last night before she flies overseas to work as a photographer in Sudan and she is determined to have sex before she goes. She goes to the bar owned by her best friend Jace on a mission and nothing is going to stop her. Jace and Hayden have been friends forever, but Jace hasn't spoken to her since she announced she was leaving. Both don't want to leave things as they are but they are clueless to how the other feels.

A chance meeting in the backroom of the bar forces them to communicate their feelings and finally give into the attraction they have both secretly felt.

It concludes nicely with another potential romance set up.
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on 4 October 2013
**Provided by Netgalley and Entangled Publishing, LLC for an honest review**

A fast paced novella that had me grinning at the end.

Its a classic where the pair have been friends since forever and have always been there for each other especially in the tough times.

When Hayden tells Jace that she is going to Sudan for a year as a photojournalist he knows he has to do something.

When Haydens assistant takes her to a bar the night before she leaves and after a long dry spell Jace gets his chance to show Hayden what he really feels about her. They have an amazing night together.

When he is not there when she wakes she thinks the worst but gets ready and goes to the airport only to find she is not the only one going,

Loved this book.
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on 20 June 2013
3.5 stars nice hot steamy short story

Jace and Hayden have been best friend forever and always loved each other from a far.

Hayden gets offered a dangerous photography job in Sudan, On her last night before flying out she's determined to erase the memory of her cheating ex boyfriend with a one night stand.

Until she get locked in a storage room with Jace...........

This had hot chemistry between the two main characters which made for a great read I just really wish it had been longer.
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on 28 September 2013
I always used to think that it was very hard to find a perfect novella as they are usually too short to get invested in the characters and their HEA but I think I finally found a brilliant one!

In just a few short chapters, the author got you to know Hayden and Jace as individual characters, friends and finally lovers. I definitely fell in love with them. Perfect ending as well with Hayden getting to follow her dream with Jace at her side.
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I want more! It's left me wanting much much more!

It's well written, has great characters and there's a lot crammed into it. Sexy hot and steamy, with moments that tug on the heartstrings and those that are touching, the potential was there to have made a great full length novel.

Have I said I want more? Well I do and if this is paving the way for a series, then sign me up. I shall be a more than willing reader.
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