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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 16 September 2014
It took me far too long to get around to reading No-One Ever Has Sex on a Tuesday and even longer to write my review for it. I have no idea why because I absolutely loved it! I’ll start by mentioning the cover just because it’s so simple and effective – it’s perfect for the book. I could not put this book down and so I was reading it in public a lot – which then meant I got a lot of people disturbing my reading and asking me questions about the book. Once I’d explained what the book was about and that no it wasn’t a “dirty” book just because it has sex in the title, I did get asked what could be funny about a book where the main character doesn’t know the father of her baby. It’s true that that real life scenario isn’t funny at all but No-One Ever Has Sex on a Tuesday had lots of humour, without making a mockery of the baby situation. More than that, it was sweet and romantic and emotional too, a chaotically entertaining story and a lot of fun.

This book grabbed me from the opening scenes. Ben kind of stole the show for me there and won me over so quickly. He was very funny and the complete bad timing he had with his humour and inappropriate comments was endearing and the highlight of this book for me. His outlook on life was refreshing to read – it wasn’t about instantly changing into the most serious, responsible soon-to-be parent going. His personality and character still always stood out for me so when Katy is reunited with ex-school friend Matthew, and a one-night stand ensues she’s not sure who the dad is, I was thrown for a bit. I loved Ben and yet Matthew was so unlikeable for me. He felt dull and arrogant and I really did have no clue how this book was going to turn out. Even though Katy made a lot of bad decisions, I didn’t dislike her. Everything just kept going wrong and it was very amusing to read. Which leads me quickly on to Ben’s pretty mad friend Braindead (really), who was hilarious. His involvement brought most of my favourite moments in this book. There was also Daniel who added a lot to this book and so many other brilliant characters.

Tracy Bloom’s voice in this book was great to read. She really builds up a vivid picture of every moment in this book and I could imagine every scene so easily, like I was just watching one of those fast-paced, crazy romantic comedy films. Her writing could be so light-hearted and then switch, subtly and perfectly. Writing this review a while on, I can still remember every moment so easily. Chaos did ensue on practically every page, which is what you get when you’re keeping secrets and making mistakes. That just helped make the whole book more memorable, because there were so many events in this book which had me laughing or smiling and I could list a ton of laugh-out-loud moments. Away from the humour and romance, it was the friendship in this book I loved. Characters like Braindead and Daniel seemed so unlike characters I normally warm to but in No-One Ever Has Sex on a Tuesday, I loved them. This book was fantastic read and as it moved towards the end, it got better still until I really didn’t want it to end. This has to be one of my favourite and most memorable books I’ve read this year.
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I thoroughly enjoyed this! It was so easy to get into, In the first few sentences the book had captured my attention and I was glued to the scenes that were unfolding before me.

No-One Ever Has Sex On A Tuesday was so funny! Tracy Bloom has done a fantastic job of writing this book, and creating so many humourous moments in her writing. Throughout the story I was bursting out with laughter, and on more than one occasion I was asked by others what was so hilarious!

But it's not only very funny, it is also very heart-felt and full of emotion too. The situations and dilemmas are very-well written. I'm sure there are scenes in this book that readers will be able to relate to, whether it is the friendships in the book, the many issues involved in pregnancy or conceiving, or even the relationships and love between the characters. I was quite touched by the story, and the topics in the book compelled me to read on.

The characters were brilliant. They were all so lifelike, and so realistic, and I did feel as though I knew them in real life. They seemed to jump from the pages. I really lost myself in their world, their issues and the events that were happening in their lives. I laughed with them, I cringed with them, and I felt for them.

No-One Ever Has Sex On A Tuesday is truly fantastic. It is enjoyable and funny, with a few emotional moments which will make you think too. I have thoroughly enjoyed having the pleasure of reading this book and I honestly can not wait for Tracy Bloom to bring out another!
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on 15 August 2014
Katy doesn't do serious relationships. After a bad experience when she was younger, Katy keeps men at arm's length to protect her heart. So she's horrified when she finds out she's pregnant. She's been having fun with her boyfriend, Ben, but they've never made any long-term plans. Then the situation gets even worse when she arrives at her first antenatal class and sees her first love, Matthew. She hasn't seen Matthew since their school reunion a few months earlier, when they ended up having a one-night stand. Katy didn't expect to see Matthew again but now she must face up to the fact that she isn't entirely sure who the father of her baby is; boyfriend Ben or old flame, Matthew?

I've been looking forward to reading No-One Ever Has Sex On A Tuesday for quite a while as I've heard some fantastic things about it and now I can see why. I absolutely loved the book and felt bereft when it ended. Tracy Bloom has a great voice that is full of warmth and humour and I was immediately pulled into Katy's world.

Katy is such a fantastic character that I completely let it slide that she was totally in the wrong by not telling Ben that it was possible he wasn't the father of her child! My loyalties swayed throughout the book, wanting Katy to find happiness with Matthew, then Ben, then back to Matthew again before switching to Ben... you get the picture. I wasn't sure who she was going to end up with, but I was happy with the outcome at the end.

The book is full of fantastic characters, but my favourite has to be Ben. He had the potential to become annoying, but for me, he was so funny despite his tendency to lapse into immaturity. He's so different to Matthew, who has his life sorted (possible unplanned pregnancy aside) but I could see the attraction to both of the men in Katy's life. I thought all the characters had their good and bad points, which made them more real and relatable for me.

No-One Ever Has Sex On A Tuesday is such a great read with lots of laugh-out-loud moments and it has been one of my favourites reads of 2014 so far.
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on 15 May 2015
I finished this book this morning (about an hour ago) and I couldn't tell you what happened in the book or even what the characters were called. I was after a quick, easy read which maybe contained some humour. Unfortunately this wasn't the case. I don't recall the characters being particularly well developed and after about chapter 3 I did wonder if I could continue reading it. I made it through to the end, but it's instantly forgettable. Also it's described as a very funny novel. It's not. I don't recall even smiling reading this. It's very badly written. Will give one of her other books a go, but if it's anything like this, they'll be deleted off my e-reader very quickly.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 28 October 2014
A great fun read about life, love, sex and the consequences.

Based in Leeds, in the United Kingdom, Katy is our strong female lead; she's got a great job, loves her independent life, and has the best fun with younger lover, Ben. She's not looking for anything too serious having been off commitment following a traumatic break up with the love of her life, back in her teens.

But when that old love turns up a school reunion and tries to make amends for his despicable horny, hormonal teen behaviour, one things leads to another and suddenly it becomes a reunion of an entirely other sort. And you just know that's going to lead to a whole rollercoaster of fun and laughter ... and maybe a few tears.

With strongly defined characters that you'll quickly suss out as the good, the bad and the fabulous, this is a fantastic engaging read to keep you turning pages at a pace. Funny, sweet, emotional and downright joyful, this book will remind you that good times are only a smile away, and things always come right in the end. An excellent comedy romance.
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on 26 May 2013
I purchased this book purely because I discovered that the author lives in my village and that, despite having her work successfully published in several overseas countries, she has not as yet been able to find a publisher in the UK. I was therefore surprised and intrigued and decided that I could lend a little support by purchasing the book on Kindle. I found the book extremely well written as well as intriguing, amusing and thought-provoking. In short - an extremely engaging read, with a fabulous ending! I wish the author well with her next book, which I look forward to reading. It made a refreshing change from the usual thriller/crime hard-reading that I normally choose. It is witty from start to finish with a definite moral to the story. Good luck Tracy Bloom!
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on 18 June 2013
Exactly what I expected a funny light easy read perfect for holiday or to pass away maternity leave. Enjoyable and definitely worth a read.
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on 31 August 2013
I downloaded this after the many positive reviews and was looking forward to having a good old laugh considering it is being sold as a "very funny romantic novel". I began to worry that somewhere along the line I had had a sense of humour bypass, however, as this didn't even have me cracking a smile. In fact rolling of the eyes and sighing in annoyance is probably closer to my reaction and when it finished at 86% what a relief! I just didn't connect with any of the characters, felt no sympathy for the situation and didn't care what the outcome was. Perhaps if the "very funny romantic novel" wording was removed people's expectations wouldn't be so high.
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I dip into adult books sporadically, reading whatever takes my fancy when it takes my fancy. These days I've been craving anything that will make me laugh, which is why I picked up No-One Ever Has Sex on a Tuesday. I believe Tracy Bloom self-published this before it was traditionally published by Arrow, meaning it already has an established readership. I'm a bit late to it all, as per usual with self-published books!

The plot is pretty straight forward: Katy is pregnant but she's not sure who the father is. It could either be Ben, her much younger boyfriend, or Matthew, her childhood sweetheart who she stupidly sleeps with at a school reunion. She ends up meeting Matthew again eight months later at an antenatal class, he figures out the baby could be his, and chaos ensues. It's a complicated situation, and one that Katy is unfortunately in the middle of!

I liked all the aforementioned characters; I can't say they're going on my favourites list, but I liked them enough to care what happened to them. Obviously I don't condone cheating whatsoever, so that particular side to Katy and Matthew didn't impress me, but how Katy behaved later did go some ways to making up for that. Matthew never really sorted himself out to my standards, and I actually found him to be self-centred and completely oblivious to his loving, pregnant wife. Ben was my favourite, even though he's young, naive and not at all ready to be a father. Each of these characters are flawed, some ridiculously so (I'm looking at you, Matthew), but they muddle through and do their best.

Bloom's writing is easy and accessible and, despite the title, this book isn't all about sex and other such naughty things (there is some swearing though). It's a book about relationships and their complications, and would be suitable for the older spectrum of YA readers. It's funny, realistic, down to earth, and easy to see why it was an eBook bestseller. I'll definitely read more from this author in the future and, if like me you like to occasionally dip into adult women's fiction, or read it all the time, do put this one on your wishlists!

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on 5 February 2014
Perfect book for kicking back and relaxing whilst wrapped in a fleecy blanket sipping a cuppa. I only brought this book as my husband and I always have sex on Tuesdays so the title intrigued me a little, as I wondered why no one else was partaking in carnal activity on a Tuesday. The reason we have selected Tuesday as our day of love making is because:
Mondays:- Our living room disco night. We select a music channel on TV, glam up, (hubby usually wears slacks and a shirt and collar), and we pretend we are in a night club. There isn't much atmosphere as its only the two of us but we still have a giggle and have danced so much that by the end of it, we are to tired to even consider making love.

Wednesdays:- We have stew on a Wednesday night for our tea, and as you can imagine, it is quite heavy on the stomach so the thought of any kind of sexual activity makes us feel a little bilious.

Thursdays:- Film night. We sit on the sofa together at around 6.45 and scour Sky+ on demand to select a film to watch together. Last week we watched Shrek again.......always successful as we both enjoy it. By the time the film is over, we are in such high jinks that its hard to awaken the erotica.

Fridays:- I got to Asda at about 9ish for a browse. I don't buy anything, it would take the fun out of it; I just make a list in my head of all the things I would have liked to have brought if I had taken any money with me. I can be in the store until past midnight, I find that taking a Thermos cup of tea around with me helps keep the blood sugars on an even keel after the excitement of scanning the 2 for 1 offers. By the time I get home, hubby has already fallen asleep and it seems a shame to wake him.

Saturdays:- I strip the bed which is always a joy to get into on a Saturday night. Fresh clean sheets, the smell of Lenor clinging to every fibre, sex on a Saturday would just ruin it, and what a waste of softener that would be.

Sundays:- Hubby treats me to a cavery on a Sunday, he even allows me to have a pudding, however, I don't think cream agrees with me as I always seem to be running to the toilet for the rest of the day and night, and no one feels sexy with smears of faeces up their back.

Tuesdays:- Our Day......I slip off the shellsuit and immerse myself in a long, hot bath, I wash my hair with palmolive, (it always smells so fresh), my body with imperial leather soap, (the label never comes off, try it, go on, the whole bar wears away and all that's left is the label!!), and if I'm really feeling naughty, I might shave my bikini line and armpits. As i go into the bedroom to dry myself off, hubby runs for a towel to lay on top of the bed, (as not to soil the sheets), and we have at least 15 minutes of passionate love making. What a way to end the day, I'm so spoilt, hubby is like a sex god.

Anyway, just to clarify, we do have sex on a Tuesday and I liked the book :)
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