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4.8 out of 5 stars86
4.8 out of 5 stars
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on 13 November 2011
Firstly I must say, I could spend hours on this. There's just sooooo much you can do! If you've enjoyed sport games on the Wii such as Wii Sports Resort, Family Ski & Snowboard, other Winter Sports games, Horseriding Games, Racing Car Games - you name it, they are all included on Go Vacation. But you have to find the person who is running the activities in order to take part! Depending what resort you are in, you could find these people on a jet ski, skates, a skateboard, ski's, a snowmobile - the list is endless! Also at the beginning of the game you will be asked what Wii equipment you have. The basics are a wii mote and a nunchuck. If you have a wii balance board and a wii zapper, that's even better.

'Go Vacation' consists of four resorts where you have to find the treasure chests and do the stamp dash and after you have earned so many stamps you will be awarded with your own resort villa.The stamp dash is a lady at the information centre who will advise you what activity to try and where it is located. When you complete the activity you get a stamp. Alternatively you could not take her advice and just explore the places for yourself like I did, and just try out the activities as you come to them, and gain stamps that way! On your way round you may bump into a photographer who wants to take your picture, a person who wants to be your buddy who will follow you round the resorts, or someone who wants you to run an errand for them etc.

If you're not sure how to do things, pay a visit to the information centre where you will find the teachers at the school who will teach you what you need to know. If you have Family Ski and Snowboard you've already mastered the main moves, as the controls are exactly the same to get around the city resort and the snow resort, although each individual activity that you take part in will have different controls which it will direct you how to use before the activity starts. Also at the information centre, you have the option to change your Mii's clothing such as your hat, jacket, gloves etc. As you progress in the game more clothing options open up to you.

The resorts are as follows:-
Marine Resort - Perfect place to sample a wide variety of summer sports that you may do on holiday. Think jet-skiing, bungee jumping, hang gliding, scuba diving etc!
City Resort - Fancy skateboarding, skating or just walking round the city? The choice is yours! And whilst you're at it, take part in the urban activities such as grinding
master on the ramps in the city, to sports car racing, to playing the glass harp at the concert venue, or taking part in the dance competition! Also, use the tram to get around!
Snow Resort - Winter Sports galore. So far I have done the ice fishing, the dog sledding (with a dog I was given by a man in the city resort!), and the snow tubing. All were
great fun, but there is so much more to explore such as skiing on the various slopes! You can use the chair lift or the helicopter to get to the top of various slopes.
Mountain Resort - Not experienced this one yet, but apparently it's a pristine natural landscape for the outdoor enthusiast! Think horse-riding, cycling - that sort of thing.

Your Villa - Once you have been awarded with your very own villa, you can start collecting furniture throughout the game in the various resorts to design it. You can remodel and redecorate it whenever you want.

All in all a brilliant game to add to my Wii Collection. My only one complaint is the fact it makes you wait to do each activity whilst it's loading, and gives you a blank blue screen that just says 'Go Vacation' and you can use the stamp to stamp pictures of a Husky dog on the screen. It is annoying how you have to wait, but that is one minor issue in a game that is full of opportunities! Definitely one to put on your Christmas Wish List!
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on 2 January 2012
I saw an advert for Go Vacation and thought it was a sequel to Wii Sports Resort. In a way, it is, or at least it clearly draws its inspiration from Wii Sports Resort, but the developer is Namco rather than Nintendo itself and the game follows on from the wonderful Family Ski (Wii). Go Vacation is a hugely entertaining game with excellent replay value. We have been playing it constantly since Christmas morning (the Wii's daily activity report is frightening to read and realise just how the hours have flown by!), and have picked up the Competition Pro Motion Plus Race Wheel (Wii) - Wii Remote Not Included and Zapper Gun for Nintendo Wii Nunchuk & Remote -- these have added to the fun but are not required kit.

There's simply so much to do. We've mostly been playing with four people on a split screen, sometimes competing against each other in events, and at other times doing co-operative events like white water rafting in the Mountain Resort or delivering post by rollerskating madly around the City Resort in search of a particular character. Single-player mode also works well, and there's so much enjoyment to be had just walking / skiing / skateboarding / jet-skiing / ATV-ing / horseback riding / snowmobiling around each resort looking for secret areas (crystal caves and the lava pit under the Snow Resort mountain...), getting photos taken, finding balloons with rumours or clues about things to find in the resort, trying to access treasure chests to unlock new costumes.

The in-game resort staff recommend which activities to try next, but players are free to wander around the resort and choose activities at random. Stamps are awarded for playing activities and, after collecting 20 stamps for playing 20 different activities, I was given a villa at the resort which I can customise and furnish, unlocking new furnishings through obtaining high enough scores at various activities. There are around 50 set activities, but also mini games like the post delivery one mentioned above, bungee jumping, finding lost objects for people, and probably more we haven't yet discovered.

One question I had before playing it was whether Miis or avatars were used. The answer is both: players can use their existing Miis or select from the in-game avatars. The only difference is that Mii characters cannot wear hats or sunglasses, so these options do not appear when changing costumes at the information centres located in each resort.

Over the holidays we've had up to eight of us playing, ranging in ages from 3 to 43, and it has been a hit with all of us. Definitely worth adding to your collection.
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on 8 January 2012
Had to buy the WII Motion plus extension to play this game, however I am glad we did as we have not been able to stop playing it. My daughters aged 15 and 7 are able to participate in this game together with no arguments and both enjoying themselves, in fact this game is so good " you lose time "Puregadgets White Motion Plus for Nintendo Wii WiiMote / Wii Mote Remote Cont...
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on 27 December 2011
What a great game! My wife (age 50) and I (56) bought this along with a Wii and some other games this Christmas to encourage our children(ages 20 and 22 who both now spend long periods of time away from home) to spend more time doing things together this Christmas and what a success it has been. Previous reviewers have described the game in detail so I won't repeat that here but the game play has hooked all of us. And with simultaneous play for up to 4 people there are no arguments over whose turn it is next.

We have the balance board and, used in conjunction with the ski slopes at the Snow Resort, this is so much fun. We all enjoyed an entire evening exploring the slopes without even playing any of the games (which are great fun themselves by the way). With the screen split into four you can go off and do your own thing or get together and have a snow ball fight or whatever. There is so much to do! As you complete more games you get extra features (such as a choice between Day/Night). For example skiing down into the resort at night with all of the colourful lights shining is just fantastic.

The attention to detail is amazing. For example, when dog sledding you accelerate by pushing with one foot or the other and your avatar mimics which foot you are using.

If we could give this game 100 stars we would.
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on 30 December 2011
"Katrina UK" says most of it really. This is tremendous fun for people of all ages and it is so much more than it says on the tin so to speak. Because of the "free play" aproach to the game's construction , if you try out unmentioned things (ie: us your own sense of adventure - be inquisitive) then strange/funny things happen. eg: I saw a whale while out powerboating, so I got off and swam towards it and found I could swim with it and even hitch a ride (at least until it dived). The other thing to mention is how detailed the surrounding is - it is almost like being there, just like a real Vacation and it is really HUGE, so buy it and enjoy what is arguably the best family game ever created for the Wii.
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on 3 January 2012
go vacation is the best games ever!!!!!!!!!!!! i would totally reconmend it to anyone i spend hours on it every day you can create your own villa and much more!!!!!!!!!theRE is thousands of things to do!! you have to buy it right now. the best game in the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I AM 11 AND ABSALOUTLEY LOVE IT, BUY IT NOW OR FOREVER WISH YOU HAD!!!!!
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on 6 January 2012
Fantastic game all the family have loved it. Even our 3 year old can do it. Still finding more and more to do. A real hit.
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on 13 December 2013
~This item is awesome, the pleasure my two
teenage grandsons, and me, have had from
these so many challenges is quite remarkable.;
Endless hours of competitive fun.
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on 22 June 2013
My daughter loves Wii games but what she likes about this is the sheer number of activities on offer. Plus she likes the fact that her character can interact with other characters on there, and the fact they can go around together as a group. For her it's a game and a social activiity (she has a very active imagination!) Great for the family too.
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on 17 June 2013
All been said in other reviews really.
Three year old granddaughter loves going round mountain resort on horseback but sometimes needs help with controls.
We 60 plus year old grandparents do not generally play computer games so have nothing to compare it with but just the two of us are enjoying a game of this together most evenings: well there's not much on the telly is there!
It is packed full of stuff to do and we get quite pleased with ourselves when we find something new in the resorts.
Not full five stars because we do find some parts a bit irritating (for instance some of the chat with the resort people uses Americanisms) but that's more of a personal gripe.
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