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Pokemon HeartGold

by Nintendo
Nintendo DS
 Ages 3 and Over
4.6 out of 5 stars  See all reviews (192 customer reviews)

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Edition: Standard Edition
Standard Edition

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Game Information

  • Platform:   Nintendo DS
  • PEGI Rating: Ages 3 and Over
  • Media: Video Game
  • Item Quantity: 1

Product details

Edition: Standard Edition
  • Delivery Destinations: Visit the Delivery Destinations Help page to see where this item can be delivered.
  • ASIN: B0038MVFYC
  • Product Dimensions: 13.7 x 14 x 3.8 cm ; 41 g
  • Release Date: 26 Mar 2010
  • Average Customer Review: 4.6 out of 5 stars  See all reviews (192 customer reviews)
  • Amazon Bestsellers Rank: 5,010 in PC & Video Games (See Top 100 in PC & Video Games)
  • Discontinued by manufacturer: Yes

Product Description

Edition: Standard Edition

Product Description

Pokemon HeartGold

Manufacturer's Description

Pokémon HeartGold Version and Pokémon SoulSilver Version return players to the scenic Johto region first introduced in the beloved original Pokémon Gold and Pokémon Silver games nearly a decade ago. The richly detailed adventure of Pokémon Gold and Pokémon Silver is now enhanced for the Nintendo DS and Nintendo DSi systems with updated graphics and sound, as well as new touch-screen features and a host of surprises. Each HeartGold and SoulSilver feature a unique new Pokémon so that players can choose which new character they want based on which game they choose to buy. Those who want to play both characters may choose to pick up both games. Pokémon HeartGold Version and Pokémon SoulSilver Version bring dozens of Pokémon characters back into the limelight for a new Pokémon generation - and longtime fans - to catch, train and battle.

Pokemon Soulsilver
Pokemon Soulsilver

The Pokéwalker Included:
The Pokéwalker is a special pedometer that you carry with you that lets you take Pokémon fun wherever you go! You can transfer a Pokémon onto the Pokéwalker accessory using an infrared connection between the Pokéwalker and your Game Card. Then as you Stroll around with your Pokémon, it’ll earn Experience Points to gain a level. And you can even find items and special Pokémon while you’re on the go! The Pokéwalker is small enough that you can keep it in your pocket and take wherever you go. It also has a clip to hook it on your belt, and a hole for attaching a strap. It’s never been easier to take Pokémon with you!

Pokéwalker The Pokéwalker counts the number of steps you take as you walk around. The more steps you take, the more Watts you earn, which you can spend to find items and Pokémon!

When you transfer a Pokémon from your game into your Pokéwalker, you can select which Route you’d like to take your Pokémon along. Depending on which Route you take (such as in a grassland or by the sea), you’ll encounter different wild Pokémon and find remarkable items. When you first begin your journeys with the Pokéwalker, the list of Routes you can select from is short. But, the more you take a Stroll with your Pokémon, the more Routes will appear and the more Pokémon and items you’ll be able to get!

Catch Wild Pokémon!
After you’ve collected some Watts by going on a Stroll with your Pokémon, spend some of them to use the Poké Radar to catch wild Pokémon! If you see tall grass rustling after you use the Poké Radar, you know you’ve found a Pokémon. You have three options in the battle. You can attack, evade, or catch the wild Pokémon. By attacking, you can wear down the wild Pokémon to make it easier to catch. If you choose to evade when the wild Pokémon attacks, you’ll perform a counterattack! And when you think the timing is right, throw a Poké Ball to catch the Wild Pokémon. You can keep up to three caught Pokémon in your Pokéwalker at a time. If you catch a fourth Pokémon, you must choose one of them to set free.

Find Items!
Use the Pokéwalker’s Dowsing Machine to help find items. Like the Poké Radar, you use the Watts you earned while walking to use the Dowsing Machine. Some of the items you can find are quite uncommon! When you use the Dowsing Machine, you’ll see six patches of tall grass, and one of them has a hidden item in it. You have only two chances to discover the item! Some of the items you can get are really hard to find and very valuable, so keep hunting!

Time to Transfer!
Once you’ve found Pokémon and items using your Pokéwalker, you can send them back to your Pokémon game. You can only keep up to three Pokémon and three items in your Pokéwalker at a time, so be sure to send them to your game when your inventory fills up! Remember, if you catch a fourth Pokémon in your Pokéwalker, you’ll have to swap out one of the three Pokémon you’ve already caught.

The Pokéwalker Journal
After your Pokémon has spent some time in your Pokéwalker, you can get a recap in the Pokéwalker Journal. The journal tells of all the places the Pokémon has been and the things it has found while traveling inside your Pokéwalker! For example, if you catch a particular Pokémon while out on a Stroll, your Pokéwalker Journal will make note of it. It will also keep track of how your Pokémon has behaved while inside your Pokéwalker!

Pokéwalkers Communicate with Each Other!
The Pokéwalkers don’t communicate only with Game Cards—they can also communicate with each other! When you connect Pokéwalkers with a friend, you’ll both receive an item as a gift! You can connect two Pokéwalkers via infrared signal by pointing them at each other. When you do so, both players will receive an item! You can receive up to ten items by connecting to your friends, but you can get only one gift per person, per day.

Product Description

Explore the Johto Region with your Pokémon by your side! ~ Prepare for thrilling new adventures as Legendary Pokémon awaken! Travel across the Johto region catching, training and battling with Pokémon on your journey to become the Pokémon League Champion! ~ A Trainer and Pokémon side-by-side! For the first time, any of your Pokémon can follow behind you as you explore on your journey! ~ Relive the Adventure or experience it for the first time! Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver Versions are upgraded and expanded games of Pokémon Gold and Silver Versions released a decade ago, packed with enhancements and new features! ~ Discover the myths and mysteries of Johto and beyond! More adventures than before! Explore new areas and catch Legendary Pokémon not found in Pokémon Gold and Silver Versions! ~ Enhanced graphics and sound! See the majestic Johto region like never before! ~ New touch screen features simplify and enhance gameplay! ~ Trade Pokémon and battle your friends over Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection (including Pokémon Diamond, Pokémon Pearl and Pokémon Platinum Version players).
--This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title.

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Customer Questions & Answers

Customer Reviews

Most Helpful Customer Reviews
39 of 41 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars It's embarrassing but... 7 July 2010
Edition:Standard Edition
Fun: 5.0 out of 5 stars   
I so love this game and I'm 32!!! I have never played Pokemon before, as I thought it was more for kids, but I was sucked in by the Pokewalker and OMG, I'm addicted! If I had more time I would be playing this non-stop, so if it's for a kiddy then make sure you keep an eye on how much time they spend playing!

I find there to be a lot in this game that is interesting for an adult, the characters are cute and there is something so addictive about getting your Pokemon to level up and to collect new species. So it is not just for kids at all!

If you like collecting and challenges that are not too scary, go for it! I love Animal Crossing and I love this. I just wish my DS could connect to my cable wifi :-(
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21 of 22 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Actually a good remake 29 April 2010
Edition:Standard Edition
Fun: 5.0 out of 5 stars   
Pokemon Soul Silver is a very good remake of the original (with nice bonuses to boot!!) Nothing much has changed i.e you are still a kid who goes out on an adventure on a poke-journey catching,battling,trading pokemon and so on... The thing that makes this a good remake (which is hard to come by) is the fact that the game wasn't 'enhanced beyond recognition' meaning all the good things from the original have been kept in; the pokegear system, day and night, and more gym leaders than you'd think etc... AND not only are the original qualities good but the added bonuses are also! The fact that ANY pokemon from ENTIRE pokedex can follow you (its almost pointless but) makes the whole experience more enjoyable. Pokethlon is great also!
Overall its a good game that certainly gets the 'older' players reminiscing (especially once you obtain a certain key item...) and it also gives the first-timers their moneys worth!! Pokemon, in general has always been one of those games you can spend hours upon hours on- and thats coming from a guy who DOESN'T have access to Wi-Fi yet!!! Even when you've 'completed the game' Soul Silver doesn't fail to impress with extra content. Definitely a must have for DS owners interested in adventure/rpg games (or not!). Dont knock it til you've tried it!!!!!
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19 of 20 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Pokemon: Almost Perfect 23 May 2010
Edition:Standard Edition
Fun: 5.0 out of 5 stars   
Pokemon Heart Gold and Soul Silver versions. Remakes of the Amazing Gold and Silver games. The simple fact of this alone should give it a 5* rating. But lets go into a bit more shall we?

Story: If you don't know the plot of a pokemon game then it's quite simple. You're an average kid in a small village who dreams of owning a pokemon. You go around the world challenging gyms and other trainers. You fight off an evil 'Team' who wants to either destroy the world or take over it. All the while you're collecting little critters or 'Pokemon' to battle for you.

Graphics: For the DS they're actually pretty good. Everything is clear and the world looks gorgeous. Each pokemon has it's own little animation when being summoned into battle and each attack looks good.

Sound: All of the classic tunes from the Gold and Silver games have been remixed and improved upon along with a later option of playing the classic ones. There's also a radio function that allows you to listen to a small choice of songs.

Gameplay: Can't fault it. It's been tried and tested throughout the years and still continues to be as fun as the last generations. I don't care how many games Nintendo bring out. As long as they're as good as this I'll play them over and over. New features such as rebattling Gym Leaders and poke-thlon are great.

Of course at this point I bring up competitive battling. For those people who don't actually know but in Pokemon games there is a DEEP and complicated battling system. Which is great as it brings a whole new game for the older people who play it. The younger generation probably don't care about EVs, Breeding, Movesets, Natures or IVs. Whereas this is one of the most important factors when playing online.
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32 of 35 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars My Favourite 17 April 2010
A Kid's Review
Edition:Standard Edition
Fun: 5.0 out of 5 stars   
This game is... BRILLIANT!!! And that's an under statement. This is the longest game out of them all with you having to get 16 badges and in my personal opinion it's the best. I had never been to Johto or Kanto but, to be honest, they're the best ever.

Here are just some of the things you get to do:
Collect 16 badges,
Battle Red,
Go back in time (if you have Celebi),
Catch all 493 pokemon and transfer any them to the amazing pokewalker,
You can walk along with any pokemon (in-game),
There is the new, totally redesigned pokewalker,
The new pokegear (which is awesome),
and (my prayers have been answered) a touch screen oriented game (it really is cool)!

Also, for once the pokemon league is remotely challenging. Like how it used to be.
Overall it is a truly magnificent game and well worth the money.
Only one more thing to say, the 3D case addition is just a sleeve and not worth it. Just get the normal one in my personal opinion.
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26 of 30 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Best One Yet! 30 Mar 2010
A Kid's Review
Edition:Standard Edition
Fun: 5.0 out of 5 stars   
I had read the reviews on the Internet, so I already knew that these games were going to be good.
However what I didn't know was how good they were going to be, and I must say that like the title says these are the best Pokemon games yet!

The first thing that I loved was the boxart. Now I know this sounds strange, but the box looks really good, as on the box you have little pictures of some of the places on the map.

Then when I started the game up, I really loved the use of the touch screen. This was because in Platinum it seemed that Nintendo didn't do much for the touch screen, yet Nintendo certainly does for HeartGold. Nearly everything you do is via touchscreen (except moving), with the screen a lot easier to use, and navigating around the menus really simple.

Next thing was the storyline itself. Whereas Platinum etc,only had the 8 gym leaders and the one region, HeartGold has the 2 regions, 16 badges, Elite Four and the toughest Pokemon trainer in any game, Red who's Pokemon are in the late level 80's.

Also after all this you still have the National Pokedex which is a lot easier to complete in these as you only have about 40 or so Pokemon that you can't catch. And most of those you can catch in Platinum and trade over.

As well as all this you have the little extra mini-game things like Voltorb flip etc. Voltorb Flip for me is addictive. Also with this you can also get extra Pokemon, like Abra and Dratini. Then you have the Bug Catching Contest which takes place on certain days. You also have the Pokeathelon, which is like the Contests, except instead of battling, you have a mini-sports day style thing.
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