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4.5 out of 5 stars407
4.5 out of 5 stars
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I bought the first one of these power washers at lightning deal price, and have since bought a couple more. Guess that says it all!!

The 1400W motor is strong enough for the most demanding of tasks. Build quality is great, and the clever design makes stowing the Nilfisk and accessories easy. Great for washing the car and patio. The pressure is strong enough for removing those stubborn bird droppings!

The patio cleaner is not up to standard though, it is cheaply constructed and leaks water. You would save quite some money if you opt for the same machine without the patio cleaner.

Unless you manage to grab one of these at lightning deal price, I would highly recommend the 30% cheaper Nilfisk C110 which has the same accessories bar the cheaply constructed patio cleaner.
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on 23 March 2015
Karcher v Nilfisk

I have waited six months before writing this review. I have previously been a Karcher man. However, after having THREE Karcher pressure washers fail on me after 14 months (outside of warranty), I got a little fed up. Karcher charge super-premium money, simply as they are number one, for a fairly average product. Therefore, I took the plunge with this little Nilfisk.

I can now report that the Nilfisk appears to do exactly the same job and yet is

a. More reliable and
b. Half the price of the Karcher.

From the research I have done, I understand that this may be due to the fact that the Nilfisk has a tougher metal pump. This was quite a big commitment, as I have lots of Karcher accessories. However, I have managed to buy a Nilfisk/Karcher adapter which means I can continue using my accessories. If you are new to pressure washers, or if you have experienced fails with Karchers, I would not hesitate in recommending that you purchase this Nilfisk over Karcher.
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on 8 May 2013
We had previously borrowed a neighbour's much larger patio cleaner, but with an Amazon voucher decided to buy our own. We did wonder if the compact model could really do what it claimed to, but we were delighted with the results. The round patio washer required a bit of manual pressure but dirt is removed very quickly. and the nozzle washer can then finish off any stubborn marks. Our stone paving flags have been down for almost 30 years and although they obviously can't look quite as good as new, it's pretty close! An added bonus is the spray nozzle and we washed our two cars and caravan with brilliant results! The only part we found difficult was where to wind up the electric and water hoses after use, but, hey presto, they even give you a computer CD which shows you exactly where they go! We highly recommend this product.
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This is my first pressure washer, and although I have used it quite a few times & in quite a few different ways, I cannot compare it to any other make.
It is very easy to assemble, all that is actually required being to snap the wheels into place and clip the jet hose together.
During first use, the power of the jet surprised me a little, as get your hand anywhere within 6 inches of the spray & although I wont say it actually hurts, it is like being thumped with something blunt.

My first task was washing the car. In comparison with a garage jet spray, it was really not too far off. There is a detergent bottle to put car shampoo in (I used tesco's cheapo brand), and this clips on the end of the lance. As the car shampoo I used doesn't froth very much, it only appears on the car (when spraying) as a very light froth. Although I kept the shampooing part down to a minimum, it did still use well over half the supplied container (maybe 300mls) of the shampoo. I usually only used about 100mls when washing the car by hand, so it is wasteful. Having said that, the job was very easy, over in half of the usual time AND the car ended up pretty clean...
There is a video of someone using this washer on their car on Youtube with an aftermarket foam applicater lance, which seems to work fabulously. I may well get one too (Amazon won't allow web links, but just go to Youtube & put "Nilfisk Snow Foam Lance" into the search bar).
I reckon it scores 8/10 for car washing.

My next task was cleaning my block paved patio...
I started off blasting all of the moss out of the cracks between the block (3 years worth). It was a lot more time consuming than I expected, but the power of the Nilfisk was well up to the job. Be careful, as any dirt or kiln-dried sand can backfire into you eyes (you might consider safety glasses). I didn't think that the patio cleaning attachment would be much cop at cleaning the moss out of the cracks (I was reserving it for a final clean), but thought Id give it a go as it does take ages with the jet... I was pleased to find that the patio cleaning tool was actually slightly quicker at removing the moss & debris than the jet was. All the attachment is is basically a shell with a stiff brush going right around the edge. The water is sprayed out via 2 jets that spin underneath. Although it does work pretty well, it would have been better if the attachment had been constructed of thicker (more sturdy) plastic. This is due to it actually flexing pretty badly as you push down on it, with the result that the spinning jets do occasionally hit the patio (with a rat-tat-tat noise),,, I do believe that this attachment could quite easily break if you were a little heavy handed. For something that costs £30 to replace, you might expect a little better quality... At least this attachment is included in the package. It did take quite a while to clean just a 25 square metre patio, but it really does now look as good as new. The patio attachment is pretty flimsy, though, so 7 out of 10 for patio cleaning.

Next I spray cleaned some hardwood patio furniture before treating it with linseed oil. The furniture had sat untouched outside for 3 years and was looking pretty sorry for itself. The Nilfisk was totally fantastic at cleaning this,,, It was really satisfying to see the dirt & mildew power away, and a coat of linseed later it all looks almost as good as new... 10 out of 10 for general cleaning.

I also used it to clean the house windows, and there were no problems there whatsoever. It does a fab job as long as you finish off by getting all of the excess water off with a proper window blade rubber. Without it, you still get lots of dirty water marks. It reached the upstairs windows from ground level no problem. 9 out of 10!

The price is pretty fab for what you get, and other reviews seem to suggest that it is a very reliable machine. Reviews on Amazon & elsewhere do clearly suggest that it is the best make to go for & certainly better value than Karcher. I can certainly confirm that I am extremely pleased with my purchase.
As it comes with a couple of needles to unblock the jets (if they do get blocked) I did expect to have to use them by now (especially after the patio clean, as dirt & debris flew everywhere), but not so... I guess jet blockage must therefore be (thankfully) quite an unusual eventuality.
Apart from the slightly flimsy patio attachment, my only other moan is that the mains cable is just too short (although it's not too much bother to use an extension).

This is a cracking all-in-one pressure washer at a really competitive price.

UPDATE: I won't bother with the snow foam lance, as it's £30 at the very cheapest (ouch)!!!
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on 22 April 2014
I ordered this pressure washer at 08.42 yesterday morning (Bank Holiday Monday!), scheduled Free Super Saver Delivery: Saturday 26th April to Tuesday 29th April – it arrived early this morning, now that’s what I call service. Thank you Amazon.

The washer was purchased to replace a Karcher K2 which sprang a leak from an internal plastic component not that long after the guarantee ran out – typical? It was not cost effective to repair.

I’ve had several pressure washers over many years from cheap and cheerful to 3 Karchers and again looked at another Karcher as the accessories that I have are not usually interchangeable with other makes. I looked around for a replacement and came across the Nilfisk which came packaged with the patio cleaner, read the reviews and thought I’d give it a go. An adaptor is available to connect Karcher accessories to the Nilfisk so I can keep all the Karcher tools.

The Nilfisk is well packed, feels and looks of quality construction, is very light weight and took only a few minutes to assemble – attach the handle with 2 screws, clip in the wheel carriers and secure with 2 screws, pop on the wheels and ‘Nilfisk’ covers, connect the hose and away you go. I tried it out this evening and the performance and tools are excellent, it managed to shift some stubborn marks on the patio that none of the Karcher washers would look at and it’s relatively quiet. Everything stores on board. The User Manual is straight forward and unlike some reviewers I’ve had no issue with the CD supplied (Windows Vista Home Premium OS) which provides a PDF copy of the user manual which can be saved to the hard drive for easy reference, a video for assembly of the washer and videos for all the available attachments – what more can you ask for?

Obviously I do not know how long it will last, but the initial impression is of a quality product that is outstanding value for money - 5*.
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on 25 June 2015
First time owner of a pressure washer and I have to say i'm not madly impressed.

First of all I live in a fairly modern home with good water pressure. I don't know if this is the root of the problem but the plastic piece that acts as a bridge between the pump and the lance assembly has popped out three times in the 4 hours or so I've used it so far. This part is supposed to be held in by a pin, but the pin keeps escaping its slot and then rattles around inside the casing.
Luckily the casing is held together with conventional Philips screws so I have been able to disassemble and put back together the unit three times now (the last time I used electrical tape to hold the pin in place).

The lance I thought would be adjustable in terms of spray intensity. I was slightly disappointed to see it had only a high pressure nozzle head and a lower pressure nozzle head so if you're looking for adjustable heads, this set isn't for you.

The patio cleaner seems like a good idea and I have used the kit to clear a double drive in front of our garages laid with bricks, which worked a treat. However I must admit I gave up on the patio cleaner as A, it is slower to use than the lance and B, requires more effort, and C, keeps getting stuck when it is supposed to spin at a high RPM to get better coverage. It feels flimsy and not quite fit for purpose unless your patio/drive is the size of a cupboard.

The power of the unit is quite impressive though and has removed both mud and weeds from between bricks and paving slabs without a fuss, using the high pressure nozzle.

Washing cars is next on my list as it comes with a little bottle for shampoo production although I imagine this is no "snow foam" applicator which you need to buy separately.

For what I paid for it on the fire sale, I am satisfied with it, but if not for me taking the thing apart to attempt fixing it several times I would have sent it back for the faults.
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on 8 March 2013
Great washer, jet washed all my patio and garden furniture in no time.Was going to get another yellow one but for the price and the reviews on Nilfisk I thought I would give it a go, happy with my buy and would recommend to anyone
review image
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After years of putting up with my shabby-looking patio, I decided it was time to get a tool to clean it properly. I was deliberating between this and the Karcher K2 Home (both that item and this Niflisk come with very similar patio cleaner attachments). The deciding factor for me was that after browsing various DIY forums I learned that the Karcher K2 has a plastic pumping chamber, which is prone to failure, whereas this one has an all metal pump. All the professional handyman types recommended the Nilfisk for this reason, which was good enough for me.

The kit arrives in a surprisingly small box: the handle and wheels have to be assembled before use. There were some diagrams on the side of the box, which made it pretty obvious what part went where. Do be warned, however, that the first time I assembled the patio cleaner, I got the stem the wrong way round, which resulted in the heads turning very slowly. Once reassembled, it worked brilliantly (the correct orientation is to have the writing at the front). I wonder if this is why some other reviewers are saying they found the patio cleaner to be disappointing?

The water pressure this thing produces is amazing. The lance attachment was easy to handle, and it produced a powerful, focussed water jet (but a heck of a lot of mud went everywhere!). The patio cleaner attachment made short work of the patio and driveway, but the main advantage of that attachment is that you are protected from splash back by the plastic cover. I'm very pleased with this product.
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on 8 July 2013
I have been toying with the idea of a jet washer for many years - but just kept putting it off. But I finally decided and ordered it Sunday, it arrived today, Monday and what a great four hours I've had.

I cleaned half of the drive and can now see the colour of the bricks, most of the moss and grass has gone and it fairly sparkles at the side of what it used to be. I found that the patio cleaner set made it far simpler to clean the drive. Even passers by remarked on the improvement. The second half I'll try tomorrow.

I also did the decking at the back of the house - also with the patio cleaner. What an amazing difference. The wood is almost as good as new, and when I have put some more sealer on it, it will look really good. I will start sitting out there drinking coffee again now that it looks crisp and new.

It also cleaned my windows and the UPVC is looking much better. A couple more washes and it will be fine.

Now that I have got the Nilfisk, it will be far simpler to keep things clean and tidy. I am amazed at what I achieved in four hours.

My real regret is that I did not buy one several years ago and the house would have looked better for longer.
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on 28 March 2015
Bought this in the lightning deal I purchased the car brush to go with this, hefty price @ £16.99, but it has nice soft bristles. Washed the other halfs car with this yesterday, i'm very impressed.
Attached my garden hose to the inlet valve and then placed other end of hose in water butt as no plants need watering yet & i knew it was going to rain this weekend and replenish used water.
sprayed water over the car to wet it, then plugged on the foamer (wasn't initially very impressed with this because hardy anything came out i couldnt see any "foam" but maybe because i was using turtle wax shampoo and its really thick (until i squeezed the soap bottle a bit) maybe it needs added water, or as i did priming it to get a suction first- hey i could be a man as i didn't read any instructions - i tried to when putting the handle n wheels on but it seemed a lot of warning this or do not that rather than instructions! lol.
Anyways i poured shampoo over places on the car and attached the car brush, just added a squirt of water when needed (brush nice & soft) my OH went around with a sponge just to do the nooks where large brush didn't reach, after a good (gentle) scrub i attached the what i assume to be the tornado attachment because boy my arms ached from the back force, like a firemans hose (and i'm not a weakling) so powerful all this black crap kept coming out from roof bars and under windows etc, now this car probably hasn't been cleaned for a year & not with a pressure washer for about 4-5 years so with regular use i'm sure the black crap will be history.
This is my first experience of owning a pressure washer and i'm "blown away" lol i'm now thinking of purchasing smaller brushes for the wheels, but considering they're not precious paint work, maybe save the cash n buy a 50p dish brush to apply suds n scrub then just used the jet to rinse off. cant wait to try it out on the patio and weeds. Oh and it used hardly any water probably a 3rd of a slimline 100ltr water butt.
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