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on 11 April 2014
i would like to start by complaining that i am in fact absolutely exhausted today due to a serious lack of sleep which is entirely your fault!
i started reading the trilogy at around 4pm yesterday (10th april) and did not stop until i had read all three. the books were fantastic and you fell in love with the characters instantly and were hooked to the book wanting to know how it would all turn out.
i was getting worried that she would not choose the correct brother but i am so glad she got it right.
fantastic writing and awesome characters. i am a bookaholic and have been for over 30 years of my life and this was one of the best sets of books i have ever read
thank you so much
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on 13 September 2013
I loved these books so much, I fell in love with all the characters, couldn't put my kindle down, fantastic.
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on 20 October 2013
I enjoyed reading these books, about the various aspects of Abby and the two brothers who she is involved with. Pleased the books ran into each other, otherwise I think the whole aspect of the story line would have been spoilt
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on 3 September 2014
this is a weak story about a female who is head over heels in love over a guy who is mega rich and has a rule that he will only ever date a lady for the maximum of one month now I do not know a single female who right from the outset would decide to go along with that ahh but this guy is handsome and did I mention was a millionaire.umm yes I did so yes perhaps the dynamics could well change so the female of this story sweet ill Abby has this short-lived full on steamy relationship with the fabulously Connor who is fabulously rich ...did I mention that...hmmm so after the month is up she is left by Connor..hey that was a shock even tho she was warned by Connor himself and a bevy of beautiful ex one month contracted lovers. she is devastated she thought he was the one.but hey ho she turns to her best friend who just happens to be Connors brother. so she then goes on to that relationship...very much in love now with Brian...but Connor comes back and both these idiots want to marry her so they have a contract to share her week on week off now I don't know about that seems a massive mistake to shag two brother's and expect to have a happy ending. but I did tell you this story was weak throw in that Brian lost his wife to a terrible illness and that his young daughter is being tested for the junior version and that Abby was Bezzie mates with the wife blah blah wot a bitch for falling into bed blah blah but for me the most unforgivable this author did was just one word..she used the word spastic....quote " running along the sand like a spastic "for that she should hang her head in shame...this author has healthy children so she is grateful for that I am sure but there are parents out there who are devastated that a derogatory name was used to describe some one running as for some children running is impossible or one of the hardest things to do and the fact that they do run is testament to their struggle to achieve even the small things in life. and that word used in the way the author did was nasty.and vile so for that one word you get the lowest point I can give you and I was over generous with that mark
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on 28 September 2013
absolutely loved reading this series. very emotional story line. Had me guessing right to very end. Brilliant love triangle story. felt all the emotional ups & downs all the way with abby. A brilliant set of books by Voilet Duke. This author has definitely been added to my list of favourite authors.
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on 29 September 2013
The complete collection had me hooked to find out what happens in the end. The characters are likeable with a great romance story.
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on 29 September 2013
Absolutely brilliant,loved it talk about sizzling heat from brothers. Abby one lucky woman, glad she picked right too. Roll on the next book.
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on 18 October 2014
Nice Girl to Love: Trilogy Boxed Set, #1 Resisting, #2 Falling, #3 Choosing (The CAN'T RESIST Series) Violet Duke
Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews
Genre: Contemporary romance
This is the way I love to read a trilogy, where all the books are out and I can read through back to back without waiting for more. I hate waiting months – years even - for the next part of a book, I find I just lose the impetus of the story so this was a perfect read in that sense for me.
I liked Abby – who couldn’t, she’s one of those genuinely nice people, who help others just because they can and don't have a malicious side to them. Abby has a good girl front, but in her past there’s a dark side that still shadows her actions. She’s known Brian for years and helped him with Skylar while his wife was ill, and after she died. she’s been a solid support. Brian – he seems the nice guy too, and perhaps a perfect match for Abby. He was certainly a loyal husband and a wonderful dad, with Skylar being his priority. Connor is described as the “bad boy” type and me he didn’t seem that way. He’s a playboy but he’s honest, upfront with what he expects and doesn’t lead ladies on to think he’ll change. Everyone knows after one month that's it – that's the way he is and while I’d find that hard to take I admire his honesty about it.
When we get to know all of them better we see more, we learn about Abby's past, can see much of why Brian is so independent, and that Connor isn’t as black as he’s painted. In fact he gave up a lot to help Brian when Beth was pregnant and has been a huge support to him since.
So, Abby starts with one month with Connor, falls in love and then the month is up. Connor though has shocked himself, he doesn’t want this to be the end but...Brian seems to have finally recognised what's under his nose and he wants a shot at winning Abby’s love. Connor agrees to step back and let Brian try to win Abby’s heart, even though he loves her himself. That’s where for me Brian falls down – he Knows Abby is in love with Connor, he Knows Connor loves Abby, he Knows she’s distraught at his dropping contact and yet – he wants her for himself never thinking of what either Abby or his brother want. To me that’s quite selfish, if he genuinely felt for Abby surely he’d be honest, and let her go the way her heart wants. Why only now does he want her when she’s been there for years, it’s as if he only noticed her once Connor did.
After dating him for one month, and learning some surprises Abby is stuck, both brothers want her but how can she choose. To me its the one that makes her heart spin, Connor, but being Abby she can’t bear to hurt Brian, he doesn’t affect her heart the way Connor does, but that long friendship they have is confusing her, Brian’s presenting himself differently, and he’s a man she is attracted to – is it enough though? Of course there’s also the fact that if she chooses him Connor will be hurt. They all make an agreement that personally I think is weird....but that’s fiction Winking smile
There’s some heat here, some really sad events, and some humour too. I’d have liked more of Connor’s jealous exes – just because I love that bitch snark that comes out. Skylar was a gem and I was really sad for her in parts, she deserved so much after losing her mum but life is unfair. I can see where she wanted Abby and her dad to be together, a young teen would hope for that once the option is presented. She’d have been happy if Abby and Connor were together before Brian made a play, once that was done though her views were inevitable – a new mum who loves her and she knows, respects and loves, or an new aunt. Well, look at it from her side and its an easy choice. Its not hers to make though, but whatever happens she’s affected closely.
Its a good series, not heart stopping dramatic, though there are moments that are breath holding, and overall its a trilogy I enjoyed but not one I’d re read. I don’t have the same criticism of Connor as other reviewers have – to me he was honest and upfront, and I’d rather that than a sleaze who leads people to think there’s more, then drops them. His views were practically considered and he did it to stop anyone getting hurt – or at least try...Abby sleeping with both was a bit ...strange. I think she’d have felt more uncomfortable about it than we’re told. There’s nothing actually wrong in it – just that the side of her we’re given I wouldn’t have expected her to do that.
Stars: three and a half. Better than just Good, but not a Great book. Its well written and everything adds up neatly its just emotionally it didn’t get me deeply and I want that from my romances.
ARC supplied by Netgalley and publishers
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on 5 April 2014
Got to say I'm gutted at how things ended, I was totally rooting fir the other guy! Despite that I really enjoy this collection, good writing, good story and good characters! I'd definitely recommend these!
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on 14 November 2014
Ok where do i begin. As you can tell from the title of this post these books are a trilogy, and you really do need to read them in order to get the full benefit. The stories focus on Abby and brothers Connor and Brian. Now Abby gets put into a love triangle that has its trials and tribulations and i mean this seriously, who should she be with kind hearted Brian and his daughter. Or the guy who has bad boy written all over him, but is also Brians brother - Connor! I can understand how hard it must have been for Abby to decide, as Violet Duke wrote these two men brilliantly. I kept changing my mind through the trilogy on who i wanted to be with Abby.There are twists and turns a plenty and you get took through when reading the trilogy, and by spreading the story out over three books you get cliff hangers and then get to carry on the story straight away and see where it next goes. When reading this series it was guilty pleasure central it was like a reading marathon of love triangles and heart melting and stopping moments.I really think you should all take a look at this series and curl up on these dark winter nights and indulge in this trilogy of books. I must add i am glad Abby and Violet Duke made the decisions on which man would get Abby as me, i would have wanted both but hey i am greedy lol
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