I'll Never support anything by Codemasters Again.

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J.G. says:
I've had so many problems with Codemasters I would not suggest buying this game. It has been one nightmare after another. And they can at any time block you and the entire country you are in without warning and without any refunds. I should know, they have already done it.

I bought LOTRO online when it first came out. I was even in beta. I had originally ordered the collectors edition, but when it came time to deliver the game they had not made enough of them for everyone. So I ordered the lifetime version. This is the version you get the lifetime subscription from. I have to add though I am happy about NOT getting the collectors edition because it was nothing like they promised. The rings they promised were not put in the boxes, the maps were paper and from what I was told from others who bought the collectors, it was not worth the money spent because the collectors edition was nothing like it was suppose to be.

There were little problems here and there. The normal things that usually pop up with new games. But LOTRO seemed to be regressing with each patch, not getting better.

I once even had a CM give me hell over my in game name of Jordi. He said it was too close to Geordi from Star Trek and he said I had to change it. I was like huh? The spelling was not even the same. So me and my guild sent many petitions and messages till we got them to listen and they left my name alone but said if I used the last name La Forge.. then they would have to change it.

Well now we come to the worst of it. When I bought the game I was living in Italy teaching English. Then I moved to China a few months after I bought the game to teach English here. Now they have recently blocked people from China playing here because they say Chinese people are what is known as "Chinese Farmers" People who collect items in game to sell for real money trade. They are also called RMT. Just for the record I'm not even Chinese but still, it is unfair to all people who live here who have bought the game and even paid for a life time subscription like I did.

We had no warning of this either. We had no idea what was going on when it did happen. Our friends had to tell us.

So because some people in China do this they think they must block all Chinse people and anyone else living in China from the game. It almost sounds racist. They are banning all Chinese for something only a few do. And it is not just done in China but all over the world. Doing this will not stop anyone from selling items from in the game. What's really bad is the Chinese people can use proxy servers to get around it I've heard (which I've tried but not succeeded). Codemasters is well aware this can work. Yet they still block everyone?

People who sell items from the game online for real time money are not just from China. Other people from other parts of the world do this as well. Eventually they will have to ban other countries too.

I petitioned them with many emails, my friends have as well. I sent them pictures and proof of who I am. My friends even petitioned them in game. They refuse to unblock the ips and said too bad. After many emails to them begging them to unblock my IP and them
Sending me a few this was their final response, (Keep in mind they are well aware of the fact I am not Chinese though that should not really matter, and that I am a life time membership holder):
Thank you for submitting your recent request to Codemasters Customer Services concerning RF Online.

We have blocked a number of IP addresses that fall outside of our operating territory. We have also blocked IPs associated with suspicious activity. If you are unable to connect after the last emergency maintenance and are trying to connect from outside our operating territory, you will no longer be able to play the game, unfortunately.

This changes will remain in place for the foreseeable future, and we will not respond to any appeal emails I'm afraid, as these changes are not reversable.

We are very sorry to have been forced into this action, but this action is absolutely necessary. The in-game economy and the commercial viability of the game are both threatened and action has to be taken to protect the future operation.

Rumors have it they are planning to release an Asian version of LOTRO.... No idea if this is true or not, just rumors. And Rumors say it is very possible this is also why they blocked the IPs. Well I can't read Chinese and even if I could I would rather play with my friends to be honest and I am NOT paying for another game AND another life time membership thank you very much.! I'll never support anything from Codemasters again.

In reply to an earlier post on 9 Jan 2008 01:16:18 GMT
Red eye says:
So on the basis of your experience the whole thing is flawed is it? If Codemasters have blocked the whole of china then good on them, the gold-farmers, gold-sellers, call them what you will were totally ruining the game. Did you ever go into Angmar to do the dark raiders chain? if you did you no doubt had the same bunch of farmers up there pulling as much agro onto you as possible to get rid of you as everyone else did, a bunch of mugs knocking over mobs for 16s a time to sell it to bone-idle parents of children who are whining becuase they cant be bothered to play the game and just want it all right now?

Your experience is unfortunate, but you obviously seem to want to make the whole game a nightmare just so YOU can play? tough break mate, you may very well think that the whole gaming world revolves around you but theres unfortunately alot of hardcore gamers out there who were having their experience ruined.

Amazon isn't your personal soapbox, these are supposed to be reviews - not whinge sessions.

In reply to an earlier post on 12 Apr 2008 14:24:36 BDT
I can see your point. I too made a point to never buy anything that is published or even produced by CodeMasters.
I bought the LOTRO game and played for about 2 weeks. I have to say it was one of the most boring experiences I've ever had in an online game. The game does not follow the tolkien universe at all. The graphics are quite poorly done. The armours all look exactly the same. For example I played a minstrel up to lvl 29 and all armours I had , all of them from lvl 1 up to 29 looked exactly the same.

The crafting can be interesting for a while, but then it gets boring as all you do is hit a button and pray for a critical success.

The absolute worst thing about this game is that the classes are not balanced at all and every update CM breaks something they feel needs "fixing". CM never listens to the community, they couldn't care less what the people think or want. This is the worst thing that can happen in any online game.

This was my second exeprience with CM after playing Archlord for a few weeks as well. Again, the same lack of support, no idea what they are doing sa seen in LOTRO.

So yes I can understand your feeling, as I too will never again buy or pay for anything CM is involved with.

If ayone has any doubts all you have to do is check the forums for both Archlord and Lotro and you'll see what I mean.

Don' fall into the trap of believing what the box says or what CM says. Go and see for yourself.

In reply to an earlier post on 1 Oct 2008 13:42:52 BDT
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You realise they blocked you from playing RF Online? and I think its good all chinese have been blocked, the gold farmers destroy games...teach the chinese gaming people a lesson, they need to sort this gold farming issue out to allow the nation to benefit.

Just come back to the UK and play, its a great game.

In reply to an earlier post on 25 Feb 2009 18:19:23 GMT
Graphics are bad? Doesn't follow Tolkien Universe? All Amours look the same? Unbalanced classes?

I don't agree with you on these points.. Yeah,the game does lie on minimum but now days its not uncommon.

Bad graphics,There really beatifull, tried ultra. Maybe you pc will go ape but try it. Doesn't follow Tolkien Universe? Well it gives it a try,Would you recomend a game that does which is an mmorpg?
All amours look the same,not all of them but some do. At least they look different. Its more of specs than looks. Higher levels look better.

Unbalanced classes, Well yes. But this game is high on teamwork. On PVMP your start off dude is going to get raped....(talking about monster player) Until you get somewhere. 3 players can get one down. But ever seen it when a 30 man raid catches a single dude alone. He can't run and is PWNED!

However if you can get to 40-50. Go into Enttenmoors and slay some dudes! watch out from early 40's because the monster player will be a match,with freinds, in a Monster zone, or in a full-scale raid. In which case RUN! if they target you, run via trees,mount your horse and run for the nearest zone of yours,the hobbit area won't stop them but it will slow them,I have seen 40 MP wipe Hobbit island in under 2 mins. It saved me tho.

I hope i helped you.
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