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3.6 out of 5 stars26
3.6 out of 5 stars
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on 2 March 2006
Being new to the sat nav generation, I dont think i could have bought a better unit for the price. I have found the navman icn320 so easy to use, and it's direction and navigation has been completely spot on. Although it only calculates for one route when initially set and does not offer a choice of routes, i have found that if you have an idea of a different route to one initialy calculated by the unit, and you take your own route, the unit will initially prompt to take turns to get back on original route, but if you continue on, its back on track system recalculates for your current position as you drive and changes the route accordingly, therefore you can avoid particular roads and areas if desired. All in All, in my opinion the Navman icn320 is an excellent system and definately gets my recommendation.
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on 4 April 2006
I purchase my Navman ICN 320 from Amazon, prior to purchasing my own sat nav, I borrowed my sister's Tom Tom 300 a few times which made me want my own. I chose Navman because it was roughly £100 cheaper than the Tom Tom 300. On receiving my Navman, I was firstly disappointed that it didn't come with a protective carrying case, the onscreen map isn't very detailed, it only allows you to enter the first few digits of a postcode, it's rather tricky fixing the Navman onto it's windscreen holder stand and finally it doesn't allow you to select alternative routes. Tom Tom 300 comes with a nice protective black case, incredibly detailed map on a larger screen, allows you to key in full postal codes, it offers various options to find a route you feel most suited and fit easily onto it's stand.
However, my Navman has a chart which fills up the closer you get to the instruction given by the voice over, I never miss a turning because of that and the screen displays your next instruction as well as the following move which makes you more prepared. These aren't featured in the Tom Tom 300.
The difference is about £100. If you're on a budget Navman is great, if you're not going to miss £100 then Tom Tom 300 or even better, I'd find a sat nav that combines all the above features of the Navman ICN 320 and Tom Tom 300.
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on 12 January 2006
Like many others, I'd been hankering after GPS after seeing the TomTom range hit the shops, but really couldn't justify the price for something which I didn't actually need, but just wanted. I borrowed my father's (very expensive) Garmin unit late last year and although it did the job I wasn't that impressed.
Enter the ICN-320. finally, a GPS that isn't wallet bending! Lovely build quality, pretty easy to figure out, and can be used as a handheld; although I haven't tested that yet.
Plus points.
Doesn't software crash
Easy to use
Just enough movement on the screen for "gadget value", but not obtrusive
Minus points
No downloads available, just expensive cards
No 3D map
But by far, my biggest problem is that if you live in the country, or your destination is in the country, you can only get as close as the nearest intersection or the centre of the road you're navigating to. In many cases that road could be 10 miles long! Not exactly door to door! I guess thats the sacrifice for buying less expensive technology.
However, I can see that trips into London will be a breeze now, and it'll be worth it to avoid the usual navigation rows that ensue on most long journeys.
Overall, a great buy.
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on 24 January 2007
I have a Navman 320, got it for my Birthday in July 06. I have to say, it is absolutely awful! I''m just so glad I didn't pay hard earned money for it!!

On average, it takes between 20 and 30 minutes to obtain a 'GPS fix'. Very often, I arrive at my destination before it has even sprung to life, and end up slinging it in to the glove box in temper. Sometimes it doesn't even find one 'yellow' satellite, let alone 3 'green' ones (Navman owners will know what I mean). This poor signal cannot even be attributed to weather conditions. I have actually sat on the bonnet of my car on a hot summer's day, with a perfectly clear blue sky, with the Navman held pointing up at the sky, and it still hasn't achieved a signal.

As for the mapping side ... I am also somewhat disappointed. When I took the unit out of the box in July 2006, I would estimate that the mapping was approximately 5-8 years out of date. I know this, because the unit fails to recognise a major traffic light junction, which was converted from a roundabout approximately 6 years ago, and still asks you to "take the 3rd exit". A whole residential estate, built in approximately 1998-9 in Lichfield, Staffs, is completely missing from the mapping. A major junction, which was converted to a fly-over about 5 years ago, still manages to confuse the ICN320 as you go over it.

I wrote a letter to Navman, detailing all of these problems and was basically told "It's a cheap Sat Nav, what do you expect?" They fobbed me off with some statistics about mapping accuracy and gave me some instructions to reset the GPS receiver, in a vain attempt to improve the signal. Funnily enough, it didn't work. Not once did they offer me even a repair service, let alone a replacement unit.

I accept that it's a low priced, entry-level Sat Nav, but surely it should be fit for the purpose for which it was designed?

Please, don't waste your money. Save up and get a decent unit, it's false economy.
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on 1 January 2006
I brought a Nav system just because i had heard all about them and i was basically interested.
Since buying my Navman i haven't stopped using it, it comes in very handy.
When using the Navman i purposely go off route just to see if the sat system is that good, and the answer to the question? yes it is. The Navman has alway gotten me to my destination even if i purposely go off route.
The only bad point i have for this system is that i can't seem to type in the full postcode, it lets me type i so much and then it starts asking me for the street or number of the address i require, i'm sure it would be much easier to type in the full postcode and let the Navman do the rest.
It may be me and my big clumsey hands that is cause of this problem but i have let other people programme the system and they all come back with the same bad point.
All in all a good bit of kit with the one bad point thats why i have given it a four star rating
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on 26 May 2006
I am somewhat amazed at some of the negative comments on this product. I have had the 320 for some weeks now and have found it to be a very reliable and accurate navigator. I live in the Blackpool area and have used the 320 on trips as far afield as north of Penrith, extensively around the Lake District and the Trough of Bowland and to inner cities such as Manchester and Liverpool. It has been spot on from my home to such outlying sites as Long Meg and Her Daughters tucked away off an un-adopted lane in the middle of nowhere in Cumbria as well as accurately navigating me to a hotel car park on Portland Street in Manchester.

I have found the unit to be very quick at recalculating routes when, for instance, choosing to travel by an A road opposed to a motorway or just taking a wrong turn within town. The only glitchs I have found so far are a couple of places where the unit has no information about 'works' turn offs from roundabouts, which could cause minor confusion but have been limited to two instances in many hours of use.

I have experienced no problem getting signals anywhere. There are some drop outs around areas such as near Deansgate station in Manchester which I assume is caused by the proliferation of overhead electricals as similar pauses occur sometimes in Lord St. Fleetwood whilst under the tram lines.

Weather has not been a problem, though I have not used it during a thunderstorm or other freakish conditions.

Overall I give the unit top marks for performance, ease of use and value for money.
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on 11 February 2006
I bought the Navman 320 and am amazed at it capabilities especially given its price. It very quickly found the satellites and gave very clear directions. It is also excellent at recalculating the route if you go astray. My advice, if you are new to sat nav is buy this unit at the price you can't go wrong and its performance is excellent!!
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on 6 June 2006
Most definately the worst sat-nav i have ever used! Extremely slow to function, but the biggest problem i found was that it was rather reluctant to talk to the satellites - i drove from Buxton to Sheffield over the Pennines & it still said "waiting for GPS" i also drove around Manchester on another day & it had exactly the same problem!

So unless you've got a lot of patience (mine went out of the window!!) & you know exactly where you're going, avoid this system like the plague!
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on 6 January 2006
This is my first sat nav system and i think it`s brilliant value for money. I drive a truck and sometimes have to go onto housing estates, no more stopping and looking in the A-Z to see where the next turn is, it does it all for you in my opinion its invaluable. If you go off course it will re-calculate the route and get you on the right track in seconds.
As the other reviewer has pointed out, the post code search is limited but thats is the only downside to the 320.
It has good clear voice guidance a great screen and takes seconds to program. It also has a great battery life.
When i first purchased it i struggled to find the streets that i wanted but in the end i figured it out by firstly choosing the area of the country i needed then typing in the street and it found just what i was looking for and took me straight to it.
If you go down a road that is a dead end it will tell you to turn around. I have tried to confuse it by going off route but i haven`t yet succeded its brilliant.
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on 19 July 2006
The sound is so good that I can hear it when wearing it in a bum bag on my Vespa. Battery life is reported at 3 - 4 hours, not a problem for my typical 1 hour trips.

The reviewer below is correct - you must stand still and let it find the satellites before you set off. TIP: it always looks first where it looked last, hence always have it on for the return trip even if you don't need it. Then it won't have to re-scan the heavens and will find the satellites much quicker next time you use it.

Great value for the price.

SH, London
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