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on 22 June 2014
Usually I am pretty well up on natural ingredients – I was using Aloe Vera on sunburned skin well before it was popular, but I had never used anything with watermelon seed oil before. It must take an awful lot of seeds to make even a little oil. I was sceptical to say the least. Why hadn’t I heard of it? I also wasn’t keen on the idea of using oil as a moisturiser. I didn’t want to look like Arnold Schwarzenegger at one of his body beautiful contests (yes, I did have to look up the spelling of his name...wouldn’t you?) – I could have said Victor Mature – but how many people would get the reference!

I liked Sinivalia’s Lavender and Rosewood Body Oil (which smells divine and is my favourite) so I thought I may as well try this Anti-Ageing moisturiser with Watermelon seed Oil (whatever that is)!

When it came, I poured too much out at first – come on Sinivalia, get these bottles sorted with some useful tops! But the product itself went on smooth and I was surprised how light it was. In just a few minutes, it seemed to absorb straight into my skin. So I was pleased with the way my skin drank it in, but the real benefits would be noticed hopefully in the following few days. I applied it every day and by a week, I could really notice a big difference in the feel of my skin. It was smoother and somehow felt younger. The best thing for me was when friends told me my skin looked ‘better’ – I teased them by saying “what was wrong with it before?” But I was really pleased that this oil was making a difference others could notice.

I have looked into Watermelon seed oil, and it seems to be a great source of magnesium. Women especially need magnesium because it is a calcium helper – and we women need our calcium. Osteoporosis is on the increase. I had read that a great way of getting magnesium into the system is transdermally – literally through the skin! Many healthfood places sell magnesium oil which folks buy and rub on their skin. This is said by some to be better than swallowing supplemental Magnesium. The body can get more magnesium this way. So who knows I might even be helping my bones as well as my skin? I am a firm believer in natural products and answers that come from nature.

Reading the Sinivalia info on this product I realise that it is supposed to be good for my hair too. Now I must say, that if I was reluctant to use an oil as a moisturizer, the last thing I want on my hair is an oil – but then I realized that I have often put oil on my hair – every time I have used a serum treatment, it has nearly always been some kind of oil. So who knows I could be using this on my face, my body AND my hair!!
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 10 July 2014
Offered to me for review, watermelon oil was new to me at the time. This silky, penetrating oil has so many applications, it's easy to reach for it as a panacea for whatever ails you. It is so light that it works extremely well as a face moisturizer, soothing minor irritations and cosseting my skin where other creams have produced allergic reactions. Lately my skin has become more fragile and, while it needs constant nourishment, it is also more difficult to please. The maker states that it is suitable for baby skin, and I would agree that it certainly is a very mild formulation.

The high vitamin content seems to work wonders on the delicate skin of my neck and chest, where sun spots are starting to fade as a result of using this product exclusively now for almost three weeks. I am delighted! As a hair conditioning pack, it works best for me when I put a small amount on my scalp, massaging over the hair strands and washing it off after an hour, much as I do with the Carrot Oil, also by Sinivalia. I swim regularly and chlorine damage is difficult to treat as it alters the colour of my hair, as well as making it dull and dry. My latest “hair mask” product left my hair flat and heavy, less dry but at the expense of lightness and shine. So I am delighted to have found two new products I can use to address the damage without ending up with greasy hair.

UPDATE: Months after the initial trial period, I am still using this beautiful oil as my trusted follow-up to derma rolling and after peeling treatments, both of which are great to kick-start collagen production, but leave my skin tender and slightly irritated. This oil soothes and hydrates when my skin is most delicate.
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on 12 November 2014
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on 21 January 2014
I purchased this product specially for my hair, as it's chemically treated and even after the conditioner the hair feels coarse. But after using the oil I noticed how more healthy and shiny it looks. Not only it makes my hair look good, but also it feels much softer. Just need a bit of the product and it will last you a long time. I also use it as a prewash treatment and massage it in my scalp before washing it with the shampoo.
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I had never heard of Watermelon Seed Oil before so, when I was offered this Sinivalia Watermelon Seed Oil at a reduced price I was more than happy to accept.

For most of my life I have used many natural products and even forage for and grow my own plants to make potions myself. I think this stems back to my mother who was a big believer in nature and natural remedies, from being a small child she used to take me to collect plants and herbs and she taught me what was good and what was bad.

This Sinivalia Watermelon Oil must be one of the gentlest oils I have ever used. It's absolutely wonderful to add a few drops of this to your shampoo as it leaves your hair so shiny. I have very dry hair and this has made a huge difference to my hair and scalp.

For the past 6 days I have been using it on my face after my Rosemary toner (home made) and it's leaving my skin very moisturised, the skin feels well toned and firmer plus it doesn't clog the pores. My skin is feeling well moisturised all day long even after I have been out in the wind. After applying the oil it sinks deep into the skin and leaves no greasy or sticky residue, just hydrated looking skin

I have a few spider veins on the bottom of my legs and I have been mixing some Apple Cider Vinegar with a few drops of this Sinivalia Watermelon Seed oil into the veins twice a day. It doesn't smell so great but I have noticed a definite reduction in the redness of the veins.

I would feel quite confident in using this oil on babies or children as it's so very gentle to the skin. It would be ideal for preventing cradle cap. I am thrilled with my Sinivalia Watermelon Seed oil and would have no hesitation in recommending it. If you only buy one oil this year it should be this one.
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on 12 March 2016
Best Natural Oil for Home or Spa Massage: Sore Legs, Muscle, Lymphatic Drainage or Relaxing Foot, Hot Body and Self Massage.
Beard Oil: Tame Your Beard or Use as Shave Oil.
Hair Care: Use as a Deep Conditioner and Treatment For Coloured or Frizzy Hair or To Prevent Hair Loss.
For All Skin Types, For Women And Men – Rejuvenating Watermelon Seed Oil, Hydrates and Firms Dry, Oily, Sensitive Skin and Helps Wrinkles. Ageing, photo-exposure, environmental toxins and harsh synthetic skin care products can leave skin looking lacklustre, sallow, irritated and sagging. To compound these damages, dry skin has difficulty maintaining a healthy moisture balance, and oily skin struggles with over-production of the oils that can clog pores and lead to acne breakouts and blackheads. The key to solving these skin issues lies in a moisture- and nutrient-rich emollient that feeds skin vital anti-ageing nutrients and revitalises troubled tissue without blocking the skin’s natural ability to expel oils, grime and toxins. Watermelon seed oil is that magical solution. Perfect for dry skin, for oily skin, and for skin of all types, our Healing Watermelon Oil is suffused with antioxidants, minerals, essential fatty acids and vitamins that help skin regenerate to reveal smoother, more supple skin that looks and feels silky and soft. It absorbs rapidly and deeply into skin cells, but allows the skin to breathe so even oily skin receives the nourishment it needs without clogging pores. This oil is equally effective on dry, damaged and chemically treated hair that looks dull, ragged and lifeless. It makes hair shiny and smooth and repairs damage, but it doesn’t leave scalp feeling oily. SINIVALIA pure, all-natural Healing Oil achieves its healthful and restorative properties from its only ingredient: Citullus Vulgaris, or watermelon seed oil. This soothing oil has been used for centuries to wash away excessive acne-causing sebum, promote skin regeneration and heal damaged and irritated skin. Watermelon seed oil is treasured for its ability to remove toxins from skin and improve elasticity. Researchers have found that it is rich in essential Omega 6 fatty acids which are vital cell building blocks that reduce the skin inflammation that causes premature ageing. It is rich in the antioxidant lycopene as well as important vitamins and minerals, including riboflavin, thiamine, calcium, folic acid and niacin. The oil is easily absorbed and lightweight, so skin can soak in its emollients and nutrients without experiencing clogged pores. Its absorptive powers rejuvenate and heal at a deep, cellular level to create smoother, younger-looking skin that has re-gained its radiant glow. Its restorative abilities give skin its revived texture, minimises scarring, evens skin tone and repairs damage caused by harsh skin treatments and chemicals. It is one of the most versatile natural healing oils available, replacing several hair oil products and working as a safe, luxuriant massage oil. best results, use Healing Oil by SINIVALIA to re-hydrate skin after a shower or bath. This versatile face and body lotion can be used anytime, however, whether it’s first thing in the morning to rid skin of built-up oils or in the evening for a nourishing treatment while you sleep. To use, smooth a small amount of oil into your legs, torso, arms, face or hair, avoiding the eye area. For a relaxing evening dose of skin nourishment, have a partner massage the oil into your back, arms and legs. Or, use it as a baby massage oil to soothe fussy infants. For dry, damaged or over-processed tresses, massage a small amount into your hair and scalp after shampooing. This nourishing, restorative oil can be rinsed away or left in for all-day softness. It can also be applied directly to dry hair for a quick freshening and long-lasting conditioner.
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on 24 December 2015
I used this oil after trying the Aztec Secret Indian Healing Facial Clay. After the mask, my face felt already quite refreshed and smoothed, however on my nose, my chin and my forehead, it is an area to moisture right after. I used this healing oil and the texture is definitely of oil, however once you apply it anywhere it is absorbed by the skin so quickly and doesn't leave a greasy residue on your hands nor the area... It's amazing, it's like an oil that isn't oily on your hands and really moisture where it's applied. I found that the smell was light and not overbearing which is a plus...the oil drop system works really well and is so very practical so you can dose how much you want to use and avoid spillage or oil running down the bottle...This product is very well thought and efficient for its price and highly recommended. The oil leaves your skin feeling really really soft. Very happy with this purchase. Overall, it is the best oil I have ever tried. Love it!
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on 24 March 2014
Beautifully light, absorbent oil which even my sensitive, eczema prone skin tolerates well! Skin is noticeably brighter and more radiant, very soft and smooth. Would definitely buy again and would recommend.
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on 28 February 2016
This is the first time I have used watermelon seed oil. It is one of the 'nuggets of Africa' that is finally being used in the West. It has a whole host of benefits. I used it as a bust oil for a while as this is the area apart from the face that I want to delay the signs of aging.
Here's what it does Watermelon seed oil
These are the therapeutic healing properties of Watermelon seed oil.
Emollient - It is a wonderful moisturizer for both oily and dry skin.
Antioxidant - Watermelon seed oil does not go rancid even after years. This gives a glimpse of its superb antioxidant capacity. Anti-aging - Application of this oil on skin brings in anti-aging action. It provides direct nutrition to skin and prevents it from free radicals.
Detoxifying Agent - It is used in detoxifying massage formulations.
Anti-inflammatory - It reduces inflammation on the skin.
Antihelminthic - It is used to drive out worms out of the intestine.
Diuretic - It assists the bod in releasing more urine from the body, thus eliminating more toxins. 1. As a Carrier Oil Watermelon seed oil forms a nice carrier oil for massage. It is light and absorbs quickly into the skin. It is often used to dilute thicker carrier oils in massages that require the oil combination to be thin. It is a nice carrier for essential oils. Watermelon seed oil is also applied singly as massage oil. It can be used for baby massage, besides other oils for infant massage like olive oil. 2. Watermelon seed oil for Skin Watermelon seed oil is good for oily skin. It reduces skin oil ( sebum ) on the skin by dissolving it away. As a result, the skin is much less oily after application with watermelon seed oil and washing it. This fact is helpful for skin conditions that are aggravated by excessive oil production like acne. It prevents clogging of hair follicles and thus prevents conditions like folliculitis. Watermelon seed oil is also helpful for people with dry, irritated skin in conditions like eczema and psoriasis. One can directly apply this oil on the skin as it is gentle and generally safe. 3. Watermelon seed oil for Hair Watermelon seed oil forms a nice smelling ingredient in hair care formulations. When applied directly to the scalp and then washed out, it reduces oiliness on the scalp and hair. This reduces excessive glossy look of the hair. Watermelon seed oil reduces frizz in hair and provides it nutrition. It can be used as a hot oil treatment on the hair to achieve smooth, shiny but much less greasy hair. 4. Anti-Aging effects Watermelon seed oil is a powerful antioxidant. What this implies is that when applied topically on the skin, it provides antioxidants to the skin cells. When the cells have these nutrients, they are better able to deal with free radicals and oxidizing agents in the environment. Free radical induced damage is a major cause of accelerated aging, along with UV radiation induced damage. Gently massaging watermelon seed oil onto the skin once a day and letting it absorb into the skin provides the skin with nutrients from the oil. This improves the ability of our skin to neutralize free radicals before they damage the matrix of collagen. 5. Detoxifying Agent Watermelon seed oil aids the body in expelling toxins. A massage performed using warm watermelon seed oil helps the oil to take away dirt and environmental toxins deposited on the skin. It is a powerful skin cleanser and detoxifier. Our skin is the largest organ in our body and its performs a considerable detoxification through sweat pores. 6. Diuretic Action Massage the lower abdomen and middle back region using warm watermelon seed oil. It helps to tone the urinary system and increase urine output. This is helpful in many urinary conditions in which urination is infrequent and scanty. It also prevents kidney stones as urine output is considerable. 7. Vitamin E benefits Watermelon seed oil contains significant amount of Vitamin E. When applied topically or when ingested, vitamin E gets absorbed into our system. This vitamin improves the functioning of our immune system and also acts as a powerful antioxidant. Inside the body, it prevents polyunsaturated fatty acids from undergoing oxidation. It protects our lipids as well as the nervous system.
Watermelon Seed Oil
8. Other Possible Health Benefits Watermelon seed oil may have many more health benefits that have not been proven till now.Its high concentration of unsaturated fats makes it good for the heart and cardiovascular system. 9. Anti-Inflammatory In a study, it was found that watermelon seed oil ( Citrullus lanatus ) exhibits anti-inflammatory activity in-vitro against edema in rats. [1] 10. Protects the Liver Watermelon seed oil is a hepatoprotective. In one study, watermelon seed oil lead to reduction in blood ALT and AST levels. These levels are markers of damage to the liver, and if they are lower, then it indicates that the liver has regained health. Therefore, watermelon seed oil may be used as a remedy to lower liver damage induced by toxic substances.
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on 26 February 2014
After using Sinivalia’s Natural and Pure Body Oil (hazelnut) as a massage oil for my muscles (after visits to the gym) I really noticed a difference in my ‘recovery’ times. My muscles didn’t ache for ages afterwards. I am sure the massage helped as well, but I always had a post-workout massage, and it was only after using their hazelnut oil that I began to feel better quicker. This led me to try their Watermelon Healing Oil as a massage oil too. Both worked a treat. Now I switch between the two, using Hazelnut body oil one day and Watermelon the next. They seem to have really helped my skin too. According to their website, these products are unique formulations. I only hope that Sinivalia keep making them.
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